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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

came to play pt.2

fetish reefermcrevolver 2018-04-13

Well anyway we chatted to ease the tension from me and we both finally got interested in fun time, he removed his cock which was roughly 4-5 inches and I asked him if I made him cum would he help me get home.. he helped me up and held me tightly to him as we walked, h told me no one else was around and if I wait in his truck for a few minutes he'll be out the door.I waited for him and he gave me a ride home, when we finally got there he asked if I was interested in that dinner, we set it up for the next night.


Hookers Ch2

fetish panteeluvr 2018-04-13

Her face lit up and she asked if was serious and when I replied yes, told me she'd do whatever I wanted for that kind of money, as long as she would be back home by evening! I stopped by a drive thru bank machine, took out some more cash and asked Star if she wanted to pick up anything before we went to my place. She pushed my hand away from my dicklette and started rubbing it herself, as if it were a clitty and degrading me telling me to sniff her teen bum while she diddled my little clitty! She asked if I was going to shower but I told her it was more humiliating to let her pee dry so I'd smell like piss.

A Sucker for a Stud & His Woman

fetish Cute Little Thing 2018-04-13

Look at you - - all this money, a perfect body and big huge fucking dick to boot." Making sure she didn't lose that connection you get when you really stare someone down, Estelle leered at me and said to Alex: You must really relate to pussy, almost like you've got one yourself." Him and Estelle started laughing at me as I lapped eagerly at her cunt, my cock hard, but little and pathetic compared to Alex's. Its impossible to describe the feeling, lying under my friend, and the hottest woman I'd ever been around, watching his huge penis fuck her asshole, and wanting only one thing, the cock and balls of this hot and virile man.

Ice Cubes

fetish musicguy 2018-04-13

I lean over you, placing a soft kiss on your lips as my hands slowly trace from your neck down to your breasts. After a minute, I quickly remove the ice cube and take your nipple into my mouth. As I move the ice cube onto your clitoris, you take me in your mouth as far as you can and start to suck. I hold you in place with one hand while the other moves the ice cube around in little circles. I quickly take your clit into my mouth and once again, the cold to hot makes you loose your breath for a moment as I lick and suck at your clitoris. I lick your clit and finger you as the ice cube inside quickly melts.

My Secret Life Ch. 02

fetish TonyDowse 2018-04-13

Combined with the sight of her in those sexily entrancing bra and panties, my increasing level of curiosity and anticipation of exactly what it was that she had in mind for us had of course quite quickly had its usual effect and even as she first began slowly working her way over the various parts of my body I had felt my cock growing and stiffening. The conflict raging within me was so intense it was almost overwhelming - on the one hand it was instantly clear that Vida had penetrated my long-held, and until then always tightly guarded secret life - that I had for more years than I cared to remember, been a closet cross-dresser - on the other, she seemed to be having no problem in actually dealing with it - and still, at a much deeper level, was the arousal I always experienced when feeling and seeing myself in some sort of beautiful garment.

David's Tall Girls' School Ch. 20

fetish Thorilla 2018-04-13

I had unfortunately been detained by Amelia Wiff-Naseford, headmistress, for being an alleged 'Peeping Tom' in the grounds of 'Dentwood Finishing School for Tall Girls aged 18 to 20 years old' one Friday. "Now girls when you sit on the Tom you clearly need to take your knickers off, so when I ask you to step forward you'll stand next to him, drop your pants, then squat on his face?" she said peering through her dark glasses. We quickly established a rhythm which, over many minutes, became a jerking wild mass of thighs, petticoats, shoes, vaginas, pleated skirts with my face somewhere in the middle. She dropped, then rearranged her skirt pleats and petticoat over me so that I couldn't see her face and only was vaguely aware of Miss Wiff-Naseford behind me.

Shrinkage Ch. 04

fetish runtz4 2018-04-13

Shannon picked up my hand pressing it to her lips taking each finger into her mouth and sucking them one by one, lingering on my pinky and sucking like it was my dick. What I do know is that Kevin headed straight up to the loft, got fully dressed and stepped out back for a smoke when he came out of that shower, and Angie could have poked an eye out with her tits. As I coated her hair with soap, Karen turned her head and sucked my dick into her mouth, causing a shiver to shoot through my body. Karen worked her finger fucking my ass still casually toying with my dick in her hand; I was on the verge of cumming and was doing all I could to hold out.

The Return of Liz & Katie Pt. 02

fetish TongaFrank 2018-04-13

Thursday night, before making and sharing a creampie with my sexy, adventurous wife, both of us finally surrendering to our fatigue in a tangle of limbs and sleeping happily with love in our hearts and semen in our bellies, I removed all of her panties from her dresser and stuck a post-it note to the bottom of her empty drawer, with a smiley face and the words, "I Dare You!" Unknown to me, she had discovered my note and turned the tables on me, so to speak, by likewise removing my underwear from my dresser drawer and placing her own sexy black thong panties in their place, along with my handwritten note.


