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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Belladonna Sisters Ch. 01

fetish Eosphorus 2018-04-09

The thing which always pisses us off to this day is the occasional comment we'll hear alluding to how good-looking Dan and I are and how we could do better than the BBW we happen to be with. The closest we ever came to a threesome with Athena was one night she was fucking Dan in his room. My eyes scanned the dizzying variety of cupcake choices lining the wall behind the counter: Peanut Butter Cup, Red Velvet, Oreo, Strawberry Shortcake, Key Lime Pie, Candy Explosion, Carrot Cake, Coconut Snowball, Chocolate Chip Mint, and so forth. Dan and I went out of our way to get coffee from Belladonna Sisters Cupcakes whenever we could, not to mention purchasing more cupcakes than we wanted or could afford.

Bukkake Surprise

fetish Trinni69 2018-04-09

The one saving grace was in all of the videos I had watched, the girls kept there mouths and eyes shut and just sat there taking the shower of cum which landed on them. When he finished doing this he advised all of the men I was ready and it was time for them to come down to the stage to give me my cum shower. Since I had to keep my mouth open to breathe, I watch hoping to be able to close it just in time so his cum would not land in my mouth. It felt like the cum splashing my face and shooting into my mouth, went on forever.


Friday to Monday with my steps****r

fetish canev8 2018-04-09

I said that's awesome as I was happy for her and she then asked me how my time with Jessica was and I told her everything we did and explain how tight her ass was around my hard cock and how I enjoyed that. I asked, "and now, I thought you asked me not to?" Amy then release her grip of her legs around my waist and I thrusted deep and hard back in her puss making her give off another moan of pleasure as she replied saying, as good as it feels having your cock (and I gave her another hard deep thrust, she moaned again before continuing) inside me, it's just feels weird.

The Attraction

fetish PicturePainter 2018-04-09

Almost immediately she melted into his arms as the kiss grew more passionate, and her mind started reeling as she felt his hand move slowly up her side until it came to rest on one of her full heavy breasts! Carol's legs wobbled slightly as he kissed the nape of her neck, and when he began nibbling on her ear she lost all of her resolve as he ran his hands slowly up her front and started to gently knead her massive soft tit flesh through her dress. "And I thought you might have wanted to cum on these?" Carol smiled as she held her breasts, the flesh overflowing her hands.

A Foot and Leg Worship Story

fetish bondage_philosopher 2018-04-09

She didn’t tell him to stop, so Arhen continued kissing the top of her right foot. Embarrassed with his thoughts, Arhen abruptly stopped kissing the girl’s foot. “Julia, I see you’ve met Arhen already,” Mr. Foremen said as he entered the room. Arhen tried to move her foot away with his hand, but was given an angry scold from Julia. Julia pressed on until Arhen felt an orgasm brewing. Arhen thought this was ironic as he quickly stood up and turned before the parents noticed his jeans. It had been two days since Julia had made Arhen cum at the dinner table. Arhen bent over and ran his tongue in long strokes over her thighs while she pumped his dick between her shins.

The Messy Hunt

fetish tarred 2018-04-09

Hilary was dressed in a brilliant red hunt jacket, white blouse and stock with skin tight white jodhpurs finished off with shining black riding boots, Caroline was dressed the same and had spent hours polishing her boots until you could almost see your face in them, a far cry from how she would usually dress on the yard. Caroline leapt the gate and into the field, there was a clear path which across the field, she knew that she had to keep moving, she knew that she was fitter than Hilary so wanted to make sure she put as much space between her and the hunt and leave her to become the pray.

High Stakes Test Ch. 01

fetish wild_at_heart 2018-04-09

You will be so desperate to "blow your load" – especially after 30 long days of chastity thinking ahead to this – that it won't take 5 minutes of being alone with Miss Angelina to totally scramble your sense of time and reality." In fact, once you begin to experience the cock-teasing Miss Angelina has in store for you, you'll probably want that orgasm more than the promotion, LOL!" Turned out the timer still had 45 minutes left, and Miss Angelina put him through a cock-teasing for the rest of the time that she said was sort of hilarious, because he was literally mumbling the word "now" as he left after having the monitor re-applied and getting dressed."

Cyber Sissy Ch. 02

fetish missvicky53 2018-04-09

Because I want to be a kind and caring Mistress, I'm going to help you remain quiet." She placed the panties at my lips and commanded, "Open your mouth for me, I'm going to gag you so you don't get the urge to speak without permission." I wanted to be wearing something that would incite your senses and yet at the same time allow me to use your mouth and cock for my pleasure without having to remove my lingerie." She reached down with one finger and ran up the length of her slit. So while the choice is yours, you need to know that I can no longer stay with you unless you agree to submit to me." She reached over the table and took my hand before continuing, "Take a moment to think carefully, my pet and give me your answer."

