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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Nylon Awakenings

fetish sheerpeter 2018-04-16

I toyed with the idea of saying to my mother that they were wearing the 'silky trousers' because of the delicious feeling they got as the fabric caressed their legs and could I have a pair of see-through pyjamas just like them for my next birthday, please. "It's Deborah's costume you want to wear, isn't it?" Maria said, turning to me. "You're going to love wearing Deborah's 'silky' trousers and her 'silky' sleeves and her 'silky' veil," Maria said, emphasising the word 'silky' each time. Turning to me, Maria said, "I think you're so excited about being dressed in this lovely fabric and feeling it drift across your skin, that in no time at all you'll be out of control."

Wife's Friends Anal Ch. 09 Pt. 03

fetish Ilovetoeatsperm 2018-04-16

My wife guides me into the living room and she says to me "let us all see it, honey show all the girls what's going up your butt tonight". My wife tells me to stay on my hands and knees, we are going to set the dildo on the table just under your ass and then you are going to sit on it, then ride it like a jockey rides a horse. My wife says to whoever is parked behind my freshly bored out butt, your fingers touched his asshole huh? My wife whispers in my ear to just relax a short while and let us look at your huge wide open gaping asshole, because we are going to get ready for the grand finale.

From Her (Wet) Side

fetish LickMe2Raw 2018-04-16

For example it wouldn't be considered abnormal for a *woman* to IM a guy and ask him if he'll shove his cock into her dirty ass on their first date while she's pissing in her roommate's mouth deapthroating her favorite dildo. One that really got my attention was his passion for 'all things uro-genital' and admitted to drinking from "the source." He said he considers urine as a normal sexual fluid just like lube and cum, and in fact all healthy secretions from a woman's crotch during intimacy are " from the Gods to be devoured passionately and worshiped". He grabbed my hair and bent over to whisper in my ear, "show me how bad you need to pee lover." I let loose with a splush like no other against his cock.

One Word Dirty...

fetish CrypticT0xin 2018-04-16

She quickly slipped her hand inside her wet panties and began to rub her lips, red from the earlier workout making them more sensitive, in result more pleasurable. I saw her hand go for the exposed pussy and she began to pet the interesting image carved into her pubic region then it got hotter, Becca's lesbian kicked in she began to caress her sister's clit, I instantly saw Amanda bite her lip, she smiled after because it was feeling amazing. Becca was moving it in and out, then wiping the hot liquid all over her sisters clitoris and instantly Amanda cried out. I knew Amanda wanted the pleasure to last, so instead of seeking her hole I caressed her engorged lips and soft pubic hair.

The Phone Call

fetish Jayzion 2018-04-16

You tell the person on the phone to hold on a second and you ask me to "Stop that" I stop massaging you completely and fake like I am getting up to walk away. You start up your conversation again like it never stopped and this time I take your foot and kiss your ankle bone. You drop the phone on the floor and take my head in both your hands and tell me that your boss is on his way over so I only have 20 minutes to make you cum again. I start to push in and out but I know time is short and I want to try to make you cum again.

Pursuit of the Hirsute

fetish Madabouthair 2018-04-16

Laura wore big round glasses with thick lenses that helped hide what might be attractive big brown eyes, and while she had thick, lush looking black hair, she wore it tightly tied up on the back, making her look even more like a bookworm than Cara herself, and that was saying something, mused the older woman. Those eyebrows were the first thing that Cara had noticed about the young woman when she had interviewed her that day last year, after noting the hair on her wrists when the sleeve of her blouse slid up briefly. "I do?" Laura said, looking up at Cara like she thought she was being put on, and went back to running her fingers through those fine dark hairs.

Cum On Robyn Pt. 02

fetish RobynBanks 2018-04-16

Not when I was kneeling on the carpet with a lovely big cock in my mouth, another two in hand while five more waited their turn, the men attached to the remaining five cranking away and calling out encouragement. I'd just gone full circle, my mouth lips about to purse around Baz's cock for the second time when Dave mumbled, "Get on the bed, Robyn. At times I was able to concentrate enough to suck or lick at a bulbous cock-head, maybe wanking one while Dave kept pumping away. Then, before I really knew what was going on, I was on my hands and knees, with Baz of all people kneeling behind me, his latex-sheathed cock nudging my opening.

Hair brush is for pleasure, hair brush is for pain

fetish bonaulit 2018-04-16

Luxuriously you are caressed over and over again until at last the brush slides deliciously over your scalp and down the full length of your beautiful long hair. Before we started I took down your pants, just a little bit, before sitting you at the table. Just a little bit to expose enough of your skin to feel the coolness of the seat recede as it adjusts to the warmth of your body. The brush rises to the top of your head and falls like water through your hair. The brush rises to the top of your head and falls like water down your back. The brush rises to the top of your head and the pleasure washes over the length of your hair.