A Conversation Between Cuck-Queens Ch. 02

fetish LynnGKS 2018-04-13

Gerry usually got us moved back to the privacy of a dark booth by this time, but my poor husband and several other guys were staring at the stud's hand moving up my leg, toward my pussy, in a well lit public bar. I looked quickly at Gerry when Peg made that humiliating comment about him not being a "real man" but he had accepted it just like all the humiliation that was a part of being a voyeur-cuckold - the psychological castration when we talked about their little dicks, and other guys being better fucks.

Exchange Ch. 07

fetish Soft_Mike 2018-04-13

The pram changed direction, made a turn to the right and Michael heard the sound of gravel under the wheels... She was Caucasian, in her forties, big with long blond hair down her shoulders, large hands, and dressed in a tight rib-knitted yellow sweater dress, woolen... "Look here", she said to the girls and held it up, but she also let Michael listen and partly watch. Both girls seemed enthusiastic and pleased when Laurie handed over the hood with its components in a textile bag. "By the way", she added turning to Melissa and Rose: "Can you please ask your mothers if I may borrow Michael someday. "Of course", Melissa answered, "I'll ask mommy as soon as we get home.

The public showers...

fetish blackroses666 2018-04-13

My right hand slides down your body and pulls the body suit between your warm, wet aroused pussy lips. You embrace me and softly kiss my lips, our breasts pressed against one another's and push me against the tiled wall. You pull your lips from mine and kiss my neck, I moan softly, my head knocks back in lust. You pull my head away from your glistening pussy and I look up at you,lustfully with a naughty smile as I blush. "Yes I did,very much you dirty,little slut" you reply to me, smiling back softly and looking into my eyes while stroking one side of my face. "Mistress, I'm gonna cum for you!" I say while panting heavily and looking at you, deeply into your eyes.

Ann's Art Project Ch. 08

fetish qexiqex 2018-04-13

Swaths of people longed to get their hands on Ann's work, wanted to see with their own eyes what the fuzz was all about, and soon the artist's exposed breasts got thoroughly massaged, played with and examined by many, many curious visitors. Everybody had to use the hand sanitizers before they were allowed to touch Ann's now awfully constricted boobs and the young artist was about to lose her mind over the intense stimulation. When Sue entered the large ballroom to set up the video equipment, she saw Ann's column standing there already, the bulging tits glowing in an angry purple. Ann could only hear the voices mumbling and laughing in the darkness of her column and the thought that so many people were looking at her exposed bits got her all excited once again.

Chastity Resort Pt. 07

fetish handyrandy9 2018-04-13

The side view I had of their bodies was incredible; my eyes trailed back from Chad's manhood, over the swell of Anna's big butt, along the dip in the small of her back, and down to her large, soft breasts swinging beneath her. Anna had turned and was now facing Chad, dancing a distance from him, affording him what must have been a fantastic view of her body as she moved and swayed smoothly. "No, more like this," Lisa, too, reached under the table and I was shocked to feel her small hand grip my chastity cage. Between Lisa's meandering fingers and thoughts of Anna exploring Chad's caged manhood, I was going mad with lust.

Acme Electric

fetish shoeslayer 2018-04-13

There was something about the clip clop of her glossy black heels as she walked through the factory, and I know that even with all the machinery running, a guys ears could hear the clip clop of heels as the boss lady walked through the factory in her gray skirt, cream colored blouse with a ruffled v neck and her sparkling gold half-moon style glasses hanging across her lovely sumptuous breasts by a chain of small purple glass beads. "I think you have been having a very nice time with my half-glasses, these new ovals, my beaded neck chains with the short and curly hairs stuck in them and my sexy hot high heels."

Chaffernaught 03

fetish MistressColleen 2018-04-13

His only goals in little life are to worship and become one with my pussy and behind, and to have cock wed, becoming the property of my left hand so he can have sex like a normal couple. Right now my jism joeie is simply a happy little pervert beat-off awaiting orders, but soon his cock will be married to my left hand, and what my joeie doesn't know yet is that I'll no longer permit him to masturbate, as that would be cheating. I released cock and rammed my wet hand into his mouth, and like a well-trained pussieboy he devoured the juices from my hand eagerly, mewing all the while, and that too was another good sign.

My b*****rs girlfriend filming my mom

fetish LuvMomPanty 2018-04-13

My jerk off sessions with her panties and my s****rs, consist of my imagination as follow; grabbing my s****r by her hair with my left hand and grabbing Melody's hair with my right...letting my little s****rs 20 year old throat get first dips on her b*****rs cock, after few minutes of my little s****r getting throat fucked, pulling her head off my cock, I lower the slut on my right hand nice and slow so that she gets a taste of my s****rs saliva lubricating my cock so that it easily slides down the back of her throat and continue to hold there until she starts to gag or run out of air, from there I release the grip I have on their hair, then grabbing Melody gently by her ears, slowly lifting her head off my cock but just air while positioning her to be on her hands and knee's directly in front of my cock and once I have a firm grip on her ears and start fucking her face with her doing all the work.

