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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Flight SH 123 to Corfu Ch. 05 of 07

fetish davidmuleguy 2018-04-11

Chief Stewardess Julie Davies, of the popular travel company Sunshine Holidays, based at Manchester Airport -- Terminal 2, led the way along a corridor at a brisk, business-like pace, with Danny Dawson and his three fellow Air Purification Technicians -- his former school pals -- following closely at her heels. Upon hearing the sounds of hushed conversation coming from inside the Gents', the senior air hostess pressed her ear against the door, in trying to make out the gist of what her four nattering charges were saying to each other -- just in time to catch Danny saying: "It's all to do with the Authoritarian Female Party -- they are the ones behind these ruddy so-called 'placements' ..."

The Lady in Blue

fetish Jedah 2018-04-11

I liked the distance of a few inches because as she began to fall into her rhythm of euphoria, I could see her pussy juices start to flow out and run down her ass and collect on the table. My mouth held fixed over her pussy, filled almost instantly with her hot squirt and it began to leak out from my lips and spray back at her, wetting her skirt NS dotting her skin. She began cupping my balls, massaging them in her hands before pausing for a moment and opening her mouth as wide as she could and tried to swallow them too. Not allowing her a moments reprieve, I leapt back up onto the table and holding her ass in my hands, thrust my cock back down her gaping hole.

t-gurl/shemale at straight "singles dance&quo

fetish 2018-04-11

as the night went on men began coming over to our table and asking us to dance......which was nice and quite fun. later, as the last few dances(slow ones of course) were underway, a nice and good looking guy i had danced with twice came back to our table and asked if i would dance a couple of slow-dances with him.......i accepted. while we were dancing he proceeded to ask me about one of my gurlfriends.......he said "is that one friend of yours a little "different"? because the dance floor was full and it was fairly dark in the hall we were in i decided to take another chance......i asked him if he wanted to kiss me.

Human Doll Ch. 03

fetish StoryTeller07 2018-04-11

"Your new owner will dress Amy up and play with his new doll but there are certain changes that need to be made. "Soon enough Amy. Right now your owner wants to play with his new dolly," he said with a touch of teasing pleasure in is voice, letting her know he wasn't displeased. She tried hard not to think and managed to look like an inert doll propped up in the corner of the sofa. "Tomorrow it's Amy's turn to look after the doll master," he said with a big smile. "It is master's dolly pussy, so Amy doll had better keep it safe. Right now Amy doll had better use it to satisfy her owner," he advised. Make your dolly cum, fuck Amy doll hard," Rose pleaded.

Mistress Chronicles Ch. 01

fetish MistressMtoyou 2018-04-11

You will kiss the toe of my left shoe and then say 'Thank you mistress for allowing me to serve you.' You will then kiss the toe of my right shoe and say, 'It is my honor to serve you and all women.' Go ahead and try it. I'm not going to remove your panties to check right now, but if I do, I want that cock which is about the size of an eight year olds to look just as bald -- got it?" Lean forward, I think a good maid needs a bit of lipstick don't you?" Subject heads to the mini bar and removes a miniature bottle of Grey Goose, then returns to stand in front of Mistress silently waiting to be recognized.

Mom Get's Adventurous

fetish 2018-04-11

No-one would have suspected that Rose was subtly grinding her pussy against her sons hard cock and Steve had to head straight for the toilet after the dance. Rose slowly raised her pussy and felt a massive load of cum drip out, all over her sons cock and balls. When Rose felt that she was close to cumming, she told Steve that now was the time to fuck her hard n fast. Rose screamed out “cum with me son” and Steve once again filled his mother’s pussy, this time cumming together as mother and son. As Rose lifted the sheets to invite her son back into bed, she watched his cock begin to grow hard………….she knew it was going to be a great day.

A Perverted Gift from Her

fetish Soltero 2018-04-11

Then you're going to inhale their fragrance, and rub them on your face while you stroke your hard cock, then deliver up a big load for me, right into the crotch. I rubbed the shiny fabric with my fingers and found myself wanting to feel them against my cock, which had begun to stir, but just then I heard people coming towards the office, so I quickly stashed them in the supply closet and sat at my desk. I imagined masturbating more vigorously, fisting my cock and gradually pumping it faster and faster, picturing how you may have made yourself cum in them the day before and, of course, eventually I would follow the irresistable urge to shoot off into those sexy panties myself, coating the crotch with my own spunky cream.

Trained Pets

fetish MissKaneda 2018-04-11

"Come on out and meet Martha, Little girl," Katie encouraged, spurring her pet on by gently sliding her shoe up against the tin and kicking it over, spilling out bits of food and cotton that made up Angie's tiny home. It was always her favorite moment of the day when her Little pet dropped to her knees and showed her devotion to her delightful feet, and now her new girl was getting into the spirit, starting to press her lips to the side of her shoe. Katie gave the slightest nudge with her shoe, knocking her other Little pet back as she rose to her feet, and the two of them began to watch, eager to see what Angie was going to do.

