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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Absolute Devotion Ch. 06

fetish KaseyLegs 2018-04-07

I couldn't hear anything from the other room so I got up from the floor, the gummy bears detaching themselves from my pajama top and dropping onto the carpet, and went to my bedroom door. Then, when I had almost given up, Jimmy started moaning loudly and said, "Damn girl, you can really suck a cock." "Damn Erica, how did you learn to suck cock like that?" Jimmy asked her in a voice I could hear very clearly. They were grunting and groaning and Jimmy kept calling Erica names, but the one that sent a shiver down my spine was when he said, "You like getting that ass fucked, you cheating whore? I heard the front door open, Jimmy muttered something that sounded like a lame apology or excuse, and Erica slammed the door.

Handjobs Only

fetish escalus 2018-04-07

It's a terrible wrench for me to relinquish the contact with her thighs or her chest: but I do as I'm told and lie on the bed, and soon her hands are manipulating me, warming my balls and stroking my cock, and I am shooting my load high and hard over my own body. So having finished, Julia will warm some baby oil in her hand, then apply it to my newly shaven balls and cock, gently massaging it in until I am in seventh heaven, shooting my load with such strength and relief that I end up with a trail of spunk stretching from my navel up to my forehead.

Taken Her Fist

fetish fistme 2018-04-06

In addition to the new toy, my wife bought some latex gloves to start working her fingers in my ass. As I was humping back she slide a fourth finger in my ass, and I think I would have cum had she not clamped down on my balls with her other hand. This is when she smacked my ass fairly hard with her other hand, I was so surprised that I stopped humping her fingers. As this continued I pushed down hard against the butt plug and several inches slide into my ass. I started slowly moving the plug in my ass not letting it come all the way out knowing I wouldn’t get it back in if it did.

At Last Ch. 03

fetish NotTheTongs 2018-04-06

It would take some time to set things up, but she knew what to do about the thong situation. She'd wanted her father to meet BJ before he died, and know that she was going to be okay. She forced a smile into her voice as she added, "So you have to stay healthy, because I don't want to visit you in the hospital!" They went shopping and Li paid close attention to try and learn what things in particular triggered anxiety from her boyfriend. Tori met her eyes with a laugh when Li said she'd been incredibly tired and stayed in bed a long time the first day.

Milk and Cookies Ch. 02

fetish Lady Silverrose 2018-04-06

Dorian made what seemed to be some adjustments in Sandi's position, then pulled open a curtain near the back of the table. "We'd better milk you first, to keep the pressure down," she said and opened the box, removing two clear funnel-like objects, a lot of tubing, and what looked like a very weird bra. She positioned each of Sandi's breasts into what looked like a cone with the end cut off. Dorian helped Sandi to bend over slightly and placed the larger end of the funnel-like objects over each nipple. She pushed a button on the pump and Sandi's nipples seemed to shoot forward and milk started flowing into the tubes. Dorian pressed the button on the pump and the milk began to flow from Sandi's breasts.

My Best Girlfriend

fetish GoddessAtPlay 2018-04-06

The wig was discarded and petal pink leggings were pulled down to let loose a monster cock that felt hot when it was pressed against me, Chris trapping me between his body and the dresser. Chris reached down and grabbed my leg, pulling it up so my knee was on the dresser, my legs spread wide for him, and he stood up, his arm slipping from around me so he could rest his hand on my back, keeping me where he wanted me. It became easier and easier to get more of that flesh into my mouth as it softened, and Chrissy stopped holding my head and instead ran her fingers through my hair, reaching past my face with her other hand to steal my soother from me and place it back into the cotton confines of her panties.

Nice or Nasty?

fetish mutterguffin1 2018-04-06

Victoria is a sweet nice girl." Just then she came closer and whispered in my ear, "and Vicki is a nasty wicked submissive girl that wants you to use her body as a piece if meat." Oh shit, this was a nasty girl. I want you to taste your own fucking juices seeping from your nasty slutty cunt." I pulled her thong to one side and stuck two fingers inside her dripping wet pussy. Before I could get the words out for her to lick them clean, her mouth was on my two fingers, sucking on them like a cock.

Kim the Cheerleader and Me the Jock

fetish personman2 2018-04-06

I stayed way past the end of the game getting my leg looked at by the trainer, and my friend kim offered to give me a ride home and I was waiting for her to get out of the locker room. It was adorable in a weird way, watching her tiny little mouth struggle to take in my cock, but the more I thought about this innocent little girl who's probably never given head before try to suck my dick, only turned me on more. She started to find her rythym, and it felt good but it was definitely her first time sucking cock, so I told her it felt amazing and that I was getting close. "Oh baby, it you can make me cum with those pretty little feet, I'll owe you a thousand times"

My Ultimate Fantasy: M/TS/M/SSBBW Four-way

fetish 2018-04-06

My interest was up; I had sucked Derek's magnificent cock a few times, and I enjoyed making him come almost as much as my girl does. I knew Stacie wanted that black b**st inside her, and I figured I could help them both by making sure Derek was fully erect. I popped Derek out of my mouth, and quickly guided (not that he needed it; he knew the way quite well) his shaft into Stacie's warm, waiting pussy. In the time it took for Meagan to position me foe fucking, Stacie had turned over, Derek now plowing her from behind. I need that fucking cock!" Not wanting to come just yet, Meagan pulled out of me with a soft "pop" sound, and laid back to play with Derek's still semi-erect cock.

