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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Travels with Mistress

fetish 1Slaveboy4u 2018-04-20

I command you." I slowly proceed to kiss Mistress Lizzie on her stocking covered pussy. I lean in and kiss my Mistress' wet thigh with little kisses, moving slowly toward her pussy. I can feel and hear Mistress moan and tense up. "Pretty sluts like to get fucked in their ass-pussies, and you are a pretty little slut, just look at you." "Hold still, slut!" Mistress pulls on the leash. Once it is in half way, Mistress grabs hold of the leash and yanks forcing me back onto the full 8 inches and I moan loudly. Mistress pushes the strap-on is as deep as it goes, holding it there and squeezes tight on my balls and cock with her hand.

Mom Takes A Ride

fetish 2018-04-19

some furniture out to the storage shed at Mom and Dad's there was a little bit of pride in her voice. Calling his attention earlier and the doctor had suggested no sex for a the sex she required. demanded her full attention. exposure, but it had the opposite affect, it reminded more like fucking if they had been in a bed. Dad wants this stuff put. Grandpa suggested we put the he was trying to fuck her if he had guessed wrong. between them; they were dry fucking. waist. waist. there to remind him that she was naked below the waist. "God, Ricky you're a stud, a fucking horse." Your cock is making me cum again. Unless you don't want to do it

I Love You Daddy

fetish drew1207 2018-04-19

Later in school homeroom, my pussy a bit swollen and sensitive from having just been fucked, I would sit at my desk and run my tongue around the inside of my mouth, savoring the aftertaste of his cum that was still in my mouth. As I looked around the classroom I loved to smile at the guys, especially the ones that had fucked me in the last, wondering if they recognized the glow in my face that said, “I’ve just been fucked!” Imagine what they would say if they knew who had just cum inside of my sixteen year-old pussy just an hour or so earlier!

Halloween Pool Party Pt. 04

fetish sissymissyct 2018-04-19

"Yes miss Maddy but I am a bit nervous about it cause I still look so much like a man and have this ugly bulge in my panty" I blushed. Maddy explained that the bulge was just caused by my chastity cage, and Miss Sara asked with a smile, if that was going to be "fixed" when I got my implants. Miss Sara then recommended a nice firm support girdle to help hide it in the mean time, and Miss Maddy said that we would get a couple after finding some panties. "I thought mistress Maddy said I wasn't getting tattooed Miss Olga?"

Sex Slave Story Ch. 1

fetish M 2018-04-19

You know I am an exhibitionist and you would make me dress very naughty and go out in public and do little naughty things., I would like bend over in font of some man while wearing no panties, maybe suck your cock while driving down the street and then sit up and lick my lips off while smiling at the next car over from us. He plays with my pussy like this, fingering me and licking me driving me to the edge and then stopping and just holding his hand cupping me until I calm down keeping me from cumming. I am holding the base of his cock in my hand as I start sucking harder, I can feel his breathing getting quicker and I can tell he is close to cumming.

I Remember

fetish bellaluna515 2018-04-19

A hand finds my breast through my clothes and your thumb finding my nipple makes me take a deep breath against your tongue. When unexpectedly, You grab my thighs and pull Me half off the bed as You bury your head against my mound. I feel your finger enter Me, and as I gasp I feel the sting of your hand across my ass check. You slide your finger in and out slowly, as my other ass cheek feels the sting. You are still finger fucking my tight pussy as I feel your tongue near my anus. You push me down hard into the bed as You bury your face in my ass. My body falls flat to the bed as my legs collapse from under Me. You pull away.

That's a Good Kitty Pt. 02

fetish StayClassyHentaiGuy 2018-04-19

But only if you promise you'll be good for me." Her grip on my wrists released, and her hands began to travel down my arms toward my chest, caressing my skin with her soft fingers. My eyes shot wide open as I slid deep into her warm, wet hole, all the way to the base, and felt the familiar, achingly pleasurable sensation of her walls clamping around me, tightening as she let out a small moan. She did not stop moving, quickly going from moaning to crying to screaming in pure ecstasy as she brought herself to climax on me, leaning back, giving one final hard thrust far down into the base, her tail sticking straight out and shaking, our two juices coalescing and seeping out of her tight, throbbing hole.

