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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

s****r in law catches me

fetish 2018-04-17

i was dying to come but she didn't move I sat there then Jane said " put your hands upto my hairy armpits and I then want you to lick my asshole as I pull it open "I did as she said feeling her soft long armpit hairs and as she pulled open her bumcheeks I tasted my s****r in laws hairy tasted amazing you could tell she had been at work allday sweat and a slight shit taste hit my sense of smell and taste buds she moaned as my tongue went deep into her and pushed her arse back to me "that's good "she moaned quietly "now sit back again "she said.I took my tongue out and sat with my back against the toilet cistern.

Bad Girl

fetish meridith 2018-04-17

Teasing combined with complete vulnerability, the situation evolves where a male that has no need to be erect relaxes, this means it becomes easy to divert their attention because their simply being there with me is enough. It is always completely amazing to me how easy it is once a wife knows and understands that simple touching, petting, displays of sexuality are the key to getting a response. Over time he changed, he wanted to share me with his friends, expose me, it was like I was some kind of toy. His hand actually gently pushed my shoulder forward, I was well aware that he was looking down my front, my bare breasts nestled in a lacy bra, my nipples exposed clearly from that angle.

Louise Sexploration Ch. 04

fetish doverKink37058 2018-04-17

George took my cock out of his mouth and said; "hey bud why don't you get up and strip for me so got better access to that thick chub you got there,and you pretty lady, don't just sit there enjoyin the show." He admonished Louise with a wink. I reached over to Louise and pulled her spandex the rest of the way off so her legs were freed and before the leg on the outside edge of the couch could go all of the way George had it back up and was propping it up on his shoulder as he said, "If you don't mind terribly, I got to get me a piece of this."

Chris & Miranda Ch. 2

fetish cbf316 2018-04-17

"Chris I have been in them all day hope you don't mind the smell" Miranda purred as she slide her black stocking feet across the floor. She then went over and grabbed the stockings and moved down and unzipped Chris's jeans and let his hard on spring free. Moving on her stomach she laid down with her feet in the air as she began to lick Chris's balls and cock. She began to jerk him off up and down her long fingers wet as she saw the balls build up and were ready to burst with cum, but couldn't due the stockings. "Chris think of my soles and how good they would taste in your mouth right now" Miranda said as she picked up the pace.

The Neighborhood Ch. 03

fetish Longe 2018-04-17

Well, I have to run, I want to get home before Steve gets home and start working on my plan." Carrie leaned forward, gave me a kiss on the cheek before grabbing her trench coat and closed it around her naked body and stepped out the door. As Carrie did her usual job of sucking my cock like a pro, I once again hiked her dress so that Steve could see the final surprise. I reached up and grabbed her arms and pulled them above her head and pinned them to the bed as I began to slowly move my cock in and out of her soaking wet pussy.


fetish 2018-04-17

So after a long day at work and thinking about ass all day I came home got all of my stuff ready for the next day, ate, showered, and talked my wife into going to bed with me. Once there I of course got even more horny, I started to lick her pussy and she just laid there as if she were dead. This time she had rolled over and her fat ass was up in the air, I started to play with it and opened her cheeks. And I started to do one of my favorite things, licking it, after a few minutes of silence and not a single hint of pleasure and quit. I laid back down and thought, this is EXACTLY why I need a hot shemale.

Down The Path Ch. 04

fetish gbr2004 2018-04-17

I know you have the pictures and you can fuck up my life good and I felt like I must do what told but beneath it all I knew I wanted to be treated like that. Nothing says fag quite like a couple men kissing is there boy?' 'I think so Sir. You have pictures of me that I don't want anyone to see so I better do what you say.' You wouldn't be able to look around and try to figure out who knows what a fag you are. I really don't think they would want anything to do with a guy who wears panties to work. Don't you think the girls would want anything to do with a man who wears panties to work.'

84% kiss

Big Dick Fucks Blonde Girlfriend Pt. 05

fetish EroticDelights 2018-04-17

Suddenly I realized, this is right where Pete would be fucking Jess, in just a few hours. The idea of being in the same room when it was happening, with Pete actually able to see me, maybe even taunt me while he was fucking my girlfriend, that was too much. Jess looked at me—I could tell she was a little surprised—but she just shrugged and went back to watching TV. I was hoping she wouldn't look out the sliding glass door, but I figured she would be preoccupied pretty soon. Watching the two of them standing in the entryway: my petite, gorgeous little Jess standing before Pete, working the head of his impressive penis in and out of her pretty little mouth.

