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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Hydrant- a.k.a. Squirter Slut Annette Vuygent

fetish webborelly 2018-04-17

It was only a few months before the incident that Annette was checking her mailbox one night and she watched as Emerill pulled up to his house in an unfamiliar black Jaguar. It was hard for her to tell what was happening at the distance she stood, but she felt like 'Rico Suave' wanted to come in for some 'hide the sausage' action and Emerill was reluctant. He sat there on Annette's couch in her f****y room with a look of dismay on his face, and said: 'What the fuck do you want from me you bl**d sucking bitch?' Annette felt that with her busy fuck schedule that Wednesdays would work out the best.

Supermodel Super Enemas Ch. 02

fetish Satyr2005 2018-04-17

So now I step up to her and feed her my cock, fucking her mouth, then Anna's, then Isabelle's, all four sucking cock and getting mouth-fucked like the bitch cocksuckers they were born to be, sucking and groaning, as I wickedly reach under and press on the massive tummies hanging there, so bloated, so utterly obscene, hearing their agonized but muffled groans, their mouths so stuffed with cock that their normally piercing howls are muffled. Thinking of Patti's reminder, I step behind Anna, press the tip against her humid pink membrane, reach around to hold her close by her swollen belly as she cries out in surprise, and then just ram it right in, deep, to the balls, even the extreme tightness no match for my enraged, inflamed steely cock, alive with desperate hunger for these enema-inflated bitches.

Donna Meets An Old Friend

fetish Chuck B 2018-04-17

She looked up at me with tears in her eyes and said, "When you and I lived together, after high school, you gave me a direction but along with that came rules, discipline, and accountability and I guess when you left I wanted to go on my own." She continued, "I went from living at home where my Dad wouldn't hesitate to blister my bottom with his belt to you who also kept me in line." I sat there and listened to every word she told me and I thought I pretty well knew where she was going with this.

A Secret Surprise

fetish ous00ner 2018-04-17

The visual of a load of cum leaking from a freshly fucked pussy just is amazingly arousing. So as I found myself fucking her for the first time after her latest period I started to think about cumming inside her. Some months I would try to shoot deep into her, imaging the risk I was taking be covering her womb with a week’s worth of cum. I must have quivered because she quickly followed with, “It is OK, I love feeling you warm me up.” I smiled, looking deep into her eyes and said, “I can’t wait.” The thought of her cleaning me rod that must be covered in our cum instantly got me hard again.

"Squashtoy" part 2

fetish 2018-04-17

There was quite a lot of laughing as she carried on to tell M how she now did the same thing to me and how much fun it was to squash me for a long time and f***e me to beg her to move onto my face and let me lick her out, just to try and get some relief from the squashing. She wanted to know why J was doing it and my wife carried on to explain that normally she either sat on me on the bed or on the crush bench in the back room and that this had been the first time outside.

Covered in Cum

fetish vk6033 2018-04-17

Just then, the guy fucking my left hand gave a few quick, long strokes and I felt his hot cum shoot in my hand and onto my hip. I heard a second guy grunting, and felt cum start shooting onto my left foot. To my surprise I felt a hand grab both dicks and fingers rub my lips as the cocks stroke against each other. Before either came, I felt the cock rubbing my right tit start rubbing hard and fast, and heard the guy groan as his hot cum splashed on my nipple and tit. Right then, I felt hot cum shoot on my right foot, and the guy's hands were rubbing his cock and my foot, both covered in his cum.

Holly's Pleasure's and Nightmares

fetish 2018-04-17

Reached for my door handle and all of a sudden a giant hand grabs me right under my arm pit, lifting my small hundred pound body right into the seat of this truck, the door slamming I'm trying to open the door from the inside but nothing happens. Laying there trying to catch my breath, feeling every leaf, stick, and whatever else sticking in my back, my thighs and my bare ass, my body hurting from the rough tackle I received, now this monster standing over me, my skirt up nearly my waist, my hands tied, still I get enough energy and courage up and manage to kick his leg.

Fantasy Cum True

fetish panty_slut_boy 2018-04-17

As I start to work I feel a slight pressure on my asshole and realize that the woman has slid the small dildo inside me with little resistance. As you pull out the pillow is replaced and I feel the cock removed from my ass. On seeing this I fell the cock in my mouth grow slightly and she pulls out of my mouth and starts to shoot all over my face. At this point you are talking like a guy – telling me how hot and tight I am and that I look good with cum on my face. You quickly take the dildo out of me and hold it next to my cock as you pump them both hard – making me cum.

