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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Secret Treasure

fetish ShaeLeeTanner 2018-04-15

She sat for a minute, looking like she was thinking very hard on something, then abruptly got up and left. Playing with myself was one thing, but I knew my pussy was still looking like it had been well fucked, you know what I mean?" God, what a mess it looked, but what a great night of sex, let me tell you. Like I said, ShaeLee, I'm different and it's really hard to explain." Baby, we're okay, you don't have to worry about me thinking you're anything less than what I already said you are, a lovely, young woman." It's our birthdays, we'll make our fun whatever way we feel like, right?"

Kinky School Part One

fetish 2018-04-15

My teacher, Mrs M, wore a someone seethrough shirt this day and I could see her sexy lingerie which struggled to On the way home I noticed Mrs M's car parked on the side of the road on a quiet dead end street. I looked down and saw the big bulge I perked my cock so that she could see the bulge move and twitch round. With that, I used both my hands to push her sweet mouth onto my cock. I picked her up again and put her mouth onto my cock. Mrs M let out a shriek so I covered her mouth. I took my cock out and stuck it in her warm apple pie. I withdrew my cock and spurted cum onto her face

Upskirt Fetish: Sharing Pleasure

fetish Upskirter69 2018-04-15

Seeing up a skirt or dress to those panties over her tight cunt really does it for me, and I enjoyed it many times and occasionally took photos. Having practiced at home, I knew that if the guys opposite looked in the right place, they would get a beautiful view. The boldest of the two, the bearded guy, then put his hand right up her skirt, pushing it even higher up her legs, and rubbed his hand over the front of her panties. As I fucked her, and unloaded a huge creampie into her pussy, in my mind I was thinking of those two guys enjoying the upskirt, having their cocks massaged by her, and fingering her wet cunt through her panties.

The Black Gravedigger

fetish ChokoLitStixxx332 2018-04-15

"Puippt-puipp...puippt," she delicately kissed, all before tearing his ass wide like Moses split the red Sea. She then plunged her tongue deep up his asshole. With a huge ass in her face, seven clothespins biting into her body and tied up at the bottom of a freshly dug grave, Sherri bit her lip and tried to resist giving in to such primal urges. He took that as a cue to slide his dick between her titties and lean down to tongue fuck her up the ass...all while turning the clothespin on her clit in hard, unrelenting circles. "Grarrrrgggggggg," Sherri heaved all over the man's face, which caused his dick to start jumping around.

...a normal day for slave!!

fetish effeexxx 2018-04-15

She got out of bed and went to the bathroom , the slave followed her on all fours , waited beside her while she pissed, then as usual when she got up he began to lick her clean....he became excited every day waiting for this duty. Claudia cum tightening around F‘s head between her legs......F. held his tongue deep into her sex then started to lick again, again until her second orgasm covered slave’s face with Mistress’s wet pleasure..... when Mistress Claudia stopped spanking slave’s ass, daughter tightened her legs so that head of slave remain blocked with dildo deep in throat......F. could feel the hand of Mistress caress his red and hot ass then she grabbed balls and tightened, then she inserted a finger in his anus...deep then a second finger.

pizza or tits - your choice

fetish merlinnz 2018-04-15

and without thinking I said, “Sorry Claire, I’m a bit d***k and you know I so want to see your tits, I……I came back here to have a wank thinking about them!” I don’t even to this day know why I said it. “can you kneel down” I asked, “Ok but don’t you go getting any in my hair or on my face, I mean it” Claire said. She looked up at me and said, “You really did want to wank over my tits, nice one” With that she stood up, pull down her bra and struggled to cup each breast back into it’s holder, covering each with a thick layer of cum.

Panty Perversion

fetish 2018-04-15

She asked to take a shower, and I told her I wanted her right now. Afterwards, she wanted to use her massager and she put on her panties and then we put the massager on her clit and took some time to bring her off to an earth shaking orgasm. Her panties where soaked with sweat, her juices, and my cum. I took the soaked panties and sniffed them. The combinations of her sweaty body, pussy, butt smells, and my cum really were all distinct. Then I looked at the soaked panties sniffed and then I sucked and licked my cum and her juices out of them. I am getting hard just thinking about all the tastes in those wet, sweaty, and smelly panties.

I Submit to My Wife and Real Men Ch. 01

fetish ServicingU 2018-04-15

I really want to know what it feels like to fuck and get fucked by men..." I then slipped my tongue into her mouth because I wasn't sure I was ready to hear what she had to say. I crawled into bed next to her and she dreamily whispered, "I have never been fucked like that in my life..." I started french kissing her getting so turned on by the fact that Paul's dick had just been in her mouth within the last hour. His body started to tense up more and more, until I knew he was on the edge, and that's when he emptied his cum into my mouth.

