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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

It's Hard Out Here for a BBW....

fetish Bbwrockabilly 2018-04-16

As I thought about the roughness in each man, his fingers pushing deep into my tightness, how it would hurt a bit as he tried to stretch me out, how wet I would get hearing the men talk dirty about a purely sexual object that gets their cocks hard, how much they want to cum, how much they want to make me cum, I began to get wetter and I sped up my pace with bob.

Soft Cuffs on the Couch

fetish suzyisgagged2 2018-04-16

Stipped down to a t-shirt and panties (light blue for those who want to know), chose a DVD (Ballista 2, an older one) and went to the couch. For a little stimulation, bent over and inserted a small, vibrating anal probe, letting the control dangle from the panties waist band, didn't turn it on. Drooling, whimpering, begging the bad men to stop (not wanting them to), finally rolling ver on my stomach, clenching my ass cheeks over and over again, moving my hips up and down, eyes rolled back into my head whenI came, opening my mouth widethe ball moving further in while drool rushe dover my chin as I let out a big "ooooohhhh!" Laying there, panting,shaking a little, undid the wrist cuffs.

Champagne Climax

fetish Ether_Tech 2018-04-16

The soft skin of Amber's hand guided my cock out of my trousers into Jennifer's waiting mouth. Amber placed her drink in Jennifer's hand and it too vanished below the table. I heard two glasses clang together below the table and Jennifer took just the head of my cock into her mouth again. Amber released her grip on my cock and took the glasses placing them back on the table, one in front of her, the other where Jennifer was going to sit. Amber gave a quick scan around the room and held up the table cloth signalling Jennifer to return to her seat. Amber leaned across me and Jennifer gave her a quick French kiss, the two of them sharing the lingering taste of champagne and cum.

Sarah and the Punishment Station

fetish skullchaser 2018-04-16

The woman smiled as the man reached out and gently placed his hands against her fabric-covered breasts, his fingers spread wide, gently pressing against her bosom, judging their heft with his palms as his thumbs rested lightly on the clip centered between her young mounds. The man then quickly cut the string of elastic around her other thigh and pulled the ruined fabric from her captive body, leaving her completely naked and helplessly bound to the heavy metal frame. She tensed up, laughing and giggling as he tickled her torso, the captive girl twisting as his hands ran along the sides of her chest, across the undersides of her breasts, then upwards along her arms, her wrists helplessly pinned outwards away from her body.

The Entertainment Ch. 01

fetish econut 2018-04-16

So the previous weekend, when they told me they wanted me to wear the cock cage all week in between my visits, I couldn't say no. Lana did stroke me off as a "thank you" for agreeing, but then the cage went on and I knew it was going to be a long week. I kept thinking about Lana's delicious round ass, her supple body and large tits that always bounced when she walked, or about the taste of Gary's huge cock or the feeling of it sliding into my mouth or ass. "Why don't you ask the help?" said Lana with a grin, then spun around and walked back into the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

Panty Caresses

fetish UnknownAuthor 2018-04-16

I love the musky smell of the crotch of her panties where they have been stretched tight across her sweet pussy and tight little asshole; sliding across both holes all day. I finally had to pull my cock out and imagine my wife straddling me, inserting my hardness into her hot, wet lady cave while I am wearing her panties. As her hotness engulfs me the soft material of her panties is rubbing my sack and it feels like she is somehow licking my balls at the same time. I finally have to release my hardness from her sweet panty prison and stroke freely imagining my wife unmount from my cock and engulfing me in here sexy mouth.

The Keys To Seduction

fetish flutterbykiss64 2018-04-16

I then stood up enough to place my vaginal wetness into your face as you took your mouth and pleasured yourself with my juice. I grasped your hardness, and let it slide Feeling every inch slide slowly in the warmth of my wanting mouth. As the passion over came my womanly wildness, I stroked your cock with my hands as I sucked the tip slowly teasing you then I engulfed the manly rod into my mouth slipping it to the back of my throat with such force. I continued to ride your face with my wet vaginal cave, as your mouth was feeding from my juice and it felt like I was about to explode.

The Perils of Greggie-Poo Ch. 02

fetish scatwoman 2018-04-16

Then I felt her strain and she let out a soft grunt with a wet fart that shot anal gasses and thick gobs of Luke's cum right into my mouth! As Luke held me there, she wasted no time farting again, but as I stuck my tongue up her ass, I felt something hard that tasted strong and nasty! Fuck his faggot ass while he eats my filthy shit!" I couldn't believe what she was telling him to do, but before I could really think about it, Luke was on his knees behind me and had his prick right at my asshole. As Luke fucked my face and fed me his cum-juice, Mishi sucked the excess come, piss, shit and vomit from my chin, neck and chest.

