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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Dorm Room Blues Ch. 01

fetish The_Black_Dragon 2018-04-11

Sara sits down at her desk and checks her email and aim messages while she starts up a conversation with Kim, who goes over to her closet and grabs clothes and shower accessories. She walked over to her dresser, which was right next to the girls clothes hampers and began to strip to get ready for her own shower. Sara remembered that she had been absolutely hammered the night before and might have added an entry and left the notebook right out in the open on the desk by her computer. About ten minutes later Kim re-entered the room and Sara stood up and gathered her shower supplies.

A Slave to Socks Ch. 01

fetish AnimatedSocks 2018-04-10

After a few moments of silence, the old man started down the aisle towards Lexi, a wrinkled hand reaching up to adjust those glasses a bit before gazing upon the front of the book. Lexi looked back to her friend, knowing that is the answer Ellie was hoping she would say, but nodded her head a few times regardless. How many people come in here believing what you have to offer anyway?" Lexi said as a matter of fact tone, using her free hand to dig out her wallet out of her purse. "Ok, Lexi." Ellie was the first to speak, strapping in her seat belt then turning those brown eyes to look over to her friend, her face a look of complete seriousness in an attempt to portray her concern before even asking the question.

David's Tall Girls' School Ch. 12

fetish Thorilla 2018-04-10

With a certain amount of theatrical aplomb the nineteen year old school girl lifted her Cancan dress and petticoat up to her face so that her big dark staring eyes and hair were just visible behind her hems. I felt Miss Judith Dodd's nineteen year old gloved hands grip the top of my head through her skirt as she wiped her cleft up and down, up and down, up and down my tongue and nose. "Yes Miss Wiff-Naseford." Christine said looking at me while sliding her black gloved hands up the sides of her dress into the tops of her cotton lace-trimmed bloomers which she dragged down to her knees and then stepped out of them tossing them onto my face.

The Interrogation Ch. 4

fetish casper33 2018-04-10

Knowing that there would be time for that later, she contented herself with enjoying her own fingers and teasing poor Agent X with the nearness of her hot body while he drifted in and out of his erotic dreams. Bianca stepped in closer, allowing her erect nipples to stroke sensuously down his raging flesh, her hands dipping lower to soap X's trembling abdomen, tangling her fingers briefly in his pubic hair. Macy, watched Bianca's sexy teasing raptly and unable to restrain herself any longer, moved to X's side and spreading her legs quickly straddled one of X's thighs, thrusting her self wetly against him.

My Story

fetish JenniferWilson 2018-04-10

Edith and I found a couple of outfits in a party hire shop consisting of dresses, boots, hand bags and hats. Edith chose an 'A' line dress in very glossy white plastic or PVC; I am not quite sure which but it looked super sexy. I smoothed my hands down it to remove some of the creases and enjoyed the sensation; I think I really liked the shininess and how it made me look, sort of sexy. I would surf the web for pictures of girls and men dressed in PVC and enjoyed looking at them and it was then that latex caught my imagination as it too was smooth and could be very shiny when polished.


fetish brunettechubbybabe91 2018-04-10

I let out a moan as you grab me by the hair and pull me closer to you; my free hand grabs your wrist as the other starts to slowly stroke your throbbing cock. Our eyes meet again and it’s as if you can sense everything that I’m feeling and thinking - your hand loosens allowing me to take a needed deep breath. “You’re always so wet for me” I smile and blush as your middle finger finds my clit and starts to slowly rub it - making me let out a loud gasp. I start to wiggle against you; feeling your cock pressing against my leg as I reach down and grab you by the wrist - grinding your hand against my pussy.

3 on 1

fetish cby2 2018-04-10

As Candy pulled the rest of my clothes off and Ashleigh swirled my cock around in her mouth, Kristin replied, "Well, isn't that the point." She continued slurping my cum and swallowing it down as Candy and Kristin forced her face onto my volcanic cock. "Well, take one last look at Kristin riding your cock because you're not going to see anything else but Ashleigh's asshole." While Candy pounded my ass and Ashleigh came on my face and Kristin came on my cock, my arms began to flail. Candy grasped my cock and began stroking right towards Kristin's mouth. The girls began kissing Kristin and licking her face while I dangled in the swing - thinking about the fuck of my life.

Toe Be or Not Toe Be

fetish wife2hotblk 2018-04-10

I ran my own hands slowly across them pulling and tweaking the nipples exactly the way I liked as I brushed my right foot across the front of those white briefs. With my feet doing the job that would usually require at least one hand or my mouth; I could focus upon achieving my own release, which is exactly what I did. I wonder sometimes what it must have been like for him though: to sit on his couch and watch me as I played with the pussy he had fucked and with my big tits while I fulfilled his fantasy with my foot rubbing against his hard cock.

