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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Mark`s Job Humiliation

fetish StillInNappies 2018-04-15

Mark s eyes went wide as the 2 women dragged him from his office chair, the one Agony expertly twisted his wrists in a martial art maneuver that had Mark s arms behind his back helpless as Ecstasy got in front of him and unbuckled his pants. You know I think this boy need some more attire and since we found him wearing panties perhaps we should stop calling him boy and well, dress him accordingly Ecstasy flashed him a smile as she removed a pink baby doll dress, matching bib, bonnet, and booties.

How Lucky Can You Get? Ch. 02

fetish Red8_2Play 2018-04-15

Then he added, with a larger smile, "there's also quite a lot of gossip going around the office this morning, about the great foot massage you gave Sara (and he shoot her a look across the table), and especially the one you gave to Carole." With that, she moves her other foot down to my crotch, and now with both feet, she's grabbing, nudging, pushing, toying really with my rock hard cock. Then, grabbing my balls with her other hand, she pulled me closer to her open mouth, and with a hungry look, close her lips on the tip of my cock. As I am working her sole with soft pressure point to relax her and give her pleasure at the same time, I start to feel her other foot slowly rubbing my cock.

David's Tall Girls' School Ch. 15

fetish Thorilla 2018-04-15

I felt disgusted and at the same time excited at having this middle-aged woman, reeking of urine, vagina, disinfectant and cheap scent sliding her gruesome genitalia backwards and forwards across my face within the restricted confines of her skirt and petticoat. Her knees parted and, firstly, a layer of pleated skirt, followed by white nylon underslip swept over my face as she lifted her bottom and slid further over me, splaying her legs. Above me Paulette's arse swayed around from side to side under her swishing lace-edged petticoat and tartan pleated school skirt. She lifted her skirt up and petticoat and pushed her hand inside her knickers and stared directly at me.

From A Quiet Housewife To A Slut Ch. 03

fetish lustyem 2018-04-15

As I lay there moaning and panting in my daze like state I heard the doctors talking, one said "you know she will never be as quiet as when she began these tests, all the other women that have taken part have all ended up being total wanton sluts." I was awoken when I felt the bed move, realizing I had been dreaming and looked around to see 2 new doctors in the room along with my nurse. Stop yelled the doctor, "she is about to orgasm wait and let it subside in her." Then the doctor said "ok keep going", then I felt him push as deep as he could into me as his come sprayed me with his semen deep inside my vagina.

Got Milk?

fetish theo_minor 2018-04-15

I still remember, on our honeymoon, just spending hours in bed stroking and nuzzling and suckling Marcy's tits, and falling asleep after we made love, still spooned together, my hands drowsily cupping her breasts. Once, when Sally was still quite young, Marcy and I were playing around in bed, and I playfully took her breast in my mouth and sucked on it, like I had hundreds of times before. After that, sucking milk from Marcy's breasts became a regular feature of our love-play, and even before I could get back inside her, it seemed to provide her with enough sexual satisfaction to get her through until I could.

Caroline's Lamia

fetish oggbashan 2018-04-15

Should I leave her there, trapped in a womb of her own creation, or shall I press the switches that will make the Fertility Goddess give birth to Caroline? While one arm held me, the other satin-gloved hand clamped across my mouth, forcing my head deeper into the Lamia's cleavage. I was completely helpless imprisoned in the Lamia's tail, gagged by her hand and my head had almost disappeared between her breasts. Caroline was controlling the Lamia, so it was she who had captured me, she who was hugging me cruelly tight, she who was smothering me between her breasts, yet not smothering me, allowing me air to breathe. I was too securely engulfed inside the Lamia's body, its victim and Caroline's victim.

Cuckold: Mia and Greg's Story

fetish glmike523 2018-04-15

Paul, already half naked, moved over to her and gave Mia a long and deep tongue kiss while they both sat on the room's bed. Mia went over to Greg and placed a collar around his neck and told him that she wanted him to kneel in the corner of the room and watch her and Paul have sex. Greg now was sitting in a chair, facing the bed, and was forced to watch his wife and Paul have sex through the night. All that time he had to watch Paul and Mia, Greg would be bound, gagged and cock caged, and unable to move from his chair. Mia got out of bed leaving Paul and untied Greg keeping his cock cage in place.

Tracy Plus 2 Ch. 01: The Dance

fetish KimiQuynh 2018-04-15

Deflated, Tracy realized that that meant she was going to have to go into the empty handicapped stall, which hadn't had the handle fixed like the hinge on the door ("as of yet" she thought, however she also knew that even if it was due to be replaced that it didn't help her in any way right now. "Tracy, I know you're in there and you're not sitting down and doing your business." Tori and the other girl with her, Angela, opened the unlocked door and looked at Tracy who was furiously hurrying to button up her pants.

