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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Nicole and Her Ass Lover

fetish Freak4fantasyfuck 2018-04-08

With each new plunge I feel the shit squeeze out around my penis as his ass tries to get rid of it. I quickly pull out my shit covered cock and shove my face into his faeces covered cheeks, putting my mouth over the wide anus. I feel his bowels let the shit flow into my mouth. YYYYEEEEESSSS!!!!"I reach my climax and hold Peter's mouth onto my cock as I cum into his mouth. Then Peter says, "I want your ass Nicole." I look at him and smile. He fell asleep on the couch and I slipped my penis into his ass full of my shit, and slept with my cock lodged and stiff up his huge ass...

Convent Toilet Slave

fetish Richard963 2018-04-08

After that I had a steady stream of women coming in to have a piss over me.Then one fat woman, sat her large bum over my face, cutting out all daylight. Jeanne talked to me, and mentioned that the village priest had came to conduct the Sunday Service and had stayed to lunch. My nose went into her arse hole which smelt a bit shitty, so I saw moved my head up and licked it clean. Clare left me dangling, and walked on her knees to Jeanne, where she pushed her head between her open thighs to kiss her cotton panties, beffore reaching up to pull them down. She pushed her head right in and licked Jeanne's cunt - she had done it before.

The Fundraiser

fetish SweetLipz 2018-04-08

since you wanted to know why you should buy, it's only right that i let you give it a try...' Ron then said, nah i'm waiting for my next client...' 'Bullshit, this is a barber shop not a beauty salon, i know as well as you do that it ain't no fucking appointments. When he opened his eyes he was smacking his lips 'Damn thats some good chocolate, I'll take 20 dollars worth.' I sold every single remaining candy bar, and got more for my great 'sales pitch'. I thanked each and every one of the fellas for helping support my team and headed towards the bus stop to go home for the night, then i began to hear a man calling out to me from a building of a business that had closed for the business day across the street.

bl**d Like Wine

fetish Erocus 2018-04-08

Leah'andra tossed again, towards her son, and one heavy breast pressed suddenly against Preleis' side. With great care, Preleis watched Leah's face as he pulled the bodice completely apart, letting the lacings fall to the sides. Preleis circled the nipple slowly, sucking in his breath as he felt the small ridged peaks of each breast. Carefully, Preleis moved his head lower, finally resting it just above one of Leah'andra's thighs. She let Preleis lay against her, not feeling the tears of shame and wonder that ran from his eyes and crossed her neck beneath his face. There was no mistaking the feel of his thick and heavy cock about to explode in her behind, nor the dark and dangerous look in Preleis' eyes as he glared at her.

Mrs McKinley's Shopping Trip Ch. 01

fetish badge_278 2018-04-08

Linda or Mrs McK to Nigel, her eyes full of mischief, languorously brought the glass to her own red lipsticked mouth, ensuring Nigel was watching her every move. "Is Nigey still feeling thirsty?" Mrs McK asked Nigel, in that girly-cutesy but oh so sarcastic manner she had perfected. Nigel looked like a callow youth, despite the fact that he was in his late twenties, his attire as specified by Mrs McK consisted of sports jacket, shirt, tie and black trousers and shoes. Wickedly, Mrs McK shook her hips, flexing her knees resulting in a liberal dousing of Nigel's entire body, the remaining piss pooling around his knee's and her stockinged feet on the rubber sheeting.

Toy Story

fetish john_mo 2018-04-08

The little voice in my head say "No what if it is you new toy people will see - so embarrassing" but the other voice in my head says "No one will know what it is, it just looks like a digital radio or something - go on open it" I make it back to my apartment, a little surprised that the box taunting me from my lap has made it this far with out being opened - not for long. I open the blue box and dump the content on the table, so much unnecessary packing for a small toy the device is very much like a digital radio about 5 inches across.

Pimped Out Sissy Bitch

fetish Gemsissy 2018-04-08

Why would she want me when she knew I was a slutty little sissy bitch wearing satin lingerie like a girl? "Sabine let me know you were a bit of a size queen so I thought we'd have some real fun." From my kneeling position, the cock looked huge. "Mmmm, yes, sissy wants her Mommy's cock, doesn't she?" cooed Mrs. Yakota. It felt so glorious to be fucked like the total sissy I was, with such a beautiful, huge cock and by a beautiful, powerful woman. Even though I couldn't get erect, I felt like something was happening with my cock and balls. Mrs. Yakota was working herself up good and fast, moaning and babbling about being Mommy and fucking her sissy girl with her huge cock.

Sparkling Eyes Ch. 02

fetish TwistedThoughts 2018-04-08

The water coursing over me, cleaning the previous day's filth from me, felt like a warm summer rain massaging me as I rinsed off. With a little laugh she said, "I've been doing a little cleaning while you were in the shower." Gesturing toward the luggage she continued, "I have taken the liberty of sealing up some of your male clothes that aren't needed. With her mouth near my ears and the smell of her perfume beginning to reach me she whispered in sultry tones, "Slut, are you ready to be trained as my slave and maid? As I pulled the panties up my smooth legs and over my stiff cock, I felt a little embarrassed especially since my dick was making an unfeminine appearance sticking out above the low cut bikini panties.

