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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish GForce1111 2018-04-11

And with one last grunt he pumped his last pump pushing the last of his man juice deep inside my loins and then pulled himself from me shook his head and his dick to shake off any excess cum dropped his cigarette on my garage floor and stepped it out, he quickly pulled up his jeans f***ed and smashed his still hard dick into his jeans buttoned them up looked around to make sure he had everything grabbed his pack of smokes pulled out another Red fit it underneath his thick mustache lit it and muttered "I gotta GO!" I quickly pulled up my sweats and motioned him to the back door and just like that he was out i could hear my back yard gate open then slam shut ......then the sound of ...My Dads car in the distance!!!

The School Gynecologist

fetish kinkidusti 2018-04-11

"Dr. Kinston is great, dear," the nurse replied pulling the stethoscope away from Emily and tearing the sphygmomanometer away from her arm. "No no no no no," Emily said, "I'm supposed to be seeing the female doctor." The nurse looked at the paperwork in her arms. "Oh," she said quietly, slowly raising her arms over her head, her breasts falling to the front of her chest, two round globes of perfection sitting for Dr. Kinston to examine. Emily took a deep breath and Dr. Kinston started to slowly push the spreader inside of Emily's vagina. "Okay...I'm going to lift you up a little bit more here," he said, cranking the stirrups upward, raising Emily's bottom off of the examination table.

Bound Desperation

fetish lustfuldesires 2018-04-11

Just because I am a girl does not mean that I can't fuck you up," she remarked as she began peeling the duct tape from his mouth. One minute you are begging me to let you piss and the next minute you're stiff as a board." "I don't really think I can believe you anymore," she teased as she began loosening his belt. Walking away to let the swelling go down and then seeing the desperate need to pee wash over him again before repeating the process all over. After she had emptied her bladder on him she rose back to her feet, leaned over and took his piss soaked cock into her hands and aimed it at his stomach.

Asian - Bare backing the baby sitter.

fetish rawblkcock4u78 2018-04-11

My burning sexual frustration along with the sight this mouth-watering young Asian girl masturbating in my living room had driven me to a painful hardness. Kitty grinned eagerly before pulling her skirt back up and returning to the porno she was watching. I gave this same treatment to her left nipple and covered her mouth with my hand so she wouldn't scream and wake my daughters up. She closed her eyes and held me in blissful rapture for a few minutes before ordering me to fuck her hard. "One year as a college cheerleader should mean I have strong lower back muscles, right?" She smiled widely before saying "let's test that theory." She started out riding me slowly but quickly picked up speed.

Ashley's in Trouble Ch. 01

fetish AshleyLoveMany 2018-04-11

He came within seconds his cum covering his shirt and half pulled down pants not caring that the office door was wide open. Finally, ten minutes before Ashley was due to arrive home from work Craig sat back down at their computer planning on logging out of her secret email. "You ok?" Craig wondered if she wasn't feeling well or wanted to reread the email her lover had sent. He felt inadequate as he looked down at his average sized cock knowing it wouldn't fill her the way her boyfriend's had. He started mindlessly thrusting in and out again barely feeling it trying to push the thoughts of jealousy and deception out of his mind.

Thirst Ch. 01

fetish dulcisfontis 2018-04-11

Sheila and I were close at one time – in fact, we were lovers then – but we had not seen each others in years. Having settled down, I took the time to study her, comparing her appearance to the person I had last seen years ago. Sheila and I met for the first time at a party hosted by a mutual friend in the Southern city that I had just moved to. During the years since we broke up, I had often wondered if our relationship might have turned out for the better had I not told her about my secret desire. The dumbfounded look on Sheila's face at the moment of my "revelation" came to my mind as I sat there sipping the lemonade - I must have smirked.

The Weekend Ch. 03

fetish jsg1966 2018-04-11

Needless to say, my hands went to my pants many times, feeling my cum oozing. I was happy to see that your note included instructions for me to get in my hot tub -- a splurge purchase that I made a few years ago when I got an unexpected bonus. 2) After cumming, take your clothes off the rest of the way, go to the shower, wash up, get dressed -- it doesn't matter in what -- and be back here, reading my other e-mail by 2:00. My cock started to jump and within about 2 minutes, cum came shooting out of it. I quickly went and hung up my clothes, then came back to continue reading.

It All Starts With A Box...

fetish feelinglikeatrainedmonkey 2018-04-11

"That was very nice, such a good girl" He comes over and takes you in his arms and runs his hands over your back and butt, pulling you to him, pressing your breasts against his chest. You feel his hands spreading your ass as he continues to fuck you, his cock in your pussy and his thumb in your ass. You end up getting out "no, I'm not OH MY, shit that feels so fucking good" as he starts to fuck your ass, all the while keeping your ass spread and your face and breasts are rubbing on the floor as another orgasm washes over your body.

