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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Pretty in Pink

fetish jealouscuck 2018-04-06

I ended up getting a new assortment of lingerie from on line stores and eventually worked up the courage to go into retail stores and pick out my own items in person. I just loved the way lingerie felt on my body and the thought of dressing like a woman excited me to no end. She said, "You know, after I got over the initial shock, I thought about you masturbating in your girl things and it actually started turning me on. Jessica pulled my hand down to my hard cock and led me to slowly stroking myself through the panties. My cock finally started going soft and continued leaking cum into the sheer panties.

Jessica's sexy ass

fetish canev8 2018-04-06

Once in the shower with Amy, she handed me a soapy bath sponge and as I stood behind her I started by washing her from get neck down over her sexy tits and flat belly I then washed her back down to her ass as I kneeled on the shower floor and washed her legs. She switched off the water as I replied telling her that I was actually planning to fuck her sexy tight ass but I'm now first going to pleasure her and cum in her puss as there is no way I'm going last longer than a few strokes on my first orgasm. She soon placed her hand between her legs and started massaging and rubbing her pussy as I entered a 2nd finger into her sexy tight ass.

First Time Feet Experience

fetish 2018-04-06

After I took her right sandal off, I held her foot in my hands and couldn't resist. She picked her left foot up and told me to start licking her feet clean. I licked her soles and sucked her toes for another few minutes and eventually worked on both feet at the same time. I did what I was told to do and then felt her cute little foot on my balls. I wanted to take it off so bad but remembered I couldn't without being told or my little foot worshiping video will go viral. ř...4...3...2" and all of a sudden I couldn't hold back and busted my huge load all over her perfect little feet.

Pregnant and lactating

fetish 2018-04-06

There was his naked, lush, ripe, gorgeous young wife – in the process of birthing his twins – writhing about on their bed – and he actually got to put his hand up inside her stomach and feel his babies! So the next time Penny pushed – Gavin, as instructed, pushed down hard with all his weight on her belly whilst Meredith put both hands inside her, located the first head and pulled. Meredith then handed both naked babies to Penny, helped them to latch on and smiled as they instinctively started to suckle at their mum’s breasts. Meredith then asked Gavin to help her deliver the placenta by again pushing down on Penny’s belly hard whilst she put both hands inside Penny, grabbed it and pulled it out.

Baby Sitters Secret

fetish drew1207 2018-04-06

So I sat beside Jenny on the couch and listened attentively as she told me the story of her life, how she had come into this world as a boy but quickly realized that had been meant to live as a girl all along. Her hand came to rest right on the bulging mass inside my pants, already rock hard from the feel of Jenny's body and the kiss we had shared. At first, I thought she was going to give me a blowjob right then but, like I said, Jenny was a natural tease. I opened the door and stepped into the bedroom to see my eighteen year old babysitter lying on her side, elbow cocked, head resting in her hand as she faced me.

Naughty Pictures

fetish B_Couric 2018-04-06

On the first day of her third year of college Lia was surprised to find her boyfriend Jason's roommate Matt in her writing class. Lia closed her eyes as Jason's fingers probed her, and she focused on the sound of the strange woman moaning and not for the first time, she fantasized it was Matt between her legs. "Tell the truth..." Jason whispered, but his hand vibrated inside her, pressing hard and deep, the slurping sound of Lia's sopping wet pussy filling the room. Lia glanced at Matt the entire time as he took pictures and made little faces, vamping it up for the camera.


fetish rmlooker 2018-04-06

Cal looked at her nipples standing out several times and Lora asked him if he was embarrassed being seen with her like this. She looked down at him and said let's get in the shower and Cal used his arm stump to reach up and push her blouse open and off her shoulders. Lora then moved over to Cal's right side and started kissing where his shoulder had been. Cal lifted his stump up towards one of Lora's breasts and she moved forward letting it push into her. After he left, Lora helped him get his shirt, tie and suit coat on and then she got her stuff ready and they headed down to the large meeting room.

remembering my first

fetish barebottomboy 2018-04-06

Otherwise it just does not feel like a complete spanking and punishment and comes up short of the complete and utter enjoyment I derive from having my bottom bared and turned that special shade of red I like to call spanking red. Just as the humiliation sinks in Mom pulls me towards her turns me around exposing my little hairless weenie to these girls and starts spanking me while they watch and giggle as my little weenie bounces up and down as Mom spanks and lectures in front of those GIRLS! After about 15 minutes Mom returns and comes to the corner, turns me around and tells me to go over to the Girls and tell them I'm sorry they had to see me nude and being punished.