A Creampie Request

fetish cpluver 2018-04-17

"Okay, if I swallow all your cum, what do I get?" Monique asked. Next time we fuck, if you ask me to let you suck my pussy after you cum, I'll return the favor the following morning with a suck and swallow." Her mouth felt like a warm wet pussy. Hearing this and feeling Monique sliding up and down on my pole made me suck hard. A thick gush of her boyfriends cum poured out of her pussy and into my mouth. When she emerged, she smiled and said, "Thanks, I feel so good now and my pussy is nice and clean. I suck Monique and Jill's creampies all the time now and Monique swallows my cum after blowjobs.

Reversals Ch. 02

fetish RachelClark 2018-04-17

The women saw a very happy, grateful and eager Julia, a woman looking forward to her promotion; but, the entire time, she was worrying about how Eric was going to take the news of her increasing success while he was at home unemployed and struggling. The walk from the parking strip to their building wasn't a long one but Julia dragged it out, walking slowly, almost idly forward getting up her nerve to give the news to Eric that he was falling ever further behind her, assuming she took the promotion. Julia couldn't help but wonder if Eric was really looking for work to the extent he always suggested he did, or if he'd become obsessed with, maybe even addicted to, online gaming.

It Started So Innocently

fetish Kaotiks 2018-04-17

I was up late one night and I was going through the sites looking for some nice porn sites because I wanted a nice jerk before I went to bed that night. I must have cum three dozen times and went to bed that night still jerking it. As soon as we got in her car, her hands went to my pants and let out my cock. I licked all around it, dove my tongue and with it pulled her clit ring which made her scream. Finally, I let my tongue back in and straddled her, letting my cock point the way to her mouth. I saw her lick away what she could at the corners of her mouth and open it wider to take what my cock in.

Silent Slave Chronicles 01

fetish jimbean485 2018-04-17

You then reach down with your right hand and wrap your index finger and thumb tightly around the top of my scrotum, trapping my defenseless and rapidly-swelling balls at the bottom of my sack. As I get your clothing past your ankles and off of your feet, I lean in and start to kiss my way up your inner right thigh; wet kisses with a little bit of tongue. As the fingers of my right hand seek to bring you unspeakable pleasure, I bring my left hand up to the top of your mound and gently massage the clitoral hood. As you sense my approaching climax you reach forward, this time making a noose with your left hand around the neck of my scrotum.

The Little Death

fetish jjsharshaw 2018-04-17

Keeping her eyes locked with Melissa's, Harris bent to Bruce's shoulder and kissed it. Not acknowledging Melissa's shocked looked Harris dropped her head back down and kissed Bruce on the lips. Harris held Melissa's eyes until Bruce pulled her t- shirt over her face and then she fell into sync with Bruce's slow rhythm. Bruce alternated between light caressing touches along the sides of her chest, across her belly and over her breasts with roughly massaging a breast, rolling a nipple between his thumb and forefinger, pulling it until Harris' body twitched slightly in pain. Harris watched a drop of sweat fall from Bruce's chin in slow motion and then felt it like a pleasurable shock wave as it hit her breastbone.

Hannah's Pregnant Pleasure

fetish Diablos 2018-04-16

Her curvy body was making him very horny indeed, the way her perfectly smooth breasts sat atop her hugely distended stomach, her belly button sticking out from underneath her top like a third nipple. Taking him inside her little mouth, the thought of him fucking her pussy made her groan in expectation and she slid a hand under her pregnant belly and into her moist knickers. Beyond the huge dome of her belly, Hannah sighed, her hands gripping her nipples as Alex plunged his long tongue into her crease. The sudden rush of cum in her pussy was all that Hannah had needed to send her over the edge, her broad belly shaking as a thunderous orgasm shot through her, her mouth wide open in an ear-shattering scream of joy.

Men's Sexual Confessions: Henry

fetish PositiveThinker 2018-04-16

Instead of going around the room with each guy sharing a few intimate details about his sex life and about his wife, it turned into a men's meeting, an open forum, on sexual peccadilloes, so much so that we missed watching the second half of the game. She knows how excited I become over my fetish, so she's more than agreeable to satisfy me sexually in that regard by helping me and arranging our sex life to work off my fetish," said Henry looking around the room, as if he was done. "Damn, Henry," said Roy, "working in conjunction with your wife, you have this whole panty fetish figured."

Debra, James, And Josiah

fetish DickLover59 2018-04-16

I can picture sometimes in my minds-eye, my great-great-grandmother Debra, standing naked before her husband, Josiah, my great-great-grandfather, with her very pregnant belly jutting out in front. I envision my great-great-grandfather, still a young man in his late 20's at that point in time, quietly standing in front of his wife Debra, looking at her large and distended belly. "Yes," my great-great-grandmother says softly, still holding her husband's face gently between her two tiny hands, "James is very good to me." I imagine my great-great-grandfather standing there, with head slightly bowed, as his wife, my great-great-grandmother, undid his broad-fall trousers, and in the quiet privacy of her bedroom, I picture her stroking his cock, and saying something like: "There, there!

