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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My s****r asked me to draw her

fetish 2018-04-04

:/" My s****r started to pretend think again, "Ummmm....ill think about it, but you can start by jerking off for me..." I looked at her realizing this was a serious request and started to put the sketchbook down, my s****r stopped me by saying, "Uh have to cum on the sketches of me." I laughed and looked at her in a teasing kind of way, I sat on the chair and started to stroke my cock with one hand and held my sketchbook with the other, all while staring seductively at my s****r who lays naked on her bed giggling at me and slowly rubbing her tits and clit.

Barbaria Act 2 Chapter 3

fetish Victor-Bruno 2018-04-04

Back in his quarters, Captain Varian had himself bathed, shaved and massaged by his slave girls. `I deserve these little luxuries´, the Captain said to himself, as he watched the naked beauties hurrying hither and thither about his apartment to do his bidding. “You can make use of those big tits of yours, Mina,” said the Captain. Not for one moment did he consider what it must be like for a pretty young girl to be a slave. Yes, just like a bird, thought Captain Varian drowsily. After Captain Varian had dined - and wined - he sent a message to Ryar that the slave-girl Flavia should be sent to him. “Send the girl to me tomorrow then,” ordered Captain Varian, before he too entered the world of Morpheus.

No Other Place To Go

fetish 4eyedbrit 2018-04-04

Justine walked over to the kitchen area, opened a cupboard and produced a hand held vacuum cleaner seemingly without missing a beat in making the coffee. I had my back to the door as I held the garment open, ready to climb in, but turned as Justine came in almost silently holding a tray with another large mug of coffee and more biscuits. I gazed up, my eyes locked on her expression, as she gently pressured the bump of her tender hood in time with the rapier like thrusts of her hips across my tingling face. Justine shook as if in a trance as cum jetted out of her in a series of broad streams, over my face and on to the plastic sheeting.


fetish RubensSandwich 2018-04-04

I took a moment to catch my breath, thinking wistfully of my nice cold truck waiting out front, then wheeled the load down the hall to the right apartment and knocked on the door. You like having some huge fatty rub her cunt juices all over your face?" By way of answer, I shifted position, my hands running over her jiggling stomach to search out the waistband of her shorts. Lydia's hips jerked, her thighs squeezing tightly on both sides of my head, as I fucked her with my tongue, slipping rhythmically in and out of her. I felt the couch rock and creak alarmingly as I pounded Lydia's pussy harder and faster, but I was too caught up in the throes of lust to care, and judging by her increasingly loud groans and cries, neither did she.

weirdo story 2

fetish weirdgirl 2018-04-04

Now I take it and sit it on your pussylips…it crawls, runs on your soft genital skin, you feel the legs move…the spider is very curious of the body beneath its legs and starts a journey inside your vagina. I see the lust insides your eyes, as the spider enters the hole of your sexuality… it crawls deep inside of you, the tickling makes you crazy, you are almost close to an orgasm. I come over to your head, my hard dick wants to touch your body, the nylon… I take another injection needle, fill it with a sedativum to make you my object of lust and again you loose any will… I open your mouth and stick my hard penis inside… I penetrate your face, your mouth, your throat.

Milking Day

fetish MikeSmith135792468 2018-04-04

I assumed I was to now worship her feet as well, as I took them in my hand I could feel some pre-cum building in my balls and traveling up my shaft at which time I again ask my Mistress permission to clean up my cock, which I did as the woman who's feet I was worshipping started to giggle. And as I licked up the cum that a few moments before had been inside of me, as I tasted the warm salty taste of it, as I lapped it up like candy, the cum that had squirted out of my own cock, my Mistress and her friends watched me, laughing and humiliating me for being a dirty little cum sucking foot whore!

Wet Nipples Ch. 02

fetish rheineck1 2018-04-04

Summary: a shy pregnant sexy girl who had milk leaking from her tits had walked into my office, and I'd sucked them dry while she orgasmed on my legs. I reached under her skirt and pulled her butt closer to the edge of the sofa, and then roughly sucked her whole left nipple and areola into my mouth, greedily drinking the remaining milk. I stood up, moved her legs together and then reached up under her skirt and roughly yanked Ivonne's wet panties down to her ankles and then off all together. Ivonne reached forward and wrapped her hand around the shaft and jacked me back and forth a few times.

Holiday Encounter

fetish Ozfetishguy 2018-04-04

Then as the train pulled away from the station she took my hand and led me past a small shelter for passengers towards an old block of toilets, which was the only other building on the platform. Then as Elsa sat right back on the toilet and opened her legs, I saw a green string dangling from her vagina. While we hadn't stopped fucking, we had been distracted, so I was surprised that Elsa seemed close to orgasm within a couple of minutes of our visitor leaving. There was plenty of blood on the condom, which Elsa dropped into the toilet where it floated, half-submerged, alongside her tampon.

