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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

An Unexpected Examination

fetish ElRoylk 2018-04-19

"You're changing room is right here," Satomi opened a curtain to reveal a small alcove with a cabinet, two chairs and a padded bed. "But," she continued, slipping her fingers against the back of his neck to slip off the gown, "they don't like to have you in that condition when they do the scan." He was completely naked now, his hands struggling not to cover himself, even as he could feel his hard-on pulsing. "Okay," she said, business like and calm, "I know it's a little cold in here, so as soon as you're situated on the table I'll get you a warm towel while the tech prepares the scan." She looked him directly in the eye, confirming he understood.

Replaying the Old Magic Ch. 01

fetish Learningfast 2018-04-19

For the first time in a decade, she wanted to wear clothes that shaped her figure and "held her in place" as she thought to herself. "I like your outfit very much," he whispered as his lips left her cheek, "will you show me more of it later?" As he said it, he squeezed her waist and she could feel the bones of her underwear moving and yielding under his grasp. Of course, as they kissed sitting on his long sofa, he explored some way up her legs under the prim skirt, until she could feel his fingers on her stocking tops and the inside of her thighs.

First Used Panties: Prelude

fetish sniffpanties 2018-04-19

When my parents woke up, Ah Kong was still out in the garden and not wanting to disturb me from sleeping; they washed up & bathed before going out for breakfast with my sister & Ah Po. Little did I know what would happen within the next two hours would change my life and shape the fetish which has become my obsession ever since then. I was about to ask him if he wanted to go out for breakfast with me, when to my surprise, Ah Kong opened the door of the guestroom where my family was staying and went in. Ah Kong started rubbing his cock up and down with his left hand while taking deep breaths of my mother's panties.

Real Self Bondage at Work!

fetish suzyisgagged2 2018-04-19

Originally, I was only going to bring one pair of quick-release cuffs and some packaging for my mouth, but I also brought with me a pair of soft ankle cuffs. First thing I did after sitting down was to cuff my ankles, soft and tight on my ankles, feet were only two inches away from each other. I was pretending that I had been k**napped, placed in the stall, waiting for the door to open by someone who wanted to do me… And forgetting where I was for a moment, I pulled real hard on the wrist cuffs, straining and looking up and muffled, “Help!” through the gauze. After a little while, the gauze was getting nasty. I undid my cuffs and spat the gauze into the toilet.

Reward for Public Devotion

fetish sisifo 2018-04-19

When she leaned over, I was offered an unexpected view of her breasts, delightfully seized in a white lace bra, noticeable through the translucent fabric of her blouse, which I noticed as soon as she entered the cafeteria and now in plain sight. She went on with her monkey business, repeating the performance over and over again, in a clear-cut manner, leaning further towards the bottom shelf of the counter, widely revealing her breasts in random moves, superbly restrained inside the comfy cups of her bra. When I got done with sniffing, I took the bra to my penis, wrapped it in one of the cups and started rubbing my penis, gently sliding the glans against the soft fabric and slowly increasing the pace until it became frantic.

Week in Cajun

fetish lilguy41 2018-04-19

Caj had moved into Tom’s new home where she reigns as butt Queen and Dom. She had redecorated the place taking down pictures of Jane that she could find and replacing it with portraits of her, or her and Tom. Most of the pictures showed off her ass and body. “Look how hard he is you dumb slut” Caj Said grabbing Jane hair and making her looking directly at it “Lick his cock as it goes in and out of my pussy. I barely notice the worthless slut in this room anymore” Caj Said nonchalantly pushing her hand down Tom’s pants and stroking his cock “I use to get mad at your words Jane. Even a girl like me have to settle down at one point” Caj Said grabbing Jane hair and spitting on her face She turn around showing her dripping wet pussy lips.


A cum slut is born

fetish jizzlover123 2018-04-19

I love porn, and I've always been somewhat envious of the chicks in the xxx vids, they always seemed like they were having tons of fun getting their cunts, mouths and asses filled with hot cum. After that, I even started eating my cum when I jerked off, sometimes saving it in a shot glass so I could fill my mouth a few minutes later as I stroked out another load. I was looking at a hot cum slut, and there was nothing that could hold her back. I sucked his cock with his wife, they blew me, and right as the husband was about to come I wrapped my lips around his shaft and felt his hot creamy spunk fill my mouth.

My best friend fucked my boyfriend

fetish superman052608 2018-04-19

It was so hot to see my buds bare dick sliding in and out of my mans hole his balls slapping against my boyfriend's ass, them both getting pleasure from each other, skin to skin with passion, and my mans legs were wrapped around my buddy's waist and his feet bouncing off his ass as he fucked him good and was hella hot. My bud was giving it to him hard and then he just lets out a loud moan and says "OMG I'm gonna cum" and just pounds my mans ass harder, arches his back up and slams his dick in balls deep into my mans hole, still moaning and he still kept fucking some more knowing he finally did the deed that was very wrong, he'd just bred his best friends man on our bed, marking my boyfriend's ass as his.