T A True Story Chapter Two

fetish rollhigh 2018-04-15

These drivers turned their headlights towards the corn field so they could see this naked lady running through the field making all the noise in the world and to watch her tits flopping. The rest of the night was spent with her naked in the van and me trying to calm her down. We did have a few threesomes through the years and I enjoyed watching her suck cock and getting fucked. I did enjoy watching her spread her legs wide and then seeing them sink their cock inside her pussy. They seemed like they were afraid to unload their sperm on her face and inside her sucking mouth. The rest covered her mouth and he did use his cock head to push his sperm inside her mouth.

ABS Gloryhole With Couple Next Door

fetish bioralpleaser 2018-04-15

small glory hole booths extend along a wall with an play right in the narrow passageway facing the booths, and hand from the hole and again looked in. I was able to look up a bit and could see that her top good sex as I could feel his cock-head twitching as I with my left hand and do things through the hole with All this time I was looking I was stroking my very hard She started riding my hand like a sex- Just smelled like good pussy to me, so I withdrew my arm from the hole and looked at her pussy. lick it but there is no way through a glory hole. her hand right in front of my face.

Teaching Tiffany

fetish CheriSM 2018-04-15

"Do you just want to watch Professor Fitch, or are you going to participate?" He was barely able to whisper, "Call me Jared." His hands slid up those legs that he had longed to touch. She pressed against him and whispered into his ear, "I'm going to pull your pants down and take all of that hard cock into my mouth and suck you dry" and she slid her hands down, giving a light squeeze to show she was ready. Jared went to Professor Stone's office and confessed that he had set up another meeting with Tiffany, but was having second thoughts. Watching Tiffany's young mouth taking Jared down her throat had his imagination running wild and he was not able to hold back any longer.

The Intentional "Accident"

fetish grayshade 2018-04-15

I had the messed panties in my hand, heavy from the large shit pile they still contained. I began to turn the panty inside out so the shit pile was mounded into a small pyramid that I could examine from my supine position. I pushed the shit filled panty material into my mouth and ate from it as I got my thumb and forefinger on my clitoris and rubbed myself towards sexual release. With that, Jazz got on her knees and turned me around and began eating my ass as I braced myself with shit stained hands on my vestibule walls. "Ooh, you have any more for me?" Jazz asked as she returned her face to my ass and I felt her tongue enter my small opening.

Duana: The Girl That Keeps On Giving

fetish mojorizen 2018-04-15

We started that way when one of the girls, Duana was her name, said she was too young to get into the bar. As I licked, sucked and nibbled are her hard little nipples, she let out gasp as my hands slipped around her ass, under her bikini bottoms. As I started to pick up the speed, I could see her pushing off the bed with her arms and arching her ass back into my hard cock. "You wanna fuck my ass, well, I'm going to show you how to do it." As I layed on my back Duana took my cock in her hand and started to fist it back and forth.

Fishnets, fun and two of your five a day!

fetish Sirnookieofspunkalot 2018-04-15

You begin to tell me what a naughty boy I have been and this is my You move onto the bed and turn over - you run your hands up and down your legs playing with them and telling me how great the fishnets feel with one hand and rub the length of the cucumber up and down your .....rubbing the cucumbe rup and down your pussy - the sight is free hand you delve into your bag of treat and pull out a carrot. by inch - you begin to move both the carrot and cucumber inside of take my cock into your mouth and begin to suck it hard as you continue my cock with my free hand........probing the hole with my tongue and

MMF Threesome

fetish 2018-04-15

He grabbed her head and told her to get back to work and as she resumed her deep-throating I could see she was pushing her right hand underneath Marcus and I'm sure she was fingering his ass, the look on his face confirmed it! Marcus looked up and let out a cheer of 'good man, fucking good man!, then stood up, as if Sian wasnt even there, came round behind me, pushed my body forward, got on his knees and spat on my puckering, tight hole. My balls tightened and I thought i was about to blow my load inside Sian but i pulled out and squeezed the head till the feeling died a little, then as I went to stick it back in her pussy I changed my mind and pulled my thumbs out of her ass and replaced them with my cock!


fetish hyperpress 2018-04-15

I felt the smoothness of my nylons against my depilatory-smoothed legs, ass and clit, I imagined what I must look like and I devoted myself to the task and sucked her fingers as if they were her cock. Our painted mouths met warmly and our tongues were specifically slow and we caressed each other's mouths with wetness and the flavor of lipstick and wine filled with each other's wet saliva made me swoon and exert even more effort to please her mouth and the way she kissed me back told me she was doing the same and we kissed like this until she broke it off and resumed her makeup.