Breeding Time at the Hucow Farm Ch. 03

fetish Heather26 2018-04-04

To take my mind off the need to be milked, I let my hand fall down over my pregnant belly to my skirt. A bull could see me with my inner thighs covered in my juices, in fact I could think of nothing better than letting him take me in that moment, but a room full of strangers, normal people at that; no, I'd rather not give them the wrong idea. ' I'd like you to welcome Jessica White, a hucow from the dairy farm who has come to assist me today.' 'Milking can take quite a while, even more so for Jessica here after such a long time being denied relief, so let's open the room up to some questions.'

David's Tall Girls' School Ch. 19

fetish Thorilla 2018-04-04

Sheepishly I walked naked to the middle of the room, my penis completely flaccid and lifeless, and lay on the familiar carpet with my head propped up against the solid six-inch 1898 cushion to once again endure the 'punishment' devised by Miss Geraldine Maxine Bliss-Frampton, the first headmistress of the 'Dentwood Finishing School for Tall Girls aged 18 to 20 years old'. Laura pulled up her skirt and petticoat and turned her back to me so that I could watch her sliding her white lacy French knickers over her buttocks, past the tops of her black seamed stockings and down to her knees.

Staying warm in the winter...

fetish 2018-04-04

Just holding me there kissing my back and neck, twirling my nipple in your fingers, tapping my pussy lips really lightly and gently, moving your hips so that your cock never loses contact with my body, your thrusting it against my arse cheek, getting off on the friction that you are creating. My other hand takes hold of my free breast and I caress it and squeeze my nipple - I squeeze it so hard that I gasp into your mouth, your tongue ceases the opportunity to delve deep, I lock my lips around your tongue and start to slowly suck, I imagine your cock in my wet, warm, eager mouth and suck you hard before you remove your hand from my nipple and grip your forearm at my throat.

What's Your Fantasy Ch. 03

fetish Optimus9812 2018-04-04

Jessica began rubbing the foot he was massaging into his crotch, feeling his dick growing semi ridged beneath the sweat pants he was wearing. "I guess I sort of am a cock, you cum, hell your ass, it's all I've been able to think about!" she told him honestly as she contorted her neck down and began licking his perineum while she continued to stroke his thick rod. Here, how's this feel?" she asked, pushing the underside of the base up a bit, forcing the tip down inside of him putting it right against his prostate. "Good, now just relax and enjoy this" she told him and she took the base of the vibrator in her fingers and began moving it in and out of him and around in circular motions.

The Surrogate

fetish DevisPixi 2018-04-03

Seeing as Beth Ann was a saucy thirty-nine year old with full breasts, long legs, and a classically pretty face, black hair, and hazel eyes, any older dude would count himself lucky to have her still ripe cunt offered up on a silver platter. As he turned to leave with his suit coat draped over his arm, Beth Ann said, "Hey, you!" Then she slung her arm around his shoulder and kissed him in a long, slow, romantic way. In the garage, Beth Ann hopped out of the minivan and did her standard "clear the way" routine for me: turning on the stairway and hallway lights, opening the door at the top of the stairs, and making sure my indoor electric wheelchair was ready to go while I waited in the front seat.

Love and Trust Betrayed Ch. 02

fetish MeredithEighty8 2018-04-03

I loved when he would lay naked next to me suck my tits as I stroked him to orgasm, delighting in the warm stickiness of him cumming in my hand, and him watching as I smeared his essence on my belly and breasts. Trying to keep his full weight off of her, Todd began a long, slow thrusting into her, his excitement growing, knowing that he was fucking another man's wife and that she was producing milk for him because he had asked her to. Knowing how my body usually reacts, while around the house, I would go braless as he had requested so that my now large, milk filled breasts were visible and available to him whenever he might want to caress or fondle them.

Humiliated by a Slut (and Loved It) Ch. 03

fetish mywayyourway100 2018-04-03

I most certainly did NOT want my sweet little wife going anywhere with Sasha, at least my brain didn't, my swelling cock on the other hand disagreed. "Hmmmm fuck your wife's tight little pussy Stevie" Sasha demanded, Kimmy's tits are absolutely amazing so I wasn't surprised in the least when Avery reached out and began pawing them with his closest hand. "Ohhh ya squeeze those big fucking tits" Sasha instructed while still wildly riding Avery's cock. Sasha reached between my legs with one hand and teased my swollen balls as I fucked my wife. I watched in utter amazement as Sasha deeply tongue kissed my wife, letting cum trickle out of the corners of their soft mouths.

A Good Day at School Ch. 02

fetish LegsattheLake 2018-04-03

This pretty little thing is Heather." Adele said while rubbing my cock with her foot. She collapsed onto the bed next to me, and watched Adele get up and settle her pussy onto my dripping cock. As Adele rode my cock, Heather turned her body so that I could rub and kiss her beautiful legs and feet. Adele got off of my cock, and moved over to straddle Heather's face. Heather stopped struggling, and began licking my cum out of Adele's pussy in earnest. Adele was moaning and grinding her pussy into Heather's mouth. I watched Heather eat Adele to another orgasm as I fucked her tight little pussy. As Adele screamed, I felt Heather's pussy clamp down on my cock.

