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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Meeting my Wife

fetish 77naughtycouple77 2018-04-07

I took one of her shoes and licked the worn insides while stroking my cock, sliding the dripping head across her pointed toes, leaving a trail of precum bridging her sexy painted nails. It wasn't long I was hard again, and as I continued to suck her feet and toes I slid my cock into her wet, warm pussy and I tongue-fucked her mouth with the same rhythm I was fucking her. As my srokes slowed down in preparation for a screaming orgasm, her fingers cupped my balls and scratched that secret spot and I unloaded buckets of jizz in her pussy, while my tongue continued to lick and suck her toes.

Mistress Melody Visits

fetish RobinTVDaniels 2018-04-07

Melody walks towards me and pulls down my panties exposing my tiny little cock. All your going to be good for is using your tongue on my sweet pussy or maybe getting a real man hard enough to fuck me like I deserve." My face had turned red but I was so excited hearing her words, It was like a dream come true for me to be dominated in this way. Mistress Melody then asked me where she could get a real stud to fuck her the way she deserved and I led her to my computer, showed her Craig's list and said she would have no trouble finding someone to come over and take care of her.

Plaything of Fate

fetish Heel778 2018-04-07

A shop-boy came to me, looked down at my bandaged foot and asked if I need any help. The first thing I saw when I woke up in the hospital two days later were the toes of my left foot protruding out of a white plaster cast. 'But my right leg is not in plaster!' I said, removed the sheet covering my body, and saw the white plaster on my right thigh, ending just above my knee. When he was feeling the cast, I felt warmth between my legs that spilled up my spine. I was thrilled when he was caressing my right foot, his gentle hands moving slowly over my instep, heel, around my ankle and up my calf.

Five Moroccans were going over her

fetish 2018-04-07

Manuela H, horse riding for years, they also win very often, the long-haired blonde, tight in her jodhpurs, she has also a lot of attention from men, it was the men that she had a firm ass, a horny body, cute face and that got many a wrong thoughts with the sixteen year old and happy with her in the early morning, wanted to wake up and eat a biscuit. Manuela came with her horse on, the field, her tight breeches, nice tight around her round ass and her white shirt billowed up by a pair of invisible firm teen tits, wrapped in a sports bra.

Special Care

fetish rogue01 2018-04-07

She came in to my room quietly, not once looking me in the eye, despite the way my own vision eagerly sought hers out, and slowly but deliberately passed around the room, checking the other patients, tucking in their bedclothes and pulling their curtains to. Next she bent down ever so slowly, the stray strands of her hair tickling the tops of my thighs and stomach, and lowered her hot open mouth over my cock. Before she left she came over and took my temperature with the palm of her hand across my forehead, shaking her head and murmuring, 'You're a bit hot, Mr Thatcher, you may have to stay in another night.' Then she smiled, turned her delightful tail, drew back the curtains a bit and sauntered out.

My Pussy Eating Fantasy

fetish lyqs2lyq 2018-04-07

Black shoes that looked like they were for someone who stood a lot. Her ass was a little big, but it was round and looked really good in that skirt. "It comes with the job", she reminded me.  Walking over to the couch, she turned to sit and caught me looking at her ass. Her moans get louder, as her hands pull me in tight and she begins grinding against my face.  She tastes amazing and smells even better. I kiss her feet and run my hand along her leg. Putting her hands on my cheeks and looking into my eyes, she smiles. I don't know if I could handle more, but I'll need wine first", she said with a smile.

Gina Feeds Me a Creampie

fetish speakerfrank 2018-04-07

She reached down between our legs and with my cock aligned perfectly with her snatch began to rub the head of my dick back and forth across her wet clit like a windshield wiper. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face into her cum smeared snatch and began to buck so violently that I was sure she would loosen my teeth. Yes I want to clean your cum drenched pussy!" the words fell out of my mouth almost at the same time that I began to blast my load directly onto her clit. I liked and sucked and cleaned up all the stray drips as she continued to paw at my head with her feet and hands, finally exploding in one extended rolling,bucking, face crushing orgasm.

Doctor Dildo

fetish KateSingletary 2018-04-07

The lips, the inside, around my pussy hole, clit, and ass. It's completely wet and sticky down below and he starts to spread my pussy lips open so my clit is fully exposed. He smirked and started rubbing my clit, and doing strange things like blowing in my pussy. He takes out his mucus dripping, and sticky fingers from my vagina and inserts the dildo in their place. You're a big girl, you can fuck yourself behind closed doors, so you stop acting like a huge gaping slut when you leave your house." "Be a good patient and make one big, wet, sloppy dildo mess for your doctor?" He begins to stroke his cock, while intensely watching me push this large pink dildo into my pussy.

