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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

PantyTheif part 2

fetish 2018-04-05

She was a lovely girl, liked sex...especially doggy, but wouldn't leave her panties on when I was banging her I didn't get one pair of knickers with my cum in them. She stopped to say hello, then leaned close to me and whispered in my ear 'White bikini panties, matching bra'....and walked off. Two hours later I was banging her against the bar after closing time. I was finger fucking her through her black panties, making sure all the lovely mixed juiced were soaking the gusset. Years later I wondered how many times I ate her cunt with his spunk in it. It was so different eating her well fucked gash with no wiry hair scratching my face...and of course she still loved me eating her cum filled cunt.

The Reluctant Schoolgirl

fetish CopyCat13 2018-04-05

While Alex rubbed her sore knuckles, she continued, "Now I'm sure little tomboy like you will be happy to know that at this school you will not be allowed to wear pants, only skirts as is proper for a young lady." Realizing that she'd never convince the Mother Superior to change her mind, Alex cast one quick glance at Officer Anderson to find her checking her out with a greedy leer on her face. uniform." Alex started toward the door but before she got more than a few steps the Mother Superior called out, "I hope you're not forgetting to thank Officer Anderson young lady!"

that moment

fetish kittkatt71 2018-04-05

You kiss me and I feel your heat surround up against a wall and your hands stroke my face as your tongue possesses me. I feel your hardened manhood dance across my thigh and realize I can smell my sex drifting around me, I flush knowing you must know how aroused I am but again you lift my chin and this time you kiss me. Your kissing my back my shoulders and I feel your hot breathe on my neck as you whisper in my ear "your beautiful, I need you" I moan my hips raising up looking for release. Strong hands grasp my hips and lift them and I feel your kisses on me.

Pretty Jogger Ch. 2

fetish Lucien_Al 2018-04-05

It wasn’t long before I could feel my balls tense up and my cum started to jerk from my cock and into the waiting bikini. As I looked across at her pussy I could feel my cock was getting harder and harder until it was pointing upwards like a pillar. She turned and took me into her arms, her warm body pressing against me, my cock pressing against her stomach, my balls hanging against her soft pubic hair. I wasted no more time and quickly took her fathers shaving brush and cream from the shelf above the basin and made my way back to Catherine’s room, my secret treasure balled tightly in my hand.

Chris and Becca Ch. 01

fetish haroldandpetunia 2018-04-05

She had been practicing for days, looking at herself in the mirror, rubbing her new cock and wondering what it would feel like to watch Chris suck it. Becca squirted more lube on her hand, grabbed a hold of Chris' cock and started to rub in time with the rocking motion of her hips. 'You know this is part of your training for the day when you suck a real cock and have to taste another man's cum.' Becca told Chris that he'd done well. 'Lick my pussy', Becca said, 'and taste my cum.' She paused for a moment and wondered what Chris would think of this new-found assertiveness. On the second grind, she lowered her head, looked into Chris' eyes and said, 'Baby, I'm g-gonna cum...all-ll over your face.'

Ep. 03 A Desperate Caress

fetish Curse_Of_Undeath 2018-04-05

"Yo, Randy," Mark Sinclair, the band's bassist, called to him, "Me and the guys have been really worried about ya, bro. Man, you do need to get out more," Mark said, clapping Randy's shoulder. Turning serious, he said, "Randy, you don't need to be looking for Miss Right tonight, or even Miss Right Now. Don't listen to Rick; you know how much of a man-whore he is." "Like so," Randy said and downed half a hot dog in one bite. "*Eh, bite me," Randy said in Korean with a laugh, which was joined in by his other band mates. "You know, my friend," Mark said, "when a woman looks at you like that way, there's only one thing on her mind .

Down the Rabbit Hole Pt. 02

fetish bellaluna515 2018-04-05

My breath catches in my throat as he pulls her head up by her hair, leans forward and kisses her deeply. His eyes are still on me and feel my crotch growing wetter as I watch her pull out his hard cock out and start to suck. I gasp as I feel the cool air kiss my dripping wet pussy lips. My eyes stay glued on the floor, and I think, "Don't look at her, you can't look at her, you will lose all self control." I hear the sound of the vodka bottle scraping across the table, liquid sloshing inside. For a moment, the harsh sting of the vodka on my throat lifts the veil of her spell but it quickly falls with a crash as she replaces the bottle with her luscious lips.

Tank and Laser

fetish riverdummy 2018-04-05

Once I came back I stopped in a corner where they won't see me and took a peek, I found the naked female camper still talking to him, and sitting on the same bed, just a few inches from Ken's littlehood. Ken did not said anything but I can see him looking up, but so is his little hood under the towel cover, which the female camper been staring at. "Your penis is full of precum, you're about ready to blow." She said as she examined him and made a circle around the head of Ken's littlehood, spreading it down and then all over his shaft before carefully placing it by wrapping her hands around it, and then squeezed it gently.

