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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Aboard the Jamzebi Queen

fetish wulfenstraat 2018-04-07

Hearing only the boat merchants' resonant snores, the scuffled turnings in their sleep, the grunts and groans of nightmares and wet dreams, she shook her head at him again, this time less in refusal than in abject supplication, tears in her eyes, a catch in her throat, the taste of her blood. While the engines cut in reverse then started the paddle wheel forward again, he winched her completely off the floor and kept turning the crank until her legs were spread nearly apart; and still he cranked her up, forcing the chain at her neck and her arms to their limits.

Shopping Spree

fetish stateofdenial 2018-04-07

I was to buy a pair of panties and report back to my online Mistress. The lavender boy cut fit rather well and my Mistress' cock began to stiffen. "Perhaps I should just post the security disc of you masturbating and licking up your cum in the booth on the internet, saying Mr. John Smith of 114 Pine St. likes to do this. Maybe we should call security and perhaps they would like to see this and know that you tried to leave with merchandise stuffed in your coat pockets." My heart was pounding, my head spinning. After I took the pics of myself in my panties I, for some reason, realized I hadn't even looked at the disc.

Halloween Transformation Ch. 1

fetish girlboybootsie 2018-04-07

As I stand in front of the mirror in this ultra sexy pink leather minidress with my legs encased in these sexy long stockings, I find myself posing and running my hands over my leather clad sides, even over my "boobs" which look so real jutting against the tight confines of my corset and dress! Jessica responds by meeting Barbie's eyes directly and saying, "that's ok, I like being with girls, which is one of the reasons its been so much fun dressing up Jennifer. Our little scene has attracted even more attention, so I try to pull myself together, and walk as naturally as possible, with my face blushing furiously, because I am afraid that everyone is looking at my cock, which remains rock hard and clearly outlined against the front of my dress!

Jenola, Anita, and Debbie Ch. 01

fetish completeexperience 2018-04-07

As I shifted the car into drive, Anita said "I'm amazed that I'm letting you meet Debbie already!" While Anita and I held hands, the door opened I saw Debbie for the first time. Anita seemed not to notice and said "Hi, Honey!" as she and Debbie hugged. After a few more seconds, Anita said "Debbie, this is Steven, my new dealer and my new live-in boyfriend!" As Anita walked down the hall to her room, she said "I'm going to go change and pack a few things, then we'll hit the road!" "Mom, you finally picked a good one!" Debbie said, as we still gazed into each other's eyes.

My Daughter Sucks

fetish 2018-04-07

Salina continued to stroke and suck my b*****rs as they watched me fuck Sabrina's tight little pussy. Sabrina's hand began to play with Salina's nice perky tits as I kept fucking her. Salina kept stroking Rafael and Mario who in turn began to play with Sabrina's huge tits. Looking over I saw, Mario had a handful of Salina's ass as he kept fucking her hard. Grabbing her hair I pushed down onto my cock and began to fuck my little girl's mouth like I had her pussy. As I came inside Salina, she leaned back and whispered in my ear, "You like watching your daughter get fucked and sucking cock don't you?

Photo Ch. 02

fetish WFEATHER 2018-04-07

The Caucasian's hands gripped the bound beauty just at the sides of the breasts, her fingertips hidden deep within the deluge of chocolate sauce and the mounds of whip cream. The bald woman's nose was pressed fully into the exotic woman's clitoris as her lips formed an airtight seal just slightly lower, and I happily envisioned myself in her position, my nose and mouth in the same position, my tongue worming its way inside her body to draw out her exquisite nectar and causing the bound submissive to cry out softly as she appeared to be doing in the photo.

Strange Fetish

fetish starsinger 2018-04-07

His left hand kept rubbing my clit as one finger inserted itself into me. He looked up at me and waited until I made eye contact, "Ready?" I took a deep breath and nodded as he added the little finger. Steve grinned up at me, "Good." It felt like he was rubbing my insides raw the faster we went. Anthony had a thoughtful look on his face as his right hand went between my legs. "Okay, make a fist." I gasped and nearly sat up again, his hand felt like a giant. I reached over to my nightstand and grabbed my camera, not my phone, I wanted to be able to delete this picture, and took a picture of Anthony's arm up my vagina.


Just One Look

fetish analasis 2018-04-07

"In future, when called you will always be on time; expect to be spanked hard with various instruments; you will always enter with your jeans lowered to mid-thighs, bent over and ready to display yourself to please master. It was terrible and wonderful and I did not want it to stop as the cane descended on my bare ass: he marked each stroke, described every line, and delineated a new map of pain for every stripe delivered. I felt he was about to come and would have welcomed his rich offering in my mouth but my ass, gaping wide, spasmed in anticipation, disappointed that this huge prick might not be going there.