Life With s*s: Pt 13

fetish 2018-04-07

She also looked at my cock and said she was pretty sure I liked it. Then she stopped talking, she had to, while standing in front of her, she leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth and started to move her head back and forth on my cock while tickling my balls with her other hand. After we finished our tea and the girls had the groceries put away, Susan said she better be going, we both stood, she gave me a little hug and thanked me for the tea. On her way to the door she asked if she could stop by again before she left for home, it would be in a few days.

Barebacked By Older Pervert named Vinicius

fetish anitabrausa 2018-04-07

I opened my legs a little and felt his dirty hand caress my inner thigh and get very close to my panties, yes I wore panties. I was feeling very dirty, letting this man touch my pussy and kissing him. He had the pervert expression all the time, talking as he slowly massaged my pussy, teasing my clitoris, his fingers were getting very wet and I was feeling pleasure being his fingering slut under the booth. I feel cheap, like a slut, like a prostitute, in this man´s backseat, hair in his hands as he deposits his sperm all inside my dirty pussy. Being a good dirty girl I turn around and tell him I want to clean his cock.

A Trip to Boulder

fetish MWMnovice 2018-04-07

Standing in front of it was a beautiful girl who I would best describe as a cross between what I remembered a 25-year-old Pia Zadora to have looked like (I told you, I'm in my 50's), and Hayden Panettiere for those of you who need a more current reference. I know I was not the most entertaining dinner guest that evening, as my mind was definitely elsewhere, looking both back as well as forward. As you can well imagine, I was then instructed to stand, was spanked a few times with an open hand, and then knelt back down, thankfully back on the pillow.

Cum World

fetish cumfountain 2018-04-07

At around 12 midnight the famous and beautiful actress Carmen came to my room suddenly asking to suck my cock and wanted badly two loads of cum. So I let her suck my cock for the next 15 minutes by which time I came for two times for dear Smita who was so happy to receive two mouthfuls of the delicious lusty cum and without wasting she gobbled up the loads. Satisfied with the view, my sweet aunt Mary bent down her face, opened her mouth and started to suck my pee out of my cock. As soon as my spurts stopped, the cup was closed and both the aunties came forward and keeping my cock facing upwards started licking the dripping cum with their drooling tongues.

Memories of a Horny Fuckbuddy

fetish StiffQuill 2018-04-07

Closing my lips round him I began to suck greedily on the hot liquid pouring from inside his body, out through his cock, and straight into my own body. Drinking Brian's piss during the film had turned both of us on and when the movie had finished we didn't waste any time getting naked. After a break for something to re-load our bladders, and a couple of smokes, I bent over the arm of the chair, my hands behind me pulling my cheeks apart as Brian pressed the end of his cock against my hole. Warm trickles ran down the backs of my legs as Brian rammed his wet, hard, cock into my gaping, slippery, hole.

A Ticklish Encounter

fetish Phallacy 2018-04-07

After the man decides to stop that little pattern, you feel his hands slide down to your breasts, where your nipples are erect from the playing that has been occurring. After what seems like a lifetime, he slides his hands down to your sides, and begins making a path from your armpit to your hips, his fingers moving even quicker and more lightly. At the same time, the man slides his hands down your legs to your feet, and begins to tickle them rapidly. A moment later, the man begins to rub your g-spot, and the woman slides her hands to your breasts and plays with your nipples.

A Very Happy New Year

fetish Talespin 2018-04-07

I began to slowly kiss along her jaw line toward her neck, the tip of my tongue telegraphing my message of sexual desire with every flick. After what seems a lifetime of caressing her underarms with my fingers and kissing and licking her breasts, I began to kiss my way down her body, dragging my hairy torso across her clit. Not wanting her to cum too quickly, I moved my face to the inside of her thighs and began licking and kissing them, immersing myself in the hairiness of her shapely legs. We embraced, kissed, once more ran our hands over each other's hirsute bodies, appreciating our hairy sensuality, then drifted off in the deep, satisfying sleep that only sexual exhaustion provides.

Andre Finds Love Pt. 01

fetish eviltwin52 2018-04-07

I had seen those big black cocks, up close and personal if you will, and the thought of them plowing a pretty white girl's pussy was highly arousing for me. I would lie in bad and masturbate my little dick, thinking of those big black cocks in those white women. Ty pulled me off my chair telling me the proper way for white bois to worship black cocks is on their knees. "If some of those bitches could have enjoyed fucking those big black cocks like I did, they'd know why I let the brothers have my pussy." My thoughts immediately turned to those nights in my apartments when the black guys I tutored would use my bed to fuck their white girl friends.

