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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish hotncold0101 2018-04-12

Sucking, licking, and pressing my face against her, I felt the flesh underneath her panties and moved her labia apart with my lips and tongue. She ground her hips into my face and fucked my hard tongue and lips. As she began driving her asshole against my tongue she drove her foot back into my balls and cock. I was so hungry for her and she was making me want her more and more with every word, with every stroke of her foot against my hard cock. She fucked my face through those soaking panties and when my lips gripped her clit and sucked, she moaned louder.

A friday night alone

fetish lauren003 2018-04-12

As I past him his drink he said look at my pretty slut of the wife and then gave me a big kiss hello, placing his free hand under my short skirt and onto my bare bum. After cumming a 2nd time my husband moved up and entered his hard cock into my pussy. He soon started moaning as he slowly moved his cock in and out my pussy and I then felt him shoot his cum deep into me. After I finished cumming he gave me a big passionate kiss and said thank you for the amazing sex and time we spent together last night and this morning and also thank you for allowing me to satisfy my facial needs.

Hubbie's humiliation

fetish palles 2018-04-12

I stood alone facing April and Tina on the love seat, Judy sat to my right in the high back xhair and my wife to my left on one of the two chairs from the "kitchen" table. Finally, April took matters into her own hands and jacked me a few times, as my cock started to throb, she pushed the head away from her and I exploded my cum on Lynne's tits! She looked me in the eyes and said "Thanks for sharing your wife with me, you had better take good care of her, because she can come back and work with us anytime, and next time, she might not come back!" She once again kissed me and got up.

Bend Over Boyfriend

fetish JBSDownUnder 2018-04-12

His lips pursed and opened as the toy slid out and was pushed back in again. She left her hand there, enjoying the wet feeling and allowing herself for a moment to imagine it was another girl's insides. She bit her lip and trembled as that transformed into his hot insides, slick with lube. She applied some more lube to her fingers and while stroking his hip with her free hand she slid it a little way inside. Less worried that she would hurt him, she pressed it all the way inside and began thrusting slowly. She pressed back inside and when she reached the hilt she pressed a little more, biting her lip as the other end ground into her cervix.

Erotic Adventures of Abbigail Starr

fetish MIssWhip32164 2018-04-12

Jack sat next to me on the bed, "I want you to whip her while she sucks me off." The last word was whispered in my ear. I stood behind her and watched as Jack took her underwear and began to tie her wrists together. Jack gave a low moan, "She's ready." With her husband's cock in her mouth, I began to smack her perfectly round ass. Then bent down and gave her a kiss on the cheek and watched her swallow he husbands load. "Thank you" Jack said before grabbing Eve and throwing her on the bed. "You must really need some release." Without waiting for my answer she pushed me onto the bed and tossed my skirt above my head.

First Catsuit Encounter

fetish scott306 2018-04-12

After checking the prices of a few suits I turned back to the desk to ask where the male catsuits were when I noticed that the person originally sitting at the desk had made her way over to me. While the male attendant and I stood in the back discussing what we should do, the woman from the front desk came over and asked if we had found anything. I noticed that along with the male attendant, the woman from the desk and female attendant were standing in a line looking at me. Also, even though I really liked the female suits, I wasn't buying one that day, mainly because I hadn't yet told my gf about my x-dressing interests.


Wifey, Pam, Asian Jonny and a cum burger for the c

fetish Zebrastripes 2018-04-12

We drove for a little while and I could hear Pam moaning, then the car stopped for a few minutes, followed by a lot shaking and some door slamming. After a few more stops Wifey opened the trunk and with a huge smile and in her sexy voice asked me to join them in the car. I leaned forward and opened my mouth, I didn’t need to be told what to do; Pam was giggling and rubbing her pussy through her wet panties saying “O my god he is going to eat it”. I looked to Wifey; she just stood there smiling, right there in McDonald’s parking lot I stripped down to nothing but my cock cage.

Mistress Step-Daughter Ch2

fetish panteeluvr 2018-04-12

"Spread those fat cheeks for me, Tubby!" Tim did, grabbing the sides of the crotchless panties at the same time, and when she sprayed the perfume on his asshole, it felt like she was using a flamethrower! Tim hadn't been paying attention to Kassi as the perfume stung his shithole, but as the stinging began to subside, he felt a sharp pain on his butt cheek and realized Kassi struck him with a leather belt! When he was finished licking up all his cum, he turned to find Kassi standing behind him, eyes closed, hand down the front of her yoga pants. As soon as she felt Tim's hot breath on her cunt she grabbed the back of his head and screamed "LICK MY FUCKIN' PUSSY!!!

