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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Walking the Dog

fetish Surrenders2you 2018-04-08

Oh my god...It is obvious then that he saw me there, crotch pressed against the trunk of the tree, probably looking as if I was humping it as I tried to pee. "Mary, stop talking and pee right now, or you will stand there that way until the next person comes along, and you will ASK them if you can pee for them." As two young girls, probably mid- teens came to pass, I stood in the middle of the path, legs spread wide, peeing. I did not say a word into the phone, as the tears continued to stream down my face, the dog at my feet sniffing the puddle I left.

mom, coke, rock n roll

fetish txtiny 2018-04-08

She was 5'7", maybe 160lbs. Maybe 'pudgy' but not big or fat. Once a week or so, her boss would come over and she'd make me stay in my room and not bother them. Passing the living room, i saw her boss sitting on the floor by the coffee table naked. She was beside him, bent over the table and he was holding her hair up in one hand. I tiptoed to the bathroom, telling myself to not flush right away. Not flushing the toilet, i crept to where i could see them. She was on her knees n elbows, hunched over the mirror with the coke on it, her ass up and her boss was kneeling behind her.

9 Stone Cum Queen in the Suburbs

fetish 9StoneCumQueen 2018-04-08

I'm in a house in the suburbs. It's my extra special treat. I have vowed to always add at least one extra kink to proceedings. I walk to the train station. I take a train out to the suburbs. It takes me to a town beginning with B. I leave him and walk to another part of the train. In my fourth story for Literotica I will choose a guy at random on a train and let him fuck me hard. I get off the train at a town beginning with B. If you can find her house you win a prize. One was fat, one was ginger, one was married.

Carny Ch. 06

fetish velvetpie 2018-04-08

I let my nose press into the top of her slit, wiggling and stimulating her swollen but hidden clit, then rotated my face down, my tongue sticking straight out to spear her wet hole. I licked again and again, burying my face in her sweet cunt and pulling her hips into my mouth. Lacey's eyes spoke words that only our hearts heard as I moved inside her. My cock pulsed inside her hot hole, spurting strings of milky cum into her body as her pussy muscles clasped me tightly, rippling against my flesh and making me cum even harder. I rolled to the side and smiled down into her eyes, wincing as my flaccid cock slid out of her.


Letting Go Naturally Ch. 02

fetish Gardenwriter1952 2018-04-08

I was off of work for the next few days. While outside watering my plants, my elderly neighbor man said "hi, did you hear the commotion last night, it sounded like a cat fight." I blushed and said, " no, I slept like a baby." (hehe) My 78 year old neighbor might get a heart attack of he ever sees me fertilizing my lawn some day. He found his target, and I was singing. I turned around, planted full wet kisses on him, and worked off his pants. I soon was in dreamland, humming and singing as I reach my personal high. I was riding high, and howling. It wasn't long before Al came to life, and gave me breakfast in bed.


Stretching Pussy

fetish nothere0815 2018-04-08

There were numerous genital modification techniques discussed in the books—labia stretching and elongation (which he later tried on me and I will tell you about that at another time), nipple piercing, clit hood piercing, clit hood reductions or complete removal, clit removal, labia lip piercing and internal vaginal stretching exercises and techniques to permanently open up a woman's vaginal cavity for easier access through a dedicated stretching program. The vaginal muscles were not effected so the vagina was still able to offer a firm grip on a cock providing the stimulating feeling that a man likes but just that the hole was open and easily accessible resulting in less pain for girls who had this tight vagina problem.

Giving my Boyfriend a Foot-Job

fetish ScreamForMe 2018-04-08

If I remember right I had on some plain black socks that came about half way up my shin, but what I'm sure of is they had got really sweaty, it wasn't a hot day or anything but I had been up and about constantly since we were so busy and the shop itsself had been blasting the heating all day but on top Of all that my trainers where really old and knackered so that made things worse (or better I guess, depending on who you ask).Now I'm not gunna lie, He was pretty bad a giving foot rubs.

Face Fuck

fetish Anal Slave 2018-04-08

I thought for a second and then I slipped the end of the dildo into my mouth and started sucking the spent girl cum off of it. But after a little while the pain went away and the pleasure started, I started rocking back and forth on the dildo as Kara jacked my cock, she was lapping at my balls every time I was on a down stroke and it felt good. As I lifted myself off of the face dildo and the dildo slowly slipped out of my hungry ass I shot another wad of cum all over the sheets. Then she slipped the dildos out of her cunt and ass and she sat down on my rock hard cock. She started fucking the face dildo real hard and cum was going everywhere.


fetish Sinbad69za 2018-04-08

You begin to moan softly as you feel my warm tongue lick the drops from your clit, You bite down on your bottom lip as you try to stop yourself from making your pleasure know. While I am gently licking and sucking on your clit, you suddenly feel a gentle set of lips begin to suck on your nipple. You feel a sharp pull and release on your nipples as that tongue slowly drags itself down your right side. My mouth sucks on your clit hard, then releases, and my tongue slides up your left side. You feel a pair of fingers open your lower lips while a tongue expertly slides itself into you and then back up to suck on your clit.

