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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My Coming of Age

fetish FriedPies 2018-04-14

She stood there, I remember the outfit, flip flops displaying her painted toes, smooth long legs leading to cutoff jean shorts a white tank top with her two luscious C cup breasts on display behind what looked like a bright orange bikini top. "Well, the water is cool, but why is Mike soft and big, you're not even half his size, and you're hard!" She began poking my penis with her finger. She said as Mike soon started to grow. "Let's have some fun!" she starts to move her hand on Mike making him grow. I watched as her head moved up above my member, she opened her mouth, and spilled Mike's still warm cum on my groin. I looked her in the face, Mike had passed out, presumably from letting that massive load come pass his large cock.

Bananas, Honey and Ladycum

fetish SunnyJohansen 2018-04-14

When enough bananas were mashed up for the banana bread, we put it all in a bowl, then Blue held my ass and sucked me sooooooo fucking hard, making a lot of sexy, wet noises...I came deliciously, filling her mouth with hot Sunnycum...she swallowed eagerly while still sucking me, sending hard shudders through my body! Blue moved her hand, but kept two fingers holding my clit...squeezing it...working it...I came in a hot mass of spasms, a fucking wonderful mix of honey and cum flowing from my swollen pussy, into the mixing bowl! body was shaking involuntarily...I laid my forehead on the table, honey-cum still ooooozing from my throbbing pussy, my outer lips quivering...Blue climbed up on the table, removed the mixing bowl and slid herself under me, her mouth under my pussy.

The Car , Part 2

fetish MelyssaMenna 2018-04-14

By this time, I was well and truly excited and I could not stop the moans that escaped my lips nor the pressing of my hips to Marsha’s hand nor the heat that exploded in me when she smiled at me. I blushed when Marsha used my new name but Andrea grinned and said she was pleased to meet me. I looked over at Marsha and tried to plead with my eyes but she just smiled and reached out to caress my tuft of hair. Then Marsha stood and walked behind Andrea, whose naked body was still nestled between my legs. Andrea licked and kissed her way down me , moving slowly off me but keeping her sweet ass up to Marsha.

Nightly Agenda

fetish Badrabbit 2018-04-14

You kiss my lips, my cheek, my jaw, then down my neck and across my shoulder to my breast; You take my nipple into your mouth and bite gently into it, flicking your tongue over the hardening tip. Leaving your hand stroking my inner leg you bring your head up to level with my neck and softly kiss at my nape. Unexpectedly you bite harder and viciously into my neck, I let out a little yelp followed quickly by a gasp of pleasure as you push aside my panties and drive two fingers deep into me. Gently you tug the duct tape off my mouth and give me a soft kiss, before making a face at my sticky lips and smiling at me.

Dr. Smith and the Sex Herb Ch. 01

fetish Hattori Hanso 2018-04-14

As they shook hands, Rachel stood and walked around the desk and informed Jenna that she'd be taking her to Dr. Smith's observation room. I will send for you when you are needed during phase two." The aid released the girls hands and to Jenna's astonishment, the red-haired woman's hands shot immediately down to her pussy, playing with herself. I'm cumming!" As the girl climaxed for the first time in two weeks, she began to slap her clit and she fingered her own asshole, her red painted toe nails curling and clutching at the white bed sheets. Alyssa's legs were shaking and her begging increased as her hand had flown back behind her, clutching Rick's head, pulling his mouth into her pussy, his nose touching her asshole.

Fucking Franics

fetish leekeyone 2018-04-14

The white cotton of her tight white panties presented a perfectly shaped bulge where her pubic hairs hidden below pressed against the fabric and formed the outline of an inviting 'V' shape running down to where I knew her pussy clit and wet hole would be waiting for me. As we sat interlocked on the small wooden chair with Fran's pussy hole squirting a torrent of incredibly hot pee all over my already soaked trousers I suddenly realised what an intoxicating sensation the whole thing was. Fran's piss was deliciously warm and the sensation of having her squirting urine trace its way across my groin was incredibly invigorating.

The Daughter Ch. 02

fetish motorcyclemaniac 2018-04-14

I started off on top of Jane and as much as I loved to play around a while, I could not wait to fuck and slid my dick into her pussy. I hurriedly slipped my shorts on and went to Jens room and found her sitting on the side of her bed rubbing her pussy and looking at one of the pictures I had taken of us naked together. She said that watching us fuck the night before was so good and she would have loved to come jump in the bed with us and grab my dick and show her mother how she could make me cum in her mouth.

Our Stroll to Leather Heaven

fetish leatsub 2018-04-14

We head to the door, your boots clicking powerfully on the wood floor; making me feel so desperate, and with your hand holding mine .. "My gosh look at those two", "this city has such freaks" "Perverts"- this one strangely makes you squeeze our gloved hands tighter, and you pull me closer trying to make me feel safer. While on the other hand You seem to gain confidence from being the center of attention- this might also be since intermixed with the insults are comments like "You look hot babe"; "Dump the Freak" "Come get this" and "I will be yours".

