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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Dr. Abrevia Ch. 01

fetish owengreybeard 2018-04-18

At the rear of the cabin, a bulkhead projected into the space, and as Sarah hopped to a nearby seat near the door, a tiny woman came out from behind the wall. "Eww. You're gross, M." Amy popped out of her seat, but took Marla's right hand off the yoke and held it to her face. Balancing the tray easily in her left hand, she reached out and caressed Sarah's stump gently, sliding her right hand up into the short pant leg a few inches. Without opening her eyes, Sarah took Amy's wrist and encouraged her to slide her hand further up the loose pant leg. Sarah moaned softly and pulled the pin and clasp from Amy's hair, watching as the black satin shimmered down around her face and shoulders.

Two Tourists: Tale & Sequel

fetish Francine-frcxa 2018-04-18

This was to be their last stop, but Irma, ever the adventurer, had persuaded Helen to arrange with her that the two of them might remain for two extra days after the group left; a time, Irma had insisted, would allow them to taste a bit of the country without the supervision of the tour guide and enable them to taste the 'real' Soviet nation - also a time to do a bit of prowling and shopping of the type that would make them the envy of others when they returned to their homes in the USA. Helen would prefer to do her shopping in stores or museum shops, while Irma loved to hunt up street merchants, always looking for a bargain or something that couldn't be found in the conventional places.

i hadn't seen Teresa in more than 15 years

fetish 2018-04-18

Some of my friends had decided to call it a night so I was walking them to the door and making sure there was a designated driver in the bunch when Teresa hollers across the room on her way up the steps “we’re going to hit the bathroom, we’ll be right back” with Ray Ray and Shaun right behind her. I just laid there fully naked and exposed on the bed with my arm tucked behind my head soaking in her sight as i watched her get dressed, hiding that gorgeous long lipped pussy in her little dainty panties, and stuffing those huge breast in that tight ass bra, then stretching her top out to dangerous proportions pulling and tugging till it finally slipped over her large rack.

Black Orgasms Ch. 02

fetish laced_bound 2018-04-18

"Ah yes, that's it baby girl, suck my cock." Whenever Adrian was turned on he got so into dirty-talking, so I just kept going. I kept going faster and faster until Adrian came hard in my mouth with a long, drawn out "Fuuuck!" I licked my way back up to his mouth and kissed his soft lips. From that moment it was relentless, Adrian fingering my ass fast while James mercilessly licked my clit, sucking and occasionally biting until I came hard, fighting to keep standing. The display in front of me was unbearably hot, with James moaning softly while Adrian used his hands on mouth all over his cock.

Unwillingly Seduced, Part Two

fetish suzyisgagged2 2018-04-18

Brown leather boots that looked like he had them for awhile. Just tell me what you wanted to make me feel like shit that night. I thought you might look good all bound and gag-” Or at least I was wrong about what you wanted as a submissive. I crossed the cobblestone street and walked towards the pier, I stopped to look at the old Homicide building. I opened my eyes and turned to look at him. A softness in his voice, “Tell me what to do Suzy.” Softly, “Whatever you want, Suzy.” I nodded and looked around quickly before whispering into my cell, “I want to be bound. I closed my eyes, this has to end, “I'm hanging up now.”

''What's a man to do''...

fetish guru6969 2018-04-18

When she sheds some of her clothes and goes round in her leather harness with that little patch over her pussy and her pert little tits on show, her nipples standing hard and proud, and that girlish ass on a woman of her age there's not a head in the room, male or female that doesn't turn. When my wife and Katja put on one of their little shows licking and kissing each other all over, cocks are stroked and pussies fingered while they play. My wife relieved herself of most of her clothing and went to mingle with some of the other groups that had formed round the large room while I watched our prey for tonight.

Smurfette's Absolution part1

fetish wsgy411 2018-04-18

The green smurfettes either looked like my old self or mycurrent self, unlike the lean males the leanfemales have pair-shaped bodies like the regular smurfs. Just seeing Chernov come tomyaid at this crucial moment shows that he has some love for me, not attractedlove like the other smurfs. "Smurfette couldn't take the stress of being very attractive nomore," said Chernov as he came into the house bysurprise, "I knew this day would come." "That's serious injury." corrected Chernov, "I agreed not toharm the smurfs when he's around and I agree not to hurt them in such a way where they get injured, he trusts me on this since he knows I don't even wanna dosuchan act. "Papa Smurf would definitelywanna hear of this," said Chernov, "I triedto tell him, but he didn't take it seriously."

