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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Hotel Fitness Reversal

fetish curl4ever 2018-04-19

Diane went first and Jim drank in the delightful sight of her sexy and athletic legs pumping as she worked her way up to some very respectable weights of 210 on the leg press, 125 on leg extensions, and 95 on leg curls. Jim presumed she would use her sneakers as her second item, and so he was shocked when Diane stretched the bottom band of her sports bra forward and upwards to release her full and firm breasts. Jim gave her a short round of applause, smiled, and conceded, "I'm getting used to this by now, but I'd really like to know how you became able to lift these heavy weights.

An End To All Doubt

fetish 2018-04-19

In front of her laptop Leah Jane flushed bright red and felt goosebumps prickle up all over her body, her nipples stiffened, her mouth dropped open and she let go of her pendant. Mani opened the email and there before him was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen, Leah Jane topless with her most determined expression and the keys to his cock nestled between her soft, pale breasts. At first she was uncertain as to what she was looking at and turned the phone this way and that trying to make sense of what she was seeing, but when she looked up Leah Jane was dangling her chain from her little finger.


fetish sexykitten69 2018-04-19

The side door opened and two men wearing black clothes and ski masks came out, put a black hood over my head, grabbed either arm and forced me into the van. Then they tied my hands behind my back. I did like it. I heard the three men walk across the room and go out the door. Only a few slivers of light shone through the black painted widows. Then everything was black again. “Mmmm. So sweet.” He whispered in my ear. “Do as I say and I won’t hurt you.” “Mmmm, you are so sweet. “Yes, master. “Yes, master. “Yes, master. “Yes, master. “Yes, master. He leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Do you like that?” “Yes, master.” I whispered back.

The Businessman

fetish Poo-Bear 2018-04-19

I moved my chair beside the toilet, as Priscilla tilted sideways, revealing a lengthy formation of gradient browns, one rounded tip submerged underwater as the other tapered end rested against the side of the bowl, small fragmented bits embedded in its smooth glossy surface which was etched by deep crevices in parts. I now watched as Priscilla leaned forward, allowing me an intimate view through the gap between the back of the toilet's plastic seat and her ass, where one subtle brown smear stained the freckled flesh of her left cheek, no doubt a result of clenching both masses together in an attempt to dislodge the recently deposited turd.

Sissy Patti - My Toy, My Lover Ch3

fetish 2018-04-19

As I held her ass off the bed it give me a slightly better angle while I fucked her and all of a sudden on my down strokes I felt the head of my dick sliding of the end of her stiffie and caressing the tip of her clittie. As she tongued the crease she grasped the top of my cock in her fingers and held it upright as she began licking along and under my ball sac then suddenly opened her mouth wide and took one of my balls inside, lightly sucking it as she flicked and lapped on the flesh. My dick was fully hard now so she released her fingers and slid them under my ass, held on to my cheeks and tugged like she wanted me to slide down a little.

The peeping tom

fetish LilMaddieSupreme 2018-04-18

"Why don't you just come in and we finish together?" I say as I smile at him to let him know I mean serious business. "First of all, I'm giving you a gift so lay down, you're gonna feel my tight fucking pussy" shock filled his eyes as I shoved him onto my bed leaping onto him kissing him and rubbing his chest, then I reached my hand down onto his cock as I said, looking in his eyes "No." I say smiling as i bounce harder I feel his dick start to twitch inside me as he fills me with his warm load, I don't stop riding him until his member falls out of me limp, still pouring his sweet sweet cum

Sissyfied By A Big Black Bull

fetish foxxiroxxi 2018-04-18

Roxy was being a prick tease acting like a whore making us watch from our windows she opened up all her blinds so we could see her ,she got a surprise when we turned up dressed like this with her collar in our hand we f***ed this little teaser to put on the collar ,she was no match for the power of both lex and myself i mean look at her sexy sissy body we are to strong for her to stop us so now this slut is our property to do what we want ,that's what black men do we take little white sissy boys who pretend to be girls and we make them our girls .One night with us and she will forever be our property, we will take her out to our farm and put her in our stable with the other 10 sissies we own .

What I cant give my wife

fetish bamaguy35242 2018-04-18

I reach over and touch her soft nipples and she sighs a little so I kiss her softly and reach between her legs , her pussy lips are big and so soft but now they are swollen and bigger that normal -- I rub betwe.en her lips and I can feel a wetness and a sticky feeling in her opening -I push a finger in and she feels very loose and opened up and she says " Baby I cant Im too sore " and she rolls over and grabs my cock softly and I immediately get hard --- She whispers that her Dom fucked her 3 times tonight and she had to finally ask him to stop because she couldnt cum anymore after 3 times.