Lynn Finds a Boyfriend

fetish hotmetalman 2018-04-12

I know that I supposed to be jealous and go over and break up their flirtations, but instead I just watch for a couple of minutes as I feel a strange combination of satisfaction that Lynn is so happy, jealousy that Lynn is turned on by this guy, and arousal by the obvious sexual undertones of the scene. I think about her and Jim sharing that passionate kiss, about the way they acted like a couple together. Do I dare tell her that I saw her happiness last night and I want her to take a lover so she can feel that way more often? Lynn gets out her phone and speed dials Jim. The excitement on her face is obvious and makes me happy.

Enslaved Ch. 02

fetish fetishstories07 2018-04-12

His head said it was disgusting and cruel; his dick however was out of control whenever he thought of his Goddess. Shopping had remedied things a bit, but basically Mike's life was about avoiding getting turned on and trying to forget about his dick and the Goddess who owned it. He groaned; his head was saying to run and somehow get the belt off but her dominance pulled him in and strangled him with every grind of her now moist leggings against his face. "I do Goddess, I'm sorry," he whined as she grinded her legs and ass on his locked dick that was now slopping with precum in its cage.


fetish Kara J 2018-04-12

This can't be, I only had a few beers, a long time ago, I swear I'm not drunk, Reno, you know that, Please, Please don't do this. As he finished my sobbing at stopped and I actually felt much better knowing that at least this was happening with Reno, until, I heard the clanging of handcuffs and the realization set in. "Karen, It's protocol, I have to, I'm sorry, please don't make this any more difficult then it already is." He said this as he was fighting me pulling my arm up higher on my back and pushing me into the hood of the car as my breasts flattened against the steel.

A Walk in the Park

fetish MFelder 2018-04-12

You close you eyes and concentrate on peeing, it takes a second because you are so horny and it feels so good to have a cock between your pussy lips, but finally a hot stream of pee shoots out of your cunt, covering my cock with pee As you start to run out of pee I gently slide my cock inside you, the last bit of piss splashing against my balls. You see people walking in the distance and wonder if they know my hard cock is sliding in and out of your swollen wet pussy lips I start to fuck you a little faster, your pussy feels so full.

Kinky Girl Games 03

fetish poetposh 2018-04-12

While one of Steph's hand was working her now very large clit, she reaches over and puts a few of her fingers into her own cup of pee. Steph, knew just what Jennifer is asking for, but wanting to play just a bit, removed her hand from her clit and brought it up to her mouth and licks her first two fingers. As Steph stands, and starts to towel off the cold pee, she feels the fear of going too far growing and if she should have involved young sweet Jennifer in such helping of supper over the top naught sex. Jennifer then picks up the towel that caught most of Steps pee and says to Steph, "And then you ask me to record you have crazy freaky sex with yourself.

Marty's Submission Ch. 01

fetish PuppyLov3r 2018-04-12

Jim sat in his truck, a little ways down the road and watched as Marty came out of the woods, she was trying to fix her clothes, and he couldn't help but notice the blood on her cheek and on her shirt front. Jim couldn't have been more shocked if a cougar walked across the street in front of him, Marty turned away and ran up to the porch where her father stood waiting impatiently, but he snapped as she came in range and grabbed her bags, threw them down on the porch, and shoved her inside by the back of her neck, by the way her feet followed the rest of her body inside, he knew she fell, her father was on her then.

My new carpool lover!

fetish 2018-04-12

I said no problem, and Barbara looked at Natalie with a big smile and told her, “Hey young lady…. Barbara laughed and told her to stop being bad in front of the new guy, and Debbi moved her feet to my lap and said “please rub these for me Mr Mike”. I felt her nails squeezing into my cock and she asked me again if her pussy tasted good and I tried to answer but with her ass on my face I could only mumble about trying to breathe. Natalie’s sweet voice asked me if I was ok and I told her by reaching up and taking her cock into my hands and pushing her body up so I could feel her in my mouth.

The Adventures of Penny Ch. 12

fetish mousemoonwalk 2018-04-12

As I sat down next to Mr McGreggor he turned to me and said "Mr Oldcastle and I have been having a little chat about your husband. Oldcastle set that telephone call up so you and I can be alone for a while." His hand moved slowly up my skirt and began to stroke my thigh. As he slapped away he said to McGreggor, "I'm surprised you left these on." He gave my knickers a twang, "She has got to have one of the most perfect rears I have ever seen." Mr Oldcastle looked at me as I was pulling my jumper back down, "Yes you are right, but I think it is up to the young lady."