Being Good in the Bedroom

fetish MsTrina 2018-04-15

Right from the moment he espied Jenny's pile of garments on the bed, he figured that should he get a clear hour to himself, he could have a good rummage, a feel, and perhaps try on a few items. So he let the suspenders dangle, and completed the ensemble with a generously-cut bottle-green bra, which again was well short of the size needed to span his chest, so he chose to let it hang from his shoulders while he caressed his man-breasts through the delectably soft satin. Rod didn't need to be asked twice, and as they kissed, Jenny felt like a tiny silk doll in his powerful arms.

The Secretary's Tail Ch. 01

fetish EHMiller 2018-04-15

"Oh, we'll be able to have fun alright, Trent, just like we do right now." And with that she slid her hand down his pants and took a hold of his flaccid cock, which quickly began to warm and stiffen. I'm going to give it to you now - I'm going to knock you up babe!" With that, and a low insistent growl, he slammed his cock all the way up into her and let loose, his prostate and balls pumping out his hot creamy spunk into her dark wet crevasse. Trent licked his lips and thought about running his hands down her taut belly and around her hips to grab onto her cute pert ass.

Love Spanking!

fetish SpankerSam 2018-04-15

"You have begun to drink more than you should." SMACK, SMACK, rub, rub, rub, and rub SMACK, SMACK "You purposely stayed away from me to avoid getting spanked." SMACK, SMACK, rub, rub, rub, rub SMACK, SMACK "No I didn't", she said in a voice so low he could barely hear it. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, rub, rub, rub, rub SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK My hand began to spank her lower on the thigh. I rubbed my hands across her butt, letting my fingers stroke and brush between her thighs. My hand slipped down between her thighs and I began to rub her already swollen lips. With my free hand, I began to let my fingers softly stroke her side.

Strap-On Enterprises Ch. 01

fetish cby2 2018-04-15

I walked into the lobby of Strap-on Enterprises, and behind a window, a beautiful young girl asked, Ms. Kitrell pulled out a long, life like fire engine red strap-on cock as she said, "But I carry a lot of weight around here. Ms. Kitrell hoisted her skirt up and began strapping the cock around her waist. There I was on my knees sucking away at Ms. Kitrell's phallus, and her leaned back in her interview chair with both feet on the table to balance her. I mean, I wanted to work at Strap-on Enterprises, but I had no idea what the interview entailed. With that, Ms. Kitrell placed the head of her cock right onto my opening.

A Slave to Socks Ch. 03

fetish AnimatedSocks 2018-04-15

"But that's what our dear sister wants, isn't it?" The angelic voice of the red stripped knee highs heard once again, the tops of those socks still ravaging those erect nipples while toes of the left knee highs stood up in the air, looking down at the teen as she was getting fucked in both mouth and pussy. Lexi only had enough time to watch the clothing within her closet start to stir before those red stripped knee highs pulled her attention back to them, the right knee high forcing its way in to her mouth, filling up as though a foot was within it, and going back to fucking that mouth just as hard as before.

Fetish Obsession

fetish uppishcarrot 2018-04-15

I eventually cornered her in between classes and asked her why she hadn't been returning my calls, "Look Danny, I'm sorry but I just don't think we're compatible. What I didn't know was that Karen was having a good time, telling all her friends about my 'little shmackel' as my mother had so eloquently put it. Hurt, I walked away, wondering what on earth would possess her to go out of her way to publicly humiliate me like that. As I jerked it to her image, I began to imagine her laughing about my penis and telling all her friends that I was hung like a peanut.

The Collegiate Milkmaid Ch. 04

fetish ZotDragon 2018-04-15

"You don't strike me as the nursing type," Helen slurred, pointing across the room at the black leather bag that held Kelly's breast pump. She had gotten out the pump that morning to relieve her breasts because Simon didn't spend the night; she had spent too much time empting herself and enjoying the sensations of the suction—instead of carefully stowing the device away under her bed, she had accidentally left it out in plain sight. It felt good to tell someone her secret, and it felt a little bit naughty too because she was doing something no one else on campus was, so she more than happily answered all of Helen's questions and accepted the drinks of rum that her new roomie offered. Simon pulled off Kelly's other tit and watched as Helen started to suckle.

It Took Eleven Days Ch. 01

fetish Whitegarage13 2018-04-15

So I began to strip and she went and filled the bag with warm sudsy water. The look she gave me was full of dark delight until I said "OK, now it's your turn." I cleaned the bag and nozzle and refilled it with the solution while she stripped. I couldn't help but to enjoy her slowly fucking my ass while my cock throbbed and dripped between my legs. Right when I started to relax she slapped the base of the plug and began pulling it out. She waited patiently for me to catch my breath then slowly pulled the massive phallus from my hole. I felt her hand wrap around the massive plug buried in my ass.