I Just Stealthed a Straight Guy

fetish 425olds 2018-04-11

I had no idea who this was or where they got my number but i’m thinking it was this straight guy that I talked to off craigslist who wanted me to fuck him. I started sliding into his TIGHT hairy hole and don’t even get the head in when he looks back and says “where’s the condom?”. I point my cock straight at his beautiful hairy fuckhole, and slide into my fucking prize… Fuck yeah! I can feel his hairy hole welcoming my sweet 8” cock as it slides in and out of him, getting wetter and wetter from the precum i’m putting in his sweet ass.

John's Domination Ch. 01

fetish wannabebitchboi 2018-04-11

He figured this was probably going to be like all the other times, where he would eat her to orgasm and then they would have sex until he came on her, then clean up and back to normal. He continued to eat away at her, and as she rocked back and forth her pussy started to cover his entire face, occasionally making it hard to breath, but she didn't seem to care. "Remember what you promised" She started stroking him faster now telling him "I want you to cum for me, cum all over yourself" And in no time at all he did just that. He slowed down his tongue thrusts enjoying his orgasms but continued to lick until all the cum had ejaculated out of his cock.

Blowjob Car Fun

fetish PrincessSybil 2018-04-11

I wasn't too sure about letting him up into my place so he responded with "My vehicle is big enough for some fun ;)" It was on and I was excited as can be, I changed into a sweat jacket and sweat pants with some black uggs on my feet. I ended up initiating the fun by pulling open my sweat jacket and placing his soft hand on my breasts. I felt him reach my sweat pants and he roughly pulled them down, I was feeling anxiety that someone might see so I raised my head, looked around and reminded him to make sure no one see us.

one of my fantasys

fetish 2018-04-11

I look down the hallway and see my wife with her legs in the air and a black ass pumping in between them. I hear my wife moaning how good his big cock feels in her and him telling her how good and tight her pussy is. She spreads her legs even wider as she grabs his ass and pulls him in as deep as she can and I see his big full black balls jerk against my wife's white arse, as he shoots his potent black seed in her and she is going wild in orgasm after orgasm. I look out the door just in time to see him climbing off of her and his thick long black dick sliding out of her covered with both their juices and his cum running out of my wife's pussy.

Thrown By the Garter

fetish archibael 2018-04-11

"The best man's duties include," Geoff quoted, "the planning of the bachelor party, the holding of the ring until it is needed, helping to dress the groom, delivering the toast at the reception, and ensuring the rest of the groomsmen are prepared for the ceremony. As Mustafa helped Kyle, Geoff was able to focus more on his own internal dialogue and less on this mismatched couple of thugs he called a wedding party. Through this whole process, Rosie had made it clear that this event was the pinnacle of her young life, and that she was not going to let pesky things like flexibility or tolerance get in the way of her bridal apotheosis. Geoff tore his eyes away from her backside long enough to look over to Mustafa, who returned his gaze inquiringly.

Enough Is Enough

fetish magas911 2018-04-11

By the time Bob found the condom in the car Brandy and Connor were having sex almost every day. Carla looked up at Bob's face and asked, "You want me to suck you with my dress on or off?" When Mike pushed into her and her ass opened to allow the assault Carla pulled off Bob long enough to say, "Fuck me hard, boys! I love watching you suck Bob while I fill your ass!" Three strokes later he slapped her ass and grabbed handfuls of her cheeks as he slammed home and unloaded. Bob looked at her face and said, "If your hands stay away from your chest and you do what I ask you to do, this will not last long.

Rescue Sex Pt. 04

fetish ironicchef 2018-04-11

I played with her pussy and ass until I was hard again - I thought about sticking my dirty cock in her face, but decided against it. I left her breathing hard on the floor, the gag in her mouth and the blindfold still attached. When I walked in, Melissa was on her knees, sucking on a dildo, mounted via suction cup to one of the mirrors. "If that dildo falls off the wall, I'm going to fuck your ass without mercy." She'd waited weeks for this, and she was straining to wrap her pussy around my cock, her lips straining around the dildo. I bucked into her pussy with all my power, forcing the dildo into her mouth and causing her to gag.

Panties Ch. 01

fetish murphybrown537 2018-04-11

When Cait turned from the door and moved to sit herself, Seth couldn't take his eyes off of how her slacks clung to her lower body. He couldn't help but run his eyes up and down her sexy body as she again ushered him in while turning away to close the door. During that session, Seth was constantly drawn to the shape of Dr. Burke's breasts beneath the olive colored dress, and the way the dress wrapped around her small belly, hips, and thighs. As Seth imagined the look of Dr. Burke's white satin covered ass, his cock disappearing again and again inside of her, he imagined fondling her breasts beneath the soft olive fabric. Seth was immediately pleased by what Cait was wearing, light gray dress slacks and a tight white blouse.