Mad Modification

fetish wilding_mouse 2018-04-11

Yet the redden eyes sought the sightless flecks of multi colored flickering. Making her forget briefly how her ending up in this place as she swam in the scent of her own of the feeling of more rings being forced in her already over pierced flesh. Her voice nearly too soft, almost metallic as if she rarely spoke met her ears it as was washing way by the sight of the loose hooks that hung around her view. Skin pinkened and shivering meeting blunt plastic chased the minute sounds of flesh popping under poorly sharpened metal. The silvery needles catching the shine off her eyes as she reached for another pin.

The Spanking Ad...

fetish tulsaliza 2018-04-11

I was holding my dress up to expose my now bare pussy and ass, ¦my thigh highs exposed, still wearing my high-heeled shoes...I don't know when I've felt so exposed and turned on. "Yes, you may cum, Victoria," He told me as He fucked my pussy with His fingers, it felt like He had His whole hand in my pussy. I held His cock with one hand while I dipped my fingers into my hot, wet pussy, covering my fingers with my juices, having lubed up my fingers, I then found His ass crack just over the edge of the chair, while holding onto His cock with my hungry mouth, I began to feel into His crack to find His ass hole.

My wife pt2

fetish 2018-04-11

She finally came back to me on the chair and asked again if I was ready to let Jerry fuck her in our bed, and with all that I had been through and her hands on my dick, I was a broken man, I merely nodded. "Please fuck Jerry, be his slut anytime he wants, let him take you in our bed, and I will watch and lick you afterwards, just the way you like it." She was getting off about every minute and I was coming closer and closer to orgasm, and just when I started the final moments of my need, when thrusting was an u*********s thing, Lynn reached down with both hands.

Cuckold in the ABS

fetish rdt25 2018-04-11

He walked up to him and leaning close he said, "My wife is in the other room and she would like to see me suck a cock today. If you do a good job and make him cum in your slut mouth, I may bend you over and fuck your ass today." A minute later, he heard the man moan and felt the man's cock begin to throb, then the jets of cum hitting the roof of his mouth. As he was rinsing his mouth with the water he brought, he heard her speak to the watching crowd, "Who wants to see me fuck my little bitch's ass with my strap-on?"

Arianna's Navel Play

fetish SmutGurl 2018-04-11

His eyes looked into hers then stared at her navel. His finger slithered its way to her bellybutton. The feeling was infinitely better once his thick index finger found its way into her navel. He withdrew his finger and watched Arianna's face. He slithered his finger across her belly and into her navel once more. Arianna squirmed against her bindings and every time she would he drew his finger high above her abdomen and paused. "Because I have wanted to play with you for a long time," he replied. His finger dove into Arianna's bellybutton. "We are done for today." His tongue popped out of his mouth and swirled into Arianna's sore and sensitive navel.

roommate in shiny pantyhose

fetish vinnyitalian 2018-04-11

Black and tight, the skirt hugs her figure, painting her curves down to her thighs where it gives way to her long legs, shiny black pantyhose showing them off perfectly. My body begins to clench, my cock beginning to pulse and a breath later I'm cumming, thrusting in to the pantyhose, squirting my semen through the nylon, filling them, soaking them. I don't really know what came over me but I opened her drawer and there were these pantyhose that looked just like the ones this woman was wearing." I'm wringing my hands together, unable to keep still. My pantyhose feels so good on my skin." As she says this, one hand grips her thigh while the other slips between her legs.

Her Revenge Was Sweet

fetish smally 2018-04-11

They told me to stand and get the tape measure, as I stood; my small penis leaked a little pre-cum on the floor. In the car, Laura told me we needed an accurate measurement, I automatically got hard. Thinking about Laura, what she did to me and how I finally gave up and let her do it made me so horny, that my little penis erupted after about a minute. I quickly pulled down my sweatpants and my nearly 5 inch cock sprung out, met by some shocked looks and a little laughing and teasing.

Jennifer, Allan & the Camper Van Trip

fetish algeta39 2018-04-11

Then she said that I was not a stranger to other forms of punishment (which brought a strange look from Allan) and that she proposed we follow her patrol car to a place a few miles down the road where we would both be disciplined in a way that we would not forget in a hurry. They finished, dressed and left while we comforted each other and took their earlier advice and settled down for a bit of a rest, in each others arms, until we were able to stand dressing and, carefully, driving to a nearby town for a meal before getting down for a night and indeed a week of passion and new experiences, including finding out about the reference to the back door.