Ruth and Wendy Pt. 01

fetish JenniferWilson 2018-04-14

As the two girls between them replaced the wheel Wendy was thinking about the cape she was wearing and how it felt nice on her bare arms and legs, a sort of tingly feeling, she was also concerned that the bottom of the cape was getting a bit muddy from the wet ground. "Yes, I do like the cape, it feels strange to me but it is difficult to know quite why it feels so comfortable and warming on my skin, it looks sort of sexy with the glistening black appearance from the rain and the aroma is great too." said Wendy. The two girls pulled off their capes and dried each other paying special attention between the legs and Ruth softly spoke to Wendy saying, "How would you like to try some more latex around that lovely body of yours?"

His Pet

fetish naughtygirl_62 2018-04-14

The hooded figure closes the door behind me, and without saying a word motions for me to follow them down a long dark hallway that is made even more chilling by the flickering of flames of the oil lamps that cause the shadows to jump from one spot to another. A male voice coming from under the hood of my usher orders, "You have agreed to obey and will do the bidding of your sir?" I slip my leather coat from my shoulders and then slowly begin removing the rest of my clothes until I am shivering naked in the middle of the dark dank room.

The Weather Girl Ch. 01

fetish seat542 2018-04-14

"I knew you'd like this after all those stories you told me." I looked at Robbie and he had a sly smile on his face. She placed them under my nose and smiled as she said, 'Welcome, Slave Robert.' The scent sent me into a spin and Mistress Carol took the panties and smeared her juices moistening the panel onto my lips. Little did I know you blew by the line." I paused and looked around, especially at Jim's picture with Betty's shit in his mouth which, for a reason hidden in my brain, was bringing my cock back to life. Robbie looked at me, smiled and said, "They won't be back for at least another two hours." He then lowered his mouth onto my cock and began to suck...

Thul Pa Ch. 05

fetish Smother 2018-04-14

The deep pile scooped around his naked body, and the pelt wilted over his shoulders like two massive fluffy hands, their furry fingers reaching down his chest and surrounding his neck and resting behind his ears. His yanking milked more pre-cum to the tip of his sulcus and soon his hand was skimming easily up and down his shaft, and as he leaned into the sheepskin, feeling it scoop around his head like a fur-lined hoodie, he could hear the sticky slapping of his fingers as they bobbed over his foreskin. He raised his penis with his left hand and brought the furry disk up the length of his shaft and swept the black pelt over his dripping sulcus, all the while the moaning coming from the second floor increased.

More Sheer Nylon Fun

fetish sheerpeter 2018-04-14

"I thought you'd like it," said Mary, beaming at me and placing her hand on my shoulder. Mary put her other hand on my free shoulder and said, "Look, there's no need to be embarrassed. "I took the nylon chiffon nightgown off the rack and said, 'It's lovely, isn't it?'" "'When I got home from school the next day Mum was waiting in the living room with her costume draped over one of the chairs. "'As I reached school-leaving age, I realised that I would never have the opportunity to touch or wear a glamorous theatrical nightgown again unless I somehow worked with costumes for a living, so I subscribed to the trade papers, collecting them regularly from the newsagent.

My first true sex and feet story

fetish 2018-04-14

As I was cleaning each toe I watch Melissa play with herself leading to her cumming hard which I followed up with my mouth and lips licking all juice as it slowly oozed out of pussy. With all my cum in her and continued to fuck her and Melissa are enjoying every ounce of it she didn't yell I wanted it on my feet the next time you're going to do it. As we both lay down her feet her toes kept fondling my cock as if she was trying to breathe a little bit more life into it I simply said some food and some drink in about an hour rest and we'll be right back at it.

Sissy Construction Worker & Friend Ch. 02

fetish toontessa 2018-04-14

Theresa yelled out as Frank pushed in, slowly at first, but then getting more excited he pushed all the way in, Theresa’s face told the whole story, she loved having cock in her asshole. He began thrusting harder, I looked up and Frank stood in front of me, holding his hard cock in his hand, I eagerly reached out and grabbed it, pulling it to my pink lips, licking and sucking it. Frank came first, firing his load into my mouth, as I was sucking it all in, Jerry fired a hot load into my ass, his cock jerking inside of my asshole in a way that I hoped would never end.

Harry, Liz and Amy

fetish pilotcomes 2018-04-14

Liz hesitated, and then replied, "Amy. Keep this amongst us three because I am still embarrassed some by what happened this morning." She then proceeded to relay Amy her encounter with me this morning ending with, "I have never felt this good someone licking my ass hole." Liz continued to collect pilot as it dripped from my cock, delivering the drops to her lips, asshole, cunt, and to her nipples, thus also lubricating Amy's rim. After several minutes of fucking Liz in her ass, I pulled my cock out and offered it to Amy to suck. Amy plunged her mouth eagerly into my cock licking the left over mayonnaise and Liz's ass juice off my dick.