Ensnared Succubi

fetish ShadowWolfe 2018-04-10

want these to get bigger?" As she asked, she made her breasts swell up a bit, making Lynx look on stunned and his dick throbbed bigger. He instantly spurt so much cum in Liicha's mouth and her "hunger" started to subside, making her shiver and shake in relief, but opening the door to a very expansive need to finish what she started. Lynx forced Liicha's legs open and pressed the enormous tip of his dick to her small and tight pussy lips. Lynx lifted the leg that she had up and put it over his shoulder, while trying to thrust every bit of his massive dick inside her. Lynx's dick was still hard and thick, its veins pulsing visibly as Liicha kept playing with his balls.

How it Began Ch. 02

fetish jlltec 2018-04-10

"My father was one of the sorority boys, and then my mom's boyfriend and then of course they got married." El said. That said, we do have an orgasm denial week where the girls are pleasured as usual and the guys have to wait until Saturday night to cum. By the way, when you have a house full of sexually liberated woman and sexually obedient men there are a lot of orgasms happening all the time. I think you too will find being a submissive young man with a hard bobbing cock has its advantages," she said. El said, "One other thing I like is when a guy asks permission to cum.

Self-Defence Class

fetish blondbombshelluk 2018-04-10

My eyes go wide as he unties my joggers and pulls them abruptly to my ankles, only my thong hides my pussy folds and my arse is bare, he bends me to the floor in doggy position. My inability to speak rationally implies defiance and he rips my thong down to my knees and spanks my pussy repeatedly and then thrusts in a couple of thick strong fingers inside me. Uncertain of where this is leading, I try to turn around to look at what he will do next, but he pushes my face to the floor bending me over further my arse pointing towards the ceiling.


The Vinyl Dress

fetish oggbashan 2018-04-10

The head would be completely hidden inside the overall hood which had a buckled strap round the collar. In the accessory bag are the straps to attach the slave's arms and/or legs - see illustrations overleaf". "To use the pear just place in the slave's mouth and tighten strap round head. Why you bought it I don't know but since it fits you so well you can wear it whenever you like. "Come on, Thomas" I said "Time for bed." The next thing I knew was Thomas bringing me breakfast in bed. "I know you will, Thomas" I said but my unspoken thought was "will it be enough?" I leant over him and my breasts pushed him further into my skirt.

Allison Swallows... NOTHING!

fetish stacey_lynne 2018-04-10

No matter what routine she was working on, the instant Liam walked into the gym room, petite Allison would immediately feel the slow, incessant trickle of wetness between her legs. Huge, powerful, handsome, gentle Liam's lovely, tiny penis was totally perfect! Petite Allison suddenly felt Liam tighten up, all over, his muscles tense up all over, everything so totally tight, except that he seemed to be dilating his anus, welcoming her middle finger to enter all the way inside. Petite Allison kept her mouth on his glans, now eagerly sucking it with all her might, seeking to swallow that huge, enormous load of creamy cum Liam was propelling out.

The Farm Ch. 05

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-04-10

They spent many good years together with Lisa serving as the dominant partner and treating her beautiful blonde as her love-slave. As fate would have it, Jenny left Lisa and moved in with Deb. However within a little more than a month she found herself at The Farm where she now served as one of the mistresses who trained recruited slaves. Bobby put up with her chuckles and her overzealous kisses and the socially awkward gripping of his cock and ball squeezes whenever she happened to show up on Mistress Deb's doorstep. Within the month of seeing a female physician-friend of Deb's, Bobby went from an average ten-inch cock to a massively thick one and his balls had tripled in size.


Our Sub Fantasy Fulfilled Ch. 03

fetish DiggerDave 2018-04-10

Patty explained to me that after their early shift had finished she called Amy to her private supervisors office and put on and buckled the leather sub collar up around her neck. The attendant apparently spent some time explaining the piercing process and showing Amy and Patty various sizes of bars and rings. Patty told me that the piercing was over very quickly and was not that painful for Amy. The attendant marked each nipple, then pierced them and inserted the large gold rings. Patty said that she enjoyed forcing Amy to have her nipples pierced as she knew that it would give me great pleasure next time Amy came over to be used.

Von Estate Stories... Amanda

fetish greasy963 2018-04-10

Miss Michelle Von Dutch had over seen the training of hundreds of slaves, including herself and Alexis, and the transformation of males to females or to she males. Michelle was in her normal long very formal black latex dress and Christina was in her cat suit and collar. The men said that they were looking for a missing 15 year old girl. Christina nodded as she help load the female that was dressed in a pink latex suit and mask, in ballet heels and a hood in to a car to be taken to her new home. Alexis and Christina quickly open the side door and got the five people out and started walking them to the first room will they would begin their training and brainwashing.


fetish WFEATHER 2018-04-10

Earlier in the evening, I had come across an interesting wallpaper on the Internet, featuring an image of a slickened coed, the oil making her nude body reflect the lights (positioned behind the camera) quite nicely; propped up on her elbows, she grinned as she looked at someone or something off-camera to the left, the background of the shot so dark that her near-albino skin truly stood out even without the oil. I also had Janice turn her head slowly more toward the camera than in the original photo, so I could also capture how the tiny hoop piercing her left nostril also caught the light from the bedroom doorway.