Pauline Submits to the Spanking...

fetish Tomray10 2018-04-05

Mr. Ray finished his paper work and then called Pauline to his side once again he told her that she was going to receive spanking that she could only deserve for such bad and slow work. She was trying to listen to the man talk to her telling her that she is going to be spanked twice a week every Monday afternoon and every Friday afternoon to help keep her mind on her work and also to teach her not to let herself, get to the point that other people suffer because of her attitude. She was then told to lay over the chair so that her pussy was on full display to Mr. Ray her odour filled the room and she was starting to feel embarrassed about it.

I Fucked My Husband's Friend in the Car

fetish PureCoffee 2018-04-05

He continued playfully pulling at my sweats and I again pushed his hands away, but this time he had taken his penis out and placed my hand on it. I continued to look at Tim, not wanting him to know, as I felt Tony's penis slowly pushing in-and-out of me. I too was overcome as my body convulsed into an orgasm and I pushed back against Tony's cock, looking at Tim through glazed squinted eyes. I'm not sure if it was because I needed to stay as quite and still as possible through my orgasm, or knowing Tim was right there while another man's penis was cumming inside of me, or the feeling of Tony's fat penis pulsing in my pussy, but my orgasm seemed to last for minutes and was definitely one of he most satisfying orgasms I've ever had.

Caroline Control

fetish thako 2018-04-05

Caroline dug her boot heels in to goad her horse, Odyne, to complete the final jump. Joe dropped onto one knee, grabbed the boot heel and started tugging. She looked at Caroline and then at Joe in the mud tugging away at her boot. Caroline looked down at a struggling Joe who finally wrestled the reluctant boot from her foot, managing to leave the sock in place. She began to feel that his tongue, although quietly giving her a gentle foot massage and cleaning her boots at the same time, could be utilised better. With that Caroline took a step backwards, she hooked her panties with both thumbs and whilst always looking at Joe pulled her pant down, past her boots and flicked them onto the floor.

Baby Cara

fetish So drained 2018-04-05

She immediately began happily sucking away, and I finished rolling her stockings down, and pulled her little wet panties off, almost fainting from the smell. Every time her hungry mouth tugged on my nipple, I felt a pull somewhere deep inside of me, a sumptuous caress of some inner part of me, it was like having a massage on some part of me that I hadn't known existed, but was crying out to be rubbed. I lay like that for a while, I guess, because when I opened my eyes again, Cara had curled beside me, sleeping soundly as only a child could, with her little yellow teething ring plugged firmly in her mouth.

Laura's Moment Ch. 03

fetish cottonballs 2018-04-05

She smiled at the memory of one particular evening when Angela had fed her strawberries and bananas and then later, before play started, had slid an entire chocolate bar deep into her bottom and then, when she opened and fed her lover, her face had been a filthy mess of chocolate and other more complex textures. Emma, for all he willing and enthusiasm was at times like a little excitable child, or as Laura sometimes thought, a small puppy though she kept that particular comparison to her self as they walked away in the general direction of the hotel.

The Nympho Girlfriend - Part 1

fetish xcitu 2018-04-04

My girlfriend wasn't exactly bisexual, but it always made her horny letting me fuck other women, and with me always coming home to her, it made her feel like the dominant woman I suppose. After what seemed like several minutes, the hippie girl says to me, "I'm ready for you to get inside me when you're ready." I slowly slid my cock into her pussy all the way until our hips pressed together. My girlfriend said, "I want to feel your balls empty all of your cum inside her cunt." That sent me over the edge of control. I did three more hard powerful thrusts of my cock, and my cum blasted out inside the hippie woman's pussy in a series of strong orgasmic pulses of my cock and balls.

It all begins

fetish Trulydivergent 2018-04-04

I don't know what turned me on the most; the porn, playing with myself or watching him, especially when a thick white stream of cum erupted from his dick. I continued looking at the magazine, paying close attention to guys getting fucked. He then asked, “Do you want to try it.” Sheepishly, I said “Yes.” I turned to my belly and felt him crawl onto me. I would always try to catch a glimpse of other guys dicks and asses. As I exited once, a guy asked if I wanted a blow job but that was not what I was looking for. I told him, loudly so my wife could hear it, “ You can fuck her but she wants double fucked and I get the ass.

Awakening My Trans Nature, My Fifth Experience, Br

fetish SapphireSomeday 2018-04-04

No kissing at any time, Understand?" On the one hand I did not like the way she had just taken control but there was a sense she was trying very hard to keep control of hersle and we both wanted the same thing. At 10.50 I stripped off and Elise took off her tracksuit to reveal a set of expensive blue lingerie panties, bra and suspender belt with black stockings. I was close to her and she said "no stay there" and as a little cum dripped off my cock she backed up to the sink and rubbed her pussy with her eyes closed, moaning again and after a minute she clearly had a shuddering climax.

