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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My Wife Fucks Another Man

fetish 2018-04-10

I am dropping my wife off at a small house on an unassuming street. She leaves the car, purse in one hand, camcorder and cell phone in the other. I could hear her high heels on the pavement as she was walking up to his house. She agreed to keep an open cell line to my phone. I was listening to everything so clearly. My imagination ran wild. Put some headphones on and just "listen" to a wild passionate porno. This brought our sex lives to a whole different level. For her too as she admitted it drives her wild knowing I am listening. It brought my wife and I closer physically, mentally, and sexually.

The Outfitter's Advice

fetish Seamstraight 2018-04-10

Such lovely Directoire's, Mildred." Rose cooed, as she admired her friend's cheeky reveal. "Well, In that case, I absolutely insist that you confide in me, my dear friend." She placed her hand, comfortingly, on Rose's nylon-clad knee. Did your juices soak and drench the knickers you were wearing?" Mildred asked, fully aware of her own excitement dampening the gusset within her loving husband's gift. "Yes, I do so love my husband's big cock in a pair of delightful knickers." Mildred said with sensual admiration. "How does she smell, dear?" Mildred asked as she watched him masturbate to the aroma of Rose's worn knickers. He obediently handed her Rose's pilfered knickers, which Mildred took and held under her nose.

Hummiliation "the beginning" - Part 1

fetish Grizu 2018-04-10

After a few seconds she briskly walked over to her staff room disappeared and shortly after two girls appeared seemingly confused wondering why they had to leave their afternoon break immediately when the shop floor was empty with no customer in sight. I watched my watch for another 1 ½ minutes then started walking right into her shop, passed all the girls and straight towards her back room. Then I grabbed her pony tail with my left hand, pulling her head backwards as I reached out between her legs with my right hand, running a finger into her wet pussy, circling twice her clit before pushing once into her and out.

Wife Pleases - VI

fetish 2018-04-10

We relished in replaying the night with her friend and his cum ladened shorts looking forward to future adventures when his wife was out of town..then one day I came home from school and she was very distressed. He admired her tanned legs and when he got on his chair to come in close for the exam and the lights were off, she spread her legs so one of his legs came between her and his knee pushed into her bare groin he was shining his light into her eyes, she could see a questioning look in his eyes...she laid a hand on his cock and it was already hard...when he started to pull back for more she held him behind the head and laid a wet kiss on his lips...he was in shock!

Hanging Around

fetish pcharm 2018-04-10

The manager came out and spied me - he was more mature however he had a look that seemed okay. He moved to go to his door, turned around and asked me if I wanted a drink. I walked inside and it was a huge room with brass on the edges to make it look ritzy. When he invited me to have a drink, I thought okay - well I had done oral before. I got hot and wet, and when I couldn't cram hardly an inch inside my mouth the boss pushed my face away, adn then he moved behind me. I had that boss fill me right up, and when he was ready to cream he held me firm before he began to seep his load inside.

Wife fantasies

fetish welshrod 2018-04-10

She eventually used to really let herself go and tell me all, including the married guy who was 20 years older and had a big cock. One day I told her about this feeling that I had, how it would be such a turn on to let her fuck another guy, to know that he was so lucky to be enjoying my wife, to know how much pleasure he would get from ramming his cock into her lovely pussy, squeezing her tits and using her body. Eventually we agreed that it was time to bring a guy back and let me watch them. We continued with our lifestyle for a few years, I reckon gaynor fucked at least 40 guys in that time.

Kara's Cuckold Bitch

fetish germanboi4bbc 2018-04-10

"Can you feel it baby?" Kara moaned as I sank two fingers deep inside her soaking wet cunt. "It's official baby," my hot wife moaned as she watched me suck another man's cum from my fingers for the first time. I lay on my back as my sexy wife straddled my face and lowered her cum filled pussy to my hungry mouth. Jeremy came deep inside my wife's pussy and Kara came several times as well, which was something she had never done with me. Jeremy pushed my wife onto her back and plunged his dick inside her very wet pussy. He wiped his cock off and fucked my wife's cunt hard and fast from behind until he blasted a second load of cum inside her well fucked pussy.

Three-Day Experiment

fetish songwriter503 2018-04-10

"Every time I'm ovulating, and only then" -- she started out by qualifying how far this role play was going to go, in case I might like it too much -- "I'm a young student of yours. Each phrase now ends with a bit of an upswing, as if she's not sure, wanting to make sure she's got this right, as if the subtext is, I'm pretty sure this is the kind of thing you really like, but it better be, because I find the whole idea basically frustrating and somewhat humiliating. Sachi is very dedicated to the idea of getting pregnant, and clearly ready to try things that she probably won't like so much, and that she doesn't think will work.

