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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Caught Again by s*s

fetish 2018-04-14

I apologized but I couldn't stop peeing, she came right over to me and told me not to and she grabbed my cock and started aiming the pee around in the toilet exclaiming "it's just like a little fire hose". I didn't say anything, she just leaned over and started to lick it all up,she cleaned all the cum off me before looking at me with a grin and said "actually it tastes pretty good", then she added, "can I have more this weekend?" I asked about staying at her friends house, and she said she never planned on it, she wanted to be here with her naked b*****r.

Just the Tip

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-04-14

I couldn't resist them, I leaned in, giving his huge nuts yet another tongue bath even as I continued beating him off, slapping my hot wet pink mouth-muscle all over the big stones, but my jerking was making it a real challenge, the fat pair were bucking and dancing, slapping down onto my face lewdly. My huge tits were grinding against his enormous cock as I worked, it wasn't a proper titfuck, but he was getting to feel the weight of my big girls knocking his stiff length around a little with their heavy softness. He laughed, stroking my messy, wet cheek fondly, "Well I'd be lying if I said it was the first time I'd heard that." He grabbed the wine bottle and let it rest, base to base with his cock from the top, practically balancing it save for the steadying of his hand.

My Girlie Fantasy part 3

fetish multiplierx 2018-04-14

returns as Ken starts kissing me. He puts both hands behind my head pressing my face against him how worked up he is as he places a hand on my head again & head holding it down once again letting out a deep sexy moan would soon follow while he held my head in place beginning I place a hand on his head running it through his blonde hair begins rubbing his head on my clitty making me quiver till he of breath, get up & start sucking him clean which quickly gives hard enough my boobs start to shake as he begins thrusting in sync starts grunting & I feel him shoot up inside while I continue to ride

Summer at Mountain Farm

fetish lalupin 2018-04-14

The mother, Helena, was a very beautiful woman in her early forties, with a low-cut dress showing of her large, firm breasts, and her long red hair kept in a loose knot under a large white hat that provided shadow to her beautiful blue eyes and perfect mouth. Helena scarcely took notice of my nakedness and my protruding cock, while Ida, obviously less familiar with the male anatomy, could hardly stop herself from gawking at my thick manhood and the glistening threads of pre-cum that occasionally dripped to the hardwood floor in the kitchen as I clumsily tried to help out with whatever tasks the three women were doing.

Playing with Fire: My Wife and BBC Part II

fetish cumslutcouple 2018-04-14

But instead it just opened her eyes to the fact that I didn’t mind if she had sex with another man, and I guess she just decided that it would be more fun without me being involved, so she went out and did it, a whole bunch of times, and I am sure she had a blast doing it. I also put together a timeline from texts that me and her had from yesterday that, and this is truly embarrassing and a complete mind fuck; that at the exact same time that my wife and Glen had been fucking each other, I had been on Xhamster jerking off to porn.

Misadventures in Mauve

fetish CalHollows 2018-04-14

Slightly drunk and still aroused by the doctor's attentions, I began to faintly proffer my body to him, flexing it his way and subtly shifting into poses that emphasized my bare skin. After my nipples and chest had been fully tenderized and set aflame, he again frenched the small of my stomach, lifting my torso from the bed with the power of his sucking kiss, then letting me fall with a loud smack as his lips released my yielding body. As his steaming mouth moved to my belly and began assaulting its tender skin with demanding, sucking kisses, I involuntarily murmured with pleasure and again arched my back to him.

Tinkle Bell Ch. 12

fetish Many Feathers 2018-04-14

I also know I was suddenly wide awake, only moments after spewing what had felt like another "dream load", though just as before, I saw the shadow of Bella's form slipping out of my bed heading back out into the still dark hallway. They both liked Irene, Andy and Doreen immensely, though even that thought held me for a moment as I remembered the video camera, and the fact that Bella had recorded god knows what going on long before I had come down to the rec room. "Have a nice day at school...David," she said with a tiny little edge to her tone of voice, and then with that, she turned and went back into a sprint again heading towards the house.

