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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Best Of Friends

fetish Styleen 2018-04-05

I had told Grant how I thought it would be hot to see a guy do that, but rather than wetting themselves they whipped their cock out and let go in a torrent of piss. I need to pee!" He told me, a look of pain crossing his face. and yet not be able to pee." Grant groaned in response, which made me giggle as my pussy gave a little lurch in excitement. " I let the word hang in the air, and grinned when I heard Grant groan and his breathing intake. Grant's response was a deep groan from him, followed by a moan of relief as a steady stream of piss splashed down into the toilet bowl.

The Ugly Shop

fetish Dreadlocks 2018-04-05

I entered the stall, "Of course no fucking door!" I thought as I lowered my panties and hovered over the toilet paper lined seat. "Why on earth would you cut such beautiful hair my dear?" He sounded sad "Why you have to be the prettiest thing to walk through these doors...ever." As if I needed any more reinforcement, a young guy getting out of his car stared wide eyed at me mouthing "wow" as he looked. "Next up, it seems that superstar Valerie Vincent has traded her famous blonde hair for a bald head" A commercial popped on and I was going to be sick. The newscaster began, "Valerie Vincent was seen to day in Bridgetown, leaving a barber shop and sporting a new bald look.

Training a Cocksucker pt.2

fetish 2018-04-05

Slowly sipping his beer mike just relaxed and enjoyed the blowjob he was getting as he watched his moms round white cheeks move around the vibrating dildo buried deep in her pussy. He was gasping with the power of one of the best orgasms he had ever had and pulling his cock out her mouth he let her catch her breath a second and then holding the tip to her lips said "lick it clean mommy slut". Mike walked to the bathroom and grabbed a bottle of lotion and coming back into his moms room spread some on his hands and began to slowly massage his moms nice round ass cheeks taking care to slide the soft lotion all over her cheeks and deep into the crack of her tight ass.

New Brew

fetish Selbryth 2018-04-05

So anyhow, I'm washing my face and sipping a little water, and he's standing there and other girls are going by grinning and smirking and shit (because it's the girls room) and he's looking all embarrassed and 'averting' his eyes and shit like that and I'm so grateful to him I want him to just fuck me any way he wants as payment. I mean she was like cummed out and unconscious by the time I finally stopped licking that juicy snatch of hers, and then I woke her up and got her to come back down in the tub because her skin was all bumpy and cold.

More Than I Wanted

fetish gbr2004 2018-04-05

"I understand what you are saying boy but what it sounds like it to me is that you need a real man in your life," was his reply. Stand to the right of the door, hands behind your back till I come for you," he tells me like I have no choice but to obey. "I think you mean 'thank you Sir', don't you boy?" he says as he stares at me. "If you don't want to walk out of here holding hands, you will be a good boy and get up and walk to the door now," he tells me firmly. "I like it too boy," he says as he goes over and sits down in a black leather chair.


Panty Consequences No. 03

fetish PantiesAndPies 2018-04-05

I then told him that I definitely thought of myself as mainly straight but had wondered ever since my one cream pie eating experience what it would be like to suck a cock until it came in my mouth. Try them out over the next couple of days and make sure you have plenty more by Saturday because if I offer you the job after the final interview stage and you accept you will need sufficient panties to last for a 14 day cruise I've organised starting then." Karen stood and started to leave the room, "Follow me to the bedroom for the final interview!"

Me & Miss Cocker

fetish sexlover 2018-04-05

She was flirting quite a bit during the lesson, which nobody minded whatsoever, she came round looking at our work, sat down on my desk, crossed her lovely long legs over one another and leaned down towards me, and I got a perfect view of her breasts, which she noticed and said, "if you wait 'til later, you may catch a better glimpse" and with that she carried on with the lesson. While I was blowing off my English teacher, she was fumbling about in her draw and pulled out a tub of Vaseline, and moaned "take me now, I want to feel you inside me", and I didn't need a second to think, I applied some to my penis, then began to lick out her tight ass, which was lovely and round, and it tasted great.

Maid Service

fetish dreamerboi 2018-04-05

She finger fucked my ass, pushing in and out, while she sucked my cock into her mouth and pulled the pegs on my sack. You pay for blow job, but I know what bitches like you want" she said, shoving a second finger into my ass. "You want this in dry or wet, bitch?" said Lin. I opened my mouth obediently and sucked the handle. "Ok, then, you know what's coming." Lin pushed my legs open, pulling my balls aside roughly and making me wince. Lin let go of the brush and grabbed both my nipples by the pegs, hauling on them so hard I thought they would come off. "Yes, now you come," Lin cried, leaning down and biting my other nipple hard, taking the peg in her mouth.