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet!

fetish toesnbutts4me 2018-04-08

Figuring it was finally safe to get comfortable and settle down to his annual television horror-fest, Randy started putting away the leftover candy - what little was left - and clearing away the more expensive Halloween props he'd once again set up outside his modest apartment at the Noxx Village complex. Helping to keep Amber's feet a bit warmer were a pair of finely meshed fishnet stockings, but instead of the usual crisscross pattern, the lines of nylon depicted multiple spider-web formations up and down her legs, from the easily seen elastic thigh bands all the way to the tips of her shiny red toes.

Old Friends Ch. 03

fetish EmeraldSolitaire 2018-04-08

"Speak clearer, if you want me to untie you and fuck you you've got to speak up Jackie" "Scream all you want baby, no one can hear you with those panties in your mouth," Patrice teased. And I was enjoying it but I wanted to fuck her and so I thought if I kept screaming at some point she'd take the gag out and I could make my case. I said "I want to fuck you" through gag but it came out as "mmppphhhh." "I can't understand you, are you saying you want to fuck me?" inquired Patrice, with an innocent look in her eyes and tone in her voice. "I have to keep you tied up right now but I want to know if you'd like to cum.

Two Goth Chicks

fetish SabrinaQedesha 2018-04-08

Angel's tongue moved back into my ear and her hand worked its way inside my zipper, her finger and thumb in a circle around the head of my cock. Sarina was still for a moment, grinning slightly -- and then she pounced, her mouth locked with mine, her naked breasts pressed against my shirt, her right hand holding the back of my head, her left hand on my shoulder. To Sarina's exclamation of, "My, what a lovely firm ass," I felt their hands caressing me, the tops of my thighs, my buttocks, and the fleshy lower back, hitting a number of sensitive spots and drawing some erotic response.


fetish pantywriter 2018-04-08

"Since you're wearing my panties, maybe you'll indulge one of my desires?" she asked, turning back to look at me from over her shoulder. "I've always wanted you to eat my asshole, and now that you're wearing my little panties today's the day!" Her voice was infused with heated need. Suzie often talked dirty during sex and she was fully into it now, telling me to eat her ass, lick her asshole, circle it, deeper, push my tongue in her asshole. "Suck the cum from my pussy panty-boy, hurry up, make me come again quick!" she moaned. I believe that any man in my situation, looking down at a hot (general appearance), hot (sexual arousal) and kinky-minded girl having been told that and asked that would reply like I did.

The Miracle of Massive Vaginas

fetish fartmaster69 2018-04-08

Hi, my name is Dick Biggs- that's actually my name! I raised the hatched and was about to end my problems when suddenly the ghost of my great-grandfather, Coxton Biggs, appeared in the mirror. "It's not always easy to carry around a five pound dick!" his voice rang out- stopping the hatchet mid swing, "great-grandfather?" , "yes it is I, Your great-grandpappy, I know what it's like to be outcast by regular sized people" Great-Grandfather snapped his suspenders and looked at me with fierce intent. My penis became erect as if to solute my great-grandfather before he disappeared forever. Now only I stood before myself- ready to discover the greatness that protruded from my pants.

Ladies Please Always Wear Tights/pantyhose To Work

fetish badgirlnrugrat 2018-04-08

I once had a touch of a ladies nylon leg on the way home one evening, I worked late and it was around 11 pm, the lady in question was a bit worse for wear with drink, she stumbled into the seat next to me and fell asl**p,she then with the motion of the train slipped slowly against my shoulder and leant on me, I was a bit embarrassed but I left her and she looked really cute snuggled up to me and I felt all nice and warm inside, people got on and smiled thinking she was my girlfriend or wife, so I just patted her knee lingering slightly on her lovely navy blue semi-opaque tights and sort of look at the other passengers as if " she's over done if again" !

2 BBC's for first time

fetish cuckwanabe1983 2018-04-08

As my wife was sucking my cock I looked up to see a young black guy watching us which made me hot. Watching her, I realized very quickly that my wife who had never fucked another guy and was a virgin when we married, became some strangers pussy for the taking. I began to lick the cum load from my wife's pussy when the young black dude and and a friend had entered the room. I sat and watched as my wife let them take turns fucking her with their huge, black cocks, taking both their loads over and over again. I still think about it every time I fuck my wife and she still talks about her "big-dicked black boys experience."

