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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Sarah's Snowy Predicament

fetish 2018-04-12

The car weaved its way along the remote country road, slowing almost to a crawl at every bend because of the thick covering of snow and ice. A low evening sun cast long shadows from the trees bordering each side the road and ice crystals sparkled in the still, sharp air as the roar of the car’s engine dislodged powder snow mini-avalanches from the laden branches. By this time, it had started to snow, a steady flurry of light flakes which blew directly against her body and stuck to her skin before quickly melting into freezing droplets. Sarah waded knee-deep across the stream, feeling her way carefully with her frozen feet, the driving snow still stinging her body.

What She Really Wanted

fetish lonads 2018-04-12

Monica, the wife of my best friend Grant, had her hand inside the slit of her skirt, and was slowly rubbing the mound of her pussy through her panties while she stared at my bound, naked body. Monica bent him forward, pressing his broad shoulders to the floor, and then surprised me when, instead of lubricating her finger with her husband's precum, she reached for the dripping head of my cock. Then, while Kim pressed the opening of my penis firmly against that of my friend, Monica slid Grant's foreskin slowly up his shaft until it not only covered his glans, but also engulfed the head of my cock.

My Maid, My Personal Toilet

fetish girlloverrekha 2018-04-12

Well let me tell you a little bit about me and my Scat maid Chayya, She is 38 years old is a married woman and is very dark has 34c boobs big round and black tits her waist is 30 and has a round butt of 34, I myself am 19 years old and am just average looking with 32d tits and a tight butt to compliment my backside but more than anything Chhaya love my eyes and finds them Intoxicating. When I opened my Door I felt a Dirty Stink like that of Shit coming from my Kitchen I went towards the Kitchen and peeped in and was shocked at what I saw, I saw Chayya sitting at the table with a Plate in front of her and what I saw in the Plate was her SHIT I kept on looking as she Shamelessly kept on Eating at her Shit.


fetish Greymead 2018-04-12

She began to scream and shout, begging me to eat her pussy, which sort of amused me at the moment, since I already was eating it, but the amusement disappeared almost as suddenly as it had arrived, and I began to fuck her little cock with my mouth, slurping up and down on it, and milking at it with my tongue. She didn't know whether to hunch up against my face to fuck her clit farther into my mouth or grind down against my hand to take more finger in her cunt. I reached down and touched her damp hair as she opened her mouth and engulfed my cock in a warm, wet grip, her tongue stroking the underside as she sucked the length deep into her throat, burying her nose in my pubic hair.

In Her Erotic Mind

fetish Pinocchio 2018-04-12

The idea of a room full of men wanting her, craving her, who will do anything to feel their cocks slide into her mouth, or encircled by her hand, or pumping slippery between her breasts, or thrusting into her cunt, excites her almost beyond description. It's an undercurrent that can slip away with the routine tasks of daily living, only to suddenly bubble up again when she glances at any man on the street, or at the park or the grocery store, whom she might find attractive, wondering what it would be like, and would he mind, if she walked over to him and, with hardly a word, took his hands and pressed them to her breasts, her nipples hardening to his touch while she rubbed his crotch through his jeans, feeling his penis swelling, and straining to rise?

When Wishes Come True

fetish The_shadow_rising 2018-04-12

Within the spacious two bedroom apartment, soft moans of pleasure drifted through the still silence from the only room used as a bedroom as Alicia Brookes lay with her long, smooth legs wrapped tightly around her boyfriend's own legs, her nails running softly down Nick Greeves' back as he held himself above her in their bed, slowly pushing his hard, seven inch dick into his girlfriend's tight, hot pussy. It was just a fantasy, and she wanted to please him, and she knew he would please her if she did, and so as Nick continued to work his hard dick in and out of her pussy, sending shrills of electricity through her body, Alicia took one of his hands and looked into his eyes as she began to suck on his finger as if she were giving another dick a blowjob.

The Muse is a Goddess Ch. 04

fetish bone251 2018-04-12

We had switched between us several times and now Bridget was now taking her turn and going like an elephant after a peanut pushing Heather though a hyper sensitive orgasm. So yes; Heather let me fuck Bridget with my humongous cock, but she also made it the craziest tease and denial game I ever had been though. "Then Alex, I want you to carry Bridget in and hold her on the toilet so she can pee." Heather instructed. "You are going to learn how to keep a cock on the edge of orgasm Bridget" Heather explained. "Now tell him you are going to swallow all his cum and not stop until he is sucked dry" Heather said.

A Doctor's Dream Ch. 01

fetish inkyscandal 2018-04-12

She holds this new profile pose like a pin-up model: resting her weight on one leg, pointing her other foot at the floor, exaggerating her cleavage with that forward shrug... With the tongue depressor in my right hand like an oversized popsicle-stick and the penlight in my left, I ask: "Do you have a strong gag reflex?" I watch her cheeks cave-in and I feel, through my hand, the movement of her tongue gathering the jelly toward the back of her mouth. With the copious lubricant in her mouth, plus the previous ounce already coating her throat, it won't take any pressure at all from my hand for the probe to penetrate.