Stag Party

fetish oggbashan 2018-04-05

Harold (Thomas' best man and the target of "The Bridesmaids' Revenge") had booked the room at "The Red Lion" for the party. Jo who was standing behind him grabbed Thomas' hair and forced him to nod twice before she pushed his head right into Amy's cleavage. "Oh well" said Jo who then spun round, bent forward and quickly flipped her dress and petticoats over her back revealing white panties, white suspenders and white stockings before standing up and letting her clothes drop back into place to loud cheers and shouts of "Again!" The eight "Fatstock Sows" stood behind the pinioned men and held their heads apparently tenderly as Amy and Jo took group photographs despite the guys' protests. "Well guys" said Helen "you were set up by the bride and her hen party."

My Secret Service Ch. 07

fetish HConway 2018-04-05

I settled on a pair of red lace thong panties that Jen had worn and discarded one day after I ate her husband's cum from her pussy. On one hand, I couldn't believe I was sitting across from this beautiful woman — who'd had amazing sex with me less than 24 hours before — talking about eating her bosses' cum from his wife's pussy. Her hand slipped inside my panties, pulling the sticky fabric away from my straining cock. "You have the most sensitive nipples of any man I've ever met," she said, as her fingers rubbed and tugged, making me moan and groan with pleasure. Missy let me move away, but only for a moment before she would catch my bulge with her pussy and began my inevitable trip over the edge.

Random Connections Ch. 01

fetish Dreams of Desire 2018-04-05

Then a ripe sucking sound of wet flesh became louder and louder; soft, moist lips engulfing hard meat repeatedly consuming it deeper and deeper, gulping, groaning sounds of lust that nearly brought Gordon to the brink of no return as he heard her feasting on his cock. Gordon bucked his hips and tightened his grip as he imagined the look of pleasure on her face as (his) that cock pumped harder and faster, going deeper with each stroke until it slowed down to a stop. "Oh yeah slide it in slow, fuck me with your hard cock." Her breathing became shorter, faster; harsh cries and lewd encouragement echoed deep in Gordon's mind as he avidly stored every sordid detail for the future.

My wife's a dom when 3 guys are in the room

fetish edbradley 2018-04-05

Reggie held Sara with a hand on either side and told her she looked good before giving her a quicker kiss than Woody had. Sara wet the head of Reggie's cock by circling it several times with her tongue before plunging the dick into her mouth far enough to touch her index finger. When he was done eating the portion of Reggie's load that Sara had in her mouth, Sara told him, "Now eat the rest of it," meaning the spunk that had dripped from Reggie's dick on to Sara's body." Woody began licking the remains. After a rest, she sat on the floor and told Reggie to "get that black fucking cock over here and in my mouth," an order she did not have to repeat twice.

Coed Apartment Wrestling

fetish gomez8 2018-04-05

Saundra, sitting across the room from Dave, eyed John as his muscled rippled and stretched, the tiny bikini outlining the curvature of his now fully aroused cock. Alix turned to John, waving her cum-coated cock in his face, letting him smell Janet's juices. Alix stood up, and as if on cue Janet smeared a handful of lubricant on Alix's cock John started shaking his head, repeatedly saying "no, no, no." When Janet finished lubing Alix, she picked up the brazen, bright-haired beauty's bikinis, stuffed them once more in John's mouth, and brought him to his hands and knees. Once John accepted the inevitable and relaxed Janet gently pulled the bikini gag from his mouth and untied his hands and legs.

Punishing My Tits Ch. 02

fetish RedHawke 2018-04-05

When all was clear again, I got my bag from the dollar store, extracting the rope, chain, bungee cord, and varying clips. I finally took the clothespins from my nipples, rubbing and squeezing them to diffuse the pain and to keep the blood circulating. I toyed with them fairly gently for a while, but I couldn’t wait for further punishment, so I took up the bag clips and applied them. My breasts were pulled up tightly by the bungee cord—it stretched a little, but so did my nipples. I simulated my fantasy by getting on my hands and knees—and oh, my nipples burned like fire when my giant breasts pulled down against those tight clips!—and fucked myself with a long, thick dildo.

Memoirs of a strip club chef

fetish Beowulf_S 2018-04-05

The first time a new waitress put in an order, we’d break out the same silvery platters we used for the deluxe shrimp cocktail. So of course on Candy’s first day we plated up the old pony poker, and were more than a little disappointed when Candy simply sent it back with the note that her order had clearly been for medium rare, while this was still frozen. Again, it was placed on a silver platter and sent out for pick up the next time Candy made an order. Girls became reluctant to pick up their orders because of the platter protecting pony poker, and the plates started to build up.

Amy's Boy Toy Hook-up #2

fetish 2018-04-05

As I got up I looked for 'Steve' and he was still by his car rubbing his cock. Once in the car he unzipped his pants and pulled out his enormous cock--it was ROCK hard! "Okay, when I cum I'm gonna pull out and you're gonna turn around and get down on your knees and take my load fully in the face without swallowing," To emphasize his point he grabbed my neck, "Got that!" "Open your mouth, girlie," He said and as I did so he thrust his semi-hard, but still quite large and thick, cock into my mouth. "I have to go," he said, "I hope you know your way home," he smiled, and turned and got into his car!