Serving My Boss

fetish womensToilet 2018-04-09

She laughed and told me not to worry, she was joking but she didn´t understand why I stared at her feet. This situation went on for a while, I was even asked to paint her nails and when I said I couldn´t she did it herself but keeping her feet on my face. She asked me why I liked being under her feet to which I replied it was a fantasy of mine since I was a child. I told her I initially thought she was just going to pee on my face, to which she replied she was still on time if I wanted.

my wife and mother in law

fetish indianadarrin 2018-04-09

it was a real turn on to see my mother in laws face when my wife took hold of my rod and stroked me. i sucked my mother in law's tits and guided her hand onto my cock so she could jack me some while my wife blew me. i asked my wife's mother if she wanted to give me head with her daughter, which she didnt reply but simply whent down on me. i fingered my mother in law while my wife rode me until she came on my dick. i watched her eyes and kissed her deeply pressing my body onto hers with her tit in my hand i gave her on last cum shot into her 45 year old pussy.

The Prize

fetish Cheryl4516 2018-04-09

“Tonight, I thought I'd spice things up from our usual poker game.” Duncan announced to his friends. “We will play poker not for money, but for the opportunity of the lucky winner to spend the night with my beautiful wife, Cheryl!” As he said her name Duncan pulled back the curtain concealing his wife. There was Tim, an old friend of Cheryl's and the man that introduced her to Duncan fours years ago. The winner of each hand will get to make one cut of Cheryl's clothes with these.” He displayed an 8” set of shears to the group. Jerry, Tim, and Alison completely lost track of the game as they watched Cheryl bouncing up and down desperately trying to get some relief.

Bon Appe'tit

fetish shawnababy 2018-04-09

There were fewer and fewer women left in the program and it seemed like my breasts were given more and more attention and priority and not so much me the person. I guess they got what they came to see, my breasts producing milk. The clinic had been given the task to find a woman who could produce the highest quality breast milk possible for use in a very exclusive French restaurant. Could I have a normal life if I was going to have to produce a high volume of breast milk day after day? Before he left the room I asked him if he thought my breasts would get back to normal when I stopped lactating.

Fay's Dirty Discoveries Ch. 06

fetish toocold 2018-04-09

Fay was considering how she might get the punishment and rubbing more urgently at the front of her wet jeans when a sharp pain in her gut reminded her that it wasn't just a pee that she'd needed when she decided to get dressed instead of going to the bathroom like a good girl. She started treading lightly, like a cat kneading cushion, her feet squelching quietly in her piss-filled pumps, and more tears, of pain and shame, slowly ran down her pretty face as the pressure in her bowels became unbearable, wave after wave of urgent, desperate need crashing against years of toilet training and good behaviour.

Julie Ch. 01

fetish dickiej69 2018-04-09

Julie's wide eyes were fixed on the resulting stain as the piss slowly soaked through them and wet the fly of my chinos making a dark patch which spread to about 2 inches across. Julie then knelt astride me on the sofa and lifted her skirt to reveal cream silk French knickers trimmed with lace, They were already pretty well soaked and her dark pubes showed wetly through them, She pulled them to one side and without any apparent effort released her full flood. After what seemed like an age the stream sank to a trickle and I opened my eyes just in time to see Julie release her knickers, letting the last of the flow fill them properly and run down her legs to make further wet patches on either side of my chino's.

A Spanking Good Time

fetish Quin 2018-04-09

Now I was becoming a little embarrassed and told him that I didn’t know spanking caused people sexual pleasure and they actually had books on it. He put down on the table a magazine showing a woman on the front page being smacked on her bare bottom with a riding crop while a man stood at her front with a very big hard penis – about to insert it in her open mouth. I smiled then it turned to horror as he said, “Jane here is interested in some of the things in our magazines – she likes to read them when we come round.”

Little Lesson in Life

fetish JimBob44 2018-04-09

Rodney had actually heard of Adrian Zeno being the cause of two boys being asked to leave Norman's College. Her name is Ronnie; you went out with her, fucked her then wanted to just walk away, actually asked her to pay half of the pizza at Monocle's," Adrian said. "Tell you what Rodney, let me fuck you until I'm satisfied, then leave you just hanging, treat you like shit, let's see how happy you are about it," Adrian offered. "Hey, wait, what you doing?" Rodney asked when Adrian got out of the car in front of his house. "And you can drop me off at Mike's in Wakilluh; my mom gave me the money get my car fixed," Rodney said when they pulled away from his parents' home.