The Taxi Ride

fetish Naughty_Penpal 2018-04-12

Sitting back in his seat, the man continued to stare as her, his eyes flitting between her face and her firm breasts, the flesh of which was securely encased in the pretty white lace of her bra. No sooner had the cabbie finished speaking, than the stranger motioned to Keira with his hands - moving them to his chest, indicating that she should remove her breasts from her bra. Keira was shocked, as she always considered any anal play to be dirty, but she was so aroused that she reached down with her hand and grabbed the stranger's wrist, pulling him towards her, making it clear that she wanted, that she needed, his fingers inside her arse.

Saturday Morning

fetish Eroticus_Rex 2018-04-12

Before you start my bath, my pussy needs your attention.” She pulled her finger from my ass and shifted around with her knees on each side of my head. Taking my cue, I started teasing her clit on the backstroke, licking across her wet, pouting lips, and ending with my tongue teasing her rosebud. She took my hands and placed them on her breasts, and I gently teased her nipples as my tongue did it’s work. She reached over and handed me her razor, and I started shaving her legs as she playfully splashed in the water and washed her face. She reached down and placed one finger inside and started a little fuck motion.

A Leather Ass Lick

fetish kuhn2000 2018-04-12

I think he finds Leather pants on girls very sexy and needed to relieve some tension." My mom Oh'ed again but I could tell deep down she was intrigued She always liked him and I knew she wanted him. Greg was following her as well but couldn't stop thinking about the sales girl until he saw mom fingering some of the leather pants. My mom hesitated: "I don't know I don't have an ass like the sales girl" Now Greg had to put on some charm even if it was a bit sleazy. Put her hands on Mom's leather cheeks and said "Well… yes Ma'am." Mom was so sly and teased "Greggy you can just watch!" And the Sales Girl opened her mouth.

To Dance with the Devil

fetish faithy 2018-04-12

These men had a look of hunger in their eye, some were already stroking their hard cocks, others just walked with their erections strong, and others were still flaccid. Quit being a fucking prissy and suck me off bitch." He grabbed a big chunk of my hair and pulled hard as he forced my mouth open with his other hand. I looked at the man in black and he stood there smiling, and said the simple words "enjoy, this bit is for you." His fingers found my clit and pinched and rubbed it as he fucked me, taking his pleasures with his super sized cock that the man in black provide him with.

Madam! I Am Sorry!

fetish sunnyboyz 2018-04-12

While trying to sleep that night, I do not know from where the incident I read in a magazine (discussed in opening Para) came to my mind. I entered the lobby and there she was, reading the fantasy stories and one hand in the pussy. She again lay on the bed waiting for the "garnish." I started off with her boobs, applied cream on them and near the nipples, I placed a strawberry each. The whole body was feeling cool but for the pussy which was "burning." She tried to protest but I was working as per the written story. Their sex routine was almost fixed; Strip, fondle the boobs; fingering the cunt till cock was hard and pussy was wet, enter, pump, ejaculate, and doze off.

Panty Games Ch. 03

fetish SpacegirlLynn 2018-04-12

The pressure built to a breaking point and there, in the salon bathroom, leaning against the sink, my pants and panties at my ankles, my eyes closed, and my hand between my legs, I came really really hard thinking of doing it with Nikki. "Naa. Tonight I have plans but Tomorrow night I am free if you want to go out to the bar." Nikki said sounding totally serious. I wasn't sure if he was trying to start a full scale 4 some with all of us there or if he actually thought he could talk me into leaving Jason high and dry and joining him for a 3 some with him and Nikki.

Sex Games

fetish spankyp 2018-04-12

She starts to kiss the top of his arm and shoulder, gently moving her hand down his back just her finger tips touching his skin, a shiver of delight runs down his spine, and a breathy “oh” leaves his lips. She moves her lips close to, almost touching, his ear and allows her warm breath to caress it for a moment, before planting gentle but passionate kisses on his neck and ear. As her hand moves gently stroking his reddened cheeks, she traces her finger soothingly along the line of the pattern, enjoying her handy work and he sighs. “You know, I don’t think I want my new cock to cum that much, three or four times a month will be quite sufficient I think; if you’re a good sissy of course”.

Fuck Me Please!

fetish crazygirl18 2018-04-12

Every customer who complained and every dirty table she had to wipe made her want to cry like the little baby she truly was, but all that stress went away the second she got her diapee on. "It was alright, one of my customers dined and dashed so I had to pick up their tab, but Mandy was sick so I got a lot more tables." Elizabeth answered with her sweetest little girl smile. With all of her movement being carried, a puddle of piss and shit had settled into the bottom of her plastic pants, no longer warm the way Elizabeth liked it. Daddy leaned down and kissed her belly button, then her tummy, then the top of her slit, before pulling away and grabbing a clean diaper from under the table.

