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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Jasad Fetish Club

fetish Scheherazade88 2018-11-08

Getting back to the types of themes we have-a few days ago-we had tattoo fetish evening were people inked up in the club." Once you pass the entrance you look to your right and see a hot girl sucking a guy's cock and another guy fucking her ass off. You re-open your eyes and move your head forward to get a closer look at the girls butt and you see how red her cheeks have become. Hiam takes your hand and leads you to the entrance of one of the dance floors- but you two do not enter. While you're walking through the dance floor you see a hot girl in latex pants with a massive hole in her backside and no panties.

Staying After Class

fetish joey65 2018-11-08

 I began to get flush as I confessed to Margaret, who was herself leaning into the table so she didn't miss a word, that a few weeks into the semester, I looked up from my notes and realized that I could look right up the teachers skirt. At one point, when Margaret stopped her lesson and asked me if I was paying attention to the lesson, I snapped out of the spell her legs had placed on me, sat up quickly to attention and blushed from being caught staring. As I began to rub Margaret’s pussy through her panties, I took this opportunity to reach over with my left hand and squeeze Margaret’s right breast. Margaret lowered herself onto my lap, grabbed hold of my rock hard cock and guided it towards her swollen pussy lips, all the while looking into my eyes.

My smell fetish

fetish jualbuquerque 2018-11-08

It was Friday, we left the gym around 5pm and it was such a hot day that Lara invited us to get some ice cream at her place (actually I knew she'd like to spend more time with Lucas, but who wouldn't?). I let Lara sucking Luca's dick, went behind him and gave a tasteful lick in his ass. Lucas moaned loudly and camed inside Lara's mouth with my finger inside his dirty ass. Things happened very fast: Lara stuck a finger inside my ass and Lucas got in a position that my face ended up underneath his arms. That smell of a sweaty man, his thick cock filling me and a finger inside my ass was more than enough to make me cum yelling, moaning, shaking.

Generation Gap in Poetical Prose

fetish Morninglcoffee 2018-11-08

Yes, I am tall and I am "built" so the young woman said.. We stood as clothing fell to the floor, And fell to the bed of lasciviousness, Her knees bent with long feet on the sheets, Sodden with the scent of harvest, As her lovely head went back and she looked to the sky, Until my mouth was covered The beautiful flower jumped from my bed, With a warm wet cloth she returned, But like most young woman they think the grass is greener over the hill, and yet the older man remains her thrill. There is nothing wrong with a young woman that time does not cure. There is nothing wrong with an older man that a young woman cannot fix.

Smelly Job Interview

fetish hairysurfer 2018-11-08

"I want to put my nose right in your bum crack and sniff all the little hairs around the rim of your anus." I won't touch you but you will have to pull your bum cheeks wide apart so I can have a good look at your dirty genitals and then smell your holes". As she slowly parted her cheeks I was momentarily overwhelmed by the release of musty air trapped in her arse crack – a combination of female juices, stale urine and the smell from a residue of milky brown paste that I could now see clinging to the creases of her purple, pouting anus. Clearly the pile of books was too low so that as she lowered herself her pouting, stinky anus engulfed my nose, the stubbly black hairs tickling my face as she got comfortable.

Gamma Lambda Kappa Ep. 01

fetish RedHatter76 2018-11-08

"I'm proud to call her my sister," Raquel said, prompting moved smiles from me and Wendy, "and the confused looks we get because of the whole ethnic thing are actually sort of a running gag in our lives!" We all chuckled. I opened my mouth to ask if they wanted to join Dani and me for some games or something, but I fell silent when Wendy lazily peeled the straps and bust of Raquel's top down to expose the Latina's full breasts. As my longtime best friend gripped her around the waist, Raquel cupped her left breast at the side and helped direct it into Wendy's mouth, smiling warmly as the redhead seized the nipple between her lips.

A Bus that Runs on Pee Ep. 04

fetish Nowthisisunbelievable_123 2018-11-08

All this while, she had been timing Nick's permitted duration of relief on her stopwatch. As she leaned over, replaced and locked the latching device over his bloated crotch, she noted the frantic look on his face - almost as if he were begging her for more time. Nick's cock and bladder ached with the tremendous need for release as the latching device locked over his fullness. Based on this information, the device would display the percentage of authenticity, desperation endured in the day and fullness level of the bladder. "Hang on," said the Relief Officer and pointed a device to his trembling cock. Nick groaned and hissed as the device gave him a sense of growing pleasure over his utter desperation.

23rd Century Digital Girl Chapter 5 and 6

fetish Heel 2018-11-08

My hands supporting her casted hips, her breasts pressed against my chest, her hands resting calmly on my shoulders, her breath tickling my neck. “Peter, I have to tell you something,” she said and turned on one side to look at me. Nicole pulled herself into a sitting position and waited to be examined. After the cast was removed, Nicole stretched in the bed and tried to move her stiffened legs. “You need to do some exercises,” Nadja said and checked the flexibility of Nicole’s hip joints. “OK,” I said, trying not to look at her perfect (at least from outside), half-naked body. “You have to use the wheelchair,” I said and supported her back with my hand.

