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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Picnic

fetish trevorm 2018-04-03

After we'd eaten and drank far too much, Aunt Alice said, "Well, honey, I've just got to find me a quiet spot where I can pee." For a moment nothing seemed to happen, and then I heard a soft hissing sound and felt the warm water splashing down onto me. Aunt Alice took my face between her hands and kissed my mouth. It was damp and when I sucked the strands of hair through my teeth I could still taste Aunt Alice's slightly salty pee. I suddenly felt a warm flowing sensation between my legs and when I looked down into the river, a pale yellow cloud was spreading from me, colouring the crystal clear water.

Miss Valerie

fetish footslut2u 2018-04-03

She rubbed her foot on the purplish mushroom head of my penis, smearing the pre-cum the length of her long sole and making it snap back to attention so that it slapped my belly and splashed some liquid all over my face. Then without warning, her mother jerked my leash back while Miss Valerie whipped my penis with the small whip until it stung so bad there were tears in my eyes. Slipping them to the side she sat on my face as I knelt on the floor and I obediently tongued her butt hole, bathing in the aroma of her sweet musky scent. "Mother, I would like to have him service us ladies on the yacht, since he has such a cute butt and just look at those big nipples!

The Doctor is In Ch. 03

fetish NurseSally 2018-04-03

Seeing my brother wearing my panties, and seeing his semi-erect penis pushing against the thin, yellow material isn't the most shocking thing I've ever seen, but, it was definitely in the Top 10. I tried hard to keep in character of being a nurse - a medical professional with years of training and experience, but I was looking at my brother's penis – his cock, for the first time ever and all I could do was stare at it. I knew all pretense of a medial oriented exam was completely gone now – I was holding my brother's extremely hard cock in my hand and I think we both knew there was nothing medical about the way I was holding it.


fetish Spygman 2018-04-03

It was then I heard a group of people talking nearby, I hadn't noticed before, it was then I thought about myself, tied up in this vulnerable position, straddling the framework, legs tied down on either side, chest resting on the padded surface, head, face exposed on one end and my ass on the other, my cock and balls hanging down in a notched cut away with a collection container below that. As the fucking continued and the gals switching off, I felt something different, it was a cock that was softer somehow, but like the others it continued to fuck me until soon, I heard a male grunt as it/ he came.

Damn, My Buddy is a Sub! Ch. 02

fetish Watcherdownsouth 2018-04-03

I separated her pink inner lips with my nose, and making my tongue wide and flat, I gave her several long, firm, slow licks the length of her slit, starting at the skin between her pussy and ass and stopping above the clit. I smiled at him, then lowered my head, keeping eye contact with Cal. I lightly sucked her clit between my lips, and holding the suction, quivered my tongue ever so lightly over her clit. Alternating my tongue between long, deep strokes inside her pussy and light rolling strokes over her clit, I slid both of my hands up over her abdomen to her breasts.

The Bigger The Better

fetish Blackchef 2018-04-03

She turned on the shower, with her hand she ran her fingers across her wet pussy, and she put her fingers to her nose. The smell was sensational, almost perfect, without thinking she put her fingers in her mouth, tasting her own juices for the first time, she sucked so hard, as if she was trying to suck the fingers off her hand. She started by rubbing a finger near the whole in her pussy, she was getting wet. This feeling was great but it was not enough, so she added another finger, this stretched her pussy a little wider, a little more pain but she guessed it should be this way.

Good Boy

fetish skyeomalley 2018-04-03

I run my hands through his hair and lean in towards him, as though I am going to kiss him on the lips, and he looks in my eyes. "You want me to fuck you?" I whisper in his ear, my mouth so close to him I can feel all the tiny hairs prickling along his skin. "You want to get fucked?" He nods, and makes a little noise through his improvised gag, which isn't allowed, so I smack him on the ass, then press the head of his cock against his opening. "You want me to fuck you, pretty boy?" His hips are slowly circling, his buttocks clenching; he almost looks like he might cry.

My Mistress is My Wife

fetish slavetohiswife 2018-04-03

I wanted badly to pull my panties up, as I knew it must look ridiculous, but Mistress must have been enjoying it because she stood up and started walking towards the bathroom. Standing there with my cock tied up, attached to the shower rod, panties around my ankles I felt humiliated which only served to turn Mistress on, and truth be told me too. Mistress began rubbing her clitty again, and as much as I wanted to touch her anywhere I knew I did not have permission to do so, so I had to fight that urge and the urge to pee all at once. All I could do was stand there, hold my pee in, and feel humiliated, my cock rock hard but pulled back between my legs, panties still around my ankles.