Massage Therapy Ch. 02

fetish jeb22 2018-04-15

"Stop with the empty words Jason," she said teasingly," we both already know your cock is starting to tell you to just drive to my house," he felt her fingers brush the tip of his hardening cock," just let it do the thinking and things will be so much easier." While he waited Jason came up with several ways to let Tina know this was not going to work and then he saw her. "Ah fuck, yes Tina," he cried pumping his cock into her hand feeling the rush begin. "Just remember Jason no one can make you feel like this," her hand had slowed down," I know how to break you down baby.

First Hunt

fetish sleeter785 2018-04-15

As I was fighting my urge to turn her here and now I was nibbling her neck and ear side to side and exploring her body. Sarah slipped out of the tight blue blouse she had on and my hands found their way to her beautiful supple chest and explored the small peaks making sure not an inch was untouched. My hand moved ever so slowly down her smooth stomach stopping only to make small circles around her belly button before continuing to the scorching valley between her legs. I slowly worked in a circular motion around her tiny little bud as my tongue made a light trail from her left breast to her right.

Knowing When To Give In

fetish Iddaknoe 2018-04-15

Maybe this is fate's way of telling me to fuck you like you want to be fucked," he dipped his fingers into the condom like wetting a brush with paint, then returned to coating my twat as spoke, "I've been told propping the hips up is a good way to knock a naughty little bitch up. I really thought he was going to let me up, until he reached down with his fingers spread my pussy with one hand and pouring the remaining contents of the condom on my slit with the other. On an occasional night I would let him put his cock in me for few moments, but this was the first time he was fucking my pussy with no protection knowing he was going to get to spend his balls deep in my welcoming twat.

Tales of a Hitch-Hiker Ch. 02

fetish barefeet99 2018-04-15

I think it's time for another round." With in seconds her captor was completely naked and kneeling beside her on the bed, his oversized cock swaying and bouncing menacingly over her. He pushed in a little more each time until his cock-head was enclosed by her pussy lips. He kept plunging in and out like this, causing her pussy lips to slam shut around his cock and then open wide again over and over. With her hands hung so high, the thin negligee she wore didn't even cover past her stomach, giving the men a clear shot of her love nest. By the time the men left, Christina was completely exhausted and covered with their sticky goo.


fetish geekerotica 2018-04-15

As I squeeze, I push most of the flesh of your breast out of my hand until I'm left with only your nipple in my fingers, and as I still kiss you, I pinch hard, causing your mouth to open in surprise, and my tongue enters, seeking out yours. I rub it around your breast, between your breasts, down to your navel and into your belly button, further down and further down, but then it stops, just as you think its about to touch you at your most intimate, it moves up again, to your other breast, circling the nipple and ending up on the nipple itself, and then I suck it into my mouth, and suck hard on your nipple, kissing your breast, massaging the other one with my hand.

The Slave Ch. 08

fetish Zoeeee 2018-04-15

Brenda pulled the pulley tightly so Ross’s cock and balls were stretched and pointing upward toward the ceiling. She reached around with her right hand, the same one that had just teased and rubbed the tip of his cock causing it to swell even more, and he let out a blood curdling scream as she punched his tightly bound and bloated balls. She stood and pulled a little tighter on the pulley stretching the slave’s cock to its absolute limit and she slowly tied off the end of the rope, watching his face. Ross lay with the head of the long vibrating dildo pointed outward from his mouth as Brenda fitted the massager over the palm of her right hand.

Who Wants to Tell Me a Story

fetish NiceNastyMann 2018-04-15

I tell you let me think about it, things got stormy towards the end and I'm not sure I want to relive the past. I finish my coffee - a good thing as my pants stopped telegraphing my need to have you; that hasn't been a problem since high school days - we leave the joint. So off to my bathroom - I can tell you need to pee; you are starting to actually squirm, your hand on your crotch as if you are trying to stop a flood. I like to think that you are reading this - your hand under the waist band of your panties - gently rubbing your hot, slick and delicious pussy...

Naughty Primary School Teacher

fetish steveobrien 2018-04-15

I want you to use me all night long, and I want you to be rough with me too - I want you to throw me around and fuck me hard, tug on my hair and treat me like your whore. I do love hard cock,, you'd need to show the camera I deserve it, whether I want it  or not. As soon as we got through the door, I'd want you to push me up against the wall, use your weight and strength to keep me there, and kiss me hard, squeezing my boobs roughly with one hand, while forcing the other up my skirt and into my knickers. After being rough with them and being filthy with me, i'd want you to take of your jeans, free your hard cock and fuck me hard with it showing me no mercy.