Too Much Teasing Is Not A good Thing

fetish Croozer 2018-04-06

She crossed her arms, and said, "I suppose with Gloria in the hospital, you haven't been able to get your needs taken care of." I nodded, and she said, "I'm flattered my panty has given you that rather amazing erection." Something in her tone and the way she was watching me told me she was aroused as well, so I said, "I'll bet you look sexy wearing it, Ione." She smiled for a few seconds, and said, "Tell you what...let's go into the bedroom, and I'll wear it for you...see if that makes you cum." She sat up, turned around, and said, "I want to jack you off with my panty." She straddled my knees, and while she jerked me, she ground her kitty against my knee and asked me to rub her breasts and nipples.

My Friend's Mom and Her Panties

fetish chuckp7860 2018-04-06

Walking towards me I would easily see her nipples showing through her bra and silky blouse then as she walked past I would start smelling her perfume and as she passed on by and her perfume lingered in the air I could watch that sweet ass sway back and forth and day dream of what color of panties where showing from her tight skirt. I felt her soft fingers slip under my balls and cupping them in one hand she took my cock in the other and pulled it slightly away from my body and she started kissing and licking the head of my cock.

Breast Obsessed

fetish PrincessErin 2018-04-06

"Where's Louise?" Amie was sucking on her wet fingers and Dave's cock was practically leaping out of his pants. "You want to fuck me don't you?" Amie was wiggling out of her jean shorts and panties and Dave gasped when her wet pussy touched his thigh. He had jerked off before coming over, but Louise's teasing and now Amie's huge breasts had pushed him over the edge. "Anywhere you want." Dave was about to respond, but then stared as Amie pushed her breasts together even more and saw her nipples touch. "What's up with you?" Dave was seriously trying to get at least a bit aroused, but the moment he felt Louise's flat chest pressed against him, he knew it wasn't going to happen.

Claire Gets Punished Ch. 04

fetish secretsubmissive22 2018-04-06

"This is for Claire's bare bottom when she is a bad girl, I am going to keep it somewhere we can find it easily," he said as he showed her the words. "This is for when my little girl is ready to stop wearing pull-ups and learn to use the potty." He put the box in front of her for her to look at and moved behind her, gently pushing the thermometer in and out of her bottom. "I am going to check for stubbles now and then we are going to discuss the punishment for taking off your diaper and after we discuss that I will put baby down for her nap." Claire thought he was going to let that go but knew she should have known better.

The Babysitter

fetish PurpleMonkeyDishwash 2018-04-06

I was talking to Ashton about this new job with your parents, and he mentioned that you had a crush on me for a little while back in high school. I was going to have to wash it anyway Brandon so at least let me look at what I'm doing! You know what, after I get you dressed and tucked into bed, I think I'm going to take a bath. When the time comes for you to actually get your dick inside a woman, you'll learn quick whether you're a tit or an ass man. And if you want to keep having fun like this, you're going to have to follow the rules.

Curio Shoppe

fetish mindingutter 2018-04-06

My pulse was racing, I was trembling with excitement, and obvious to Pete, my seven inch, circumcised dick was stiff, throbbing, and pointed straight at him. This caused his huge stomach to shift downhill toward his chest, revealing a glistening, reddish brown, beautifully thick circumcised cock, like a fat, wide dill pickle. I had never really fantasized about a guy sucking my dick, but was willing to let him do want he wanted, as I was grateful for chance to finally have a cock in my mouth. After a couple minutes the pace increased and suddenly I felt another pang of hunger, this time in my empty ass as he staggered along the couch, his hand jerking his cock downward.

Sirs and their boy toy

fetish atlsexyguy 2018-04-06

While Chris was detailing how I would be his and Steve’s fuck toy/slave, Steve had put on a chain mail jock strap, harness, armband on his left bicep, and black work boots to the knee. It was hard and big thanks to the little blue pills and the play, then he got down in front of Steve and blew thru the chain mail jock strap that popped off, to reveal Steve’s big uncut cock. Steve said “go boy!” and Chris got his lips so close to my cock I could feel their heat, but he waited.

