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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

A Royal Jealousy Pt. 04

fetish sunniedaies 2018-04-09

"Tell her I must speak with her." Amadeus said to one of the nurses threateningly. It's just so much milk, Amadeus." Nico said softly. It's actually perfect, Amadeus." Nico said with a knowing smile. What Prince would want a Princess that has teats that leak milk like mine now do?" "Your father is very close to busting down the door to come in here, but you need to play the role of a sick princess. "Leave it to me, just follow my lead when the time comes." Amadeus said more confidently than he felt. Seeing this happen was too much, and soon Amadeus sunk deep and spilled his hot seed deep inside Princess Nico.


fetish PrincessErin 2018-04-09

She looked into his eyes, trying to figure out whether he had been putting on a façade to make her feel at ease before demanding a blow job or whether he assumed that was what she wanted to hear. "You're really tall," Katie giggled as she tilted her head up to look into his deep blue eyes. Katie ran her hands along her body, fingering her lace panties then moving further up to squeeze her breasts. You going to undress so I can give you a foot job?" Katie grinned as she began to knead her feet, paying special attention to her high arches. When she came for the second time he pushed deep inside, loving the feel of her pussy contracting against his cock.

Meeting With A Strapon Mistress

fetish tyler777 2018-04-09

You soon work another finger inside and continue slowly until I get more relaxed and you can safely add another one. You slowly push a large dildo inside me while caressing my balls and the base of my cock with your other hand. You continue working the humming dildo in and out of my stretched asshole and for every stroke I relax more and more and start to get increased pleasure from the humming sensation. You notice that I start to relax and increase the pace of the strokes and continuously slap me on my ass and tell me that I'm your bitch and that you can do whatever you want with me.

A Maid's Tail Ch. 06: Friday

fetish T_Silverwolf 2018-04-09

Kim opened her mouth with a ready lame excuse for her being there so early but her voice died when she turned and saw the scar along Elliot's back; right under his left shoulder all the way down ran a ragged trench in his otherwise flawless skin. Kim relaxed a bit as her confidence grew and she started to massage into Sylvia's ankle, one inch at a time paying homage to the younger woman's power and beauty the way a servant should have. It took Kim a second to work up the courage to fill her hands with more oil, even more to lay those hands on Sylvia's body- she slid her hands down the curve of the younger woman's butt, pressing inward against her flanks, all the while holding her breath.

Jennifer in Chastity

fetish Wifetheif 2018-04-09

Amy claimed that older men were better lovers; they were not all hands like college boys and really seemed to understand how to turn a woman on. Jennifer concluded that the chastity belt was just a temporary kink on Dennis' part and that once he tasted her succulent charms, he would instantly see things HER way. Dennis could tell that Jennifer would have preferred to spit out the viscous liquid but she gamely choked it down, opening her mouth to demonstrate that she had obeyed the command of the man whose bed she was now sharing. "I like when you call me 'sir' henceforth I will be Sir and you will be Pet." Dennis then led Jennifer to a small, but attractive bedroom.

My Friends House Part 3

fetish HosieryQueen 2018-04-09

I’m here in my friend’s house in his mother's clothes, covered in cum, hiding under his mom bed...and his mom is coming in the house right now!’ A lot of cum came out of my sissy cock and hit the underside of her mattress and down on his mom’s pantyhose and panties. His sexy mother in her stewardess uniform, with those white pantyhose, and her boobs sticking out of her shirt - all covered in her pussy juice. Right there, I sat on my knees and started to smell her pantyhose feet. I could taste the pantyhose, her sweet feet and her pussy juice, and the fact that she had her shoes on for quite some time.


Help, I'm Marrying a Slut!

fetish SEVERUSMAX 2018-04-09

"Well, we now know a little something new about the private sex life of Ben Markowitz and Tamara Dragovic, haven't we?" Jasper gave me more grief. Jasper with me, Connie with Ben. Deal?" Tamara proposed, looking very naughty indeed, "By the way, I still want my spanking from Ben later tonight. When both women collapsed, I looked over at Jasper and Tamara before sliding my cock into Connie's sweet slit from behind, fucking her bareback as it was already known how much she hated condoms. We each fucked for several more minutes, my dick plowing Connie good and hard while Tamara continued to straddle and use Jasper for her own pleasure.

Pass the Pussy Ch. 4

fetish MNBSUJO 2018-04-09

Julie rubbed the vibrator around my cunt teasing me. Julie pulled the vibrator out and licked my cunt clean. Next Julie reached for the dildo and pressed it to the lips of my cunt. Her hands kept me from seeing how much of the dildo I'd taken but I thought I felt it touch my back wall. Still sucking my 'dick' Julie began to push and pull the vibrator in my anus. Next she lifted her cunt up and began inserting the dildo into her pussy. After that she brought her cunt back in line with mine and placed the head of my end of the dildo at my lips.