Bondage fun

fetish hellskitty77 2018-04-13

I go into the bathroom and strip down to take a shower, oh but I couldn't help but stop and stare and my beautiful brown hair, light brown eyes, my d cup breasts with my lightly tanned skin, soft round ass perfect and I loved my beautiful body. I get out of my shower and walk naked and dripping wet to the bedroom and start looking for my sexy black leather outfit, but suddenly I feel like someone is watching me again. Before i could admire myself anymore the lights in my bedroom go out, shocked i go to find the light switch, finally i find it and turn on the lights, but then i feel this big hand cover my mouth, before i could make a sound a deep voice from behind me says you scream and I'll hurt you.

Debra vs Chuck

fetish cdupuy 2018-04-13

In less than five minutes she had put me in her most effective hold gained a submission and was proceeding to use her deep throat to force my organism. She and I both knew she could not escape, but I held off, trying to figure out a way to get the submission and then a forced organism to even the match. I increased this action and she realized what I was doing and with what I can only describe as what felt like a vibration against my dick with a huge hip thrust I exploded deep inside her. I really could not believe that in a period of thirty minutes that Debra had submitted me once and gotten two forced organisms.


Cheerleader Muscle Ch. 04

fetish curl4ever 2018-04-13

Although Liz had extremely strong pectoral muscles from bench press competitions against the football players and Josh in particular, Veronika also recommended double sets, so her pecs would still look large even in comparison with her breasts. When not eating, sleeping, or practicing her choreographed posing routine, Liz lifted weights with thousands of repetitions of every conceivable variation of exercise for each body part, powered by continuous orgasms from Josh, Veronika, or her massive vibrator. On the day of the Ms. Olympia, despite the posturing from the other contestants, the competition was basically over as soon as Liz walked out on stage with the same level of hard muscle, together with the mesmerizing jiggle of her top that screamed, "These girls are REAL!" Of course, it took four hours of drama to confirm Liz as the winner, followed by two solid days of interviews about the "come-from-nowhere" contestant who had pushed out the experienced pros.

Dolly's Python

fetish justincbenedict 2018-04-13

" How're you,'re the cutest secretary at Cooper, Tarleton and Strowbridge, girl!" I looked up, and there she was, my beautiful girl, Dolly Tarleton, her long, honey blond curls bouncing. Deon had been a bit nervous at having the senior partner bound and gagged like this as he cuckolded his beautiful wife, but as Dolly had said Then Miss Dolly laughed, thinking of the time that I'd gone into my bathroom at work to pee...the urinals were empty and the stalls were I peed my pants just because I couldn't sit down... My own dick pulsed against my jockey shorts, looking straight into Dolan's piercing blue eyes.

Appointment By Card Only. part six

fetish midsummerman 2018-04-13

'Everyone here will now witness his pleasure at being of service to me, and those that I choose him to serve.' The maid bent and unlocked the cage, and the crowd of women smiled with satisfaction and nodded their approval as his cock rose to attention confirming the excitement of his submission; acknowledging his natural pleasure at being at the feet of a woman who would justly dominate him, and rightly too, as was the correct position of all males allowed to be in the company of women.

My Mom is a Sex Goddess Ch. 01

fetish PurpleMonkeyDishwash 2018-04-13

I believe that the teacher felt that Jon's lack of motivation would make him unlikely to even try to collaborate with me on the project, and so I would be spared any kind of further humiliation by boys horny for my mom. I haven't gotten my dick sucked in days, and I am going to fucking go into that kitchen right down and shove your mom's slutty little body down onto my cock and I am going to fill her up with as much as I can give her." And finally, we want the ability to make slight modifications on women's bodies, to be able to make their boobs bigger for one fuck, or younger or older, then to be able to return them to normal at the end, then change them again later."

Night Out

fetish Kinkykiff 2018-04-13

Suddenly he knelt up and in one swift motion impaled her on his thick, throbbing cock, the surprise was to much for her she could not hold back, and the piss started to flow from her, as it cascaded on the his stomach the stranger pushed in to her harder, the more it flowed the harder he fucked, she was filled with a strange feeling of disgust and passion wanting to feel more of this mans beautiful cock, but not wanting to pee any more, as the last dribbles of piss fell from her fanny and the edge of an orgasm started to build she did not care.

s****r in law

fetish 2018-04-13

Well one day my b*****r and his girlfriend went to the movies and my parent went to the store so I was alone in the house, as usual I was about to masturbate but then I realized Maria had just taken a shower so that meant there was dirty clothes of her upstairs. I kept doing that for a long time and I never got caught, until one weekend night I was hard and wanted to masturbate but my b*****r and Maria where upstairs so I was just gonna watch porn but I remember earlier that day Maria had put a washer of clothes in the basement and they where still in the dryer, it wouldn't be the same but its better than nothing.