Pinball Action

fetish nancyallen 2018-04-14

"Oh fuck, here it comes," he groaned as he slammed his cock into me one last time then dumped his hot sticky load deep inside me, rubbing my clit faster to keep me cumming. "I want you to suck my cock then I am going to fuck you again while you wrap those boot covered legs around my waist." Not as good as your pussy but damn close," he said as he fucked my mouth faster. but my pussy is so wet and warm and waiting for your cock," I replied as I leaned my head forward and licked the tip of his cock as it poked out from between my breasts.



fetish oggbashan 2018-04-14

About half a mile down that track was a former farm building that was the base for a small mail-order company that sold protective wear, mainly for women. All those who attended the auditions were sent large sized proofs of the photos and a headed letter from the Managing Director thanking them. "That sounded like a reasonable exchange between the models and the company," Deb said. Deb, Amanda and Sandy produced their letters and handed them over. Deb and Sandy were sitting on the bed dressed like Amanda. Deb finished tying Amanda's and Sandy's hands. She climbed on the bed and gradually moved up my body, displaying her breasts through the open top of the dress.

Sissy Downfall 2

fetish klammer 2018-04-14

Back in the car, the rag top lowered with my bared bottom back on the coarse hessian seat Mistress told me to pull the front of my dress up to expose my thighs above the stocking tops and then gutter crawled along a busy street so that the pedestrians could gawk at my slutty demander. A tall woman dressed in boots, jeans and a checked shirt appeared, locked a dog collar with a chain attached around my neck and lead me along a path, through a door and into a large room that was just a small part of what I realized must be huge barn.

My Introduction to Rough Sex

fetish Roses4U 2018-04-14

Earlier that day Mel was quite to the point with me, when she said she was in the mood, and convinced me that tonight would be a good time to drive out and finally visit her at her country home. Both feeling quite frisky, we started cuddling and kissing, and with little time to waste, I began sliding my hands under her clothes. After devouring her pussy long enough to both drive her to several orgasms and raise my erection back to its needed state, I could tell she was eager for this rough treatment to continue. Partly knowing how safe we were in this distant local, and for the first time, truly ravishing a woman who was clearly enjoying every hard thrust, and spank I dished out.

Seth's Fetish Ch. 04

fetish SweetPregnantTits 2018-04-14

I had spent the past nine months trying to impregnate my wife, Dana, but instead I knocked up my mother in law, Donna. After a few Zima's, Donna had shown me her tits, which, even though she hasn't had a baby in eighteen years, were still full of milk and leaking. "Thanks." Donna put her legs up and as I handed her the glass and sat down, I realized I could see up her dress, and she wasn't wearing any panties. I looked down and saw that Donna's top was completely see through, and my mouth began to water at the thought of those milky breasts.

At Shauna's Feet Ch. 2

fetish Bacomicfan 2018-04-14

Her current needs were urgent indeed, but she also wanted to look to the train him to lick slowly and thoroughly, to orally adore and worship her sex for long periods of time. After his tongue had slowly serviced and savored her entire flower for a deliciously long time, Sam began to gently suck her tasty folds. Sam leaned forward into Shauna's dangling feet to truly worship and service them for the first time as her true slave. He knew she enjoyed having her feet massaged as he washed them, so he lifted one foot by the heel and with his other hand he squirted an ample amount of soap on her instep and an even more generous amount on the tops of her toes.


fetish Robsound 2018-04-14

We'd been married for about five years, and had a good sex life, or so I thought, but there was something that wasn't quite right. "Would you say we have a good sex life?" I started in a low key way. Which was a good question, I had absolutely no idea, except that I thought our problem would turn out to be about sex. "The only thing you're really any good at is licking me to orgasm, but you don't do that often enough, and you never do it after you've squirted inside me, which is when I need it most." "That's so good darling, I love you licking me there." "Yes my love, I promise, but please don't ask me, tell me.

Space #97

fetish stacidee 2018-04-13

One evening at around 1130PM both hubby and I got this sudden urge to walk around the park in the nude. We walked for about 45 minutes and came across the pool area. Hubby had a hardon like I have not seen in a while and dripping with precum. Hubby eased me back onto a table spread my legs wide and went down on me. I found a towel laying on another table and used it to wipe the massive cum dripping from my pussy. We walked slowly back to our RV got cleaned up and fell asl**p in the nude in each others arms. It read "We really enjoyed your performance last night on the pool side table.

Overtime Ch. 2

fetish beaverhunter76 2018-04-13

I let her gag on it a bit before moving my hand, and she slowly slid my dick out, though keeping the head inside, licking up all the cum. Tasha moaned a bit more from this new attention, but when I spread her cheeks open and shoved two fingers up her hole, she almost jumped out of the chair, taking my head with her. She started pumping her hips, my face going deeper into her cunt, and her ass moving up and down my fingers. It didn't matter to Tasha though, because after she licked her own cum off of my face, she took my fingers into her mouth and started sucking them too, her eyes never leaving mine.