A Night on the Town

fetish eskrima 2018-04-12

“Steve!” she leant forward and whispered “I’m Janet.” We swapped small talk and beers, all the while I was trying to get a quick look at her boots, they were driving me wild as she bobbed her feet up and down as we talked. She looked at me running her fingers across my chest and said, “I didn’t think there was much point in going on to another club.” With a wicked smile she continued, “We can make our own entertainment.” She leaned forward and gave me a quick peck before approaching one of the doors between the shops. I leant forward and began to tongue her clit as I massaged her boots and calves, the smell of the leather seeming to add to the smell of her sex.

Why Ask Your Rabbi?

fetish Madabouthair 2018-04-12

Sadly, for the brief seconds that my fingers were allowed to slide around her warm, moist armpit before she forced my hand out, I learned that instead of finding the thick tuft of hair under her arm that I had hoped for, what my fingers stroked was a coarse pocket of stubble. I even got to make categories in my mind of the various patterns of hair growth, from the extremes of the women whose stubble filled the entire armpit to the ladies who had only a faint and narrow strip in the center of their underarms. This lasted for a week, until finally that next Sunday night after going out, I got Beth's top off and saw that instead of seeing her underarms coated with a sea of tiny hairs, they had reverted to the sand-papery look.

Coupling - with Wife's Friend

fetish VeeJ 2018-04-12

She inserted her toe and finger into my mouth and said suck as if you are smoking, Simultaneously she took the cigarette in her lips and sucked lightly. I took the mug from her and said fine Neetu but by the time I finish I want your blouse out and your breasts nipples touching my nipples. Continuously staring at my cock she passed half the beer in the bottle to me and still holding the top of my cock in my hand slowly bent over to IT and I said WOW Vijooo WOW. Neetu's fingers were working on my cock and as I smoked the ciggy she took my toe in her mouth and sucked deeply.


fetish InTheMargins 2018-04-12

I kiss the soft indentations on your shoulders where your straps were and I hear you murmur your approval as my hands playfully tease your soft breasts sliding into the cups of your bra I can feel the hard heat of your nipples against my palms. Instead I come back slowly stroking my hard cock back and forth while I look at you, I place the tip of my cock near your lips and stroke until a drop of pre cum falls onto your lips and you use your tongue to lick it from them and you taste me in your mouth.

Tommy Meets the Rest of the Club

fetish lsa3 2018-04-12

After Tommy said "yes" Claes took it off him and told him to go stand over by the trapeze bar while he went over to the wall, where all kinds of bondage stuff was hanging on a pegboard and got some padded wrist and ankle restraints. After he spent some time fucking Tommy's face and throat, Claes pulled out, gave him a couple more hits of the poppers, used a foot pedal to pump the back of the horse a couple of inches, lubed his cock with a very slippery silicone lube called Gun Oil, and slid slowly into Tommy's hungry ass. Motioning to Slim he asked "do you want some of this?" Darnell nodded, gave him some poppers and slid his half hard cock into Tommy's throat, saying "come on boy, make it feel good."

Another Routine Examination

fetish c7racer 2018-04-12

'Well Adam, there is nothing there to worry about, so I think I'd like to ask you a few more questions then perhaps another test or two, so if you could stay stripped, though you may sit up if you like.' He did and I knew that his T shirt would not hang down far enough to cover the monster between his legs. 'The second is that as you are no longer my patient, the next time you cum will be with that cock of yours buried in my soaking cunt back at my place as soon as we can get back there - now get dressed, as we have got some serious fucking to do...oh, and before you ask, I do take it up the ass as well...'

Blowjobs for Dummies

fetish 425olds 2018-04-12

At last, we got to see beautiful women sucking a cock so large that it belonged in the Jurassic age, using both hands and barely covering half of it, until the guy finally came a quart all over her face and tits. Tell him how much you love him, how much you want him, how much you want to suck his cock and how good you're going to make him feel. And the truth is, it feels as good or better to have your cock sucked and licked top to bottom, or have the head caressed, then to be swallowed like a salami. You've held his balls gently in his hand while you licked the sensitive underside of his cock head, making him squirm and moan.

Spying On My Neighbor Ch. 03

fetish Sodomite 2018-04-12

I thought about it long and hard for a while and decided on a letter telling her that I was a person from a nearby neighborhood and one night out jogging I caught a glimpse of her naked body, as she was walking around her house, through a window as I passed by. It was a beautiful sight, my gorgeous neighbor rubbing her now sopping pussy, while trying to jam a huge plug into her tight ass. Her face was a mixture of pleasure and pain now as the plug stretched her ass to the limit and her hand fingered her hungry hole for all she was worth. Soon I saw her body jerk a little and I knew that the plug had just popped into her ass.