David's Scottish Cousins Ch. 01

fetish Thorilla 2018-04-06

Megan shifted herself forward over me so that her legs were either side of my face and the back of her pleated skirt and two petticoats draped down over the front of the sofa. The front of her skirt was spread over her petticoats which in turn was spread across her knees and as I looked up I could see various tiers and multi-layered lace edgings as well as the tops of her stockings, suspenders and some very loose delicately lacy French-knickers which their mother insisted that they both wear because they were less sweaty than tight panties and more hygenic. Megan returned to her previous position and made sure her wide pleated tartan skirt and flared white underskirts were spread above my face as I lay on the floor between her feet.

Eva my Dominate Coworker Ch. 03

fetish Lawyerlyzach 2018-04-06

Lisa started, she stripped down to nothing, sat on top of Eva's desk, and dangled her feet off of it. After several minutes she told me to move back to her big toes, and started Marie started licking her pussy while Eva sucked on her tits. For Eva's turn, Lisa and Marie each latched on to one of her tits, and I was told to eat her pussy. Lisa told me that for her second turn Eva was going to rest and watch as Marie and I double penetrated her. Marie then took Lisa's place on the desk, and made me eat her to a hard orgasm, all the while letting the other two suck on her breasts.

Cum On Robyn

fetish RobynBanks 2018-04-06

I knew my legs and backside looked good, after all I'd worked bloody hard to make sure the muscles were firm and taut, the effort getting more difficult the older I get - So why not give the two young men a chance to appreciate the rear view? Come back later with your friend..." I stepped back, lifted the bikini top away from my breasts, enjoyed the boggle-eyed response the action received, and added, "...And you can cover these in spunk." I can sit with my fingers curled inside myself or rubbing hard at my clit and watch him come, jizm spurting, his gasps and moans taking me there as well, desire sluicing out of me.

Now Eat It

fetish Livelycouple 2018-04-06

The chatting ended up about sex and I again told him that I loved to see him shot his load and eat it as I reach under the table and stroked his cock thru his pants. After a couple minutes I looked around the room and saw there were 3 single guys watching the porn and already stroking their own cocks. The guy on my right immediately got on his knees on the sofa and kept stroking his 8"cock as he rubbed the head of it on my tit. I agree and both her and her husband walk over and she rubs his cock on my cum covered tits and strokes him for about a minute until he shoots his load on my tits and into the cup!

A Curious Liberty

fetish MishiOrion 2018-04-06

We played ponies together, meeting him now is just weird, I feel silly." She looked down, blushing a little under the eyes. She trailed back into silence, Mark watching the road, Susanna looking down and away at the speaker set into the car door. Turning to face him as she did so she said quietly, "I used to really like ponies when I was a kid," He glanced from the road, catching her childishly naughty smile. He moved back to the car as she stood up and stretched - hands interlaced above her head and breasts pushed out against her dress. She looked at him sideways and gently bit her lower lip, "Maybe." She took a few steps forward onto the soft grass.

Skank-Hunter: Prequel

fetish devoutmalesub 2018-04-06

'Ricky Dicky' wasn't a way for people to pick on me, when they saw my heavy, limp, uncut cock with heavy balls, my legend grew over night. She continued, "When you're too close, you switch, you start giving the girl some oral gratitude." She grabbed my head and guided it to her pussy still covered in panties. "That's the smell of arousal, Rick, the smell of me wanting to fuck." My fingers were stroking her thighs, working their way up to her panty line. "We're going to have a fun summer; I'll teach you so much, I'll teach you how to be the best Skank Hunter out there." She cleaned our mutual cum off my cock with her mouth and kissed me one last time, deeply, before we drifted to sleep.

Beating His Wife's Arse

fetish MissTaraUK 2018-04-06

The sound of his voice snapped her back to the present, she had begun to get turned on thinking about her father's whipping, and she had almost forgotten that she was about to receive another that would surely be at least as severe as that one for talking about one of her old boyfriend's big cocks at the dinner party tonight with the ladies on hand. As they rested Mandy slid down and licked Troy's massive cock clean bringing it slowly back to life, they made love twice more that night and both agreed that the strop would be used again for any more major infractions, and secretly Mandy hoped it wouldn't be all that long before he had to use it on her again if he fucked her this good next time.