Welcome Nerd

fetish funbud 2018-04-13

Brandy then said, " If he's gonna be a slut then he should look like one completely." Just then she had the others hold him down while she put a thong on Brian. Jodi declined and said, " Not yet, I'd like to wait a little to get more into this." Brandy then jumps behind Brian's ass and tells everyone that she's gonna pound this shit out of the boy's ass until he cums. Brandy then chimes in and says, " You really love this don't you, you little slut?" He then moans out towards her, " Mmmmm I love it Brandy." Jodi then moves in and out of his ass with such gentle stroke that it drives Brian crazy.

domination fantasy

fetish 2018-04-13

I increase my pace as I let one of your legs wrap around my waist pulling me closer and deeper into your cunt, you moan my name like a little slut and I slap your breasts making you gasp in pain, I'm drilling your wet cunt with ease whilst I grip your breast between my hand, you feel my left hand squeezing your thigh as my cock begins to pulsate, your pussy gushes again as your wet lips squeeze my shaft, you scream out in pleasure as I fuck you deeper, relentlessly.

The Footjob

fetish Apollo3000 2018-04-13

After she finished tormenting me with her sweaty toes, Carolyn pulled back to whip off the heels and peel off the stockings (she left her crotchless panties on). If you're lucky I'll let you fuck me in the ass again later but only if you shoot a full load of hot, sticky cum over my gorgeous feet". I started to feel the orgasm build deep in my balls and in a matter of short moments explosively splattered her feet with an almighty load of salty, white cum. Carolyn stood up, pulled down the crotchless panties and slipped back into her open toed heels. Carolyn was now bent over doggy style, her wrists handcuffed by her stockings, her used panties stuffed in her mouth, and wearing nothing but a pair of black fuck-me heels.

Panty Fetish

fetish Pinggi 2018-04-13

One Saturday Afternoon, with very few Arrivals, a Couple, both around 45 checked in the Hotel. I put them in my Pocket, left the Room and went down to do my Job for the rest of the Evening. Only feeling this Panties made me hard and hot and soon I arrived at my rented Room, I got naked, oiled my Cock, put on a silver ring and put on this beautiful Panties. The next day, the couple came down, paid the bill and while here Husband did that, I talked to the owner of the Panties I was waering with my cock hard, so after they left I had to go to the Toilet and Masturbate, thinking of that georgeous Pussy which must have been in this Panties.

Pee for Me

fetish pbody 2018-04-13

I had experiences with two girl friends that mentioned how they would love to pee while we were fucking and when I told them to go ahead they could not do it. So one day we were fucking the afternoon away and I mentioned what the other girls had said and asked her opinion about it. So we continued at times to fuck and pee in the shower, on the tolit, and on the floor. So Mary leaned back onto the side of the shower and I sucked her pussy until she started peeing and moaning and squirming during the most intense orgasm I have ever been a part of up to that day.

Baby's First Time

fetish sexylilmissie 2018-04-13

Susan lowered her eyes and admitted in a shy breathy tone of voice that she felt so protective of him so the words flowed easily from her and at the same time the thought of being his mom for a while excited her. He felt her nipples harden and her breath catch but she placed a finger on his lips and said "sorry my dear but you are still to old-you are my baby and I have just the thing you need but you must remember that you don’t know how to talk yet. Susan told him that he could open his eyes and the first thing he did was look down, shocked and highly aroused he saw he was wearing a special adult diaper with a strategic hole so his cock popped through.

An Upset Habit

fetish 49greg 2018-04-13

Usually it happens in bed, we are pretty predictable, we smooch, I play with and suck on her breasts and fingered her pussy, and most of the time go down on her until she comes. "Then you got up and came to me, grabbed my erection, your hand maidens beside you smiling and giggling, you beckoned to a warrior and he came up, you pulled his loin cloth away and pulled on his cock," I went on ad-libbing, just barely above a whisper. "You heard me, if you want to come, get up on your knees, over there near the foot of the bed, and jack off facing me, look me in the eye and catch the cum in your other hand.

The Beardsley School for Girls Chapter 2 - Justine

fetish catherine-belmont 2018-04-13

How about if I flog your hanging breasts?" His hands reached down to one, grabbed it in his palm, squeezed it harshly before he moved on to her nipple, pulled and yanked until it began to harden, not sure if it was pleasure or pain that brought it about, Michael had not really cared, just wanted to give himself a bigger target to abuse. "Now I know that hurt, didn't it Justine?" He teased her for a minute, let his hand rub over her pussy, felt her flinch from the pain before he swung the flogger again.