Lingerie Does Make the Man Ch. 04

fetish lingerielover 2018-04-07

The whole time I was getting dressed, Jane was sucking on Kay's nipples through her gown and had pulled her gown up enough to reach her hand inside, and I can only assume that she was fingering Kay's pussy. Jane instructed me to lift my ass off the bed, spread my legs a little and bury my face deep into the pillow and not to move from that position with out being told. I sat up in bed, while keeping my fingers buried deep inside of her, and got my legs under hers and was facing Kay. Kay asked Jane & Jeri to stop and watch what was about ready to happen.

Sean and Kris

fetish BisexualCumLover27 2018-04-07

Not that I can blame you." She smiled at him now "I taste pretty good too you know." she said and she got up from his crotch and brought her panty covered pussy up to his mouth just barely not touching it. She pulled away from their kiss "You like the taste of your own precum?" she whispered into his ear as her hand came up and smeared some on his lips. " she whispered and softly placed a fingertip down "I bet you suck dick almost as good as me" she pressed with her finger for the briefest second and then brought her hand back to his penis and started jerking it.

He Has a Problem

fetish Sporadicus83 2018-04-07

She had long brown hair, olive skin, big, hazel eyes, plump lips, shapely figure that was accentuated by her DD boobs and round, firm arse. I, as instructed, had my eyes closed, trying desperately not to cry out or cum in her mouth. Looking into her eyes as she lapped and sucked at the cock on screen, I could feel my balls giving way. Upon meeting her, she was indeed attractive, lovely figure; I'd guess 36 DD boobs, long black hair, and darting blue eyes. She started to grab my cock and play around with it, taking the remainder of my and her clothes off, which wasn't much. She took my hand which was covered with my urine, and began to lick and suck it, like it was my cock.

Peggy Spanks Me

fetish drsalt 2018-04-07

Some time before the desertion began, Peggy had contrived to involve Mandy in a complex discussion. I tried to listen to what was being said, but my thoughts strayed to the image I'd conceived of Mandy spread out on our bed sucking my wife's cunt while I fucked her and slapped her naked ass. Then I was brought back to reality when Peggy asked Mandy if she felt like a dip in the hot tub. I took Peggy's place at the foot of the bed while Mandy rolled to her back and spread her long legs for Peggy's mouth. The strap was louder on Peggy's ass than it had been on Mandy's.

Scarf Party

fetish oggbashan 2018-04-07

Sandra tied the knotted scarf tightly behind my head. She covered my head as Sandra had done but fed the ends of the scarf inside the scarves over my forehead and mouth before tying it under my chin. When Patricia asked me to make a noise I could grunt as loudly as I had done at my first attempt with Sandra's gagging. Unlike the large triangles used by the others, Julie wound a very long scarf several times around my head before knotting it very tightly. Julie took a large red silk scarf, folded it into a triangle, pulled my hands out in front of me and wound the scarf around my crossed wrists.

An 'Ode to the Cock'

fetish 2018-04-07

Soon fully erect and it rises from my hand and assumes an incredible angle, I note a single dew-drop of seminal fluid leaks from its tiny slit, I look up at him and he nods in my direction, as if giving his approval for what is flashing through my girlish mind, I smile and I stoop forward, wiping it clean, savoring the saltiness on the tip of my tongue, before neutralizing it with my saliva and swallowing.

A Company of Women

fetish byronbgeo 2018-04-07

They'd been expecting a woman by the name of Erica, and yet somehow it didn't matter that he was a man named Eric applying for a job at a pr firm devoted exclusively to women's causes. It wasn't two hours before Dana entered his office with a fellow account executive by the name of Alexa, a very attractive woman in a dress and boots, a smile upturned in a perpetual smirk. When the time came, Eric walked to Dana's office where he met with Alexa and the other account executive, Nikki: a petite, bespectacled woman who greeted him warmly, a hand to his arm. "Well, what would you think if that cutie were to worship your feet," said Alexa, " as our birthday gift to you."

American Whore Story - Asylum Ch. 01

fetish TheTitLover 2018-04-07

Glass pulled his shirt up out of the way, and watched as Deb sank to her knees between his thighs, and her beautiful, smooth breasts enveloped his prick. With the proper lubrication, Deb started sliding her big boobs up and down Glass's rod, squeezing her tits together and hugging his prick to their mutual delight. The two orderlies waiting behind the nurse stepped forward and took firm hold of Connor, who was taking a break from actively struggling and instead looking for another way free. "I suggest you do what Ms Sarah tells you, when she tells you," she told him in a low voice and a sad look on her face, before brightening and adding, "I hope we can help you find your way again Connor."