A Panty Thief Confesses

fetish AngeloBiGuy 2018-04-11

Sniffing my wife's panties, knowing she got hot and wet because of me, is a great thrill and I have masturbated many times with her hot panties over my nose and mouth, deeply inhaling her scent. Sometimes, fighting for washers and dryers at the laundry room can be quite an art, and I know exactly how long each washer and dryer it takes to do its particular job; that way, I ensure I'm back to claim my clothes before some maniac removes them and tosses them to the floor or counter. As I got ready to leave, I saw another tub of laundry sitting on the counter by the door, obviously left by someone intent on the same mission as myself.

Views on creaming girly innards

fetish billstew 2018-04-11

It took me a lot of practice to be able to cum inside a woman's vagina while fucking and not losing my erection like most men do instantly after orgasming. If I fuck someone and cum inside, the reduced friction my not be quite enough sensation compared to 10 minutes ago, but for the life of me, now matter HOW fucked out I am, if a pussy is filled with cum from the LAST guy a girl just fucked, insty hardon like steel. If I make the girl cum before we fuck, I can share her multiorgasmic energy and cum 2-5 times without losing my erection, as we share energy, her orgasm also becomes more direct so she gets some of my energy.

A Taste for Cum

fetish Kinkykille76 2018-04-11

My boyfriend took out his dick and asked if I wanted an appetizer, so I went down on my knees and started sucking. After a while I heard someone enter the booth next to ours so I stopped sucking at my boyfriends cock and went over to the glory hole and placed my finger on the rim of the hole to show that I wanted him to put his dick through the hole. Behind me I heard my boyfriend drop his pants and starting to stroke his dick, horny from watching me suck on a strangers cock while another strangers sperm was running down my face.

Sex with a Friend

fetish mugs101 2018-04-11

I handed her the beer and sat on the floor at her feet taking her shoe in my hand I kissed the top and started to work my way up her nylon covered leg. Her shoe fell to the bed alongside my head as I grabbed her foot and held it to my mouth running my tongue along her nylon covered sole. As I pulled my boxers off y cock was standing at attention." Come back on the bed like a good boy." I lay back down and Janice reached over and started to gently stroke my cock. Janice quickly got off me and spun around, I was looking at her soaked pussy as she took my cock into her mouth sucking it and licking both our juices off.

Wendy's Followup Exam

fetish WritingOrthus 2018-04-11

"I just am glad we could get this done quickly Doctor." Wendy stood at the foot of the exam chair, knowing she would be spread open on it very soon. "I just want to help you relax." Wendy began to relax as Sally's gloved hands reached her nipples, rolling and squeezing them gently. She snapped the gloves in place and addressed Dr. Jeff, "Let's go into the exam room next door, you have something I need to take care of." She reached down and rubbed the doctor's erection through his scrubs. Sally led the doctor out of the exam room and Wendy just felt herself wandering off into dream land.

Woman Finding out how she tasted

fetish ILoveBigBush 2018-04-11

Carrie assisted, and coyly said, "Well, I guess this is why you have to eventually leave the frat party." I thought it was a provocative thing for her to say so I responded, "I know, I want these (her breasts) all to myself." Her fingers reached to the rear of her bra, and she unhooked it revealing two large breasts with pinkish red aureolas and nipples. As hoped, Carrie turned around (revealing her lovely round ass), hoist her right leg over my torso, and knee-walk backwards placing her creamy, musky pussy about one inch above my eager tongue. I proved this when as I pulled out, no less than one second later, my cock started twitching, hands free, and spewing jets of semen on Carrie's mammoth breasts, soft, round belly, and chestnut pubic hair.

Caged and denied.

fetish 2018-04-11

Failing to complete my first task is the reason i ended up being locked in chastity. Mistress starts laughing wickedly and says SHE will email me my new tasks shortly. At that moment i was completely reminded that Mistress Naciel now owns and controls my cock. As soon as i received the email form my Mistress, i posted the pictures of Mistress Naciel's feet on my page and began to fantasize about worshipping HER divine feet. i also took a picture of Mistress Naciel's new property locked up. i remain locked up today 3/31/2013 and am really feeling the effects of Mistress Naciel Night's punishment. As i look at my CB or feel it squeeze, i am reminded that Mistress Naciel owns my cock.

The Princess and the Assassin Pt. 11

fetish thecloned22 2018-04-11

Jor looked up with a start, but then relaxing once he saw Siella, "Ah, yes my lady, thank you. Jor looked to the back exit just as they heard angry yet muffled screams from Rosetta and Sillica arguing outside. Slowly Sillica broke away from Rosetta, tears still streaking down both of their faces. They lay on their backs pressing their faces together in a passion filled kiss, as Rosetta bit down on Sillica's lip. Unable to resist, Rosetta grabbed Sillica's wrist and shoved their entire left hand into their vagina. "Well," Rosetta started as she turned her head to face Sillica, "dose that show you how I feel?" Sillica looked at Rosetta with a wicked smile, the mud still caked in her hair.