Jennifer (Part 4)

fetish wastedaway 2018-04-19

"Now lets see if that long, wonderful tongue of yours is as good at anninglus," the whip mistress said, getting up on the bed and sticking her ass in the air with her head down on the pillow. As the pain of the second enema reached it's peak Jennifer began to think that the maids were worse than the whip mistresses. Jennifer's head hadn't been fastened down to the rack and as such she could look up to see the whip mistress shackling the slave maid to the wall. As the last of the burning soap drained from the bag into the slave maid's intestines the whip mistress shut off the clamp and removed the tip.

What's Your Fantasy Ch. 04

fetish Optimus9812 2018-04-19

After a few more minutes of this Kate appeared to be bored as she told Roger "In your place, Slut." as she let the rubber cock fall from his mouth. As she watched Kate fuck Roger with her impressive girl cock she parted her lower lips and began rubbing her hard clit. Jessica didn't try to pull away, instead she moved forward and closed her eyes as she felt Kate's soft lips press against hers. She took a step and was standing in front of Roger when she said "Thank you, Slut." She then leaned down and opened mouth kissed him, taking a drop of semen off of his bottom lip with her tongue.

Yet another sex encounter

fetish Bnice2rambo 2018-04-19

She got her towel and showed me her shower and I said come closer Sakshi let me strip you first and then she came close with lustful eyes staring me. Then I took the oil and started rubbing her slender legs which were pretty soft and sexy. I slowly oiled her ass crack and gave her anal some fingering pleasure. She was moving up and down and moaning with pleasure and asked me to fuck her like savage b**st but I said her to wait. Then I oiled myself and gave her body to body massage and started kissing her in between to raise her sexual lust.


fetish 2018-04-19

but those that read it, wanting to be taken in the spell, can begin to feel what the depths of the mind can bring. You feel your body relaxing more and more with each word. As you hear the crashing waves against the beach, you feel your mind Relaxing now on the beach as the warm sand takes your body slowly. Relaxing now as the waves take your mind, which only wishes to read You want to hear he waves hypnotizing your mind here. You want to feel the breeze relax your body here. Every single word relaxing you as you lay on the beach. You can feel how your mind and body follow my words.

Funny Business

fetish DawnJ 2018-04-19

A feather-soft touch with her tongue around the head, coupled with the tickling of his thighs, and he couldn't decide whether to moan or laugh. She tickled his neck, first with her fingers, and then, when she wanted to use them on his armpits again, with the tip of her tongue. He giggled when she did that, but when she got to that little hollow, and lick-tickled him, he laughed. And as she stopped speaking, she plunged her fingers beneath the waistband of his boxers and tickled her way down from where the head of his cock peeked out at her to where his balls ended.

Pizza Time

fetish Kirbyman01 2018-04-19

I pull down the top of my sweater to cup my breast and tease my nipples, meanwhile I place my fingers on the lips of my vagina, rubbing ever gently as the warm breeze heat my legs more, my fingers start to drip my juices as I lose myself to the pleasure coming through my fingers, I slowly begin inserting my index finger inside me to really get it on but my enjoyment gets cut short once a buzzing starts. Reaching as far as I could before a complete deep throat, I stop and take the time to move my tongue on his cock as I begin to move back and forth, I wanted to keep the cheese and sauce in place as I moved.

Andy's Changes Ch. 2

fetish sub_nancy_cd 2018-04-19

"Well I got to get going Nancy." Glen said as he took his legs off of my back and pushed me away. I don't know why, but I felt wanted to be nice looking since Glen brought home his friend. "You not going to eat Nancy?" Eddy asked looking at my legs then at my eyes. "How about a couple more beers Nancy" Glen said as he grabbed a handful of pretzels. "You need me to open that for you Nancy." Eddy asked reaching over and taking it out of my hands. "You guys care for a little pick me up before the game?" Eddy asked as he put some out on the coffee table.

Her strapon: The Friction of Fiction

fetish MrJimJim 2018-04-19

My mouth was full of a nice, long, slender cock that was tickling a couple inches down into my throat and back out again. Needless to say I choked a little, and cum gushed from the sides of my mouth and onto the floor and on my pantyhose. She pulled her cock out of my throat and mouth with a 'fplop' sound. I pulled my mouth off my play thing to let out an airy 'Oh fuck yes!' in response to the sudden five inches of cock inside me. Cum in your hand so I can watch my cocksucker eat his prize!" The hole in her pantyhose just big enough for her cock and my tongue.


fetish AmethystMare 2018-04-19

Scratching the tips of her short claws through his fur, Kat pulled her legs up to plant her hind paws flat on the sofa, letting David rest his lowering buttocks against her angled thighs. Licking her lips, the corgi whined and reached for David's paw as she thrust like a canine possessed, hips but a blur as she pushed her body to the limit and beyond, all for his pleasure as her arousal trickled on to the sofa seat cushions. Under her stimulation, the bobcat yowled out his orgasm, hips bucking wildly as he could not decide whether to thrust into the fleshlight or arch back into the strap-on cock, latex glistening with lubricant that Kat imagined was pre cum, if she had boasted such a length.