The Booted Barberess Ch. 03

fetish trasaro 2018-04-09

On one occasion a fantastic looking girl came in, wearing tight black leather jeans tucked into crotch-high boots. She then reached under the table and gently massaged first my outer thigh where my leg was pressed against her boot, and then my inner thighs, slowly working her fingers up the denim each side in light circling movements until she got to my crotch. My fingers felt around the familiar shape of Emma's cunt, and then with a jolt I realised that the crotch of her jeans had been subtly altered by removing some of the stitching, so that below the fly there was an opening in the denim.

Amazing Matinee

fetish ten_amazing_touch 2018-04-09

Then she disappeared into the theatre, and Gary turned and walked slowly into his own movie, his thoughts on the woman that had disappeared suddenly a few seconds ago. She thought, "oh yes my friend, make no mistake about it, it will be surrender and you will be addicted to it by the time I am finished making you mine." She picked a few more pieces of popcorn from the cup and held them to his lips and waited, and just as she expected, he leaned towards them as his mouth slowly opened and she placed the popcorn on his tongue and felt him softly close his lips around her nails.

A Long Night Ahead

fetish AmethystMare 2018-04-09

She couldn't help the pleasured hiss that rolled off her tongue as Ren bucked and moaned through another trickle of cum, the stream near constantly running from the tingling tip of his shaft. The fox's hips rocked from side to side and he panted into the gag as he sucked down his own cum, trying to focus on the sensation of closing his lips quite firmly around the tube, how it felt to dig his teeth into it. Gagging and whining as breath simply did not seem to come, Ren could only helplessly gulp down what more cum trickled into his muzzle, the sensation of tightness and soreness mingling with the lack of true fulfilment.

The Man of the House

fetish FartInMyFace 2018-04-09

A silent but deadly fart came seeping out of Maria's ass and it smelled incredible. After a while the smell in the room was nothing but farts, Lauren and Maria's gas mixed together to make a concoction that smelt like shit. Lauren grabbed my hands and made me massage her toned stomach, every time I pushed on her a fart came rocketing out and into my nostrils. Lauren and Maria both farted at the same time lasting around 6-7 seconds each and at this point I could take no more, I had to cum. The taste of Maria's farts was incredible passed through Lauren's mouth, especially with the added bonus of kissing her.

First Try For A Big Guy

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-04-09

Quite the contrary, prior to the savaging I’ve received at the end of Aaron’s pussy punisher, I never let a man push me around. “You’ll be hearing me come to your heart’s content soon enough, boy.” I said, leaning forward, letting my massive melons press him back against the machine. He stammered an excuse; “Maybe I’m feeling a little pressure…” He started. But I closed my eyes, and was able to not think of Aaron enough to start getting into the fuck in earnest. Why would you stray from me with such a little boy cock?” He scoffed. Suddenly he pulled his hips to the side, and wrapped a hand around the base of his cock.

Lindsey Pees in the Office

fetish leaky_one 2018-04-09

Inside Lindsey's pussy lips her little pee hole opened up to allow a thin squirt of golden pee to shoot out of her muff and spray over the front of the first manila envelope inside the drawer. Stopping her flowing urine stream, Lindsey took a quick step to the right, yanked open the next drawer just below her waist height; aimed her pussy over the rim and proceeded to send a quick spurt of piss over the edge. Instantly her pussy lips parted and a thick gush of hot clear pee spurted out of her pussy and immediately started to rain downwards covering both the far wall and the steps below in a flowing shower of hot urine.

Submissive Secrets Ch. 02

fetish robyne_morgan 2018-04-09

I looked up nervously as the headlights of a car pulled into the gas station and pulled up next to one of the pumps. I laid the script on the passenger seat, grabbed my purse, and stepped out of the car and into the pouring rain. "Okay Ethan; I'm Jennifer." I said and put my hands, palms together, between my legs and shrugged my shoulders as innocently as I could muster. I sat with my purse clenched tight against my wet shirt for a few moments, and then looked over at him a little unsure. I looked around again and pulled my shirt tail from my skirt, then, with shaking hands, slowly undid the remaining buttons and pulled it off. He started bucking hard, forcing his cock down my throat a little.

All We Knew: Postscript

fetish HunterShambles 2018-04-09

"Jack it is indescribable, the best feeling ever and yes Ange I do get a bit stiffer, but with practice I can actually hold off getting too hard whilst I'm peeing and Mary's playing with it." "Well I had hoped to keep John topped up so he could try to pee in me tonight, but I have a feeling that won't happen." said Mary wistfully, "But we could have a few beers and top up the tanks!" "Mmmm, nice," said Angela absently as Johns prick came into view, gripping Jacks arm harder, "nothing like you hun, but nice all the same."