Korean Slut in the Club

fetish amslvr 2018-04-10

Ram had continued to bring drinks, and in addition to her wetness she was starting to feel a little buzzed. She had a nice ass, for a Korean girl, and Ram started to explore it with his hands. As Ram's hands explored her firm ass, she started to grind against his hardening cock. While the elevator slowly ascended they Yami already started undoing Ram's pants, she was greedily awaiting the sight of his beautiful brown cock for the first time. Yami couldn't help but think about Sam, it had been a long time since she licked an ass hole. She began to cum at the same time as Ram. She could feel jet after jet of his potent cum swelling inside her tiny Korean pussy.

The Maid

fetish sisifo 2018-04-10

I chose the urinal beside the door and decided to take a closer look at the woman - who, meanwhile, resumed her cleaning task - through the open door, while getting ready to pee. Watching my cum splashed all over the floor she'd just clean, she threw me a disgusting look, while giving a rant about the patience she needed to put up with all the freaks (and they should be many, judging by her expression) which rode by the place, choosing her as pretext and goal for their dirty fantasies. Without saying a word, she turned away and headed for the bathroom door, closing it after hanging on the doorknob an off-duty notice that she took from the cart.

Being Husband

fetish klammer 2018-04-10

working his fingers inside Nadia's panties now, and with mounting tension Frederico would be shafting Nadia before long I knew, pumping as much spunk For a short time I cried, but I felt I loved Nadia more than ever, and All this time Fredi had remained standing next to Nadia. seconds or so Nadia reached out with one hand and grasped Fredi's limp cock. his shaft could rear up too far, Nadia took her free hand and held my head of Frederico in rut again, shafting Nadia hard and long. but lay there, listen, and imagine this man making my wife cum on his cock. girdle stayed where it was, but Nadia rubbed my little prick through the

In the mall (sissy femdom story) Part 1

fetish germanmemail 2018-04-10

jacket and shop with the tight sweater and what they contained a little more I took a taxi to the mall and just before entering I looked around to featured lots of white lace and tight black spandex that created a look only "Just a little dare, I wanted to spice things up a bit." That made her giggle "You'd like to dare yourself into that I bet" she said pointing at the "Come on, we both know you're a little sissy boy slut. "Now lift your sweater." I looked around the store and I lifted my sweater bunching it around my shoulders and she looked at my light bra I was wearing they jiggled and swayed with each little step. looked like a 1940's sweater girl.

Holding It For Anal Ramming

fetish amypussy 2018-04-10

"I'm sorry about the pee Tom, and I'll do better next time" I say sheepishly, "my asshole is ready." On the way to the restaurant I sit in the passenger seat, holding my pussy with my hand to ease the pressure on my kegel muscles. I reached under the table and used my hand to help hold the pee in. "You just hold it, until we get home, and then you ask me, like a good girl for permission, and you'll get to pee. Tom kisses my pussy, and gently flicks my clit with his tongue. "You have to wait a little longer, baby, until I make you come with my tongue, then you can pee."

Isabella's Reversion Pt. 05

fetish silverbackteddy 2018-04-10

Jade quickly began ripping off the paper off of the biggest one, as Isabella sat on the floor still enjoying the plushie she had been humping, while working her breast through her bra. Jade began unwrapping the next present to find a large sized light tan teddy bear also with C cup breast, but no poking in the skirt of the silk pink cocktail dress she was wearing. Before pulling the panties all the way up, Isabella took the small pink teddy bear from her panties that she had used as a diaper pad, and placed it into Jade's panties. "Oh fuck me," Jade said, holding up a pair of pink panties, made the same as the others but with a double ended furry dildo sewn into it.

Breastfeeding Me Ch. 02

fetish mamamilklover 2018-04-10

I shut the door, opened the half-door entering the nursery, and sat down in the rocking chair next to her as we continued our conversation. I quickly agreed and got out of my chair to shut off the lights and lock the nursery door. This was my favorite view in the world - lying in Erica's lap, my head resting, underneath her big breasts, looking into her eyes, waiting to see her uncover her massive breasts. "You've got to finish eating now, baby," she said leading me back to the nursing room. As Erica and I entered the room, she unzipped her dress all the way, and let it fall to the floor.

Mommys Hot Showers

fetish 2018-04-10

"Mikey, mommy has a very dirty ass, will wash it for me baby?" Mom asked before turning around and lifting her leg up on the tub. "That's a good boy Mikey, get it nice and clean for mommy!" mom said before reaching under herself to grab his young hot bone. Fuck mommy baby, mommy wants you to cum inside my pussy!" mom demanded! Mikey stood there and rubbed his cock all around moms creamy cunt before she said, "I didn't forget about you Franky!". Mom faced me and opened her legs ready to mount me on the toilet, and then she pushed her huge juggs into my face and grabbed my cock.