Goldenrod Prequel Ch. 03

fetish rlmmike 2018-04-19

I regret not being able to listen closely to the things she said, because she was brilliant always well-spoken, but as we hunched over our stale pastries and frappes and laughed about this or that, I heard her confess it was my ass that had convinced her to approach me. Unsure of her wishes, I stroked the taut denim on her solid thighs, and took a light hold of her alluring hips, but without changing her subdued rhythm at all she lifted both her hands from their places beside my head, broke my grips, put my arms down on the bed at my sides, and returned the forward supports of her posture to the mattress.

Lucy May Gets Pissed Ch. 01

fetish angiefuch 2018-04-19

The stream of piss was as great a shock to Lucie-May as it was to me, it hit her square in the mouth just back of her bottom teeth and some went out the sides of her mouth and some straight down her throat, "Now you savour that sweet taste." Saskia suggested as she took the ball gag and put it in and strapped it around Lucie-May's head, lifting her shiny clean honey blonde hair to cascade and hide the strap. She held her shit covered fingers under Lucie-May's nose, lick them little one, make me all lovely and clean so I feel up your fuck hole." Saskia said so sweet and gentle that Lucie opened her mouth and started sucking.

Accidental Turn-On

fetish grayshade 2018-04-19

"Oh, Mommy, I am going to shit myself again!" I said in a whisper, even as the urine began running down my legs to the hard tiles of my small vestibule entryway. I felt the shit flow out my ass and into the tight running shorts with nowhere to go except build a small pile trapped between the spandex material and my asscheeks. With a new feeling running thorugh my head, I reached a hand back to my shit-filled shorts and pushed my hand into the center of the soft mass that was trapped there. I realized now that I was having a sexual moment with myself and pushed my shit-stained hand into my crotch to find my clit beneath the tight shorts.

The Pitch

fetish ktmccoll 2018-04-19

June, invested as she was in the weight loss struggles of a bunch of overweight strangers on television, invited Melanie and Richard to go away with an imperious wave of her hand. After Richard had ensured that Melanie would be properly hydrated, he asked, "So how does this work?" Richard led Melanie to the bedroom and closed the door behind them. Richard felt the inexorable advance of Melanie's well-lubricated finger. Melanie placed her hands behind Richard's knees and pushed his legs up and apart. Melanie pressed a little more and Richard felt himself widening to accommodate her. He could feel June adjusting herself on the bed as Melanie worked the dildo within him.

The Coupling

fetish 2018-04-19

Genevieve didn’t hear Jared enter the room over the sound of the waves gently lapping the shore. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that Genevieve?” he breathed. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted you to do that Jared,” she replied. Jared bent his head continuing to kiss her, this time harder. Jared allowed Genevieve to finish unbuttoning his shirt. Jared broke the kiss allowing his tongue to trail down her neck to her breasts. Genevieve arched her back silently begging for Jared to suck harder. Jared slipped one finger and then a second inside her, as his tongue massaged her swollen clit. Genevieve wrapped her legs around his waist encouraging Jared to fuck her deeply.

Big Night for me!

fetish pasexhound 2018-04-19

“Jesus, she can really suck cock!” I said “Watch this!” and grabbed Rose by her hair, and started to fuck her face hard. Rose reached back to spread her cheeks, which impaled her face onto my cock, Kelly looked up at me, and backed away a little, “What?” she said. I felt her ass grip me real tight and heard Kelly say “Ya baby….cum….cum on daddies cock….cum hard little girl!” Rose buried her face into my bed and groaned loudly. Kelly came up off my cock to tell Rose to suck harder, when she looked up at me and said “I want you to cum on my face b*****r.” Kelly spit on my dick and stared to stroke it fast.

Between Karyn's Toes Ch. 01

fetish FootjobLover 2018-04-19

"Huh?" I said, paying no attention as my eyes lustily wandered from between the beautiful girl's toned legs all the way down to her gorgeous bare feet and back, unable to acknowledge the joke I'd just inadvertently made with my grunted response. She might as well have said: 'inside my gorgeous, pink, tight, young cunt.' My cock throbbed as I pictured her on her bed masturbating, bare breasted, panting, sweating, her wonderful toes clenched tightly together in ecstasy, a large dildo deep inside that beautiful, palpitating orifice as she neared a mind-blowing orgasm. "I love it too," I replied, wanting desperately to make this beautiful young girl cum right there in her kitchen.