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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish 2018-04-03

As I kneeled between my wife's lovers legs sucking wife ordered me over to a chair and told me to keep my mouth shut balling my wife on our f****y room floor while I was told to sit and After I came, my wife stuck her cummed on foot into my mouth for me bed and said put my rubber on so I can fuck your wife again . Karen said they were going to fuck my wife hard, A second later, David pulled out of my wife's mouth Jason filled my wife's pussy with his cum. eternity, Jason pulled his cock out of my wife's cunt - making a At the same time, my wife handed me Karen's cummed-in pump

David's French Tutor Ch. 11

fetish Thorilla 2018-04-03

"Anna, I'll have the tall stool over there; bring it to me please," said the tutor, clearly enjoying being in complete control of her three pupils and wanting to ensure her own comfort with me firmly trapped beneath her full skirt and silk petticoats. I slid forward until my face became pushed into her crotch and once again felt Sarah's hands pulling Miss Marie's skirts down all around me. I heard Anna and Sarah laugh aloud at something Miss Marie had said and I felt that I had been excluded from the lesson and from their company although physically I could not have been any closer to the French tutor.

The Patient's Revenge

fetish cteroticwriter 2018-04-03

“I’ve waited years to watch this bitch suffer,” said Carol after Judy screamed from the burning pain of the breast suction. “I’m enjoying this mother,” said Cynthia as she watched Rodregeze slowly push a long needle into Judy’s thigh. “We’ll let the water rip apart your precious body doctor.” Cynthia started a pump and watched the yellow tinted solution flowing through the clear tubing attached to the end of the brass pipe. It’s tearing me apart!” Judy began screaming hysterically from the pain as Rodregeze twisted the pipe while forcing it deeper into her anal channel. As the limousine pulled away Rodregeze told Judy, “I’m going to use and abuse your body for months doctor.

Angels shoe shopping adventure - TRUE Story

fetish bigjohn469 2018-04-03

replied "If you think it means that I'll fuck you in trade for a pair of shoes Angel took no time at all getting down on her knees & letting this guys cock Angel then got up & walked around in them a few steps & said "I like them, I'll the same time?" Angel replied "Yes, either with 1 of you in my cunt & the other looked at Angel & saw her bare pussy with her sign & said "I understand you are Angel looked at the cowgirl boots & soon found a cute white pair with red Angel got off the guy in her cunt & licked his cock & balls clean of not only

Melissa a Fox in Socks

fetish lickmylegs 2018-04-03

Melissa looked at me and said, "Fuck me Roger." Melissa said, "I have some nice white anklets and opaque knee socks I can wear." I love the feel of smooth cloth on my balls and I can cum on your socks and lick them clean." She smiled and leaned forward and kissed me deeply caressing my dick as she ran her tongue around the inside of my mouth. Melissa laid on the bed with one sock on licking my cock. Melissa kissed me and said, "Oh Roger that would make me so happy – to wake up every morning and have you next to me." She took her hand and at the base of my dick she squeezed cock forcing out other small drips of cum.

An ordinary application for new slaves.

fetish 2018-04-03

Evelina thinks she may have already blown her chance with Mistress Alexxa, especially as there is now total silence. Evelina enters the limousine, closes the door and is about to sit next to Mistress Alexxa when the stern voice of Her commands, "On the floor. Evelina gets out the car, followed by Mistress Alexxa. Despite the situation, her pussy is soaking wet - meeting Mistress Alexxa saw to that - and she groans as a bearded chin rubs harshly against it, followed by a loud "Mmmmmm!". Mistress Alexxa lay Evelina on the floor of the limousine and, as she took her own seat, the car purred off. Mistress Alexxa saw the fire in her new slave's eyes and knew she was telling the truth.


fetish klammer 2018-04-03

She slowly began moving toward my face from the foot of the bed, crawling up my helpless body. Slowly, the naked bag lady began concentrating on my underwear covered crotch. She put a finger under my ball sack and began slowly teasing my penis with the knife blade. Next thing I knew, she had her hands around my shaft and was slowly lowering her mouth onto my penis. Her hands began moving up my sides to my chest, her chin left my penis and she began kissing my stomach, slowly working her way up to my face. She straddled my chest and looked down at me, both hands around my face, staring into my eyes, enjoying my helplessness.

Another Step

fetish dirrylittleboy 2018-04-03

No my mind screamed, that would be too much pain but somehow when I opened my mouth my brain changed the message "Oh god, please Jodi, step on my balls!" I must be insane, but no sooner had I said it she moved. Giving me a little kiss, smiling she said "Stand up honey" Up I came like a rocket, which really hurt my balls more because I failed to noticed that she had grabbed my nut sack and as I stood she pulled down. Later that night after we cleaned up and were settling down to sleep she kissed me good night and said "Think about letting one of my girlfriends coming over to help me beat your balls honey." Nasty things ran through my head, and my dick started to get hard again.