Captured by The Corporation Ch. 02

fetish SoftSoledBoy 2018-04-06

My toes slowly moved forward, curling, my soles wrinkling up in front of the watching crowd. Feel free to pay him back if he teases too much - mock him about his predicament, his ticklishness, the size of his feet, their tenderness....whatever you think will get a rise out of him!" I began to wave my feet around a bit in addition to the toe-wiggling, determined to tease even more after that little comment. "Five minutes with our new subject's feet, right now!" I felt my soles twitch in anticipation. My soles tingled as I got ready to stand up, my feet finally touching the floor - I hadn't looked at it before, but it was some of the softest carpet I'd ever felt.

sex in south india on job

fetish mayankgalav 2018-04-06

She also i think started to like me one day in nite i called her and at the end i asked her to gimme a kiss over a kiss. then i kissed her she was vry horny south indian gal and i was sucking her lips.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and gave a love bite on her neck. Then we both got nude and i started to kiss her and started to finger her pussy., one thing i had initially fucked 2 gals but her pussy was so perfect grt lips and sexy.... then i took a few minutes rest as she was new , now i again started to suck her pussy and was moaning like a wild a****l aaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ooooooooooooooooh and i was licking excited by her moans.

Asked to Flash (Cont 5-1)

fetish ntrain2001 2018-04-06

We sat talking and laughing a bit more then cindy got quiet and looked at me and asked if I do what I did to her to my wife. The wife looked at me and I thought she was going to ask but instead she said maybe later, right now I want a shower im cooking. cindy said ok and went to get dressed, when she left I asked the wife and said I thought you said no playing around. She went in and the wife and I sat there talking and she said since were just going to the movies you don't have to get dressed up you can just wear a pair of your shorts.

James' Transformation Ch. 4

fetish Dragonia 2018-04-06

Jenny stood at the doorway and looked on for a while, Abbey had her eyes closed tight and her hands rested on Linda's head pulling it closer to her pussy. Jenny stood up and kissed Ling before she walked to the side of the bed and leant over, she then slid her skirt up exposing her pussy and a man immediately took his position plunging his cock into her pussy. Jenny looked up at Ling who clapped her hands once again, the men all walked forward to the edge of the bed and started to masturbate, pulling their cocks back and forth, it didn't take long before thick streams of cum started to spray over the three girls.

Hot Anticipation

fetish pink64 2018-04-06

You tell me to face you and spread my legs, you slip off your shoe and start to tease my pussy with your toes, you know that with your touch you are making me wetter and wetter, needing you badly i ask if you would stop or i am going to cum, in a forceful voice you tell me, you will not cum unless i tell you too. that's a good slut, i fuck your ass with my finger matching the rhythm that you are fucking my mouth i feel you cock grow then shooting your cum deep into my throat, i hear you say take it all bitch!

Natalie's Desperate Deadline

fetish ShowersOfGold 2018-04-06

The obscure essays she'd rashly stripped quotes from, hoping to cobble together a half-hearted supporting argument for what she knew was a fairly nonsensical angle, were a complete headache - and, of course, Natalie's bladder was now pounding from twelve hours and several pints of coffee without a toilet break since she'd sat down at the desk. Natalie had seen a few especially drunk girls wet their knickers during freshers' week, but as a general rule she was sure that second-year University students didn't wee on themselves. The sodden towel beneath her gently caressed her sex as she shifted in her seat, and something inside Natalie stirred as the stress of the past day receded.

The Dirty Old Workshop Bench

fetish Ubasti 2018-04-05

It is my husband's private workshop full of sharp tools, dirty workbenches, vise clamps, and all sizes of scrap wood. My husband looks so hot and sexy, deliciously standing there in his thin-tight blue jeans beside the tall turning lathe. He turns around to look at me; the front of his old black shirt covered with shavings of wood. Wandering over to him in my flats trying not to slip on the course wood-chip covered floor I am also looking at the chisels, hand saws, screwdrivers, and hammers all neatly organized on the walls. The rough grooves and dents in the wooden workbench feel like hard mountains and valleys against the soft skin of my bum cheeks.

Busted in Balloonville Ch. 03: Tracy Blows

fetish blowhyoooge 2018-04-05

Tracy took a deep breath, and Jeff felt the vinyl inflatable press harder into him as her chest expanded. "Yes," she said, looking at him around the neck of the blown-up bottle, "I think that's nice and hard, don't you?" She put the pink balloon to her lips, and with her eyes boring into his, Tracy unleashed the massive power of her lungs, squeezing his cock as she blew. Tracy took a deep breath, puffed out her cheeks, and blew a big, hard neck into the balloon. Jeff grabbed her breast with the hand that had been holding the balloon right up until she blew it to destruction, and pushed her head down to his cock.

Cum Vampire

fetish 2018-04-05

I burst into the ladies room and found an empty stall and sat down and started rubbing my tits and clit trying to get myself to cum hopping it would make the urge go away if I could satisfy myself. The shorter stocky guy had a really wide cock and as I sucked his friend he got behind me and pulled up my skirt and started rubbing my ass and wet snatch. I was out of control and I sacred the guy and he looked at me like I was crazy while I licked dirty cum from behind a dumpster off of my fingers.