My first time dressing in girl’s clothes

fetish Ashley-in-stockings 2018-04-18

I didn’t think it about it for a couple weeks and then when I have my next turn checking the lockers I found a bra and panties and tossed them in the box like the rest. “Oh you’re the volunteer doing the cleanup” “Well if you need to throw things out because there is too much put them in a bag and they will get dropped off as clothing donations” I nodded very quickly with my hair covering my face slightly and tossed a couple of shirts in the box which were now covered in cum. I paused and looked at the uniform and then “if you see anything you like keep it for yourself” … I quickly scooped up the uniform, bra, panties, socks and grabbed the shoes in the box without checking to see if they fit.

a conversation with one of my admirers made me so

fetish SECRETPHATBABY72 2018-04-18

I can imagine spending so much time, getting to know your body, pinching folds, biting pale flesh, starting at your chubby feet, up to your thick thighs, fat pussy, round belly, big flabby tits, pink nipples, soft neck and tasty lips. I run my hard cock between your toes, against the arch of each feet, rubbing it on the rough skin at your heel. I imagine your heavy breasts, pressed against my hard little cock, making it disappear, I am riding you, pumping your sweaty sagging tits, pinching your hard pink nipples, my hairy balls rubbing on your sticky belly, your middle finger deep in my asshole, until I burst and cum runs down your neck.

How I Became a Ponygirl

fetish Shady_Lady 2018-04-18

Trying desperately to keep the excitement out of her voice Jade nodded vigorously into the phone before realising that the woman couldn't see her and blurted out, "Oh yes please." Then as she started to imagine what a wonderful face must sit behind the voice her hands slid lower down her body and leaning back against the wall Jade opened her legs. The two women sat in a luxurious room, Met cool and calm while Jade could feel herself nervous and tongue-tied like a love struck teenager. Jade was certain she was about to cum when Met's voice cut like a whip, "STOP!" "I am yours, Mistress," Jade murmured and followed Met into the hall ready and eager to start her new life as a pony girl.


A Remembered Evening Ch. 1

fetish kittylit 2018-04-18

I opened my mouth to tell him what I thought of what he had just done to me when his fingers slid down between my legs, pushing the thong aside to find my pussy very wet. From that day on, I could count on receiving at least a weekly spanking, some deserved, some not, but always leaving me with a happy pussy and a very sore red ass that had me sitting very gingerly for the next day. “This is to stop you from interfering with your discipline or from reaching back to cover your ass during my administering the discipline.” He placed the strap in my hand.

A Trip to a Clothing Optional Beach

fetish DanLockered 2018-04-18

In the centre of the row boat sat what looked like a lady pirate administering a riding crop to the rowers. The pirate lady stepped up onto the litter from the boat as the men took the strain. "Dont these devices, sort of restrict your guys' from their umm natural function?" the young lady asked. "Well my dears, please take a small gift from Ms Cleo." With that she took out of her treasure chest a small chastity device similar to the one's the men are wearing. All in all, Ms Cleo gave out 50 chastity devices that day before heading back into the row boat and heading to her yacht.

Vacation time!

fetish dripinwet 2018-04-18

He fingers me for a few ore minutes then he slides his hard cock in my wet pussy. Between his hot cock in my wet pussy, his fingers on my clit and the jets pounding on us, the sex was amazing. We were in that tub about 2 hours and 3 orgasms later, we decided it was time for dinner. With that, he sits down on the recliner, takes the top off the whipped cream and tell me that he thinks that the guest should have desert first.. He is rubbing my clit as he starts to lick off the whipped cream. The feeling of the whipped cream and his hot cock was amazing.

Mata Hairy Ch. 1

fetish belab 2018-04-18

I wanted his dick hard and if my unusually hairy underarms could thicken his massive dong, which was semi-hard in my mouth, I would keep them aloft till his cock hardened. Shaking the hair from the side of my face, I licked his dick from his balls to the blowhole of his cock. I moved my hands up and down his shaft, squeezing him and tugging gently on his swinging sac while my lips and tongue worked seductively around the head of his dick. He put his hand on the back of my neck and fucked his cock up into my mouth as I sucked and slurped his rigid member.

Draguette Ch. 05

fetish stacey_lynne 2018-04-18

The artists had done a superb job on each of Draguette and Liam's body; now the masterpieces came together in one, single scene! One camera would zoom in on Liam's tiny hypo-penis, showing his mid-shaft pee hole dilated, his small penis struggling to free itself and attain its natural curvature, to unglue his fan-like foreskin away from his navel. Draguette kept staring at the screen showing the beautiful sight of his small hypo-penis getting even smaller and then a bit larger with the Mandarin princess' oral stimulation. Draguette too was placed on another tattoo table, again her legs raised up high and spread wide apart, the Mandarin prince himself was helped up on the platform.