Mother-in-Law Panties Ch. 02

fetish PmelCalTech 2018-04-19

But the one I liked best was the plain white string bikini which stained so well, especially when she did not wear panty liners for the day. I guess my penis did all the thinking at that moment so my left hand reached out, palms all open and caressed her pussy through her panties. This went on for a good minute or so which at that time I knew that I've already crossed the line and everything would be downhill from here so I slipped my entire hand to the side of her panties and simultaneously teased her vaginal opening and clitoris. And it was enough stimulation that my mother-in-law opened her eyes, still sl**py, and gave me a quizzical look, but never bothered jerking away from my caressing hands.


fetish cwsissy 2018-04-19

Now open your mouth and lick the head gently and show us how much you love sucking cock. Finally, she lay down on top of me, pushing my rock-hard cock out of the way and told the young stud to come up behind her. She pushed back and forth until finally his cock softened and dropped out of her pussy bringing a huge dollop of his creamy cum with it into my mouth. Finally she pulled up off my face and said, "Lick him clean now, my sissy hubby." I crawled over to the young stud, finally getting to take in his whole, gorgeous, hairy body. He smiled a bit when he saw me licking my own precum up, especially as my wife said, "He loves to eat his own cum too.

Little Ricky Ch. 03

fetish goosebbv 2018-04-19

Deltas were the big brother frat to the sorority that Amber and Bryn belonged to. I looked over at Bryn, making sure her back was still facing us, and then I quickly slid my pants down, leaving me in my boxers. I stopped kissing her for a moment, and before I could say or do anything, Amber grabbed my hand and guided it to her crotch. Next I reached for the top of her waist band and started pulling her pj bottoms down, but just as they went over her one hip, Amber grabbed my hand and stopped me. Amber broke from our kiss, and we both looked over to see Bryn facing us and giggling.

The Book Store

fetish Water Tiger 2018-04-19

"Uh, I'd love for your slut to suck my cock mistress" "That is much better Nicky, now tell him to lower your trousers and kneel in front of you" "Yes I'd like that, thank you mistress" Nick couldn't believe his fortune, he could only imagine if the voice on the phone was as hot as it sounded, given the looks of the guy he was with he concluded it was. Now put the phone next to my little slut's ear I want to hear him suck your cock Nick". "You're a good little slut, now give the phone back to Nicky and enjoy getting that hole filled with man cum".

Footfucking Fun Ch. 03

fetish FootjobLover 2018-04-19

Looking down at her beautiful bare feet, Bianca giggled to herself, knowing that those toes of hers were directly linked to her love of poolside dildo masturbation! Mathias' eyes flicked between that moist, pink slit between the girl's thighs and the soles and toes of her bare feet. Thoughts of a nasty '69' flashed through her mind; grinding her clit down hard upon the young man's mouth while she sucked that delicious cock of his, feeling his hands clamped down around her bare ankles, his wandering fingers stroking the soles of her feet. Bianca grinned and slowly wiped the juices on her fingers down the bare sole of her left foot, from big toe to heel.

Getting Wet in the Park Ch. 02

fetish aquilegia 2018-04-19

Her pussy was slippery and puffy, she was so turned on and her cream was leaking out of her hole and mixing with her pee, it tasted so good I nearly came myself as my hand stroked my hard cock through my boxers. I was aching to cum myself now and my cock was so hard, I wanted to return the favour for Emma - but even though I was feeling the need to pee I knew that it would never happen until the erection had subsided. Emma slid her soaked knickers off and sat with her legs spread wide open, her lovely glistening wet pussy on show for me, as if I needed much encouragement!

First Cuckold Experience

fetish 2018-04-19

She told me that was earlier in the day, and that she had made sure he fucked her right before she came over to see me so she would have some fresh cum inside her for her "trick". She looked at me and said that she did still love me, and that she still wanted to be with me, but that she couldn't stop fucking other guys and needed to experience new things. But then she turned on me again, and said that she really liked watching me eat cum out of her pussy and having me fuck her after she had been used.

Impregnated by Aliens

fetish StoryTeller07 2018-04-19

I got votes from men because I look good, I know that too," Mary stated. Taking the opportunity to talk with one of the alien representatives, John arranged a private meeting. "I want to meet your boss, I mean the captain, or whoever runs this ship," she said, only just refrained from saying, 'take me to your leader'. "Tell them I represent earth, I'm here to make trading agreements," she quickly said. "They say, agreements are good, that sharing information is important for progress," Bill stated, while hoping he had the translation correct. "This Mary is a gift, from the people of earth," Bill stated, attempting to imitate the expressiveness used by those on earth when presenting gifts. "Look I feel tired after the meetings," she said.

Fist and Kiss Ch. 01

fetish bouncingboobs 2018-04-19

Meg asked her lesbian sister Jane to kiss and lick her swollen pussy. Jane asked Tanya to lick and kiss her all over, as Meg covered her hot naked body with her pussy juice, pee and the overflowing sperm from her boyfriend, that was flowing out of Meg's ass. Jane kissed her way up Megs body, while getting showered with Tanya's pee. There was this lovely mixture of cum and pee glistening on Jane breasts as she bounced on Megs tits. Tanya had a fist in both Meg and Jane, at the same time, while she contently sucked and kissed Janes glistening tits clean, she is so talented. As we got out of the pool we all rubbed our wet breasts on Jakes back and bumped breasts with Jane and Tanya.