My wife's surprised fix

fetish spacevideos 2018-04-18

Sure enough, several hours after the walk, about 2 hours before she got off work, my thoughts and anticipation for her return getting me more and more amped up, I couldn’t help it, my cock was so hard from thinking about what she looked like this morning, that I had to touch it. Suddenly I felt a rush of heat go through my entire body, I thought to myself, “oh no, NO, I can’t be”, and pictured in my mind that time in the SUV that you fucked me so hard I couldn’t walk inside our place for a good hour or so.

Black woman makes a strapon slut dreams cum true

fetish 2018-04-18

His fantasies were so real, he could see himself, on his knees, with his face in the pillow, looking back with desperation in his eyes, spreading his ass cheeks, waiting for her to use his hole, to fuck him hard and make his scream like a bitch. He could hear himself begging and whimpering to get fucked, for her to do it harder, for her to use his slutty asscunt for her pleasure, using his body like a toy with little regard for his façade of manhood. Too bad, I was really in the mood for some boipussy tonight and my dick is really hard but I dont fuck newbies, I only deal with real sluts that can take every inch of my strapon and beg for more.


fetish dbobster 2018-04-18

This made her let out a deep sigh and lean back slightly, causing her legs to relax a little and her knees to part far enough for my right hand to shoot up between her thighs. With the hand that was still in her lap she grabbed my hair, buried her face in my shoulder and springing her knees apart thrust her pelvis onto my fingers. With her legs as wide apart as they would go Jane pushed my arm lower forcing my fingers to go along her sopping wet and gaping open cunt. With my hand still between her legs I started to lift Jane up as I told her I needed to piss.

Interactive Intimacy

fetish eroticamanifesto 2018-04-18

Monique watched as Julian stood center stage, not yet joining his seated guests. As the two performers began a slow, exotic movement across the stage floor, the red spotlight increased its brilliance and beamed intensely on the dancers' shiny, smooth black leather. One of the dancers sat down on the stage floor and lifted its feet in the air, offering them to its dance partner. And in a swift change of partners, the exotic dancer moved up close to Monique's face, placing her hands on her shoulders. Monique possessed feelings of pleasure mixed with embarrassment as she sat in her theater seat with her sex open for the audience to see.

Submissive Stocking Slut

fetish Hosieryboy 2018-04-18

One afternoon I was chatting on the subject when a female contacted me who loved to wear sheer stockings and heels. She told me that we lived less than 40 minutes from each other and knowing that she was so close, I asked if she would like to meet from Brunch the following Sunday. When she had looking at the last pair, she motioned to her legs and told asked me if I like what she was wearing. She sat on the sofa next to me and slid her hands up and down the sheer black nylon asking me what I thought, as her eyes already knew the answer from the lump in my slacks.

Draguette Ch. 03

fetish stacey_lynne 2018-04-18

The man had been forced to model, just like she had, on a platform, he had been auctioned off among a huge crowd of Chinese women, the Mandarin princess had made the overwhelming bid to purchase him, and in the mayhem he had peed and lost his senses. The Mandarin princess said something to the translator; he passed it on to Jane, and she told the tattoo artists what to do. With that single drop of super glue, Liam's lovely, perfectly beautiful, and tiny hypo-penis was firmly attached to his navel by the foreskin! His small, beautiful, perfectly shaped hypo-penis struggled against the super glue that held his fan-like foreskin to attain its normal hypospadias curvature.

A Slave to Socks Ch. 06

fetish AnimatedSocks 2018-04-18

If Lexi was even more honest with herself, she couldn't quite piece together why a living outfit comprised of her sister's dirty black long sleeved turtleneck, her own tight faded blue jeans, and a pair of her sister's white ankle socks with both pink colored toe line and heel, was reminding her of her boyfriend at all, aside from the fact that the outfit was thrusting itself upon her in a rather similar fashion. Her mind was too cloudy to try to think of whether it was the deep thrusting of that ankle sock that did it, with its toes rubbing and wiggling inside of her at all the right places; or if it was completing the thought that Tasha was presenting to her, the notion of being a girlfriend to clothing -- Lexi's clothing specifically, though the teen imagined it didn't have to end there.

Behavior Modification Institute

fetish NancyPan 2018-04-18

"There appears to be plenty that is in need of changing, Tom. Kelli completed our questionnaire, which is quite extensive, and actually she was here last month for an in-person assessment," Ms. Panington explained with notable disdain, "She is quite disgusted with you, and frankly, I don't blame her." They noticed, laughed at my arousal, and Ms. Jensen said to Ms. Panington, "Kelli did tell us that he jerked off looking at FemDom websites. I looked through her things and a strong urge came over me to try on a pair of her panties," I continued to stroke as I explained, "They were white, nylon with lace..." Without warning, my cock begins to erupt.