Wifes job interview

fetish sly77 2018-04-10

In a confident voice Mr. Thompson responded, "Well, since you asked, I want to be completely honest with you Barry and I don't mean to be crude or anything, but the truth is that it will be easier for me to play with your wife's pussy since I can slide my hand inside of a wrap around and under a short skirt." Oh yeah, Joyce was aroused and I knew she wanted to be fucked by Mr. Thompson's big cock and take his cum in her pussy. I watched as he pushed his big cock all the way inside of her until I heard his balls slap against her ass and then I heard one loud grunt from Mr. Thompson and I could see his balls lift up and down and I knew he was pumping his cum into my wife's pussy.

The Bigger The Better Ch. 02

fetish Blackchef 2018-04-10

Recalling the new found excitement of what cumming feels like, how great it is, and just how much more she wants the real thing. Matt, Damon, John, Kevin, the names and faces run through her head, she imagines what they look like naked. Kim barely realized that her fingers have been stoking her pussy threw her panties, and that she has pulled up her skirt around her waist. Kim starts rubbing the big cucumber on her pussy, her phone vibrates next to the bed. Kim " Hey Kevin, well I got this new dress, and nowhere to go. Kim's sucking on the cucumber thinking it was Kevin s dick. Kim got up to head to the bathroom, warm sticky cum was running down her thighs.

Sexual things, a Girl experiences, as she grows up

fetish Fridagirl 2018-04-09

Most men harbour a fascination of a girls sexual development, if we thought like them, did we masturbate and want sex at an early age, how old were we when we first reached out and held a cock in our hands, and so on. I dozed off then awoke, feeling like I was floating and spinning, I was naked and and lying on the back seat, with semen on me, and then I could hear Britney, she was moaning, and when I got up and looked out the car window, she too was naked, and having sex with the driver and her husband was filming them.

Deepest Darkest Secret

fetish Jdms 2018-04-09

My cock immediately became hard at the thought of her pussy being all moist and the panties being so close to her mound. I slowly began to hump against the bed, my cock head rubbing against the material of the panties. At the same time Zoe plunged down onto my cock and as we fucked she talked about how turned on she was and how seeing me dressed in Samantha's lingerie was driving her wild. Every now and then we both relive what happened the first night we came together and now as I lie on the bed looking up into the mirror on the ceiling I can't wait for Zoe to come home from work and find me like this.

k**napped and Tortured.

fetish amazonfan 2018-04-09

"If you could start by unblocking the sink in the utility room, I'll make you a coffee", she smiled as she led him through. Under some difficulty with Jean's ample weight crushing him into the floor David gasped, "You can't do this to me". David could only listen as he was helpless to move Jean off him as she dialled his wife and their conversation started. Jean laughed out loud, "No he will not enjoy it but I will, we have done discomfort now we will try some good old fashioned pain, I have heard him grunt and gasp now I want to make him scream and beg for mercy, bye now".

Punishment Due

fetish venomlegions 2018-04-09

She had bought some clothes for me, but most of the afternoon had been looking for boutiques for Mom. It was my last summer of freedom before fall semester began, and This was "NOT" how I wanted to spend my time. Mom twisted around toward me, her face red with embarrassment, and I got a rather good look at her tuft of black hair that marked her pussy. God only knows what Mom would do when she came downstairs, but I had a feeling I wasn't going to like it! She giggled, and stroked my hair as I lay still, weeping quietly into the bed as Mom got some cream and started gently massaging it into my ass.

Sex in Viet Nam

fetish DrLit 2018-04-09

My wife then said, "Let me play with your cock in your pretty pink panties before I fuck you. Finally, she said, "Lay down on the bed and put your legs in the air." I did as I was told and my wife pulled my panties to the side and lubed my ass with her finger. Before she left, the Vietnamese maid approached my wife and said, "Can I see big black cock?" My wife agreed and said, "We both love sexy panties and wear them every time we fuck." My wife calmed her with some explanation of the use of lube and then she said the most enjoyable fucks for her are taking it in both her ass and pussy at the same time.

Her Panties

fetish Schnuckems 2018-04-09

I cum real hard when I can smell her pussy scent when I do this! I like to find her pants or underwear after I know she has masturbated sometime that day so I can smell her cum and see her pussy stain. When we stopped I asked her to push her panties up into her pussy, take them out and hand them to me when she came out so I could go into the restroom and smell them so I can jack off and cum really hard! She would put her hand down there and I could see her rubbing her pussy with her fingers so I wanted them panties with her cum and wetness in them and man, you could smell and feel it!