The Room

fetish LWHunter 2018-04-06

"I have always wanted to sling this shit at you, it looks like cum when it hits you." She reached into the wide mouth of the plastic jar and got a handful of cold slimy Miracle Whip; that in itself brought a glaze to her eyes. She knelt between my outstretched legs and scooping up more mayo, enclosed my cock and balls in it, I grabbed the jar and scooped another handful and smeared it up her crack of her ass, poking my fingers into her tight puckered hole. Her hands were busy jacking me off, while telling me not to cum, and then scooping mayo and piss from the bed and adding it to the mess she was working into my flesh.

Mine by loyalsock

fetish loyalsock 2018-04-06

She cried out softly as he neared and she surrendered, allowing her body to go almost limp as she stood there, the cold rain making her shiver slightly. Then the pain erupted and that light wispy strike was like a line of fire across her ass cheeks. After a moment her mind cleared again and the pain began to fade and she became aware of the rain falling on her skin again. "Today, here, in front of the world I make you mine, body, mind and soul." She nodded, unable to speak, tears freely flowing down her cheeks. Her body burned brilliantly for a moment and then her love dripped down her bare legs and mixed with the rain.

Meet with Jan part 2

fetish HonorAnneDObey2 2018-04-06

We sat down, chatting amiably, drinking in the view of each other. Jan had on her black PVC body, with matching corset, elbow gloves and midi skirt. The skirt was already tented, as her lovely big boner bulged below. She always wore black seamed stockings, each held by 8 suspenders, but they were mostly hidden by here shiny white patent, over the knee boots, with 6" metal tipped heels. She had her almost white 'big' wig, on top of her heavily black lined, bright blue eyeshadow, along with her de rigueur red lips, beauty spots, and extra long, drag eyelashes, topped off with half a ton of blusher to heighten her cheekbones. Her long dangly earrings jangled gently as she got up.

Tax Time

fetish Brian1 2018-04-06

She was sitting next to her friend, "Watch this Susan" Jan said, and she grabbed my dick, stroked it a few times then took her finger and rubbed it across the head of my dick. "Go ahead, fill up your hand bitch, you love it, Susan wants to see what a obedient bitch you are, I am going to make you eat every drop of your cum while we just watch you" "Now swallow it and come here" I was still on my knees and crawled to Jan, she raised me to a standing position and took the arm of my cum filled hand, traced one of her fingers around the cum and rubbed it on to her lips, and then gave me the most erotic kiss of my life.

A Drinker's Better Moments

fetish topwise 2018-04-06

While you shower I think maybe I need to wash that blanket I gave you and hose down the couch." Kris laughed again and gave me the same smirk with the corner of her lip raised flashing her bright smile. I was going to let you in then, but then I saw you unzip and pull out your package and I had to stop and watch, I loved what I saw." Kris then ran her eyes down my body and landed on my cock, which was fairly good sized when not aroused, hanging down between my legs as the water still poured over me. Kris moved in even closer now so that both our legs were getting hit by her piss as she ran her hands along my chest and stomach rubbing the piss in

Leery Lactations

fetish jayrandolf 2018-04-06

What I noticed even more strikingly, was the fact that Jasma's fat chocolate jugs were even bigger than when she left, no doubt swollen with breast milk. I slowly reached up as we both looked in the mirror and gently squeezed the bottom of her fat tits through her sweater. At no time did my wet hands stop milking her tits all over the sink basin and on the mirror. "My-my boyfriend came over when I was baby sitting--and he fucked me." Jasma breathed through slitted eyes as she tried to see the cock in her hand in the mirror. I watched Jasma in the mirror, her face a milk-wet mask of complete ecstasy.


''What's a man to do'' Pt

fetish guru6969 2018-04-06

Elke's whole body tightened her hips pushed up to the willing tongue pleasuring her pussy, as she came in Helen's mouth. Elke pushed Helen back on the bed and dived between her legs sucking the mini cock into her mouth. Elke had the whole little cock in her mouth her tongue lapping on Helens balls. I reached over and took hold of Helen's little cock, she let out a little squeal of pleasure as I fondled it in my hand, my other hand found Elke's sopping wet pussy and I pushed two fingers inside it making her moan as she kissed Helen. Helen's little cock was rock hard again and I just couldn't help but turn my head to one side and suck it into my mouth.

Jerk-Boy Boot Camp, Session 2

fetish palmate100 2018-04-06

I follow this by having you open your mouth wide as I stuff my entire foot right into it, telling you to jack off while you suck my pretty feet, like a good jerk-boy. "Shoot for me, jerk-boy...shoot your load now!" As if a well-trained (which is what you really are, isn't it?) you begin to spurt your weak seed onto the plate as you jack your little cock ferociously, moaning loudly with the intensity of your release as the memory of the taste and smell of my perfect little feet resonates throughout your submissive brain.