Mansion maid

fetish Latexslav3 2018-04-16

“Well there is one thing I can clean, since he didn’t get to come out and play yet!” she hooked her finger on my panties, and pulled them down, revealing my cock, covered in pre-cum, and a little bit of cum from the hour of her riding my face, and me getting way too excited. The cleaning company that Amanda was hired from was paid the amount that my grandfather set forth to pay her to clean my house for a year, since she didn’t need the money, and I supplied her with a happy life, and she never took advantage of me, and always seemed to worry that she was taking too much, even though I barely got her anything, since I already had a lot of sexy clothing that fit her.

Dr. Debra Will See You Now

fetish Fred1177 2018-04-16

My new primary care physician's office set up an appointment for me to come in for an initial visit to make sure my meds were right and whether or not I needed a different doctor. She asked for Sue and then told her that she needed some ear cones. Once the preliminary items are done, the doctor and Sue get gloved up and Dr. Debra says, "Now for the important parts." I could feel my scrotum start to draw up when she said that. "Please hold his penis out of my way," she asked the nurse and Sue was quick to respond. Having the doctor palpate me while the nurse held my penis was too much; I began to get an erection.

Thor and Loki Pt. 03

fetish MoltenPurple 2018-04-16

Loki grinned impishly and lay back onto the plush velvet, giving Thor easy access to his hard, eager cock, moaning softly as he felt his lover's warm breath over the tender flesh. Thor cupped the smaller man's hips with his huge hands to steady him and was surprised to feel not the smooth, taut muscles that he was accustomed to but a definite rounding in the lower part of Loki's stomach. As soon add he had achieved his goal he pulled Loki's naked body closer against him and kissed him deeply, exploring the new fleshiness of his lips and running his hands over the willing skin.

The Best Gift Ever Ch. 05

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-04-16

On Thursday, a week after first meeting Mistress' three friends the doorbell once more chimed and Deb sent Bobby up to answer it. "Bobby," Deb said flatly, "It's time for you to go and get your shower and let us workout. How about you kiss me?" Although it came out as a question, everyone in the room knew it wasn't and Deb surrendered while Ty held her face against hers for a long time - her tongue penetrating her mouth. When she broke it, she added, "I love it when you kiss me like that." She brought their mouths together once more, this time finding Deb's hand and guiding it down between her legs.

Desires Realized Ch. 3

fetish rick277 2018-04-16

Sandra is a confirmed lesbian and hasn't let a man touch her in years, but after Jenn's bragging about my skill and telling her about what I am wearing and how sexy I look, she wants to have a little party right here. Sandra pushes Jenn to the couch, removes her panties and spreads her legs, crouches between them and dives into her pussy which is just where I want to be. Sandra is moving around eating Jenn and I grab a hold of her and try to steady her over my face as I suck up her juices and lap over her pussy. As I continue I suddenly feel Sandra's asshole tightening even more around my finger and her pussy unleashes a torrent of flow that fills my mouth and covers my face.

whitedogs lucky lotto series (best cuckold story e

fetish Skatana28 2018-04-16

I did the polite thing and waited for a commercial before saying "your laundrys all done Kim, have a nice trip back, I'm going to bed honey" and as I kissed my wife on her cheeck instead of getting a thank you from Kim she said "well arnd't you going to put the bags back in my car?" "sure Kim I was going to do it in the mourning before I left for work, it's pouring outside" I replied to her which was exactly what I was going to do, but the little spoiled brat came back with "I'd really rather you did it now just so you don't forget" again I looked to Sara for some support but once again she seemed to be ignoring the conversation and I knew if she wasn't going to have an opinion then Kim's orders would stand.

Blue Dress

fetish lennythelion 2018-04-16

He turned to where it lay beside him on the bed, and picked it up with two hands, cradling it almost reverently. His eyes were half-closed now but he was still watching her, watching the dress, and he stroked more quickly, his hand firm on his long, thick shaft, rising and falling to some other tune than the one she was humming. He was close now, and was forcing his eyes wide to look at the movement of the gleaming satin as his hand moved rapidly up and down. His hand was a blur now, and suddenly he grunted and his cum arched across the small space that separated them, landing at the point of the V of the neckline, and again full on the front of the dress, and again, and again.

And Then The Door Opened Pt. 02

fetish BadWriter 2018-04-16

Life was better than I had ever imagined it, I was used as a sex toy and kept constantly sexually frustrated (one memorable night Sid tied me spread eagled, took the chastity belt off and then fucked me to climax just as Kathy slapped a chloroformed rag over my face so while I felt myself go "over the top" I was out before I could really cum and get the satisfaction I needed, I loved the way my roommates made my life exactly the torment I wanted it to be.)

punished by parent in laws chapter 7 part 1

fetish lippy100 2018-04-16

"Now stand up, and hand me your knickers like a good young lady should." I was so embarrassed, as I was sure neighbouring passengers could not have helped but overhear my Mother in Law's request. "Yes Ma'am, the water was very wet." I hoped Rachael and Troy had no idea of the double connotation, although it was not missed by Debbie and John who both joined in on the joke I then scooped them up off the sand and passed them to the waiting hand of my Mother in Law. With little effort she tore the thong in half and placed the remains in her pocket.