Tori's Bound Feet

fetish Hyde86 2018-04-09

Tori laid on the bed, blindfolded, gagged, and bound at her wrists and ankles so that she made a straight line. I ran my left hand across her face and down her chest, fondling her breasts and twisting her nipples, which I could tell she enjoyed. As the vibrations got more and more intense, she would moan louder and louder, and when I lowered them, she would groan with an enjoyed frustration. I began kissing my way down her left leg, getting off the bed in the process, still fooling with the vibrator's remote. I stood at the foot of the bed, her feet in front of me, and I knew I had my chance.

My Therapist is Out to Get Me Ch. 01

fetish MsMorrigan 2018-04-09

Going to see a therapist isn't one of the things I could ever see myself doing a few years ago and yet here I am sitting in the waiting room waiting for my third appointed time to speak with Dr Karen on a few of my overwhelming addictions. As my mind started spinning out of control, I hadn't noticed the session light go off. I looked over as I sat down only to notice as in times before she was indeed wearing stockings, pantyhose of a most grand design. But nevertheless the session had begun and I started my usual ramblings about just how close I had come the week before to what amounted to assaulting a stranger to sniff lick and kiss her feet.

Sensitivity Training 01

fetish edrider73 2018-04-09

"You're disgusting, Horace," Mara said, "but as a matter of fact, that came up, and she said, she's small and tight down there relative to her size, and her men friends are always pleasantly surprised." "Well, you've got a pass to sleep with me tonight, Horace, but that's only one of the things I'm going to do with you, if you'll permit me. Diana walked toward him and said, "Do you have anything to say about that, Horace?" As she spoke, she suddenly squatted down and grabbed one of his ankles with her big right hand. "Maybe you should be more careful when you're moving little Mara around instead of doing something like this," said Diana, as she grasped both his ankles and pulled them quickly high into the air.

The Dance Ch. 02

fetish bountyman69 2018-04-09

She got a worried look on her face but crouched down, as she was moving down I grabbed hold of my cock with my right hand, still exerting downwards pressure with my left hand on her shoulder. "What about when you saw Frank and realised he'd seen you being a nasty cock sucking, spunk swallowing slut?" she was making little grunting noises now, her face was flushed and some pussy juice had started running down the inside of her leg. The wet sloshing noises coming from her hot pussy were a big turn on, every time the car stopped I reached over and squeezed a tit or pinched a nipple.

I Pegged my husband last night for the first time

fetish 425olds 2018-04-09

As I assess the situation I'm torn between trying to slowly pull my cock out of Hank's butt without waking him and go start my day...or maybe I should start fucking him a little and see where it leads... I started to think about what a turn on it would be to feed him his cum while I fucked his pretty ass... His cock was huge and hard, sticking straight out from his body and dripping gobs of pre-cum as he watched me play with my nipples. I continued to pound my husband's ass and stroke his cock feverishly as my eyes closed, I convulsed and succumbed to my orgasm letting loose a flood of pussy juice.

The Cheerleader Uniform

fetish pondcat 2018-04-09

She pulled her lips off the head, leaned over at me, and spit a load of white cum down the front of my...Britney's...uniform. Mary Jo slowly drizzled his load onto clean parts of my uniform in a way that made me want HER. I took him in deeper as my throat relaxed and started jerking what I wasn't taking in by hand the way Mary Jo had. Mary Jo, wide-eyed, flipped her hands at my uniform like "Do it already!" and I suddenly remembered why we were there. I took my second and third loads before Mary Jo asked the last guy to unscrew the bulb and shut the door.

The Court: Last Resort Ch. 01

fetish Lottiessub 2018-04-09

This Court is in session, the honorable Lady Elena presiding." When she had seated herself at the bench the bailiff continued, "All be seated." There was a minor rustling as the spectators and attorneys sat, and he kept kneeling. Looking at the two attorneys, and smirking at him in the stocks, the Judge asked, "are you ready to proceed?" Both attorneys responded in Order, "the prosecution is ready, your Honor," and "the defense is ready your Honor." The trial had begun and jeopardy had attached as never before in his career. Lottie replied, "not at this time, Your Honor, but I reserve the right to amend the charges as the trial progresses." She then sat down, at the defense table.

The Wet Nurse

fetish CAP811 2018-04-09

Little Edwin Junior quickly found Annie's right nipple and began to suck avidly, pushing against her ripe breast with his tiny hands. One night, just as the infant had begun to suckle her left breast, Annie found herself whispering, "Sir, ye can come closer 'n touch the babe if ye wish." As if unable to control what was unfolding, Annie drew back her shift to uncover her right breast, then took Edwin's hand and held it to its warmth. Edwin leaned down and took Annie's nipple into his mouth and with a faint moan joined his son in suckling at the woman's breasts. Each night Edwin watched his son suckle at Annie's breast.