Reformatory Girls Ch. 03

fetish escalus 2018-04-18

A number of them feel a moistening between their legs, wonder if they dare risk the briefest of rubs, and think better of it as Miss Bulstrode wields her crop. Karen takes her by the hair and wipes her evil face in her piss: then she lays on the crop once more, thrashing her back and her arms, leaving red lines of pain on her bulging tits, having her legs held open whilst she thrashes her cunt.. When Miss Bulstrode is flayed all over, and lies there screaming and whimpering and begging for mercy, Karen has her mouth held open, stands over her in triumph, and pisses into her face.

Medical Matters

fetish Mr_Tamarind 2018-04-18

Gazing at herself in the full-length mirror she was very pleased with what she saw, a severely tailored jacket, a very tight pencil skirt just too long and restricting to be readily acceptable for the office, a tight satin blouse, it's creamy material stretched over her large breasts, open a button too far, the killer heels, make-up perfect, lips feeling thick and heavy with lust and lipstick, nails painted, buffed and pointed. She struggled to her feet, her muscles twitching, fluttering, slid her panties off and stepped out of them, then she strutted across to her desk in her heels, wetness oozing down the inside of her thighs, feeling his eyes gazing at her perfect body.


fetish cindycoxxx 2018-04-18

Ela ficava por horas me mostrando (e vestindo) as calcinhas que pegava na gaveta da nossa mãe, que por sinal é muito gostosa..e coisa que fui descobrir também, que adora uma pica e transa com vários homens além do meu pai e já se insinuou pra mim também (mas isso é outra história), talvez daí minha mana seja tào puta quanto a mãe... Monique pegou o vibro, passou um creme e devagarinho foi metendo, a dor era forte mas o tesão que eu sentia superava qualquer dor que pudesse atrapalhar aquele momento mágico, eu, de calcinha fio dental, sendo penetrada no cuzinho pela irmã...aquilo era demais pra mim...não demorei muito gozei alucinadamente em cima da cama, foi o primeiro orgasmo anal da minha vida...


Boot Camp

fetish footshrimper 2018-04-18

I can't stop her from forcing the steel toe of her boots into my mouth, sucking them clean while she fingers herself and watches me jerk off. And I'm just no good at turning her down, I'm unable to disobey her wishes whenever she wants me to lick her boots and feet while she stuffs a big fat dildo into her hot asshole. I looked at her, and I think she was just as turned on as I was, and before giving me another direct command she squeezed my throbbing cock and swollen balls with her warm hands, and gently kissed my face. My balls were dangling low and full, dragging along the carpet as I moved my hips from side to side, while I continued to lick Kate's sexy boots clean.

For the Love of Cute Panties

fetish genderbending 2018-04-18

"You stiffen up at the thought of being Sarah, don't you?" he said, tossing the black padded bra on my cock. I remember gulping at the sight of a cute blonde taking it up her ass as I cummed in Daniela's panties. 60 and over, skinny ones with a huge, thick cock, who loved slightly fem guys in cute panties. I felt ready to be pushed on all fours, skirt hiked up, tights down, panties just below my hole, and banged like a slut in heat. I decided on a plain black bra, black miniskirt which enhanced my cute perky ass, a purple crop top, black opaque tights..and colourful girlboxers. Soon my mouth was filled with cock and John's strong thrushes was making my head bob like never before.

Peaches 'N' Cream

fetish AuthorF418 2018-04-18

I started by the frozen pizzas and made my way to the other side of the aisle; the side that had ice cream. "I was wondering if you could check and see if you had an ice cream I was looking for," she said. "Here you go," I said, handing her the ice cream. As I left the store and began my walk home, there was only one thing on my mind: a woman so beautiful and sexy, and I didn't even know her name. "So, not trying Peaches 'N' Cream is unacceptable," she said holding a spoon. I walked over slowly and Kendra followed with the ice cream.

Feet First Ch. 02

fetish thezinger 2018-04-18

Whereas Marie was voluptuous, easy going, open, and funny, Holly was thin, uptight, serious, and, I thought, a little bit snobby. We bantered on like this for a few minutes, Holly all the while looking on silently, her eyes darting back and forth following the exchange of verbal volleys. I lit the joint and took a quick toke before handing it to Holly as I sat next to her on my bed. In the pale illumination provide by the hall light coming from under the crack in the door I could see Holly massaging her breast with one hand while the other was firmly planted in her neatly trimmed bush urgently working away.

Alice's Wonderland Ch. 03

fetish Ragnaroking 2018-04-18

Alice felt her sex heat up as Jen lapped up the cream from her huge pregnant belly, and a shiver of pleasure rushed through her when her girlfriend chased some whipped cream hidden deep in her navel. In the interest of easy access she once again positioned herself in a modified 69 position, this time with her mouth attached to one tit, while one hand roughly milked the other and her left hand ran up and down Alice's belly. Without warning Jen plunged two fingers deep into Alice, while her mouth latched onto her stomach. Instinctively she brought her hands up to the crest of her stomach, and as the orgasm began to subside she took a deep breath and pushed her belly out as far as she could.