The Year of the Dragon

fetish Kicker73 2018-04-02

Tom sat of the floor in Ms. Donald's office reviewing which files would be sent to storage, and he steamed. (The Dragon Lady is what they called the manager of Tom's department.) Surely the work wasn't pressing, but she "needed" it done "before the roster crows", whatever that meant. She was at her desk and Tom starred at her perfect legs decorated with shear black hosiery and a pair of perfect shiny black four inch pumps, all topped with a black pencil skirt that hung just above her knees and the aforementioned while silk blouse. Finally she lost control; Ms. Donald lifted her hips in the air and pressed her crotch into the mouth of Tom. She screamed loudly for what was a very gratifying orgasm for her.

Ms. Jensen

fetish Midnight_Man 2018-04-02

Zipping quietly down the hallway to 426, I knock on the door, letting Ms. Jensen know its James from the front desk. The boy shorts are pulled tight against her sweet pussy making a very distinct camel toe. "I have one more thing that needs your attention." With that she begins to slowly pull the boy shorts down her long muscular legs. The scent of her hot tangy cunt begins to fill the air as I press harder with my tongue, forcing it through the velvet like folds of her lips and into her sweet honey hole. As I move my hands underneath her to cup her tight firm ass, I continue to gently nibble her clit and stroke her wet and now almost creamy pussy with my tongue.

My Pregnant Neighbour Ch. 02

fetish Ozfetishguy 2018-04-02

After she had finished feeding Mia and had taken her into the bedroom, Maxine asked Emma, "Do you have time to run me down to the shops? Then, as we drove away from Maxine's place, Emma asked, "So what did you think of the christening?" Although her tone gave nothing away, she couldn't suppress a slight smile. "Well you know what to do then," Max said cheekily, lying back on the bed, legs open, offering her pussy to Emma. As she searched for her bra and panties amongst the jumble of clothes Emma had deposited on the bedroom chair, Maxine asked with a smile, "Same time next week?"

Sloppy Seconds

fetish withatwistor2 2018-04-02

I wouldn’t have thought that a sexy, twenty-one year old woman like Roni would want to spend that much time with a less than pleasant appearing brute like me but it turned out that we liked one another quite a lot and truly enjoyed each other’s company. Hair wildly mussed, she smiling at me with smeared lipstick and cum, pushing her swollen nipples up at my face and spreading her legs wide so that I could see my cum as it drooled from her gaping pussy lips. She went up on stage with her hair tousled wildly, makeup smeared and her pussy well fucked with a large dildo or me if I got the chance.

Eating a Pussy Full of Cum

fetish 425olds 2018-04-02

I had some cum on my hand and I stuck my tongue out and licked it up, I don’t know if eating my cum made me do it but I really got horny again and had to jack it off one more time. The second thing I did with the frozen cum was to chip me a piece of cum off of the hard piece and let it thaw and when I started feeling like I wanted to eat my cum while I was jacking-off I reached over and poured the cum into my mouth.

French Teacher Nylon Tease Ch. 02

fetish fanofpantyhose 2018-04-02

The next morning, I got up earlier than usual because I wanted to prepare myself for a special day at school, where I would look as hot and sexy as never before, teasing my students as much as I could with my legs, pantyhose and high heels, and in particular focusing on my two favorite "bad boys", Jim and Andrew, who I would call in for another two extra hours after regular school was over for more fun. Still, despite of this discovery, I had built up my sexual arousal during the day considerably with all of this pantyhose and foot teasing, enjoying to watch as my male students grew stiffies in their pants and got flushed and sweaty with the sight of their hot French teacher dressed in red and black and with highly alluring nude pantyhose.

Annette and the Professor

fetish Dexicreon 2018-04-02

"Do you have my recommendation ready? "I might as well go, too." Fortunately for me, she left the room before I got out of my chair, which solved the problem of the protuberance sticking out of my trousers. "But do we stink down there to boys?" Sweat, stale pee, and female odors filled my nostrils and my imagination: I got erect instantly, and my pants tented out. I even wrote something nice to you on the back." "Ready for another round?" "A half an hour?" "How about two hours, at my house. "Very nice. She scowled at me and said, "In your bedroom, facing your bed so it's the last thing you see before you go to sleep."

Joys With Red Floods

fetish Tunak Mizaz 2018-04-02

Till one day, I held her hand and kissed it. So while she got down to tell me her tattles, I held her hand, caressing it casually, and slowly implanted a kiss on her palm. I was holding her tight, and in that moment of such closeness, kissed her on her mouth. To get the game going, once I controlled my disappointments, I started fondling her breasts, and French kissed her mouth. I did not know what to say, I had dreamt of her for so long and when the opportunity had come my way, would I shy away from assaulting my desired dusky beauty. Her face was reddened, her nipples were erect and I wanted to enter the flooded dark crevices of joy.


fetish veryopenmind 2018-04-02

Wes said wow we used to do body shots all the time. She said O.K. Wes here's yours, pouring more salt on her right one. He looked at her and said he will know sooner or later anyway..... Buy Wes and me a shot then let me know your answer. I handed Wes his shot he said relax man. Then he said let me have my pussy. I watched as her pussy seemed to turn inside out every time he pulled his dick out. He said if you love her, you now know what she likes and what's good for her. Later that day at lunch she said I think Wes is your new best friend.