Teacher's New Pet

fetish AlexHolman 2018-04-17

She reached up and turned my face towards hers with her hand, stroking my cheek and looking into my eyes. Ms. Preston leaned forward slowly and pressed her lips to mine, her hand running around behind my head to tousle my hair as her soft tongue slipped into my mouth. It was so good I felt like I was going to blow my load right then and there, but just when I was at the point of cumming, she stopped, looking up at me playfully. My cock was straining, I was dying to be with her, and the thought of being tied up by this sexy older woman while she had sex with my virgin body was so erotic I felt like I could cum on myself right there.

Sasha's Neighbor throws a Party (six go down

fetish wetchin54 2018-04-17

I get on the floor and start licking Sashas pussy, the other guy opts to have her suck his cock. I raise the three sided seat and get the other guy to lie on the foam mat beneath Sasha, I hand him some lube and he quickly covers his cock, and runs a finger or two into her ass. When they finish, Milan heads for the shower, I take Sasha's hand and lead her to my 70's basket chair. She moans and I increase the speed and she screams "OH FUCK, it's great" I press another button and the chair rotates in the other direction, now I start raising and lowering my hips in a normal fucking motion while she spins left.

Adventures of a Leg Man

fetish CAP811 2018-04-17

Aunt Mandy strolled out, wearing one of those high-cut swimsuits that accentuates a woman's long legs. The girl looked out the window for a while, but soon realized that the man across from her was staring at her legs with unbridled lust, his eyes glazed over, his jaw slack. Once again helpless in the face of my addiction, I bent down, placed my hands on her right knee, and for the first time in my life drew my hands over that which I had dreamed of for years: a woman's soft thigh. Then she handed me a bottle of leg and body lotion and said with her minx smile, "Enjoy, my love, enjoy."

Impregnation Pt. 02

fetish first2learn 2018-04-17

Rachael, licking the head of his penis, "are you sure you don't want to breed me and put more babies in my belly?" Cum in my fertile pussy, put your babies in me!" She could feel his hot semen spraying inside her, filling her again. His giant balls filled with baby batter and his cock oozing, looking for another pussy to fill. Rachael and Susan kept a steady supply of women that wanted to be bred by a real stud with a massive cock that had such fertile sperm there was no way they wouldn't be knocked up. Susan's belly was huge and her breasts fattened, filling with milk as her body prepared itself to feed her brood.

S****r Has a Secret Part 2

fetish drew1207 2018-04-17

She walked into her room, the noise from the CD player hitting her like a wall, but she was more concerned by the view that met her: Hope was sat on her bed, head down with tears streaming down her bruised and battered face while she held a wad of bl**dy toilet paper to her nose. Hope pulled off and softly stroked the saliva-covered semi-hard cock with her hand before going back to sucking it. Sarah cleared her throat and Hope looked up at her and gave the best smile she could considering there was a rock-hard cock in her mouth. "I thought so," Hope said, stroking Sarah's cock slowly and gently.

the goddes

fetish leo11169 2018-04-17

But my God, Mrs. D'Amato was really laying into him. I had never heard him call I could hear Tony crying hard now and Mrs. D'Amato was murmuring wanted me here to embarrass Tony. So I kept my mouth shut. She raised her glass in a toast. When she opened the door I was blown away. Completely naked." I stripped down completely. for me to have to be totally naked and her fully dressed. I just lay there savoring her. She began to quiz me about my sex life. Huh? Huh, Babe? That's it, get it all out Babe. It was glorious. Then I heard her open the It was a glorious education and I've been a foot and

Donna's Ultra-High Heels Bk. 02 Ch. 14

fetish SHAFERLINE 2018-04-17

After everyone had finished eating and were back in the area of the den, Linda announced that it was time for the cone bikini contest, followed later in the afternoon by the two sweater girl contests. When Linda blows the whistle, all the men are to come out of the water and the women will towel dry their significant other as much as possible; including both inside and outside of their swim trunks and then they are to lie in the sun on a lounge chair and wait for the leather to dry! After the three men ended the contest, Linda announced that Ken was the winner and that his prize would be announced at dinner tonight and that it was time for everyone to prepare for the two sweater girl contests in the den.

My Pussy So Sore PT 2 Cuckold

fetish 425olds 2018-04-17

For the rest of the week, Dave and I had amazing sex, he told me that he couldn't wait for Friday night and asked if he could take pictures and possibly videotape the encounter. I slowly pulled off his pants, even though I had fucked him before I was taken back by the size of his dick, it was long and fat with a big purple head, my pussy ached for him. I lowered myself down again, this time I went ¾ of the way down when Mark began to push my head down farther. Dave had the camera pointed at my face so I told him, "Oh baby, that feels so good stretching my pussy.