Somali Queen In Ottawa Ch. 05

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-08

The other day, after a night of passion, I tossed my girlfriend Yasmin Hussein my house keys, mainly because I wanted more access to her pussy, and the sexy Somali chick got it into her Hijab-wrapped head that I wanted her to move in with me. Look, I'm kinkier than the average man and I like to try all kinds of twisted sexual things with my girlfriend Yasmin here but I think we've gone too far this time. Still, my kinky Somali sweetie was patient with me as she bent me over, lubricated me and then worked her strap-on dildo into my tight Haitian ass. I don't think you'll find a lot of black men out there who will admit that they like strap-on sex but I'm one of the few who are bold enough to enjoy this sort of thing.


Dominant Wife Entertains Her Lover

fetish keptsissy 2018-11-08

He pulls her up close to him as he slightly lifts her like a doll and starts to finger fuck her rear end. His hand soaking wet pulled from her pussy, he runs his middle finger in and out of her tight little hole, feels it open and close, grip him tightly as he works her. The man in front of her takes her hair in his hand and pushes his semi erect cock into her mouth. She pulls her mouth of the man in front of her as he opens her ass and pushes the huge head in. He pushes up to the edge of the bed and puts himself into her as the man on top fucks her tight little hole.

Laura Learns Her Husband's Secrets Ch. 04

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-08

Jack was dutifully licking Elaine's slit under her skirt and beginning to panic because he realized that her thin-lipped vulva would limit the air intake for him, especially after the sadistic girl began releasing jets of pee into his mouth. Elaine enjoyed the position Laura was placing her in—especially when Jack was down under her skirt licking her pudendum—and planned on using the experience in her Women's Studies Feminist Theory course. "You know everything we are learning about dominating men in Feminist Theory?" Well, Aunt Laura is sending Uncle Jack over here for the whole weekend when we can do whatever we want with him!" "Hi Laura darling," she said, "I hope you know how much Elaine and I appreciate the chance to try out what we've been learning in Fem Theory this weekend.

Taking Flight

fetish mistyfdfa 2018-11-08

"No matter how many time we do this, that is never not going to feel amazing." Vira said between gasps as she traced a circle on the inside of Niox's thigh. When Vira turned to convey what had been said, Niox had already pulled tights out of her trunk and was slipping into them. Thinking about it as she pulled a tunic over her head, Vira realized with a start that the only reason she had remained on the front lines was to be with Niox. As Vira grew in skill and faith, she began to execute battle plans around the cleric's spells, demonstrating respect in a way no words could convey.

Introduction to pee play

fetish naughtykellypreston 2018-11-08

She stood over me and slid her hand between her legs he fingers gently rubbed at her clit and I could see by the look on her face that she was on the brink. She gently slid a finger inside her pussy and as she pulled out it seemed like she bust the floodgates. I gently strummed on Gina’s clit making her scream loudly, and I could feel her slide another finger inside me. She smiled at me and leaned forward. As we started to kiss, I could taste my pussy juices on her lips, Gina started to slowly grind her pussy against mine. Gina screamed as she slid a hand between our pussies, rubbing both at the same time.

Mary Gets to Meet Sandy - Part 4

fetish sevpeq 2018-11-08

Sandy made true on her promise and had Mary kiss her ass every night as she went to sleep. But when she found Sandy going through her briefcase Monday night while Mary was scrubbing pasta off the walls, she knew this wouldn’t work. Mary was getting very little sleep indeed, but Sandy probably must have known that she couldn’t function without any sleep at all, right? The bathtub was always filled with a bunch of Sandy’s dirty clothes; Sandy got them messy real fast and went through lots of laundry. When Mary didn’t get round to answering her emails on Monday, Sarah started sending text messages. Mary knew she needed to get back to her phone as fast as possible and didn’t want to answer lots of questions.

Nourishing My Nieces Ch. 02

fetish RedHatter76 2018-11-08

"Look, after the whole breastfeeding incident, it's no secret anymore that I like you as more than a friend," he said with a nervous smile, "so that makes this a little easier than I ever thought it would be." He swallowed before continuing. I changed back into my usual clothes while helping Ronnie make her final choice, and then we both headed home for the evening with our prom dresses in tow. Since my own relationship with Rick seemed to be blossoming, I couldn't help but feel a bit guilty when Monnie's one-year relationship with her boyfriend Vince ended. In a few minutes, Monnie began second-naturedly nudging at my left breast with her cheek, and that quickly turned into a brushing of her lips against its crest.

Black Man Takes It Up The Ass

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-08

I like plump women with big butts. Susan sucked my cock and licked my balls. Yeah, a lot of women like to lick a man's asshole and suck on it. Susan told me that one of her past lovers, a football player named Tyrone Harris, was a bisexual black man. Susan thrust the dildo deep into me and stroked my big black cock as she fucked me. I looked at the sexy, big-bottomed, plump white woman and I definitely wanted to fuck her. I looked at her big, sexy plump ass and felt my cock harden. Susan's asshole felt wonderfully warm and tight around my cock. Also, she was yelling about how she couldn't get enough of my big black cock up her asshole.