Dave and Mary Ch. 01

fetish GenialDenial 2018-04-02

"Sweetheart, it's my turn this weekend!" Mary excitedly yells to Dave as she enters the home after work one Friday. Dave, secure in his relationship with Mary, and secure in his sexuality, has been enjoying a more submissive role with his sexy wife lately. Several weeks ago, they went shopping at the adult toy store in a nearby city and Mary insisted that Dave be by her side as the young female sales clerk answered her questions about pegging, proper harness, size limitations for beginners, position, etc. Mary always enjoyed exploring Dave's body and he was no stranger to her probes with fingers or small vibes, but he now knows there will be something different tonight. "Honey that's freezing," Dave is bucking; trying to get the ice from his body but Mary just holds it on him, smiling.

Smokey Sex Ch. 02

fetish Lostinsmoke 2018-04-02

Ingrid lit her cigarette and took a long deep drag, blowing the smoke in my direction. I could hear Ingrid taking drags from her cigarette and blowing the smoke out as she moaned from the assault I was giving her ass and pussy with my tongue and fingers. Ingrid took another drag from her cigarette and before she could blow the smoke out I shoved my cock into her mouth. I told Ingrid to take a drag off of her cigarette and I would cum deep into her ass. Ingrid took another long deep drag from her cigarette and blew the smoke into my face. I grabbed Ingrid's ass and began fucking her feeling her pussy up with my cum.

Prison Transfer

fetish Francine-frcxa 2018-04-02

The trip would be long, four or five hours was the guess, as the prison vans were known to travel back roads and at unpredictable times to frustrate attempts at interceptions and possible escapes. Another guard came for Marcie, to tell her the van for that day had been filled. We don't announce departure times in advance." "Great!" Marcie answered, then thought a bit, "I don't even need fifteen minutes - I haven't even got a hairpin to pack." With one officer on each side of her, Marcie was walked, nude, through the opened door and to the van a few feet away. He held out to Marcie a large cup of cold soda, a size probably holding a pint, with a straw in the top of it.

Father Ben and Sister Holly Pt. 03

fetish IowaIke 2018-04-02

It opened almost instantly: Mother General Stacy was a tall woman in her early 70s, built like a linebacker with short grizzled hair, huge bushy eyebrows, high cheekbones, flashing blue eyes, and wore nothing but a blue bathrobe that barely covered her crotch area and pink fuzzy open toed slippers. Holly said, "A blindfold sounds like a good idea, don't you think Stacy?" The older woman nodded her head as best she could. "I think the guys are happy," Ben said, "but Tom needs a little reward for his work." Ben puffed his cigar and pictured it: Holly's head and hands in the stocks, her body resting on the bench, her breasts bound with clothespins on the nipples and her ass red after flogging.

Ebb and Flow - A Bystander's Life

fetish peccavi 2018-04-02

Rachel responded by grabbing Laura's long red hair with one hand and with the other slapping her face several times. She was about to rip it when Rachel got back in the fight with a knee raised to Cassie's belly. Rachel clinched her win by clapping her hands over Cassie's ears and before the stunned girl recovered, by seizing her hair and slamming her head into Rachel's upturned knee. I looked around there was that fat brunette chick we saw just then --her names Jenn Peccavi by the way- and a slim blonde with huge tits just about popping out of her string bikini standing just about tit to tit and glaring at each other.

The Scooter Club

fetish jPhoenix 2018-04-02

I've never really been all that into porn - I rely my own creative mental images while I'm rubbing and buzzing my way to bliss - but that night, I just couldn't get the joke out of my head or the idea that I could be missing out on men who actually wanted a body like mine. Okay, so I found out that some guys are into a big backside, but I wasn't going to walk around thinking that every guy who took a second glance was ready to toss me down and ride me like Harley.

10 Outrageous Things I have Done in Public

fetish 2018-04-02

'Fuck no Mariel', he replied, his own voice tinged with sexual tension, 'a young beautiful girl having a fuck in a bus shelter, you must be joking', and as he spoke my mind had gone blank, my skirt hem was high as I wiped my bare pubis, the light from the sole street lamp illuminating my tiny slit of a cunt, my finger trailing behind the hanky, was touching my bared labia and clitoris, to my own shock and horror in an instant, I was touching myself and inviting him closer, I was ready to fuck.