Pussy In Boots

fetish Natalya 2018-04-07

I don't know what came over me but seconds later I was laid back on the bed with a finger playing with my clit as I ran my free hand over the surface of the boot. Although it was a little on the thin side compared to my husband's cock, the whole idea of me on our bed fucking myself with my new pair of boots was sending me wild. When I released him, Phil licked the whole length of my body, from my boots upto my corset, and then when he'd removed my lingerie, we made love so slowly and had the most awesome sex ever.

Her Arches are to Die For

fetish Honda629 2018-04-07

But best feature of all was there high arched feet. I saw many women of color with high arched feet. She even wanted me to rub her feet just before i got out the car. "Your high arched feet make me hard. Wanting to keep the image of your arches in my mind, i masturbate to the desires i have about them. "Wow, you must really love arches, your cock is bouncing because of my foot dangle?" She asked. But i have always wanted a man to rub my feet. I didn't know my feet could make a man so hard. Although i moved into Sheila's house, I was still controlled by mom and aunt.

My Girlfriend's Daughter Ch. 01

fetish storyfella 2018-04-07

While my tongue was licking between her toes, I looked up between Sam's legs and could just glimpse her little red panties. "That is really turning me on, Oh, and look at all that pre cum dripping from your knob, I can feel my pussy getting wet," She said, as she swung her legs off of the sofa and stood up. As her climax subsided I lowered her legs from my shoulders, watching her hand move down to her pussy and pushing a finger into her self, she raised it to her lips and slipped it into her mouth, tasting her own cum. Managing to raise my head a little, I licked up between her bum cheeks and flicked my tongue across her arsehole a few times.

Lake: Jeff

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-04-07

I push in a CD of old blues music and lean back, and enjoy the welcome feel of being in the middle of nowhere, alone, with the sound of blacktop under the wheels and the yellow strips slipping rapidly beneath the car. A rutted road through a wooded stretch ends at a new cabin - large, one level, a blue metal roof, with a nice sized finger of water snaking out to the main lake behind it. It doesn't matter to me that we are two naked guys on a float in the middle of the water, one with his cock buried to the hilt in the ass of the other, I am in heaven for the first time in so very long.

An earthy fuck in the morning

fetish 2018-04-07

His hands took hold of my bare hips and turned my ass into him, my head fell as I assumed the fucking position, my head on the cool earth and my ass high, he entered me as a man should, unceremoniously and powerful, his cock hitting my cervical opening with the f***e of a muscular battering ram, I cried out in pain and pleasure, and he fucked me into the ground, my face running across the ploughed soil, my blond hair matted with dirt and fresh piss, I cried in delight as my orgasm clung to his cock, eight inches of manhood buried deep in this fertile girl, I could feel him seed me just as his old wife was preparing his breakfast, D H Lawrence has a lot to answer for.

Watching mom and dad

fetish comadrejar 2018-04-07

One night the door was open a bit and I stood there with my heart beating so hard at the thought of actually seeing what they were doing but I knew dad would kill me if he found me looking, so I just went back to my room and shot my load on my sheets. This time when I looked in the door mom was bent over the edge of the bed and dad was behind her ramming his cock into what i now know was her beautiful wet pussy. I fell asl**p to the sounds of my mom having another orgasm as dad licked his spent cum and her flowing juice from her now well fucked pussy.


Listening To Jane Ch. 03

fetish Quin 2018-04-07

A lustful faint smile came over his face as he watched a man he had just met bring my tiny white panties and stocking tops into view, running his hands over the roundness of my arse; seeing that aroused him so much he pulled down his zip and took out his cock, slowly bringing it to it's full erection. My husband was the first to fuck me while I sucked Rick then for the finale Rob sat back enjoying the sight of seeing another man do me doggy style. We did arrange to meet again, but to be honest Tony; I will get bored if we see the same guy too often – like I've told my husband – I want different men."