A Visit to the Therapist

fetish Lynabo 2018-04-16

Ms Landower simply smiled at him and lifted her skirt, "Look she said I've got no panties on," she parted her legs and Peter gazed in awe and wonder at her pussy; he could not take his eyes off it. Susan had no qualms and no illusions, she knew that he had a serious panty fetish that was with him for life, but she felt she could maneuver this to her advantage, at the same time helping him to come to terms with his sexuality. Peter felt very strange at home in his room he took out the panties and sniffed; in his mind he could see that beautiful pussy so delicious nestling in between her legs.

Saturday Night

fetish sbwrangler 2018-04-16

After a while, she turned towards me and said, "Those shorts look pretty tight in there, why don't you let me help you out with that." She grabbed the waist band of my shorts and pulled down. The whole time she is staring my right in the face and her beautiful green eyes are sparkling and I can tell that there are some very dirty thoughts running though that head of hers. I must have had a confused look on my face because she smiled at me and said, "I have an idea that I think you’re going to like." She took off her shirt and revealed her marvelous DD breasts, the pale pink nipples already hard.

Reformatory Girls Ch. 02

fetish escalus 2018-04-16

During the day chastity devices are not required, for the girls are monitored from the moment they rise to the moment they go to bed, even whilst using the lavatories, for the cubicles have no doors and two Wardens are always on duty whenever the lavatories are open. The girl seemed too distressed to speak; but she slid back in the bed, all the time keeping hold of Clare's hand. And in the morning, long after Clare had safely returned to her own bed, the new girl - Tina - looked into Clare's eyes with such gratitude that Clare knew she had been right to risk the worst punishment Hazely had to offer. "Thank you," Tina mouthed, as the girls took off their night-dresses and Miss McCloud walked up the aisle unlocking chastity belts.


fetish 2018-04-16

It begins something like this: I prepare for the session by first showering, shaving (Including my balls and cock) and using my expensive cologne. Mistress likes to see my cock and balls purple and throbbing when I present myself to her. As the scene begins, Mistress lies back on her pillows and begins slowly massaging her swollen pink clit as she watches the stud getting his schlong sucked by his more than willing partner. Look at the satisfaction that he can provide a woman with a fucking huge cock like that." She snaps. Between the moans of ecstasy coming from the bitch getting doggie-styled, and the delicious sounds of my mistress, I'd have to be extremely careful not to shoot my wad.

Femdom Babysitter

fetish 2018-04-15

"Your Mommy told me you were a discipline problem and I needed to straighten you out," she says. Kathy begins to spank me hard with her hand on both butt cheeks. I feel Kathy pull my butt cheeks apart. I then feel her push two fingers inside me hard all the way to her knuckles. Kathy picks up the hair brush and pushes the handle of the brush deep up my ass. Kathy begins to pump the brush handle in and out of my ass deep and hard. Kathy removes the brush and inserts two fingers inside my ass from each hand. Kathy pushes her fingers in deep and hard and then quickly pulls them out.

Frankie goes to Coffee Shop 2

fetish flirtyforties 2018-04-15

Frankie tried in vain to focus on the screen in front of her as she felt his breath on her neck his hand moved quickly to her skirt before she could even inhale he was probing her thong his fingers quickly finding their way through as she tried to close her legs, she stifled her moans as his breath got hotter on her neck, everything in her wanted to thrust her tongue down his throat and let him finger bang her right there in full view of everyone else, she could feel the flush rise up her chest as she fought not to scream out as his fingers banged at her pussy, she bit down on her lip forcing herself to look at the screen in front of her.

Lena's New Life Ch. 20

fetish toomuchinmyhead 2018-04-15

Lick my little clit until I fucking cum." She shifted her position, changing from a squat to a kneeling position, pressing her pussy down onto his mouth, feeling his tongue tip dancing around her hard clit. She listened to the sound of her wet hole rubbing against John's face, listened to his tongue slathering her, feeling his mouth on her. She felt the light tickle as he brushed it, flicked it, then the soft insistent push as he wriggled his little pink organ on her hole, and the sensation shook her; she moaned in ecstasy, eyes closed, as nerve endings stimulated only by her own fingers and toys were attacked by his eager tongue.

Kim Ch. 01

fetish rmlooker 2018-04-15

Libby said she thought Kim would look good walking in braces. Kim was touching her left leg and started rubbing her hand up and down the inner thigh from her knee to over half way up where her dress kept her from going any higher. Kim looked up into Libby's eyes and said her legs were very beautiful and sexy, especially the left one. Libby reached out and cupped Kim's breast and said lets go into the bedroom and look at each other. She looked at Kim and said help me with my dress so we can get in bed and I can use both hands so I don't fall out of the chair.