The Big Toe

fetish bigrimmstales 2018-04-09

I had never in my life been turned on by a pair of feet, even less when I had just seen such a beautiful chance sight of her lace-covered pussy. It was encased in a finely strapped shoe that was obviously very expensive leather and although like an act of bondage for that foot seemed to caress rather than grasp it. "I-I-don't know," I said, still feigning timidity, then added slyly, "D-d-do you mind if I hold your foot in my hand to, er, inspect it?" I let my thumb gently caress her ankle as I inspected each toe. She had created a scene of a naked woman across the three, with torso and legs on the first two and the arms and head on the third closest to the big toe.

Submitting to Daddy

fetish DaddySpider22 2018-04-09

I slowly began to open my mouth, he quickly and roughly shoved his cock inside, slamming into the back of my throat. It felt like hours before he finally pulled out of my mouth and pulled me up to my feet by my hair. Ass stinging and red, pussy wet and quivering he set me on my feet, and began the ritual of blindfolding me, positioning me on the bed and tying me up. Then a new colder yet more familiar object pressed against my backside, this time the entrance. I was on the edge when he thrust his cock into me roughly "rub your pussy for me" he whispered in my ear.

Letting Go Naturally Ch. 01

fetish Gardenwriter1952 2018-04-09

I would love to do my house work in the nude, but I leave the curtains open because I like light in my house. He opened his shorts and started to piss on a spot in the garden. After a little small talk, I said that I saw what he was doing in his garden. What an erotic sight of an half naked women bending over to piss on a spot in the garden in the dark with a little moon light. I told him I wanted it in the "Wild Way," as I got on my hands and knees with my delicious tush in the air waiting for male attention. I felt so free able to have sex and piss at will like in nature.

Femdom Fetish 001: Pantyhose

fetish sloppylap 2018-04-09

Just as I was beginning to think she was going to peel her bottoms off and demand that I fuck her hard she pushed me off with such force that I ended up on the floor beside the bed. After a bit she swung her legs over the side of the bed and pushed a pantyhose-covered foot against my face. She sat on the edge of the bed and pulled me down over her lap squeezing my raging hard-on between her thighs as she began to smack my ass. Instead as her second orgasm built she picked up her nylons and began to rub them against her neck and breasts as she bounced up and down, letting me have a good look and telling me how good it felt.

The Piss Empire Pt. 03

fetish nopjans 2018-04-09

Debora had spent the last few months pissing openly with Liliana as they prepared for this day, and had no need for modesty before her empress. Finally, the procession reached the Temple of Zav. Zavinism, like many ancient beliefs throughout the Empire, held far less sway than it had in the days of Helena. Liliana had been to this temple many times before, never imagining that one day she would become ruler over T'urian Empire. As the ceremonial procession walked toward the tree, the various members fell away, until Liliana alone walked the final steps to find her place in front of Lord Markish, whom she stood at least half a head taller than.

Cathy's Panties

fetish puterguy88 2018-04-09

I slipped the dirty panties over my head, with the gusset against my nose, and lay down on her bed, pushed Cathy's panties under my balls, and slipped my cock into the opening of her daughters panties. I then slowly started to slide my hand up and down over my satin encased shaft, speeding up as I felt the wonderful tingle begin in my balls and build, until I thrust upward with a groan and spurted my cum into the crotch of her 15 year old daughts panties. When I was coherent, I returned the soiled pair to the hamper, and put the ones I was wearing back into the drawer, knowing that when whe returned, her sexy pussy and ass would be pressed into the satin, and my cum!

Love, A Required Taste

fetish solitarys_one 2018-04-09

Feeling his hard nipples as I ran my hands over them, stopping to dig my nails into his chest a bit. Hearing John moan made my heart pound, my nipples hard as his, my knees weak and my pussy wet. Reaching around and letting my hand run across his semi hard cock, I kissed his back again pressing my hard nipples tight to him. John leaned forward and gripped the toilet bowl rim as I spread his ass cheeks; closing my eyes I run my hand down between my thighs and in my wet pussy. Getting them wet from my juices, then returning to John who is still bent over the toilet I massaged his asshole, feeling him tense a little then relax as my fingers worked there way in his ass.

The List Ch. 01

fetish peelover 2018-04-09

She looked at me and saw the piss on the floor and on my body. I love her and I want my women to be like my mother. Thelma is a good looking, tall but fat woman. I want my women big and fat, like my mother. I looked at my penis, seeing piss coming out, hitting me in the face. "Lick my wet lips, fuck my tits, oh, Sean, do what ever you want to do with me. At first I saw her legs, then her bottom, belly, tits and finally her face with a big smile. Thelma sat on the side of her bed, spread her legs, opened her cunt with her fingers and started to piss.