An Evening With Gabrielle

fetish smudgebucket 2018-04-11

I close my eyes and rub her foot against my cheek, loving the smooth, sensual feel of her skin against my face. I then turn my attention to the top of her foot, kissing and licking the perfect skin there. Slowly I worked my way up her leg, kissing, licking and gently nipping her tender flesh. I licked up and down the inside, stopping only to kiss her there and to slowly suck on her willing flesh. she moaned with pleasure and her toes reached out and slowly began rubbing against the front of my pants. Really, the whole back of her leg from knee to toes was covered by the time I finished shooting off.

my wifes smelly nikes after a rainy day

fetish footlover992003 2018-04-11

Later that nite my wife said you left your shoes outside and man do they stink soothe flag went up hey babe it's gonna rain again tonite how about leaving your shoes out for me. So as the good wife she is of course she went and got her favorite tennis shoes that I love to smell her feet after she takes.them off while we're fucking. She said have at it so I put her foot right to my nose and took inhaled wow it was intoxicating I took 3 shifts and blew my load in her pussy and kept pounding and smelling and believe or not I actually had another orgasm 30 seconds later from the smell.

Morning Ritual

fetish MarthaD 2018-04-11

"Since you've been staring at Linda's legs all day, maybe you'd like to help her out by giving her one of your expect foot massages." When he finished the second foot he looked up at Linda and waited for an opportunity to speak before thanking her for being allowed to rub her feet and asking if there was anything else he could do for her. I knew he didn't like masturbating for me near as much as getting a foot job or some of the other ways that I would let him cum, but I could see that he was riveted to Linda's hose and was rock hard at the idea of bringing himself off on her sexy hosiery.

Karen's Cotton Undies

fetish Paradiggler 2018-04-11

For a woman who had given birth to 2 children, her vagina was refreshingly tight – very pink and SO pretty, surrounded by a mousy brown triangle of pubic hair and lovely loose pink flaps and quite a large, glistening and swollen clitoris which was tucked in underneath the wrinkled pink flesh of her clitoral hood. Her unwashed vagina was so pretty and feminine - it had been so clearly active inside her soft, cotton underpants and was capable of producing such a natural fishy odour and beautiful, moist staining that I simply could not understand why a married man would not take advantage of a wife that presented him with this as a matter of course.

How Lucky Can You Get? Ch. 04

fetish Red8_2Play 2018-04-11

Half of it was the lab sector, and the other half was divided between the geek squad and a special section who took care of the fashion shows, local and abroad. Before leaving, I put my leather case opened inside the trapdoor and I was on my way to the Lab section, when I cross path with Lee Ann. There was lots of white coat working around big tables while handling fabrics and instruments. Jo settle the lingerie on the table and wait for Melissa to retrieve the glowing in the dark bra on her desk. ''Sorry Jo, it won't work trying to figure this thing out on a table, we need it on a model, would you strip for me please?''

Email Cuckold Ch. 04

fetish illicit_writer 2018-04-11

"He even whispered to me that I should suck him!" Excitement ran through Ken. Watching his wife jack him off, he imagined those sexy lips wrapped around a strange cock. As Karen just gave a nervous laugh and came over to look at what her friend had brought, but Jill shook her head. The brunette woman felt her own body respond as she let her tongue run along the edge of the slightly puffy lips of Jill's labia. Jill's hips twitched upwards and Karen let her tongue slide into her pussy. Karen's nipples hardened as she felt Jill's hands all over her body. Karen, already wet, felt Ken's fingers slide easily into her.

A Story of Love and Femdom Pt. 01

fetish ForTheLoveOfFemdom 2018-04-11

However things changed about a year ago when we tried having actually sex for the first time, with it going very differently than we both expected. She knew all my kinks and I told her everything I was willing to try and she got a slight spark of excitement, she order a bunch of stuff online to dominate me, she wrote down a detailed journal of everything I liked and didn't like, my loves, my limits both hard and soft and my definite "no's", which really only had one thing, cuckolding, which she agreed she hated saying she could never be with any other man but me and she promised never to do that, and she never broke her promise technically but that's getting ahead of myself.

Cadet Student

fetish barefoot123 2018-04-11

'Now take these scissors and liberate yourself from the strictness of the cadet world and bring yourself to the nudist one by cutting off all your uniform while I take photos.' said Rick. The two female staff entered and one continued to take photos and video for Rick as the other rode him allowing him to cum inside of her impregnating her 25 year old tanned brunette body. Tim looked at Rick one day as said 'I am glad I could spread my black cum into a nice pale redhead to produce another black person.' 'Lets see if we can fail another pale skinned cadet 20 year old and send them to your compound lol for impregnation of black cum'.