You're So Fired

fetish miniwritessmut 2018-04-04

Michael stood there, unsure what to do, until Candy pointed to the door at the far end of the room and told him that he could change into something a little more comfortable if he so chose. She took hold of the metal hose and crawled across the bed as he once again strained to get away -- "Good, work up an appetite," she said -- and fed the tube into his open mouth. Michelle felt sick, like she never wanted to eat again, and as if to prove there was no god, Candy informed him that he was almost a third finished! Michelle heard the door open and saw Candy walk back, blushing and looking extremely embarrassed and upset.

sperm in her underwear

fetish Gazinlancs 2018-04-04

My wife has a big pussy with large, hanging lips...I'll admit that I still like looking at her dirty undies to see all the dried juice she just naturally flows into the cotton panel on a given day. She got a little spooked at this and tried to get off, but he must've thought they were still playing (and the k**s thought it was hilarious to see him tickle her.) My wife told me that the few more times she bumped into his hard dick, she could tell it was big (and that in itself turned her on.) Knowing we didn't have all day, but had some time, I got things started by unbuttoning her shorts and putting my hands down the back to gently rub her panty-covered butt.


fetish perry47 2018-04-04

Megan couldn't help but roll her eyes before hooking her head back and grabbing the bulbous cockhead between her lips. After about half of the cock was in Megan's mouth, Derrick tilted her head back, placing a hand in her hair and coaxing her further. With Derrick's hands busy elsewhere, Megan pulled out to the six inch mark, slurping her head up and down the cock in three inch intervals. He was gullet fucking her against the mirror and Megan could not escape.To steady herself, Megan reached up and gripped his ass as he slowed his approach, pulling out nearly halfway and then slamming forward. Megan was being gullet fucked with no mercy; her head trapped against the mirror; and Derrick's cum snorted out her nose in big creamy globs.

Fun & Games Ch. 2

fetish Charles_Daddy 2018-04-04

"Oh baby, I love you too, my handsome darling boy" Julia tongued his mouth and sucked on his lower lip. He felt his balls against her arse and started taking long stroked inside her, pulling out to the last inch then ramming back into her cunt. He stood as he felt his cock relax, pulling out and letting Julia's cunt lie open for him to see his cum dripping from her. Julia probed Sasha's cunt with two fingers making her whimper, then pulled them out and forced them into the girl's mouth. Sasha sucked them greedily, licking them all over Julia manoeuvring her fingers to make the girl clean them of her cunt juice.

Thongs and More

fetish jopo12 2018-04-04

Lately, Ellen had become more interested in boys, and was trying to fit in more socially. Ellen, who liked her privacy, usually kept her door closed, but Alyson tended to just walk in. “Hey Ellen, you got a minute?” Alyson asked. “Well,” Alyson started, “I’ve noticed that you’re trying to fit in more lately, and I was wondering if maybe i could help somehow.” “I don’t know, it looks awfully tight-fitting,” Ellen said. “Well actually,” Alyson said, “I’ve noticed that you’ve been wearing some more tight fitting pants lately, which is good, but....” She walked in and found Ellen, wearing just a t-shirt and purple thong, tidying up her room. “So you like the thongs after all, hunh?” Alyson asked, eyebrow raised

Visiting Nurse

fetish WritingOrthus 2018-04-04

Good to see you so early this morning." We shook hands and Mr. Foyt escorted me to my new office. I couldn't help but trace my fingers across the nameplate on the door, Mr. Brighton Rutherford-VP Midwest Marketing. "Well, there's a couple calls I have to make this morning; we're trying to close that deal with Pillsbury and they need me to approve the latest negotiations." I said, relieved that someone else would be hauling up all those file cabinets and boxes. She came in and placed what almost looked like a tackle box on the floor, looked around the office and offered her hand. "Well, if you promise not to tell anyone about what happens next, I can show you how good prostate play can feel with masturbation." She lubed up her other hand and removed her fingers from my ass.

The Surprise

fetish Remec 2018-04-04

She moved my other hand to a similar position and I heard the soft rustling of fabric rubbing against itself, then a hot breath above the head of my cock and the slow descent of a mouth over my cock...tongue and lips caressing my shaft as they moved farther and farther down. And, a surprised female voice...much younger sounding than anyone I knew Elizabeth associate with...that said,"Ooooh, what did you have planned for this? The blowjob had continued, which meant there was at least two people here with Elizabeth, but now it paused and a hand began stroking me, keeping me hard as other things were placed upon my skin and my balls were sprayed down.

Booted Encounter

fetish trasaro 2018-04-04

Now it has to be said that among Peter's principal fetishes were leather clothing and boots, particularly of the thigh or crotch high variety; this girl was wearing one of the most erotic outfits he had ever seen, and he was starting to feel turned on just by the sight of her; he was rather relieved that he had a newspaper on his lap to conceal his embarassment. Sue at the same time put her left hand on Peter's leg beside her boot, and through his leather jeans he could feel her fingers moving gently over his thigh.