Two Travellers

fetish notnice66 2018-04-18

'Cos that's all the lubrication its getting till I cream in your arse.' He pulled his large cock dripping from her mouth, walked round and knelt behind her, slapped her upraised buttocks several times with his large hand, then fitted his fat cock head to her reddened anus and pushed against the stretched muscle, grunting that it was a tight hot fit. 'Wash mouth clean first, then you can suck it.' He rested the head of his cock on her lower lip again and this time Ingrid waited, her eyes looking up at his face.


fetish heikko 2018-04-17

I do the same to the other hand, and then your feet until you are facing the wall, your back and ass left vulnerable to my plans. I walk in front of you, my back to the wall, and place the tip of the dildo at your mouth. Once you have put enough spit on my plastic cock, I walk behind you and press the tip of it at your ass hole. I start moving back and forth, slowly letting your ass get used to the feeling of my cock in it. I ram you one last time, then pull my cock out of you, and reach down onto the floor and retrieve some of your come.

Bedroom Surprise Ch. 02

fetish wylite 2018-04-17

I endured several more bedroom cleaning sessions; each time I wore my sissy pink dress and panties but I think Mandy and Beth had become bored with this routine. "Felicity, you look like the quiet girl that never gets the boy; the shy one; the ones the boys ignore while they are chasing the likes of me and Beth." Looking back to the action I saw that Mandy had the front of his trousers open; I was a little shocked to see the size of the bulge in his underpants and my eyes became riveted to the spectacle. We left him with trousers round the ankles, shirt open and a cock that looked like it wouldn't be ready for action again for a while.

Cum eating. (found online - not ours but HOT.)

fetish hornyoralcouple 2018-04-17

It started a couple of months ago when my husband, in a fit of passion and a little d***k, told me he wanted to lick his cum from me after making love. I asked him what we were going to do with that, and he said he wanted to be brought right to the edge of cumming, and then left hard and horny so he would think about me all day. So that is how my husband ended up naked in the kitchen with a shaved hard cock, horny and desperate to cum, talking about eating his own sperm from my pussy after he cums, with his fully dressed wife squeezing his balls and stoking his hard on, but not letting him cum.

Chuck Nabs The Amazon Princess

fetish Wifetheif 2018-04-17

I smiled at this wonder I had created and replied, "You are in a position to do nothing aside from obey, woman." Under the desk, out of the Amazon's view, my hands had been at work on the catch of my trousers. I can't point to one precise moment but I do know that all of those tiny women set me on my life's work to create a device that would make my fantasy become a reality. I'm glad that I did not miss the moment however, She tried to force her head back, but that made no difference, a veritable tidal wave of my spunk drenched the Amazon in pure male essence; she coughed and gasped as it seeped into her eyes, nose, and mouth.

Lisette's Education Ch. 02

fetish lisetteuk 2018-04-17

I knelt and took his cock in both hands, raising the tip to my mouth, I ran my tongue around the head, and flicking lightly at the underside because I knew Max liked that. Holding my head still with a firm grip he began fucking my throat, while telling me what a slut I was, and beginning to outline what he was going to do to me. Sure enough he pulled his cock out of my mouth, but instead of telling me to get on all fours or lie back and spread my legs -the usual prelude to fucking me, he dropped his trousers to his ankles and turned around.

Double The Fun

fetish Hugme 2018-04-17

He felt his whole body charged with stimulation as she let her hand wrap around his cock and pushed up and down, pumping it just right to where he closed his eyes and tried to relax. And he felt her mouth close in on his cock for good, her lips wrapped tightly around it like the casts on his arms and she let her mouth come off once more and hushed, 'One day you will be in a full body cast and you won't be moving an inch and I will go down on you so hard, you won't know what to do with yourself.

New Neighbor Makes Me her Bitch Pt2

fetish imornery81 2018-04-17

“Take off my pants!” she said and as I reached for her hips she swung the heavy whip behind her, over her shoulder and down over my back. “I like that sound!” she said as I worked hard to get my fingers to peel her sweaty work out pants off. The tenth blow landed just as I got both legs down to her ankles and she grabbed handfuls of my hair before allowing me to help her step out of the wet stretchy material. Ladies, if you are fucking tired of men cumming before your are even wet and would like to control your man and make him your bitch, leave me a comment.

Melinda's Fishy Discharge Ch. 03

fetish Paradiggler 2018-04-17

In an ideal world, I would have just spent the next hour in that toilet making the most of the Melinda's disgusting odour before it faded completely – all the while masturbating prodigiously with numerous pairs of her dirty white underpants, sucking on each fishy, brown discharge-stained crotch panel individually whilst jerking off to the imaginings of her sitting on the toilet with her wide open hairy vagina and tender brown anus exposed – peeing, pooing and wiping clean before changing either her pad or tampon in front of me.