Ms. Matheson

fetish Kitt Powel 2018-04-14

"This might hurt a bit, little baby," she whispered, then seemed to jump down on me, forcing my virgin cock into her beautiful pussy. C'mon baby, fuck me with that little dick. Fuck Ms. Matheson, you lucky little baby. Fuck me, little dick baby. I know it's your first time, little baby, but if I don't get off, I'm not going to be happy at all!" I'm fucking the smalled cock in the world, c'mon little baby dick. I'm a great teacher, but I don't know if I can teach a tiny-dicked baby how to fuck a real woman. Ms. Matheson opened her blouse and rubbed her huge beautiful breasts all over my tiny baby cock.

A night in with the girls... and they didn't

fetish brockbadger 2018-04-14

Just managing to pull them up over my throbbing dick the damp crotch felt wonderful against my scrotum and the lace sides rubbing my dripping bell end was bringing another rush up my length.I had to take them off before I shot and left any real evidence.Before reinserting myself in her shoe,I smeared the handle of Heather's hairbrush with pre-cum and pushed it slowly into my anus imagining it was her finger.I then began to look at Heather's Facebook photos.I'd done this many times and my favourite photo to spurt to was one with her wearing a green bikini with erect nipples and a really cute camel toe.I pumped slowly at first as I smelt the scent of her panties but it wasn't long before the inevitable was going to happen .I covered my knob with the panties and pushed as hard as I could through the open toe,pulling my foreskin back to the limit and clenching the brush handle in my arse.

Recent Hot threesome with old friend (bisexual con

fetish cumcraverbottom 2018-04-14

He fucks me hard, gripping my shoulders to slam his fat cock deeper into me, he then says," I want you to cum in my bitches' mouth so I can taste your load with her, then I'm going to pound your asshole until I nut then I'm going to suck my own load back out." I moan my approval, too lost in the sensation of his cock rubbing hard against my prostate, and his slut girlfriend intensely deepthroating my cock. I grab her head and pound my cock into her mouth again, she moans, "MMM HMM MMM HMM," at the same time she pushes Mikes face on her clit and he clamps down and sucks hard on her clit as she's screaming gurgling sounds as I facefuck her.

My vision.

fetish Cockernoodle 2018-04-14

On the streets and on campus I've seen a great many of them, with their enormous, lush behinds, hanging, overripe tits and their bulging, lardy bellies that nearly cause their tight clothes to rip at the seams as they waddle around like beached whales in the May heat. Then with a sly smile I arrive back at the room, and slowly and sensually start stripping my Juliet for the night :). Her double chin beams as she smiles at me, her round shoulders shudder from the weight of her huge tits, hanging a bit to the sides, reaching to about halfway her impressive, greasy belly. She squeals in delight as I grab her tight shoulders, and plow away at her pussy, giving rise to the amorous feeling of the first slight orgasm.

Quite an Earful You've Given Me

fetish IamGnuHere 2018-04-14

It was hard to pin down when the affair began between Jane Carroll and Paul Dicostanzo. The next time Jane and her husband needed some plumbing work, Jane called Paul's business number. Jane picked up the smallest one and began to rub it between her pussy lips. Jane then put the first ear of corn down and picked up the next larger one. Paul picked up the ear of corn Jane just finished with and began to eat it savoring the taste of Jane's body. Paul picked up the second ear of corn and started to eat it. Paul watched Jane gratify herself with increasing fervor masterfully between rubbing and fucking herself with the corn. Paul picked up the last piece of corn and started to eat it.

The Road to Shadani Mo Ch. 2

fetish leaky_one 2018-04-14

'Oh gods!' thought Ailish, 'she is going to piss into my hair!" Barely had this suggestion registered in her subconscious when suddenly a hot wet spraying stream of pee started to rain all over her long strands. Her golden flowing stream of hot gushing piss flowed copiously out of her shaved pussy, crossing the short distance between her muff and the long mane of Ailish flowing mane. Buki's golden shower of piss started to descend over Ailish's chest covering her creamy skin with a deluge of urine droplets before moving lower as Buki adjusted her aim to allow her gushing pee stream to flow directly over Ailish's exposed left tit.

Making Kristy Ch. 1

fetish Royal_Prince 2018-04-14

“Oh sweetie, I really didn’t want to talk about this right now, but I have always been truthful to you and I don’t want to stop now- so…” She said as she sat down on the edge of the bed. I wouldn’t want it any other way- its just...” She began, “Its just that sometimes a woman needs more- if you know what I mean.” Finally satisfied with the way I looked I lay back in the bed and started to message my shaved cock. I had been teasing myself all evening and I knew that if she continued to work her mouth on me like she was I would climax in no time, so reluctantly I moved away from her and started to cover her body with small kisses and bites.

A Definite Worry

fetish 1q2w3e4rass 2018-04-14

When it finally opened I walked inside, rang Cathy, she told me to give the phone to the store clerk who happened to be a reasonably attractive young girl. Cathy and the sales girl are now having an in depth conversation, I am only hearing things like "oh does he?" to say I am going red would be an understatement. Cathy took the items from me and not another word was said, till Saturday morning, I am again outside the XXX shop waiting for it to open. I got to the church car park just as the morning service is getting out, of course, Cathy has the doors locked and I have to show her each item, including the chastity device before she let me in the car.