The Haunted House

fetish 2018-04-07

flashlight around the room and saw what appeared to be a sofa covered by an old dusty paint Feeling my body being maneuvered down flat on the sofa I felt hands spreading my legs apart rest on what felt like soft skin sent my heart racing as I pulled her down to my waiting mouth. The hands holding my cock left abruptly, to be replaced by soft wet lips that teased its tip pussy riding my mouth disappeared, and licking my lips I felt myself starting to cum. for a second and suddenly I felt my cock being moved to the entrance of a pussy, no one could I attempted to raise my head wanting to look down my body only to find another pussy was

A Fetish or Two

fetish steves_mom 2018-04-07

It's a sensation that I have associated with a doctor's touch against my genitals since the first time my doctor put his hand into my pants to examine me. All I knew was that his cold hand slipped into my tomato-soup colored pants, under the waistband on my panties, and rested on my privates. I knew that the doctor would insert her fingers into my vagina to examine parts she couldn't see. She can't possibly know that the humiliation of lying naked on the table, feet in the stirrups, knees spread all the way open, private parts exposed to the air and her eyes fuels my fetish, satisfies my need. My hard nipples rub against the paper shirt, and I feel another spasm in my stomach.

Device: Gina

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-04-07

The one landing closest is the one she wanted most, number 582, lovely with looks to die for - tall, slender, wonderful breasts and hips, and long, long legs. She wonders if others might share an interest and if so, maybe one of the lovely women or perhaps the handsome man who just let go of a woman's hand, probably his wife. She knows that she cannot appear as one woman missing an arm one day then a leg another, so she begins mapping which body would be missing what limbs. Gina finishes the coffee and turns the cup around a few times in one hand, reading the label as it passes. "Maybe this device would let you try different bodies and different missing limbs."


On One Condition

fetish cpluver 2018-04-07

When it was Amanda's turn to give a dare to Mike, she told him to eat her pussy. Mike dared Steve to eat Paula's pussy. Paula looked at me again and said, "I dare you to take Sandy in the bedroom and eat her out, right now." They said that this was a dare and they wanted me to eat her pussy right now. I could never mention to Steve that his girl just told me that he likes to eat his own cum. The next night, Sandy insisted on me eating her as soon as she got home from work. I noticed it tasted just the way Sandy's pussy did, on the nights she worked late.

Corrupting Amber Ch. 08

fetish GuyintheTV 2018-04-07

Now being after 1am Amber and I had realized that she was going to need to do something to 'come down.' I decided to head to Walgreens and get her some Ambien as well as a few more packs of cigarettes as she had burned through her stash in a hurry. I took my time as I removed my shirt and pants, making sure to take in the sight of Amber laying there, almost comatose but looking as sexy as ever. Her arms were slung out to either side and looked as if they weighed 100bs each, and for Amber they probably felt like it. I dove into her moist labia with my mouth open and began licking furiously, feeling her cum paint my face as I pressed hard into her.

Slave Trains a New Master Ch. 04

fetish pfanv 2018-04-07

After a good night rest and no morning blow job, I had some energy stored and gave her right good long ass fucking shooting seven streams of cum into her bowels as I softened slipping out in went the butt plug tail. Spot was close too; the weights on her nipples giving her the extra stimulation I pulled her back against me and started pumping my cum into her pussy. I grabbed it and pulled it out roughly and shoved the large butt plug attached to the cat's tail into her gaping ass. Her pussy was still laced up with the vibrator inside, the weights dangling from her rings and the cat tail butt plug up her ass.

A Cuckold's Tale

fetish BiCucky 2018-04-07

Will chose not to have a steady girl in prison but took whom ever caught his eye into the gymnasium showers and either fucked their ass or their face depending on his whim. Will knew how to punish fuck and did do with Jimmy. He had Jimmy suck his cock dry then made a phone call. He also took the keys to Jimmy’s pickup and told Jimmy that it was now his truck. He’s got a cock like an arm and I’ve been riding it all morning. “I phoned him before you and told him to fuck off. He took his shirt off to work on the pool and I ogled his massive body from behind the French doors.

For the Love of Yoga Pants Ch. 02

fetish Stuntmuffin 2018-04-07

While she was stroking me I reached my hand into her lap and started rubbing her pussy through her yoga pants. As I was doing this Claire brought her hands to the top of my head and started running them through my hair. I took the sock off her left foot and started massaging the balls of her feet. Starting with little circles I moved down the length of her foot and then back to the balls. She was slowly moving her right foot in circles over my cock and I could feel the precum start to leak from it. She started moving her foot in circles just like she did the left one this time letting the cum slide across her foot.

Dark Lady

fetish steve harvey 2018-04-07

He turned and began to walk away and at that moment, the Dark Lady stepped into his path. She had dangled a moment of fantasy before him, and as his guard began to drop she snatched it away, all for the pleasure of watching the confusion in his eyes. Without another word she opened her car door He watched her curl into the deep leather seat, pulling the tail of her coat in behind her, her eyes inviting him to sit alongside of her. Legs in dark nylon flashed as her black high-heeled sandals crossed the white rug. She rose and turned, then standing spread legged began to slowly pull the white gown up to her waist.