The Story of Rhea Ch. 04

fetish kris_cuteguy 2018-04-05

She slapped my ass cheeks, rolled me over and said, 'Watch me eat you now.' She then rubbed my cum on her hands all over my dick and took the head in. She started sucking at the same time slurping up my cum into her mouth while her fingers played with my balls and asshole. Although it wasn't much it was the most erotic sight I ever saw with that pee dripping slowly onto my dick and the trickling sensation it caused on my balls and then my ass. Then we said goodbyes and went our separate ways to our waiting cars and just before Rhea got in, I turned back to look at her.

Penny Michaels

fetish blackbox7 2018-04-05

The doctor opened the door and pushed Penny to the bedside of a woman who was wearing a tightly strapped rubber oxygen mask over her nose and mouth. The first stop was a woman who was sitting in a dental chair with a man holding a silver and black rubber anesthesia mask tightly over her face. Penny was then wheeled over close to a dental chair where a couple of attendants were struggling with a male patient who was objecting to black rubber anesthesia mask being held tightly over his face. The black rubber breathing bag was now opening and closing in a regular pattern as the anesthesia began to take hold and the doctor told the attendant that it was mo longer necessary for the restraints to be used and they were removed.

Green Eyes Ch. 02

fetish assco 2018-04-05

She sat on the very edge of the bed, one breast showing, her beige skirt hitched up to her waist and spread her stockinged legs. I looked at the creamy mess on her left tit, my cum pooled between her breasts and in the hollow of her neck. I licked again and her left breast was clean and her fingers worked faster. I dived in, licking and slurping, sucking my cum from between her tits and smearing it around my mouth. I cleaned her right breast, before licking my cum from the hollow of her neck with renewed passion. As our sticky tongues wrestled in her mouth her body pushed up against mine and she came.

Corporate Affairs, The C.E.O.

fetish SMillar 2018-04-05

God you are so fucking pathetic." I turned to his wife and said "Why do you stay with him? "I want you to suck my cock, and when I'm hard I am going to fuck you in the ass while your wife watches. Marilyn was looking straight into the camera, talking to her husband behind the lens. My husband Marilyn and Bill high speed fucking like something from the Keystone Cops. Funny, even though I fuck lots of other guys I still feel uncomfortable thinking of my husband with a different woman. A loving husband and beautiful kids." With that said she opened up the bag and poured the contents onto the seat beside me.

A Wet Summer

fetish Otazel 2018-04-05

For several minutes her just stood there, silently letting her suck him with her mouth sliding wetly up and down his shaft, but soon the urge to urinate became uncomfortable, so much so that it detracted from the pleasure he was receiving and his cock began to deflate. She looked up at him, and then, with her eyes fixed on his and an excited smile on her face, she directed his piss up and down her body, hosing it over her breasts, her belly and even her shoulders, until finally closing her eyes, she guided him to pee in her face. When their mouths came apart they looked at each other in a kind of silent contemplation, each wondering where they went from there, until Micky asked the question that had been forming in Drew's mind too.

Sophie's Choice Ch. 02

fetish jeb22 2018-04-05

The pleasure was so great he almost felt like he could not breathe but Sophie kept going," I've got your arms tied to the couch...," the words made him feel as if he was dropped into a helpless spiral of pleasure," I've got your cock all locked up with my gorgeous nylon clad feet," the spiral seemed to spin even faster, almost out of control and John noticed her breathing was getting more rapid just as his was," I've got your libido all tied up in knots around my little finger and baby," she paused sensing his impending orgasm," you wouldn't have it any other way."

The Love of Panties Ch. 07

fetish chuckp7860 2018-04-05

I slowly opened the bag trying to remember where each piece was but I had all ready learned that most girls never thought that some guy, especially an older man would ever go through their things. I was all ready getting hard again with her bra around my cock, the inside of the cups a silky material I slowly wiggle out of her jeans. As I folded the clothes back up and placed them back in the bag I started getting hard again as I thought about her changing shortly into these items and this pair of panties getting pulled on her sweet butt and up on her hips until she pulled the gusset against her pussy and my cum was pressed into her.

The Perils of Penelope

fetish decimus 2018-04-05

Taking his time Stephen looked her up and down, taking in the soft curves of her body encased in the armour of her city suit. You of all people should know how important it is to pick up a client like the Johnstone Company." Penelope had her eyes firmly fixed on the floor. Eventually, Penelope forced the words out, saying, in a small voice, "Please Stephen, I deserve to be spanked." Stephen spoke slowly and clearly, knowing that each word would work it's different magic on them both. In turn Penelope ground her hips back at him; slipping her fingers back, groping for, and finding, his hard cock. Stephen and Penelope collapsed onto the desk, laughing, gasping, released at last.