Clothed Female, Naked Sam

fetish zoejoey 2018-04-03

Zoe smiled and bounced up onto her knees alongside Sam. She took hold of his cock, just lying there motionless and began playing with it. Zoe's orgasm hit her like a freight train and she could feel what juices Sam was failing to lick up, trickling down her thighs. Sam's clothes were off in a flash and he was standing nude in front of Zoe with a condom between his teeth, his hands up in front of his chest, begging like a puppy. Sam slipped his hand under Zoe's skirt and began playing with her clit as she bounced up and down on his cock. "Well, let's see if I can warm it up a little." Zoe dropped to her knees and sucked Sam's soft cock into her mouth.

Melinda's Fishy Discharge Ch. 01

fetish Paradiggler 2018-04-03

I carefully slid my tongue underneath the separate crotch panel and gently placed my mouth over the discharge stain, closing my eyes as I subtly sucked on the soiled area, all the while inhaling the absolute joy of Melinda's fishy femininity. Realising there was probably not long before Melinda was due to return, I took several prolonged and deep inhalations, the odour of her fishy discharge consuming me entirely and directing me to one final fantasy. I stood up and knelt over the toilet bowl, closing my eyes and imagining Melinda sitting on the toilet with her pants down and soiled white knickers around her knees, possibly turning the dirty gusset upwards and inspecting her own discharge stains.

Blue Futanari: Neophyte

fetish gabrielleprevot 2018-04-03

As a goddess, I would have thought that you got a certain amount of wisdom, some all-knowing stuff, but as I lay there thinking back over everything that had happened in past couple days, all I seemed to have were questions. Now Txao was gone, every human on the planet, including the woman I loved, probably assumed I was dead, I had just seriously toyed with the mind of a person I called my friend, and I felt desperately alone. She concentrated on every aspect of what was happening - the heat that came off his chest, the way her body shook every time he slammed into her, her fingers digging into the thick muscles his back, her nipples tickled in his chest hair, and the smell of his cologne and sweat.

Legends of the Fel Ch. 01

fetish leaky_one 2018-04-03

With her skirt out of harms way Sharn wasted no more time and started to let out a steaming hot stream of yellow piss which shot out of her pussy lips at the base of her crotch and proceeded to splatter down over the cold earth below. It took Sharn several seconds to realise what was happening whilst every moment the wet sensation increased in force soaking through her hair, a warm damp flow passing over the back of her neck and into the rear of her tunic. Head hung low Sharn stared at the woman's pussy, the blond triangle of pubic hairs which only recently had been squirting her body with a shower of hot pee.

My Best Friend's Girl

fetish Sims 2018-04-03

She turned facing me and sat down on the edge of the bed crossing her legs and opened her dresser pulling out a pair of shorts and a tank top noticing me checking her out. I then Began to kiss the soles of her feet eyes still looked on hers As she watched me. As I began to suck her nipples I felt her foot rubbing on my now full erect dick in my pants. She leaned forward putting her feet on each side of my hard dick and began to give me a foot job.

85% feet

How I Became My Neighbor's Diaperboy Ch. 01

fetish dl2424 2018-04-03

I didn't even have time to grab a blanket to cover up before she stuck her head in the door and immediately noticed my wet condition, really sorry Miss Hunt, I don't know how it happened." I feebily replied. "You don't want you parents to find out about you drinking and bed-wetting right?" she asked. "You're right it won't happen again because you'll be wearing a diaper." she relied sternly. I think that you wet your bed on purpose hoping that someone like me would make you into the diaperboy you've always wanted to be." A mommy likes to take care of her diaperboy at home right?" She laughed as she patted me on my well padded butt.

SSBBW Encouter - Part 7 - the plan executed

fetish plumpling 2018-04-03

Tom slowly started working his cock up and down her fat pussy, pushing it through the cushioning into the wet hole that he had made. As I fucked her warm wet mouth, Tom started pounding her pussy hard, the slapping of his loins against her ass and thighs sent shudders through her fat body, her mammoth tits shaking and flopping across her body with every thrust. I pulled her up to sit up against me, my cock buried in her ass, while Tom continued to thrust into her cunt, his hands now kneading her soft belly while I squeezed and pinched at her swollen nipples.

Return to Funnel Ch. 02

fetish a real jrkoff 2018-04-03

With that said, Abigail watched with bright blue eyes in wide astonishment as Ms. Crenshaw dumped the creamy sperm into the open mouth of the black funnel. Inside the comfort of her living room, Emily Crenshaw was sipping her lemonade along with her son’s new nanny, Abigail Moran. Abigail thought for a moment, acutely aware of her bare pussy just under the short skirt- her panties still stretched over the head of Ms. Crenshaw’s son. Around the time that Emily was outlining the job description to Abby, Thomas was kneeling on all fours, head lowered, ass raised and with a full erection. Later on, true to her word, Margaret Blanshtein forced her naked husband’s indecently swollen cock into the snug toe of her well-worn shoe.