The Good Wife Ch. 02

fetish tazsis1 2018-04-15

I was curled up half way down the bed, holding my hand to Stephanie's lower back and pressing gently to ease the ache. Stephanie got off the bed, dug into her bag for her cigarettes and went out onto the balcony. I find her smoking a deeply sexy; her handling of the cigarette and lighter, the sharp inhale through a half open mouth and the slowly released plume, the hooded eyes and face obscured behind the smoke, the smell in her hair and the taste on her lips or fingers. After a while, Stephanie half turned out of my arms, passing me the still smoking cigarette end to dispose of. Suddenly Stephanie's hand stopped, she changed the angle of her fingers inside me and pressed down on my prostate.

The Princess and the Assassin Pt. 05

fetish thecloned22 2018-04-15

Celestine and Eltra were standing in their shared body, with Rosetta/Silica watching. For the most part Celestine/Eltra were alone training how to walk with Rosetta/Silica. Silica, with her left hand extended towards them, was repeatedly snapping her fingers at Celestine/Eltra. In response, as one Celestine/Eltra suddenly grabbed Rosetta/Silica's left hand with their right by the wrist. "Rejoice, and know the ecstasy of our mistresses." Rosetta said as Celestine Eltra faded into the void. Celestine and Eltra walked forward in the void, unsure how they got here. Celestine/Eltra had both grown up seeing images of the goddesses, of the Holy Cerberus. Celestine/Eltra were lost in extacy and didn't want to let go, but all good things must come to an end.

Anita Ch. 02

fetish rrspence2002 2018-04-15

He looked at the new house she had bought about 3 months after he went to Europe and thought how the last year must have been good to Anita. Anita looked as delicious as the day Ron had last seen her. Anita swiveled around in her chair and reached up for Ron's open arms. Ron was suddenly smacked by a vision of Anita sitting in her chair with no legs! I can wear a fake leg on my right stump real easy for easier getting around but usually I use my chair over there. But look at you Honey; you're as beautiful as ever and I love you and I feel good about getting on with our lives together.

David's French Tutor Ch. 07

fetish Thorilla 2018-04-15

"Oh come on Anna," said Sarah, "let's touch it and see what it feels like," she continued, smirking and slightly red faced with embarrassment. "If you kneel behind me Sarah, you could try both your hands on it," I suggested to the prim looking young lady wearing her brown striped Alice-in-Wonderland dress and white starched apron. "Oh Mr.Shaw," said Anna now emulating her sister in a coquettish and flirtatious manner," I do believe that you have your manhood in your hands and you are being very rude to play with it in front of your hostesses." I blushed but smiled back at them and told them to remove their underwear.

Days in Rodanthe Pt. 05

fetish mindingutter 2018-04-15

It looked like there was going to be more sex with the kinky brunette in a motel shower stall, as this seemed to be a repeat of our final night on St. Martin, where we both filled our pants, slathered it all over, then fucked into the wee hours on the secluded rocky beach. Dashing my hopes of an order to kiss and lick her flexing hole, she grazed my nose as she quickly pulled the waistband up, re-covering her beautiful ass and spinning around to face me. Za'ana laughed as she rubbed the boxers around my head, smearing the mass of cooled shit inside around in my hair, over the backs of my hands and sides of my face.

Pre Exam Cram

fetish Alphamon35 2018-04-15

"Ahh shit...damn girl don't that finger while you suck this cock." DeWayne said as he impatiently grabbed Brittni by the hair and rammed his cock into the her mouth, slamming it to the back of her throat with each thrust. Nobody can fuck my mouth and cum down my throat like you daddy." Brittni said meekly with pleading eyes, as she anxiously awaited for DeWayne to feed her his cock again. "Now this may be a little cold but I know you will like it." She said as she slipped her toe inside DeWayne's ass and started wiggling it around.

Femdom Night at the Hotel Recap Part 1

fetish Femdom-Malesub 2018-04-15

Bath finished, I put on a gray sweatshirt, wrapped my hair in a towel and put on the strapon dildo, cinching it tightly in place. As instructed, you were kneeling naked at the foot of the bed, cuffs on your hands and wrists and, as I expected, the video cameras were set up and already running. You'd also put the Nikon still camera on a tripod and set it on time lapse; I knew that because it took a picture moments after I emerged from the bathroom. Like a good little boy toy, you would wrap your hand around my erection and lick my pussy through the opening in the crotch of the strapon before sucking it deep again.

Rubber Restriction part 2

fetish revzillo 2018-04-15

"Ah yes!" Vanessa replied opening the book to the index at the back with earnest, but also being careful, because even though the book was past the middle of the 20th century , the pages were starting to yellow slightly from being viewed quite alot it seemed "Illustrated Bondage, Leather, Monogloves (armbinders) Hmmm that should be interesting, rubber wear latex pages 143 - 167 sound like a good place to start" Vanessa looked up to Miranda with a grin on her face,flipping the pages over carefully until she reached a really exellent illustration of a girl having her arms laced tightly behind her back into a monoglove.