Toilet Slave pt.1

fetish 2018-04-12

A moment later, the door slid into the wall, and a hard-faced Hispanic woman with black hair stood there in tight jeans and a tank top. Laurie was suddenly staring up at the guy's cock throbbing directly above her face. Then, like the last guy, he unzipped his jeans, flicked his dick a few times, and pissed all over her face. She opened the box containing Laurie's head and hosed her head, face, and hair with warm soapy water. The Hispanic woman wiped Laurie's face dry with another cloth and closed the box over her head again. Looking down at Laurie's face framed between her open gams, she started, "I'm telling you how it works, that's what I'm doing!

Milking Time

fetish KissingMarriedWomen 2018-04-12

Laura let me feel the baby kicking inside her swollen belly through her thin dress, and I had to stop my hand straying downwards . We waddled across and she hung over the sink, letting her breasts drip freely, then she began to squeeze them, increasing the flow, and making little sighing noises. 'I'm going to cum!' I gasped, and to my shock Laura quickly sat up, my cock loudly withdrawing from her, and twisted round so that she was lying with her face at the level of my hips. I made it, just, but all through the meeting I was seeing Laura's cum-spattered face smiling at me and feeling the dull ache in my cock and in my crotch, almost as if someone had kicked me.

The Girl of My Dreams Ch. 02

fetish Stuntmuffin 2018-04-12

I finally detached myself from the images of Emily in that nice skater dress with the pantyhose and peephole heels enough so I could answer the texts. On the other hand Emily didn't need to seduce me I was already wrapped around her little finger without her wearing my favorite clothing on a girl. Here we are sitting next to each other on a blanket when she asks already knowing the answer, "Do you think I have pretty feet?" "Do you think my feet are still pretty?" Emily asked me as she brought her feet away from the cake and put them back in my face.

Naked Souls Ch. 02

fetish Tara_Neale 2018-04-12

Because before she could change her mind, Linda had brought up an app on her phone and purchased a plane ticket to the city where Josh went to college. She had not managed to work up the nerve all day long to even answer a single one of Josh's dozen or more messages. Linda unconsciously licked her lips as Josh continued to push the briefs lower until he could kick them free. But she would have never thought she would actually have the guts to purchase a plane ticket on the spur of the moment and travel almost a thousand mile to meet a much younger man that she did not really 'know.' She certainly would have thought herself capable of commanding that young man to strip naked for her.

Milwaukee Cuckold Goes Shopping

fetish toothmedic 2018-04-12

I couldn’t respond when I hear Cindy say, “if you are sure I can come up with something.” Judy was now moaning as Henry was lapping up her pussy and Judy is pulling his head in even further and Judy said, “I need him to look slutty in case I have company over.” All of a sudden I feel hands tweaking my nipples and Cindy and Judy are saying, “wow he can suck a cock well, maybe we should rent him out.” I then felt hands massaging my penis as Henry was groaning louder and faster and all of a sudden yells, “Don’t stop, I’m going to cum.” Judy and Cindy said almost together, “make sure you swallow as much as you can.” With that I felt a sweet-salty explosion in my mouth that didn’t seem to end.

David's Tall Girls' School Ch. 08

fetish Thorilla 2018-04-12

Here I was, flat on my back, partly immersed in soapy water, in a large hot shower with twenty naked eighteen year old French girls standing above me, stepping over me while washing and wiping their wet tits, dripping vaginas and dribbling derrieres. My face was roughly at the same height as many of these tall girls' breasts and as they crowded around me I was continuously poked and prodded by erect nipples in my eyes, mouth, ears, nose and hair. Stepping into it she pushed her petticoat carefully down and around her hips, bottom and thighs and pulled her skirt up and zipped it ensuring that she did not trap any part of her cream nylon underskirt.

Pretty Chris-tine Ch. 03

fetish jealouscuck 2018-04-12

Sharon accentuated her big breasts and asked some questions designed to have the woman feel certain areas of her bra that she pointed to. Sharon said, "Yes, Christine would like to try on the black and red chemise with the garters. When we got near the mall, she asked me to again recall the exact exchange of my encounter with Eve, the proper sales lady. Feeling this might be a little awkward, Sharon started the conversation, "So, Eve, Christine was just giddy about how you helped her with her accessories." Sharon told her that she teased the sales lady who was fitting her and actually had her feeling freely around her breasts.

for ms milf

fetish chiellafeber 2018-04-12

The final exams concluded, the teacher had announced a special prize for the student who scored the highest in English. She was sitting as usual in her chair, a smile on her otherwise straight face, as she looked at all her students, a kind of proud, patronizing gaze. I don't know till date what drove me to do it, but I raised my hand to ask a question: "Wouldn't it be good if the winner got a wish of his choosing?" All I wanted as a parting wish was the sight of her round, heavy buttocks swinging as she walked, the final part of her beautiful body that I desired to see.