Assassin Ch. 04

fetish devinn 2018-04-15

Violet turned her attention back to Joe. She shook the bag once, twice, and then on the third attempt it instantly inflated with a loud plastic pop. Violet looked up just in time to see Elene, facing Joe, inserting him into her. Violet steadied Elene's breast gently with one hand and began suckling her nipple. "You make me come one more time, Joe, and we'll let you go." Violet said, turning back to Joe. With a heavy breath, he grunted, closed his eyes, and let his head fall backwards. Violet smiled at Elene and then looked downwards at Joe's member, which was still rock hard. Elene once again began running her hands across Violet's soft skin, stopping on occasion to fondle on of her breasts or the other.

Cyber Sensation

fetish JadedInnocent 2018-04-15

The flat nub of sensitive flesh between her legs began to throb in anticipation as the fingers of her left hand continued to mercilessly tease her right nipple. Unable to stop herself, she let her right hand slide across the slick, and by now translucent, scrap of satin covering the mound at the apex of her thighs. Her tongue darted across the tight little nub as the middle finger of her right hand slid lower and slipped out of sight into the hot, tight, welcoming cavern of her pussy. Her thumb moved to tease her clit, while her fingers and hand became ever more slick and wet. Her fingers went back helplessly, two from the left hand entered her while her right massaged her swollen pink clit.

A Little Christmas Cheer

fetish TNCircusFreak 2018-04-15

After finding Zeppelin IV and popping it in, I was ready to head out, but Linda wasn't even to her walkway yet, so I decided to be at least halfway decent and wait to see her through her door safely. As she unlocked her door and went in ahead of me, I tried to recall anything and everything that I'd heard her say, compiling months of conversations, gossip, and innuendo into a nice background file on her: Linda Taylor-31, Husband, Randy-31, Assembly-line worker. I wrapped both hands around her right boob and opened my mouth to await the fountains of mother's milk that were sure to come.

Alice's Wonderland

fetish Ragnaroking 2018-04-14

They had been dating for a couple of months and both considered it pretty serious, but Jenny didn't like bringing toys or props into the bedroom, and Alice had quickly grown frustrated when she couldn't use her fake tummy. Alice, never looking away from the monitor, dropped her right hand down from her breasts, and began lightly stroking her taught stomach. The pregnant woman in the video started moaning, indicating she was about to climax, and Alice started to chime in as she increased the speed she was stroking both her pussy and her slightly distended stomach. Other times Natalia and Delilah alternated fucking her while the other ground her sex against Alice's massive belly.

Maria the Witch Ch. 03

fetish PurpleMonkeyDishwash 2018-04-14

I was entranced staring at the swaying pale white body of Maria with her tits shaking around in her shirt, but then I looked closer at her tiny booty shorts and saw the distinct thick outline of her big meaty cock. I clung to the pink and purple flesh of her penis as she removed her hand, and the tight blue linen of her shorts pressed my face and body right into her cock. The purple and black sex appendage rushed in and out of my mother so quickly that my tiny body grew quickly numb and I heard Maria's frenzied grunts and my mom's intense moaning and shaking.

The Dominasstrix Ch. 02

fetish naughtygurl30 2018-04-14

“Get on your hands and knees on the bed.” I cannot begin to describe how delicious Alex looked with his ass up in the air and his stiff cock and balls swinging between his legs. Reaching between his legs, I took Alex’s cock in my hand, which to my surprise despite the violent spanking he had just received, was as stiff as a steel rod. Alex moaned softly as I took my index finger and began working the gel in and out of his tight hole. “Yes, Mistress, I want you to fuck me in the ass.” Alex moaned. “I want you to cum all over your face.” Alex increased the pace on his cock and began moaning wildly at the thought of shooting his hot cum all over his own face.

The Confessional

fetish ReverendS 2018-04-14

So in his mind's eye she was dressed like a young girl, wearing the kind of uniform a private school might have her wear, complete with red pleated skirt, white blouse, and pigtails held in place by bright read ribbons. As hot as the bedroom scene had been getting, a new image had now entered his thoughts, a vivid picture of the girl on the other side of the confessional, skirt hiked, fingers sliding beneath her underwear. At the same time he could hear her high pitched whimpering as she finally climaxed, keeping quiet like a good little girl, shaking the divider as the orgasm quaked through her.

My Wife My Mommie

fetish 2018-04-14

out of bed, and then feeling the wet mattress, she looked at me and you are going to wear diapers and rubber panties to bed so at least thinking to myself that maybe I should get the 24 hour wetting tape bed, but I don't think I would want to wet and wear diapers 24 She opened the door and I told her supper was about ready. wetting the bed constantly every night. cleaned up and finish getting ready for bed. on the edge of the bed waiting for me with a thick cloth diaper and the diapers to bed, saying "Lots of babies where just a T-Shirt "Well where else would you put wet diapers?" she said very