Self Indulgence

fetish Nieve 2018-04-10

She took out her hand, wet her middle finger with her mouth, and pushed it back down, beneath the trousers and underwear, just below the pubic hair. She spread her legs as far as she could in the chair, and with her head back and eyes closed, she used her left hand, to rub her pussy up and down. Reaching down to wet her fingers with her pussy juice every few rubs, she could feel the sensation start; that tingling that tells you you're on the way. She felt her legs move in together, her lips close over hand, her clit became hot, her juices were flowing, and she buckled forward and back in her chair.

Long Hard Weekend (a sissy story)

fetish ssspspb 2018-04-10

Swallow Pussy!" Ed Said, Pulling on my nipple clamps. Sperm My Mouth While Ed stroked his Cock with the Head between my lips COCK hanging down to my mouth I started licking the said "Come with me Pussy" Her hand ,pinching my left bun quite hard Joan turned me around and stuck her left nipple to my mouth, I eagerly still had the Dildo in my mouth and Joan stroked my clittie a little balls hung down at my mouth so I started licking and sucking on long as Bob. Candice was waiting her turn , Tina keeping her hard with Bye Pussy" Scott and Tina went to the bedroom and Tom and Bob and Ed his cock getting hard again and ravaging my mouth or ass!

Beach pt3

fetish malesub01 2018-04-10

I decided to get things started, so I pressed Nick to the wall, did the same lip lick that I had just done to Mollie, then I shoved my tongue down into his throat like I’d done at the beach that night. As Nick and I got lost in our moment, Mollie was suddenly standing right by us, her wet hand on my cock, her dry one on his, stopping any further movement. Then, I locked eyes with Mollie for a moment, and started giving Nick a fast, fierce paddling, not letting up as I lost myself in the feeling and the feral sounds Nick was making, not to mention the dripping pre-cum spattering my legs, as his cock wiggled against my calves.

What's Your Fantasy Ch. 05

fetish Optimus9812 2018-04-10

"Are you ready Pet?" she asked him as she pressed the bulb shaped head to his hole, not waiting for his reply as she began pressing forward with steady pressure. I love seeing your tight ass stretched around my girl cock while you beg me to fuck you like a slut. "Oh shit Pet, I think I'm gonna cum just from fucking your hungry ass!" she moaned to him as she withdrew again, this time a little further before pounding back into him. Just like a good little slut." she told him as she watched his fist pump and down his gorgeous cock. "Oh...fuck...yes ma'am...I'm cumming" he stammered as his fist pumped up and down in a blur over his rock hard cock, it's veins purple and bulging under the tight skin.

Diphallus Ch. 01

fetish Tarbut 2018-04-10

Dvora, before suckling, told Noga, "A knee into my genitalia will be enough," so Noga parted her legs and allowed her lover to caress her vulva with her fingers and her right nipple, while the other breast was pressing the dildo against the other -- much in the way an elephant grabs a stick with his trunk. Dvora hugged Noga with a blacksmith's force, kissed her more passionately than her previous lovers, drew her towards her own head, so the dildo pressed harder against the clitorides of both; Noga's firm breasts and Dvora's immense ones conspired to give added pleasure -- as when Noga began to throb and twist the way men do while within a woman's body, her nipples furrowed Dvora's areolas like plowshares, and lubricated them with their milk.

Dave's Side of the Story III

fetish seelee01 2018-04-10

My cock would get hard and I would fantasize about Sara getting fucked by some big-dicked guy. When you are a rich, good looking white man, it isn't hard to find a girl who will let you fuck her brains out. I am telling you now, if you want a girl who will lick your asshole, gag on your cock, let you fuck her pussy and her ass, look for the girl in the bar who exudes confidence and sexuality, and wears a size 16. "I'm comming" I said, and instead of pulling off my dick and letting me shoot it onto their tits or a paper towel, she kept her mouth latched onto my cock and took every drop.

Michelle at the Beach

fetish flabuf 2018-04-10

On her knees Robert's cock in her mouth, Michelle knew she could never think of the beach the same way again. Though he was deep in her throat, Michelle opened her mouth a little further allowing her to use her tongue on the underside of his penis teasing him towards a climax she knew that they would both enjoy. As she let him fall from her mouth a second time she felt a hand on her head turning it to the left and she followed the pressure instinctively. Each time his cock nearly exited her mouth she pulled him in again with her fingers digging into his ass and burying her face in his pubic hair.