Caught at a Peep Show Ch. 01

fetish Anal Slave 2018-04-17

I was shocked and have never seen anything like this, my wife stopped rubbing my cock and looked at me and said, "so this is what you come here to see, men sucking men". I entered the booth and was fixing to tell my wife we were in the wrong booth when I looked over at the wall and she had her hand wrapped around a very large cock. (I was going to tell her that we had gotten into the wrong booth but she was licking my ass so good, I just thought fuck it I will tell her later) She continued jerking my prick as her tongue bored into my asshole. I didn't want him dumping his cum in my wife's pussy, but I didn't want to suck his cock and have him cumming in my mouth ether.

Wake Up

fetish 2018-04-17

Turning her head to the side, Sharon looked up at me out of the corner of her eye and said, "Now get up on the table with me and oil up my ass real good." And turned back around and rested her chin on her hands. As my orgasm began to fade, my knees collapsed and I slipped to the deck; my own cock rudely pulled from Sherri’s ass and d**g across the rough edge of the wooden table bringing yet another scream of pain as Larry’s cock was f***ed out of me at the same time.

My Husband & I Get Kinky Ch. 05

fetish Davie46 2018-04-17

I lifted my hips, grabbed the base of his prick again, and maneuvered so the tip just barely spread my pussy-lips, then asked, "Are you ready, cum-slut? Then, I will let you stick your cummy-tongue in my cunt, and you will worship my pussy with your mouth." "So, I will spread my ass-cheeks with both hands, and I want you to gently tongue me, lick all around my asshole, like you do for my pussy. And yes, in my heightened state of arousal, some of my inhibitions dropped away, and the tonguing was very enjoyable, with my pussy actually dripping juices that mingled with the wetness of John's mouth.

Fantasies Revealed Ch. 01

fetish Lethaine 2018-04-17

I could feel a cool on the heated skin of my cock where my pre-cum had been spread out by her blows. The feelings in cock and ass began to merge into a dual pronged pleasure center. During this time my ass had begun what felt like a sucking motion on the butt plug and I came to realize that I had to pee. The suction from this produced a strange clenching feeling in my balls and my ass felt empty and wanting. I could feel what seemed a steady stream oozing out of my cock head and my moans and squeals turned into a low chant.

friends house

fetish 2018-04-17

He said it don't matter and leaned down to kiss me, his face got near mine and instead of pushing him back I licked my lips. Yep your inside I reached up putting my fingers on each side of his face and told him to look into my eyes and kiss me while he's fucking me.i could feel his body contracting from feeling so good to him. Maybe ten minutes go by from the time he first penetrated me and he started moaning, aaahhhhhhhhhh so I moaned with him mmmmmmmmm oohhh yessss baby aaahhhhhhhhhh cum in me sweetie"""" I think I now we are laying there and I get up to go clean up as I'm half way down the hall he grabbed me and said LAY DOWN"""""" OK I did so right in the hallway.

Prom Week 4

fetish 2018-04-17

The Principle was the best looking piece of ass in the entire school, and Brick was just a cock worshipping whore deep down inside, like the rest of the women in this fucked up berg. "Mickey you've always been a good student, now it is time to give your principle a facial, blow your hot sperm on my beautiful face, just like you've always wanted too" Jamie teased, licking her lips at the though of wearing her students cum. "Oh, Brick please call me a cheap slut, a big titted whore, a fucking cum slut" Jamie begged as her mind was fogged over with orgasms.


fetish 2018-04-17

It was a warm summer day when i was approached by the older couple, they were taking a vacation in europe and would be gone for weeks they asked if i would cut grass and house sit, I said sure. It was going to be easy cash the first time I went to cut the grass all bussiness work get done and leave. The grass cutting a usual the next week faster than ever,I completed my work. The next week came and their was a car in the drive way their home payday i aproached the house I heard music rock music their was a heavenly girl sunbathing in the backyard in a bikini, what do I do was I caught some pervert attacking her panties.

Beyond the Limit

fetish shmoe13 2018-04-17

After seeing inches and inches of the thick appendage going inside the woman’s body, Gabrielle was uncertain of what was happening but she was very aware of the increasing moisture in her pussy. Gabrielle rocked back and forth in blissful ecstasy while the troll beneath her body grabbed her legs keeping her in place, trying to push his cock further into her pussy. I can feel my legs still shaking a little,” Gabrielle said, but she couldn’t say what she was really thinking “I wish I could take you home so we could fuck like this all the time!” While the master program kept talking, Gabrielle felt one of the scorpion-like creatures grabbing her leg.