Kevin's Hurt

fetish andromon 2018-04-19

When Kevin was within my reach, which was quite before I was in his, I grabbed him and, stirring Emma but not quite waking her up from her cock-sucking stupor, threw him onto the bed right next to his mother and pinned him down. Shaking lightly, Kevin awkwardly crawled to the edge of the bed and looked on in horror as I moved to his mom and started to pull off her shirt, to which she responded with a drowsy giggle. Without stopping my thrusts, I showed Kevin a fist, touching the tip of his nose with my knuckles, and then pinned Emma back to the bed.

Obsessions Ch. 01

fetish RCleo 2018-04-19

Harvey's big hairy balls looked like oranges hanging down half the length of his cock. However, Rob and my marriage were the farthest things from my mind right then, as I cupped Harvey's hairy balls in one hand, the other grasping the base of his cock to control its depth. I wanted to cum so badly my belly ached, but I knew I had to wait for him a little while to recover, so I left his cock alone and scooted up to lay my head on his hairy chest. Fighting against the climax I felt building deep in my belly, I slowly slid my sloppy wet vagina lips around on the head of his cock for a couple minutes, anticipating what was yet to happen.

Round 2 with her socks and shoes

fetish 2018-04-19

She was wearing some sexy sandals today and had a fresh coat of light green polish on her toes. All day, I couldn't help but imagine her giving me a nice, slow footjob and working my cock with the soles of her feet until I spurted a huge load all over them. After she left I walked past her desk on my way to the restroom and glanced underneath to see if she had left those sexy sandals here for me to have some fun with. I imagined her gorgeous feet inside of the sandals all day, then thought about the leather straps wedged between her cute toes and wrapped around her foot.

Pay Day chapter 2

fetish Horn-man 2018-04-19

Randy began making little moaning sounds as we massaged and kissed her breast and then she unbuttoned my jacket, “oh Ms Raunch” she said “you’ve no blouse on”, opening my bra “but you’ve very pretty tits”, then she started sucking on my nipples, switching between them. I pulled down her white cotton panties and looked at her sweet wet, puffy, shaven pussy, “beautiful” I whispered as I started to lick the length of it, at the same time Zelda dropped to her knees behind Randy, separated the globes of her ass and started to push her tongue up into her asshole.

Got Milk? - Delilah & Mac Ch. 03

fetish Little_Mac 2018-04-19

Mac had his P.E. and brief library study session with his group for their upcoming test. She and Mac usually eat together at lunch time, however, today is a day for her to be supposedly M.I.A. Mac becomes worried, but not to the point where he loses focus on his test. Currently in 6th period doing some last second studying before his 7th period test, Mac quietly goes over the notes he gathered in the group session. Bad memories of an accidental phone drop comes back to his mind, but Mac brushes it off when he sees the notification flashing: It was a text! Cracking his knuckles, Mac began to reply back to her message:

Ey Wolf Moon

fetish YIX 2018-04-19

I got my shit, a bottle of mad dog 20/20 (for the cramps of course) and I was gone. In the hotel room I flicked on the TV and found some quality movie with puppets in it, and downed the Mad Dog like there was no tomorrow. He grabbed an orange soda and offered "Maybe I can help you find your way to your room?" Giving can be such a turn on, the cramps were coming in rapid succession now, and the blood began its thick dark course down my thighs. I grasped his hair and pulled him in, and he gently settled down to his business, first licking the blood from my thighs, and then working his way inward.

Biker gangbang

fetish kristi4bbcfun 2018-04-19

She left our area and in 30min came back with 4 condoms full of cum, one more she said and grabbed the guy next to me and went into the tent. The guy fucking her came in her and told me it was my turn.I was getting hard so I got my hands and knees to get a closer look and noticed a condom sticking out of her pussy. He said sorry guys but I get first fuck, one of the guys had brought Velcro straps so Keith laid her down on the picnic table and strapped her arms and legs spread eagle so everyone had a nice shot of her pussy, ass and mouth.

A Christmas Present

fetish griffen1 2018-04-19

from work, Sally, my wife, said, "We have to go see how other arm under her ass, and said, "Which way to the I laid her on the bed, and said, "I want you to strip me I then laid on the bed and Jen started playing with my Jen said, "Did you feel that?" She said, "Yes your cock head in inside my womb. I got a nice rhythm going and Jen started cumming I told Jen I was going to pull out as I was not wearing top of Jen and started playing with her big nipples and Jen said, "You do not know how good that feels. "Yes, she said, "I want you to fuck me until I