Queening for a Day

fetish AfroerotiK 2018-04-08

Emerging from her bedroom dressed in tight, leather, black pants, a corset that looked like she might have had two or three people in her bedroom helping her tie it so tightly, high-heeled, black patent leather boots that came up past her knees, and a look on her face that inspired sheer terror in Bret. Bret began to fill his time at the park by playing the men there, talking to them, befriending them, observing their chess skills and speculating how they seemed to possess such amazing analytical skills but couldn’t get a job. “Bret, would you be shocked if I told you that I am going to shove ice cubes in your ass and watch you writhe in pain while you’re bent over like this?” She spread the cheeks of his ass and rubbed her finger gently over his exposed asshole.

A "Holistic" Doctor's Visit

fetish Carl the Dane 2018-04-08

But he didn't just routinely check her opening, he played within her rectum, repeatedly inserting and partially removing his finger in what was now an unmistakably erotic way. By now quite thoroughly wet, Liz loved the power she felt in her very professional examiner being effected in this most unprofessional way! "It all looks good," he said, then adding, "You're really quite beautiful down there." As he removed the speculum, he said, "let me check the walls of your vagina as well." But this time he removed the glove barrier substituting his naked hand. Dr. P, having by now abandoned any professional restraint, said "Let yourself completely let go," And now, now he was kissing her labia and clit with utter ardor, unsurpassed by any lover Liz had ever had.

Cumming Back For More

fetish e_dan 2018-04-08

This didn't please Jon, so he held on to her hair and pushed her down on his dick making her gag and pull back but he wouldn't let her. "Say it like you mean it." Jon said, once more he grabbed her hair and pushed her down till she fought him back gagging. "That's a good girl." Jon pushed her onto her back on the seat and he pulled down his pants exposing the rest of his hard member and his balls dripping with her saliva. "I'm gonna cum in you." Jon said as he finally let go of his hot thick load into her dirty little cunt.

Miss Nipple Pageant

fetish deLorsagne 2018-04-08

Lola stays in shape by doing hot yoga, nude of course, and also meditates at least a half hour a day." Lola also went straight for the poll and did a couple of moves, nothing as fancy as Crystal but it still got the audience excited. She stroked her breast for a couple seconds then lifted one of her tits to her mouth and began playing with her long, thick pink nipples with her tongue, flicking it back and forth. "Tiffany, I think I speak for everyone in the club when I say I have never envied a piece of machinery before seeing you ride that bull, am I right!?" The crowd was loving the talent portion so far.

Corporate Revenge

fetish msgrant67 2018-04-08

The secretary was obviously unaware of this as it wasn't true, but, without knowing the details, she knew something was going on between George and Jennifer so it didn't seem unlikely. George jumped up, trying to figure out what the Hell just happened, probably thinking that he had inadvertently hurt her somehow, and he didn't even realize what the scene must look like to the individuals who had just rushed into the office. His secretary, the HR rep and Jennifer's lawyer, along with a couple of other office workers had heard the scream and rushed in, only to see George with is pants down on top of Jennifer who was fully clothed in her suit but with a ripped shirt.

Pimp my pumps and panties

fetish petdyke 2018-04-08

Goldie looks lovely and very classy in her 'pétit noire' like Coco Chanel, silky stockings, high heels Goldie laughs loudly as soon as the lovely looking lady leashes her dirty doggie back to her lap Goldie shows the guy again her velvet red sperm stained high heel and eyes him hard till he blushes Goldie asks her hot audience; "Any more volunteers to tribute to my sexy silk stockings, you Sirs?" Goldie gets all the looks - I seem to be only one to notice that slender sexy real redhot redhead Lotte looks lovely as well in her blue suede sexy hot high heels, sexy stockings simple short dress Lots more to tell about lovely looking Lotte and how she slowly seduces gorgeous Goldie at my place

Cowgirl Ch. 02

fetish ZotDragon 2018-04-08

For the longest time no one in my office said anything and I started wearing it to work on a regular basis. "Every time a bell rings," I said for her, "an angel gets its wings." It was Friday night and Michael was fucking me, as usual from behind, he was enjoying himself, spanking my ass, then leaning forward and squeezing my tits to make a little milk flow out. The funnels he raised up to my large, full tits, positioning them right over the nipples so that they were ready to spew forth milk. I stayed in my position on the floor as Michael fell on the bed and watched the machine pull the milk from my tits.

Mother Futa Ch. 05

fetish Sucker4Boobies 2018-04-08

Right now, Martha was sitting in an examination room, wearing a patient's gown, while Adam and Katie waited in the lobby of this medical center, which belonged to Dr. Henry Robinson, who was the foremost authority on futanari in the United States. The two of them even ordered desert so that they could keep talking while keeping their table, though Martha was sure that the male staff wouldn't mind having Laurel in the restaurant longer for any conceivable reason. Sure, there were times that she had let her eyes and mind wander, wondering what exactly Laurel looked like without her clothes, but she kept control. Date four, coincidentally, was planned for the Fourth of July; Laurel had asked Martha if she wanted to accompany her to a carnival, which was to be concluded with a spectacular fireworks show.