The Rent-A-Slave

fetish Serafina1210 2018-04-16

I'd done anal and deep throat, I'd swallowed more loads of cum than I could count, I'd spent an evening as a human urinal, and I'd fucked a whole roomful of Shriners with my new friend Casey, a fun bubbly gangbang whore. Besides, I liked being fucked by Dr. Rosenberg, and the taste of his piss in my mouth, and staring into the toilet, and knowing I was going to get a big mouthful of cum at the end of it all. After he brought me my Bud Light, Tony said, "It got back to Mickey about me going outside to fuck you last Thursday.

College Days

fetish 2018-04-16

Her naked tits slapping my legs, her red lips around my cock, Tongue flicking licking massaging, as she went up and down over and over, I was close to cumming and I said so. After a few minutes, the vibrators were removed, and I went to work with my mouth, tonguing and licker prodding sucking massaging, her clit and lips. She started screaming as hot sweet juices ran out of her pussy, she took a minute to collect her thoughts, as she dressed, and then we shared a passionate kiss before she left. We entered her dorm room, where Stephanie was on her bed doing what she called studying which entailed reading her books while massaging her pussy with her vibrator. She needs a good fucking Holly said.

Trouble with the Landlord

fetish Bakeboss 2018-04-16

I crawled up next to her to cuddle and kiss, as we always like to do après sex but she pushed me away saying my face was all messy and that I needed a shower. After we ate, Chet and April went to the living room while I cleaned up the mess from dinner. April got use to having a man take her for his pleasure whenever he felt like; and I began to take on more of a sissy role as she called it. When she began to call me her girl friend I was so use to the idea I didn't even mind I mean what can I say I always knew I wasn't a real man and as soon as I accepted this fact my whole became a lot easier.

milking of ryan pt 1

fetish 2018-04-16

Then the second thug dipped his thumb in the gluey blue mixture and smeared it onto the tip of Ryan's cock head. Without warning, the first thug tugged the foreskin back over the head, trapping the moist Viagra-painted knob of Ryan Connolly's cock withn the cowl of flesh, which was then tied off with a leather strap. "We'll just leave your cock like that for a while, Ryan," the voice said with a chuckle, "so you can absorb the mixture directly into where you'll need it most. His brain on overload, Ryan began fucking himself onto the finger...undulating like a $2 whore at a strip club on a pole...filling his ass again and again as he felt the inevitable wave of pleasure rise inside him.

Sis Piss Ch. 01

fetish RabbitPrince 2018-04-16

That I had wet dreams about my sisters, women I knew, celebrity females, or unknown girls holding me down and peeing into my mouth and forcing me to drink it, exactly like the pee game we had played so many years ago? Kathy just giggled again, drained the last of her wine, looking with a broad grin at her two older sisters, back at me, down to my crotch, then back at my blushing face. After being forced into playing the pee game several times, I learned that the only way to keep my hair and clothes clean and dry was to drink down every drop of pee my sisters squirted into my mouth.

Uneasy Love

fetish urination 2018-04-16

And he then suggested that, since it was a rather large tree, perhaps it'd be best if they both "attacked it." Kevin had played "doctor" before, with little boys and girls his own age. When his uncle unzipped his fly and removed his six inch erection, not a half of a foot from the little boy's face, Kevin's eyes must've grown noticeably larger. Kevin obeyed, his eyes still riveted to his uncle's moving hand. His uncle moved his tongue up to the small tight little ass, and then forcefully shoved it inside. When he first managed to wedge his erection a few inches inside of his nephew's ass, he was certain that the tightness of the little hole would stop the circulation in his cock.

Leather Makes the Dominant Woman

fetish Kinky Writer 2018-04-16

In the reflection she saw a strong and glamorous woman dressed provocatively in black leather, dirty, blond hair cascading down her back, with a humble man naked but for a skimpy thong kneeling before her. The scents of her new leather corset fed her desires for this strange, new sense of beauty and dignity and entitlement as she imagined a dominant woman who deserved to have a naked man worshipping her feet. Biting her lip as they rapidly increased their pace, Debbie's mind flooded with one image after another as she embraced the whirlwind moment – leather boots, skirts, and dresses that flaunted her figure; whips and floggers to enforce her authority; complex restraints and gags to hold her husband tight in submission...


fetish BootPunk 2018-04-16

Then my brother and I attack, let it feel our power, take complete control over the leather suit, the gloves and the helmet. I try to help a little bit by bending its arm down, press its gloved hands hard against the smooth surface of the racing leather suit, and then start to play with the bulge inside my extended leather skin body. We let the suit step upwards to the place where we were waiting before and then we slowly pull the leather suit inside of us, eating it, making it part of our bodies, just like the helmet and the gloves.