My Secret Service Ch. 02

fetish HConway 2018-04-16

I'd been exploring my cocksucking ways with Jen's husband, Jim, for a couple of months when she came on to me during an early morning coffee session beside her pool. "If you really must know, Jim and I had sex before he left for work this morning and a little bit of him just leaked into my panties," she said. "I asked the question," she said. Taking my cue, I pushed in for a long lick up her slit, taking her her juices and the remnants of her husband's ejaculate into my mouth. I continued with long, slow licks, letting my tongue slip inside of her in search of more cum, before it pushed on toward her clit.

Anal Lovers Invite Anal Studs Over

fetish BJcumcraver 2018-04-16

"Oh my God!" Nicole gasps, turning to my wife, "Jason's sucking cock, he's sucking your husband's dick!" I make a real show of fucking Jason's mouth now, forcing it down his throat, telling him to reach behind my balls to finger my ass as he sucks me, which he does. Because as me and my wife kiss passionately, the two teen girls scamper behind me and, like two frisky kittens greedy for a nice helping of cream, start lapping away at my hole, lapping up Jason's cum as it spills out of my raw, open ass, an ass repeatedly fucked for hours by the two sexy teen girls and their two hugely hung boyfriends....

The Story of Caya

fetish 2018-04-16

Unfortunately I won't be able to mother him (her) when that happens, but from seeing how other bitch-slaves have been made to handle it, that with the undiluted teachings of Mistress Ogun's teachings, I know my baby will grow to have a happy type of life and will be as manly, strong and handsome just like my Black Master Amos is. Sometimes they drove past a village and often had to stop to eat from the food trunks the black Masters had packed in the back of the third truck; Caya and her fellow bitch-slaves were assigned the task of feeding the slaves in the second van. Caya went to where Master Amos sat in the passenger seat of the first jeep eating an apple and he allowed her to suck his cock and minutes later came in her mouth; he promised fucking her once they'd settled in Arun.

Gloryhole Story: A work of fiction

fetish HentaiOkami 2018-04-16

There are four holes in this stall,one in front of me big enough to accommodate the biggest of “tools”,one above that one so either a customer with a bigger than normal tool can help me fit it down my throat or just so he can show his dominance by making me gag on it and last but not least,the hole behind me for those who want to fill my fuckhole with their warm,thick cream or any other juices that flow out of their massive phalluses. As I swallow the pre-seed I slowly bobbed my head on his tip while stroking his throbbing tool. The customer stopped thrusting and let out a harsh moan,I could feel his big tip in my throat,flaring in it.

Piss Girl Pt. 01

fetish M_Sirk 2018-04-16

Emily grabbed hold of my cock and, sliding off me, knelt on the bed and began to suck it, while I continued to play with her pussy, which I was delighted to find was shaved smooth. Emily sat on the edge of the toilet set and began to play with her pussy, stroking her clit and pulling the lips open, as I lay on the towel, wanking myself. "Hmm, I think you liked that," she said, running her fingers over my sopping cock and balls, then leaning forward to lick the sperm and piss from them. Emily drained her second glass of beer, put it on the table, and said, "Mmm, think I gotta pee.

Peeing on the Peeper

fetish adoration 2018-04-16

I placed the lovely black pair on my face, then pulled down my thong, stepped out of it and rubbed the little red item over my swiftly rising cock. "Now I'll introduce you to the two ladies whose panties you obviously discarded," said my wife, again grabbing me by the ear and painfully dragging me over to the two women who had remained seated on their recliners during Keisha and Carmel's introductions. Barbara indicated a big, blonde woman, her hair pulled back in a severe ponytail as Helga, who I knew from the name was another millionairess, like my wife, thanks to real estate sales. I climbed up on the trampoline, feeling ridiculous, with Keisha's sweet-smelling panties still on my face, Carmel's tiny little thong still on my cock.

phone sex

fetish 2018-04-16

As I peaked around the side of the chair, much to my surprise, I saw the receiver of the phone in her hand between her legs, she was fucking herself with the phone, it was so fucking hot I almost came on the spot...I had to unzip and get my cock out fast because I was near explosion...I leaned against the window ledge and starting jerking off, she at that point turned her chair toward me a little and I saw the entire phone buried in her pussy, in and out as hard and as fast as she could fuck herself with it....her eyes where closed and still hadn't seen me, At that moment she began to cum...she arched back further in the chair, and let out an intense cry...I couldn't take any more...I had to cum, my cock was red from the pounding I was giving it...The I exploaded, Cum flew everywhere, the back of her chair, her desk and a trial leading back to me acrossed the carpet.