Underneath Her and her proposal!

fetish robertkeller 2018-11-08

She turned around facing my feet and put her knees on both sides of my face and said" I want you to smell how hot you make me while I practice, thinking about you eating me out. She came back into the room, and asked" How bad do you want me?" I said get your ass back on top of me" She laughed and said" I think I just started." At this point I didn't care. She came again, and I pulled out my tongue  and said" I want your ass." She had never let me lick her asshole, but she gave me what I wanted.

Bracelet submission:the second bracelet

fetish Kluger68 2018-11-08

And then she was to go to the bed and since she wore the strings of beads she knew what was going to happen with them. Afterwards she would suck my Dick and then she would be allowed to come after she asked to be fucked. I then instructed her move to the bed and I took the beads from around her neck and ever so carefully started to fill her up with them first one strand and then the next and then told her to start to squeeze them with her pussy muscles.  I started to suck her  hard nipples and  to  rub her clit. I grabbed her and told her I wasn't finished with that pulled off her pyjamas and through her on the bed and started to eat her very wet and fucked pussy.

The Pampered Pussy Ch. 01

fetish Scorpius1945 2018-11-08

Eventually Eugene was happy with the result and ran a comb through it several times, seeking any stray long hairs that would ruin his work of art. Eugene took his clippers and before fitting a comb, asked Tania how short she wanted the remaining hair. Once off the chair, Sue hastily retrieved her pants and panties, pulling them up quickly as Tania, who had remained naked from the waist down while Sue was trimmed, dressed herself slowly and carefully with many looks at Eugene and his obviously hard cock. Once again she gave Eugene a hug then they went out the door into the reception area, where Tania made a booking for a trim and shave for a week's time.

Fuzzy Flight Pt. 04

fetish MarcusWoolf 2018-11-08

In fact, I liked to drag the process out myself; to caress her and brush the soft wool of her sexy sweaters against my face; to fondle her breasts and search for her nipples through several layers of mohair; to kiss my way up her nylon-covered legs starting at her feet. I would love to wear such a sweater myself during sex with the large turtleneck covering my face entirely, being cossetted and cuddled inside the soft and cosy or coarse and scratchy wool. The pictures were full-page size, sharp and crisp showing every enticing detail; her long legs clad in black, thigh-high boots; her long, curved, brightly coloured fingernails; her shaved pussy lips below a trimmed blonde bush and her long blonde hair pulled tightly back in a ponytail.

The Agreement

fetish jlenil 2018-11-08

I was torn between wanting her to be happy with her choices and my growing dislike of Ted. When they got married the day before my twentieth birthday, I cried for the first time since my Daddy died--and they weren't tears of joy. "This is the deal, Mom. I go to Ted's church for the next six months, until I graduate the two-year program at Community College. Jaqui is a fun-loving, flamboyant lady who was Mom's best friend for many years. Jaqui took a langorous puff, inhaled it, and blew the smoke away from Mom. They greeted each other warmly. I wouldn't know where to begin." I really didn't want to smoke the cigar, but I knew that Jaqui would be disappointed if I didn't.

Done in the Haunted House, Part 1

fetish ThePhantom 2018-11-08

So on Thursday of that week I went to the house after work and went through the long and lengthy process of opening it up. I then did a minor job of securing the house before I then ran home to shower and change and pick up Tina to make our dinner reservations. The sudden sensation of the cold satin against my warm skin caused me to get harder than I had been in a long time.  The sensations and sounds of her nylon clad legs rubbing up and down my back through my satin cloak were beyond my expectations.We made love for about an hour accompanied by the eerie sound effects, and Toccata and Fuge in D minor played on the organ, her moans at times overwhelmed the background noises.

Debbie's Awakening Ch. 02

fetish jlenil 2018-11-08

You ladies feel free to sit here with us if you want to," said Gus. But it might take a bit of time to smoke these big boys" he chuckled. I love cigars , maybe even more than you do Gus. And Bernice, you might find that you like them too if you got past stereotyping them as "for men only." We're in Vegas--enjoy yourself. Bernice kept asking Debbie what smoking cigars was like. Debbie said, "I think you'll notice that I'm not the only woman in this city smoking a cigar. When Gus excused himself to use the men's room, Bernice asked Deb if she could try "just a little puff." She daintily took the cigar and took a small drag.

Joe's Therapy Ch. 03

fetish Bernie54 2018-11-08

"No, never, I like your beautiful ass in my face, I would respectfully suggest; that I lie down in bed with my head toward the foot of the bed, you sit on my mouth and recline your back on my bended knees. "Slave this is a better position, your tongue goes in deeper, I got the feeling that I am crushing your body under my 170 pounds, and I do not have to look at your penis. He did not like the taste, but her weight on his face crushing him in the kitchen chair, seeing her head move when she would eat a bit of pancakes or take a sip of coffee, was giving him a sense of purpose, he loved the humiliation.