Master Pees on Me

fetish mdspet 2018-04-03

I was initially on my hands and knees but he told me to use my hands to pull my ass cheeks apart so I had to press my tits and face to the shower floor to be able to use my hands to open myself up to him. I closed my lips around his cock and he let go again filling my mouth with my Master's pee. I can't say I enjoyed him peeing in my mouth and I hope Master doesn't decide he wants me to service him by drinking his pee. I think about how happy my Master would be with me if could do that for him like the pee-drinking pets in the stories we read.

The Librarian Ch. 04

fetish leaky_one 2018-04-03

Melanie gasped at the sight of her pee squirting from her pussy hole and making an incredible mess over the library books she was squatting over. Melanie's arch of flowing piss was beginning to wane as her fantasy started again in her head, This time it was a tall handsome male who had come knocking at her door. The memories of the images from the web came flooding back and she could feel her cheeks reddening as she remembered her dreams and then the fantasy she had made in her head at the very same time she was still taking a leak all over her Library books.

Jenny's Submission

fetish Dragonia 2018-04-03

Looking in the mirror got her quite flustered, she looked amazing, the bra made her already sizeable breasts look even bigger, the panties felt wonderful and the stockings and suspender belt made her feel very sexy, she could help running her hands over her body. Dawn started to wrap each of the items that Jenny was buying, firstly the shoes, then the dress, the bra, the stockings, the suspender belt and lastly the panties. Behind Bill the left-hand door opened and Victoria walked out, she was naked except for a pair of clear platform high heels and was holding a large black bag. Bill opened the bag and looked in; there inside were the very clothes that Victoria had been wearing, all black leather and lace with her very high heels.

Hawaiian Delite

fetish EMason 2018-04-03

Meryl stretched his thin lips into a lecherous smile saying, "Perfect! Delite watched him throw her beach wrap aside and sprang at him, clawing his skin, scoring him sharply, screeching, "That cost a lot, fucker," as the doors rolled open again. Meryl picked her up seething, "Shut the fuck up or I'll add an extra week to this shoot," then flung the door to his room open and body-slammed her onto the bed. Meryl peered up at her from the floor, rubbing his bruised ass, with eyes narrowed in challenge, then pinned her to the headboard, rasping in his husk tone, Her full lips turned up in a sultry smile as she whispered, "More Hawaiian Delite?

Dr Talon's Special Treatment

fetish evolg99 2018-04-03

Please follow me into my office.” And with that we left the waiting area, me following this medical goddess, my eyes following every move and sway of her lush body as her ample buttocks rose and fell with the exaggerated gait brought about by wearing extreme high heeled boots. “Now look at me and watch”, she said and proceeded to slowly remove her white leather lab coat, releasing each button slowly and seductively while piercing me with her clear eyes. My eyes were finally assaulted by her perfect body, arms gleaming white in k** leather shoulder length gloves, legs tightly encased in those impossibly high spike heeled leather boots, her breasts standing out like mountains, tiny waist and a perfectly shaved beautiful pussy.

Girl's Night Pt. 02

fetish DifferentBreed 2018-04-03

"I am your sissy slut maid, Mistress." God, did Fisher hate his altered high pitched voice. Sophie pulled her hand away slowly as she saw Fisher's face. "If its alright with you Miss," Jenny said as she pulled out her chair, "I'd like to sit and watch the sissy maid learn her lesson." "Because I didn't complete all my sissy maid duties, then miscounted the numbers for my punishment Domme Jennifer, I am to be spanked 240 times before the end of the night." "Yes Domme Jennifer." Fisher felt his face redden, and his cock stiffen, as he answered. "Yes Mistress." Fisher was starving but walked away dutifully before they changed their mind, sighing as he looked over the wet bar.

Underwear Thief Ch. 02

fetish falselove 2018-04-03

I quickly pulled my clothes into a legible look and shoved the knickers into my pocket. "Oh fuck, ok I'm sorry, I'll give them back, just please don't tell Dave!, I'm really sorry" I hurriedly said. "Look, Dave and my sex life is practically non existent at the moment and I'm horny as fuck, ALL the time. I started to be a bit braver and was draping the material against the head of my cock and then pulling it away, leaving lovely strands of cum and stains all over her knickers. I've REALLY got to get going" she said "I'll trade you my pink knickers for the blue ones you stole".

Cuckold For Life

fetish 2018-04-03

"Because you broke the rules that I have clearly in place for you, you are going to have to help me get ready for my date with Chuck tonight." When she said this I could feel my orgasm building. As a reward for you behaviour this morning I am going to let you eat Chuck's cream pie from my pussy this evening," Shannon said slyly. Chuck looked at me, "You see Cuckboy, when you are real man women actually need your cock. Shannon's eyes were closed and as the first wave her orgasm swept over her she yelled, "Oh Chuck your cock feels so good." My wife convulsed violently as each swell of orgasm overwhelmed her nervous system.