Under your skirt

fetish Septemberkink 2018-04-03

to feel your naked flesh under your dress or skirt while you stand outside, facing a busy downtown street and your back close to the wall, where there is an inset of a lesser protruding wall about 30 inches in width, enough for me to sink in and be flushed among the wall, and what's more important is I can move back even further so that I am not seen and I pull you against the wall so your front side is flushed with the wall... I love feeling your naked ass with my bare hand, I move from your left ass cheek to the right, grabbing tightly each time, and each time... pushing, harder inside and feeling my fingers get so slippery wet... I keep the tension pull on your hair as I hand fuck your two holes behind you inside your skirt....

Mary Louise Ch. 03

fetish mlyn 2018-04-03

After her shower, Mary Louise sparingly applied makeup, having let her mother show her how several times the past week. Mary Louise saw that Rowdy was again driving his father's sedan. "Aunt Lily, this is Mary Louise Walters, the nice young woman Rowdy has been seeing." "Hey look, Mary Louise," Rowdy said a few minutes later. You guys want to join us for a snack." His arm was draped over Karen's shoulder and his hand groped her breast, squeezing quickly. Mary Louise saw Karen's bright flush but her friend didn't look at her. Karen and Donny were already seated, but as Karen saw Mary Louise, she suggested they go to the Ladies Room. "No, Rowdy," Mary Louise said quickly, but his arm was already across her waist.

My Girls Mom

fetish gussetlove 2018-04-03

Without a thought she threw open the hamper next to the laundry and started adding to the load. It's not mine it's my mothers she stated and continued to load clothes in the washer with mine. My girl slammed the lid of the washer and started it on its way, while also closing the lid on the hamper. While loading the clothes from the washer to the dryer in one hand I lifted the crotch of her panties to my nose with the other. The thought of these smelly panties being wedged between her pussylips the day before was all I could take. As I sucked and licked at the crotch I could smell the scent of her panties had also changed.

Confessions of a Shoe Lover

fetish Jazzcharacter 2018-04-03

My earliest memories of sexy shoes were from the glossy black and white porn mags I had enjoyed as a senior in high school; mature beauties posed a la Betty Page in seamed hose and tall patent pumps. Last Sunday night, Kira strode into the living room wearing nothing but a wide brimmed Hollywood hat, rose tinted glasses, a playful smile and her newest pair of CFMs - that's "Come-Fuck-Me's" for those of you with other fetishes. A new pair of shoes was always the occasion for some nasty show-and-tell, and Kira's arousal was fired by the power she held over me. "Well...I'm waiting!" As Kira tucked her pinky in alongside the other three fingers, I took my position in front of her; my eyes darting between her pussy and the chunky black satin shoes.

Her Pink Quilted Coat

fetish oggbashan 2018-04-03

She wriggled her hands behind my neck, pulled the coat's large padded hood up behind my head and down nearly over my eyes. I could not displace the pompom from my mouth because the hood had forced the padded collar hard against my lips, even harder than Paula's hand had done. She dropped her skirt while she pulled the hood back to the bed, lowered the zip, folded the padded collar under my chin and pulled the sodden pompom out of my mouth. Apart from being totally enclosed in the soft embrace of her coat which clung to me like a second skin, her bush had spread over my face as I probed deeper.

Claudia - Becoming a White Slave Ch. 01

fetish Dunn81 2018-04-03

Claudia felt attracted immediately by some of the Black Woman and most of them were really sweet and kind people just like her with a beautiful attitude but one of them always had that nasty look when she was looking at other people. Claudia eyes crossed Leelee who immediately yelled to look away unless she wants to carry is shit. The Goddess quickly stole the microphone to Claudia hand and she told people to bow down before her just like every opponent she will face will do. He would love to make Claudia the manager of The Goddess and go to the ring with her like she was her personal slave.

My first uncut smelly cock

fetish 2018-04-03

I never did, but since a couple of weeks, I notices I was turned on by the all the cocks I was watching in the porn movies, and had started to look at movies with no girls, ans strictly guys jerking off. He also started mumbling little words or small short sentences like: «Oh yeah» ; «Take it all you little bitch» ; «You like being my little whore?» ; «did you like my cheesy cock?» ; «You like having your face fucked?» ; «You want my load dont you little cum whore». He was pushing very hard and very fast on my head, using it like a fleshlight that you stroke on a cock, and the only sound comming out of his mouth was «Oooooo, ok ok eeeeEeee oooooo», and suddenly he let go my head.

Sex Counselor Ch. 1

fetish Anal Slave 2018-04-03

First off I want to tell you a little about me I am married to the biggest slut in town there is nothing my wife Candy will not do sexually she will suck a cock or eat a pussy she will fuck a man or a women it makes no difference to her. I got to thinking to myself how could a good looking woman like Penny ever be satisfied with a man that has such a pitiful little cock like Dave he can’t even make his wife cum when they fuck.