My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 18: Katie's secrets

fetish Erocus 2018-04-08

Sheila reached underneath Katie's ass and pulled her closer to her face, sliding her tongue inside her and then circling her clitoris and sucking it, the hot wife responded with an audible gasp and trusted her hips into her. Sheila gave a wicked smile as she turned onto her knees as her head dove between the long legs of Katie as her soft agile tongue began to lick the hot wife's thighs. Fuck me hard!" Sheila's words were abruptly ended as the old man slammed his hips forward, launching right into a deep, hard fuck stroke just as she begged, drawing several inches of his thick, long prick out of her stretching cunt and then pounding it fully back into her, the powerful base of his cock smacking wetly into her oozing pussy as she squealed in pleasure.

Please Hold My Titties Ch. 09

fetish LIVINRFANTASIES 2018-04-08

Time flew by and Dollie mentioned the pizza delivery man would be here soon. After all, this wouldn't be the first time she invited someone inside a motel room to deliver supplies or food showing her tits and ass. Already, several minutes had passed, as the young man repeatedly bragged on Dollie's titties and ass. Mr pizza boy, not man, boy, maybe 19 or 20, was now staring even more closely at Dollie's titties and saying things like "I'll bet those are firm and I'll bet that pussy is hot." Braggin, I told him her pussy should be hot, we've been fucking since we ordered the pizza 30 minutes ago. As soon as I took the pizza his still hot hands were all over Dollie's titties.

Naughty Little Girl... Ch. 01

fetish IveBeenANaughtyGirl 2018-04-08

At the moment she was being fucked in her ass by one of the school's football jocks. The thick member slid smoothly into her ass and her walls tightened as the senior went back in for another thrust, pulling back on her ears for more leverage, making her yowl in pain as she steadied herself with her breasts and hands getting squished on the lockers. Best thing about getting fucked from behind, your ears and tail didn't disappear, since didn't lose your virginity. She turned with frightened eyes at seeing her science teacher watching her getting fucked. Quickly, the senior slid out of her as with a sickening wet 'squelch' and hurriedly zipped up his pants as she tried to smooth out her skirt.

Love the Doll

fetish Nate_Walis 2018-04-08

Apart from being an almost perfect match for her flesh tone, the stocking had mitten hands rather than gloves, a seam sewn into the sides of the fabric that looked like the seam created when plastic was fused with plastic and strangest of all a small plastic plug just like that found on any common inflatable made to nestle neatly into her naval. The body stocking was intended to make Jemima look like a living, breathing love doll. Jemima pulled her arms up and then her legs so she was in the posture she had seen so many plastic love dolls set in, opening up her most intimate parts to his eyes.

Assassin Ch. 03

fetish devinn 2018-04-08

Carl left the room, but returned a moment later carrying a clear plastic bag. "I'm going to do you like you do all your targets," Joe said, waving the gun, indicating the plastic bag. "Oh, that feels so good," Violet said, feigning pleasure. She could feel his free hand slowly working its way underneath the tight leather towards her groin. "I don't know if I should," Carl said, rubbing his chin and looked absently toward the door. Violet let out a gasp as Carl then pushed the back of the chair down, putting her in the reclining position. "Yes, Elene, I'm here," Violet said, placing her hand on Elene's cheek. Just as Violet unbound Elene's other arm, she heard the door open behind her.

IntoThe Woods

fetish jaycee13 2018-04-08

"That was good love, it felt erotic knowing you were watching" I saw his cock was growing, slowly filling and standing out, He looked at me and then asked if he could watch me. A trickle at first down to his chest, then picking up rapidly to full flow, He reached up to part my lips, looking for the very point of exit, making me gasp as he touched me. This time he was eager, he pushed right in, thrusting hard straight away, grabbing my hips it was urgent and hard. Standing by a tree I bent to put my jeans on but he said NO not yet and his shorts fell to the ground as he advanced to me, he stepped out of the shorts, cock so hard and pushed me, not hard, back to the tree.

Shock Therapy

fetish LadyAyden 2018-04-08

I can't stop shaking as your hand moves my long red hair to the side and I feel you hot breath on the back of my neck. Your right hand snakes up around my waist and pulls our bodies close together. My breath stops as you slowly and carefully cut the chemise in half right down the middle. As you place the scarf over my eyes, I open my mouth to speak, but you cover my lips with yours. I can feel your cock brush my inner thigh as I look deep into your eyes. I wrap my arms and legs around you and pull you deeper into my pussy, making your cock hard again.

Her Box Ch. 02

fetish mobyCock 2018-04-08

I have been able to enjoy all of the anal sex I want, as regularly as I like and Peter has had no power to resist me, exactly as I had planned. "Okay Peter, you may suck the juices out of my pussy." I bend forward more so he can reach my slit and he sticks his nose against my anus as he puts his tongue into my now open cunt. And you better play into it or I might change my mind." I start fondling Peter's little flaccid penis and can tell he enjoys it. The other girls all laughed as Kristine sped up and fucked me really hard from behind and my pussy started to drip.

The Chastity Belt

fetish whipmaster 2018-04-08

Woman cannot comprehend the all encompassing, soul wrenching need a man can experience if forced in some way to abstain from orgasm (I’m generalising I know, but this is not intended to be a lesson in sexual sociology), and the majority of men have never been placed in a position for any length of time at which they have been unable to relieve themselves when necessary. During my period of chastity, I could maintain an un-touched, un stimulated erection for over three hours, usually at night, during which time I would sweat, grind my armoured genitals into the mattress in the hope of gaining enough friction to satiate the burning desire in the pit of my stomach, toss and turn, trying to find a position in which I was un-aware of the throbbing, pulsating feeling between my thighs until exhaustion took over, until I would fall into a troubled sleep.

The Weekend Slave Ch. 02

fetish cybergirlsex 2018-04-08

Now all he could think about was the cum on his face and about how his dick had gotten hard in the past hour. Anna continued licking his dick as if it were an ice cream cone, swirling her tongue around the edge of his foreskin and the head. You can leave now and never get to feel my hot, wet, pussy on your big hard cock...or you can stay and experience that and more." Ryan's dick had been hard before. Ryan blanched but she just promised, "I'm going to slide my pussy all the way down that big cock of yours." The view of her ass and the feel of her pussy squeezing his cock made him able to ignore her fingers playing around his asshole.

Sloppy Seconds

fetish Zeb_Carter 2018-04-08

You get excited thinking about me fucking other men?" Her voice was husky, her hand stroked my hardening cock. Across the room on the king-size bed, my wife was being fucked by a stranger she met in the bar downstairs. I watched her face as the stranger's cock pounded into her pussy. "Oh fuck, your cock is driving me crazy," Sharon shouted at the stranger under her. "This was a one-time thing...for you," I said fucking Sharon hard, listening to the squishy sounds coming from her pussy. "No. I want your cum rolling down my legs as I pull their hand up against my pussy and tell them they have to have sloppy thirds."

Sniff Addiction in the Chaldain Abyss

fetish bryanLL 2018-04-08

He was put on display and they called out that here was the Sandavan male and the son of the High Judge and he was sniffing Chaldain girls' butts and begging them to fart in his face and he was kissing their ass hole and professing devotion to the dancer and all of it to the glee and delight of the Chaldains. He knelt behind a dozen Chaldain females, beginning with the dancer, and he worshipped each of their butts and professed undieing love for each and he kissed each one of their ass holes -- his mouth, right where they shit-- while Sandavans shrieked in disbelief and then began leaving the area because they could not bear to watch any more.

Piss On It

fetish sirhugs 2018-04-07

My wife would tease me with her nipples, brushing my forehead, my nose, then around the chin line before allowing me to savour the salty sweetness of her excitement, then she would rear back and pump up and down furiously on my cock, finally collapsing across my body and then slowly luxuriously fucking me in a sliding motion, skin to skin. My wife had watched how Mrs. Big Tits flirted not just with me, but with every guest she encountered, sticking her rack almost right in our faces. There, standing outside her garage, was Mrs. Big Tits, staring up at my window. I stood still, finishing my tea, images of Mrs. Big Tits alternating with fantasies of my wife acting wayward.

Contortionist Cum Eater

fetish jptune 2018-04-07

Julie looks at me and says, "I know that once a guy cums it generally takes a bit for him to be able to get going again, but could you show me how you can suck your cock and cum in your own mouth. Julie says that there's still some cum left in the glass and she wants to fill my mouth to the top, while the head of my cock is still in there. Now Julie starts to jack my cock nice and slow and as she's doing that she starts to let the cum from her mouth start to flow into mine and Lori follows her lead.

Girls Night Out

fetish Many Feathers 2018-04-07

Jessica watched herself in the mirror, watched as she teased her stiff little girl prick using the almost egg-white textured sperm from her brother as she masturbated herself with it, moments later slicing off a bit more from her breast where it still sat, applying a bit of this to each of her nipples, feeling them harden and grow even more than they already were before taking the last of his spunk, once again back to her clit as she folded it between her lips, running her fingers up and down her now juicy split until the sensation of climax alerted her she was nearly there.


fetish slim_krak 2018-04-07

seconds after he closed the door, you screamed like you had never screamed before, while your now tiny stick started leaking uncontrollably 7 months' juices. images of men fucking you like a whore filled your mind. next thing, before you even realize what is going on, he kept you down there with his left hand, while he took his cock and put it in your ass. he said something like "i'm Jack, but i guess we're gonna need a better name for you" and left. you could feel as if you had now gallons of cum stacked in your belly, ready to burst out and someone just couldn't get the door open. feeling Jack's cock in you was like a dream come true for you.