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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish SECRETPHATBABY72 2018-04-02


The Weekend Slave Ch. 01

fetish cybergirlsex 2018-04-02

Ryan Miller wasn't the best poker player, so he must have known that something was going to happen when he suggested playing strip poker. With a cold smirk on her red-painted lips, Anna watched for a moment. Keeping his hands cuffed to the headboard, Anna ordered, "Put your legs in the air." Once he had warily done so, she slipped up on the bed by his ass. She gave him a hard smack across the ass but though he jumped slightly, he refused to open his mouth and take his own cock in. "Beautiful," Anna declared five minutes later when she untied his feet from the headboard and instead tied his ankles to different posts, leaving his feet spread-eagle with his hands above his head.

Visiting with Mom-in-Law

fetish piercedhead 2018-04-02

She went into the bedroom with the thought of rousing Jay. He had turned onto his back and she noted his manhood partially in view from the opening of his shorts. She carefully made sure Jay was still asleep, and parted the opening of his shorts a little more, exposing more of his penis, but still unable to see the whole thing. As nervous as she was, she could not stop, and saw that Jay's cock was responding to her ministrations - drops of pre-come had formed on the tip of the head, not quite matching the wetness of her pussy, but still letting her know that he was reacting to her touch.


Pegged at the GYM

fetish 425olds 2018-04-02

"That's right, little bitch, I'm going to fuck your sweet ass with my cock!" she said really calmly which scared me even more. "Let's see how much you like my big hard cock, little boy, " she said condescendingly as she grabbed hold of my soft cock and started to fondle it, surprisingly softly. You're all hard for me though, I knew you wanted me to fuck your ass you little slut!" she says as she begins jerking me off. She is so damn strong and effortlessly holds me in position to her liking.I close my eyes in fear as I feel her giant cock head at the entrance of my virgin asshole.

Wife Has a Surprise for Him

fetish pegged3 2018-04-02

Once she felt like I was use to her finger inside me, she started to work her finger in and out slowly while never taking her lips off my cock. I very gingerly got into my car and adjusted to the plug feeling like it was pushing deeper inside of me and drove to the hotel. She clamped her legs down on my head and pushed me deeper into her pussy and I started to work hard on her clit, sliding a few fingers inside her to hit her G-spot. I want to get a good look at what we have back here" she said as she ran her fingers over my ass and lightly touched the plug still secured.

How One Experience Can Lead to an Addiction....

fetish ChocFantasy 2018-04-02

So on the first night I am at their home, grandma (Tom's mom) is coming to make dinner. When Mark leaves, Kate asks me if I want to see some of her artwork. As I pepper Kate with questions about her artwork it dawns on me that none of her work is displayed in the house (except the basement) and I ask her why...She tells me that I know that answer already and changes the subject. After that third night, Kate and I fuck like rock stars...We fuck in the garage during the day when Tom takes the k**s for ice cream.

Cuckold Chastity Roulette - chastity game

fetish madismaximus86 2018-04-02

The way the game is played is that the cage starts out with just white chips and each time I get fucked by one of my black lovers and Hubby cleans me, I put a black chip in the cage,and once a week I spin it, and let him pick out a chip (blindfolded , of course). We started out with 20 white chips, and it only took 3 weeks and me getting fucked 8 times by my blk stud (I only had one then) before he managed to pick out a blk chip and he got his hand job (he came in like 2 min).

Bowling and Blowing 9/1/2012

fetish assluver7 2018-04-02

She said she heard that I could lick pussy good and how I make Bianca cum and on and on about things Bianca told her. In my head I said,I knew Bianca's mouth would be useful for other than sucking my dick. Her tits were so nice, I had to suck on them and lick them, She really liked that, she was moaning and rubbing my head. I teased her a little bit and licked her inner thy, she loved that, then she took my head and pressed in her warm and wet snatch, It smelt so good and tasted even better. Damn this girl could suck a fucking dick , I said to my self.

Such a tease

fetish 2018-04-02

That itch between my legs, going deep into me is incredible, my damp nether curls and ass insatiable with want - only my mouth is full, and that too is a tease given that he's given me something to taste. I start to strain against my bonds, damnit I want cock, a plug, a dildo, something, I need to be touched inside, feel something moving within me, feel full and not this hungry emptiness that I feel. Grunting, sighs becoming little boy-whimpers, and the veins on his cock flare out for just a moment as the mushroom at the head of his prick swells and then he cums, spraying my hair and face with an hour's worth of pent up frustration.

CashPoint Meet for Dinner

fetish MsMorrigan 2018-04-02

The waiter brought him the water and sat it in front of him, Before he could say a word about ordering, Young Miss snapped her fingers and shooed him away quickly. As the waiter dispersed quickly from their vicinity the man handed the young woman an expensive looking purse. Just as the young woman was about to say something the older gentleman handed her a small wallet attached with a note on the outside. Again the young woman smiled and slipped it inside her purse, again not bothering to count it. The waiter seemingly slightly confused brought back her wine and handed the gentleman his card and the bill to sign.

Taking Cara's Business

fetish SWinters 2018-04-02

She's close enough that I have to tip my head back to keep looking in her eyes and the elongation of my airway helps me get a good purchase as I sit firmly on the laughter, my control returning to me, feeling stronger now, much better, allowing my smile to fade as I return her gaze, better now, oh much better, I can do this, I can really do this.

Mum and Aunt help me cum!!

fetish Cum_Shooter 2018-04-02

But she was of course my mom and I knew thinking and looking at her in that way was wrong so I tried to avert my eyes but I had trouble as she dressed slowly (almost as if she noticed me watching) and my tool began to grow. I went back to my room with the intention of finally cumming but I was only left in pain as I could not bring myself to orgasm even with the thought of my mom’s naked ass and my aunt’s beautiful wet cleavage to help me. I’m glad we’re on the same page” She whispered as she runs her hand quickly over my cock for the second time since she came and I think this time I heard the slightest moan come from her sweet lips.

Teased too much..

fetish Simon20080915 2018-04-02

Under such an assault--a stinky shoe strapped to his face, fingers deftly tickling his nipples, toes touching like feathers along the shaft of his penis--he was, internally, screaming for serious sexual contact. Then, every inch of nerves in his body jumped and screamed "Orgasm!" as her slick toes began earnestly stroking and squeezing the head of his cock. Finally, he felt that familiar tightening of his balls as his cock expanded and the cum began its trek up the shaft of his penis. A brief touch and its vibrations rocked his penis into another world as her hand resumed the over-stimulation of the extremely sensitive head of his cock.

Sweaty Shoe Fun at the Gym

fetish cowboy109 2018-04-02

And I had a long time to think, while nursing my amber colored drink, they'd probably riddle my body with bullets, spit in the holes, and possibly even piss on it if they were in a vile enough mood. "You are going to blow me in the bathroom, while Dorothy gets her money counted." The leader of the Mexican gang pulled Lucy by her bleach bond hair with extension. The waitress, this cute, young Japanese thing with bushy pig tails of that shiny black hair that Japanese have, she was getting personally offended each time, I poured my own drink. And those people pull in their own entourage of people that are genuinely interested in the movie business or just want to know what it's like to party of the thirties floor.

New Boundaries Ch. 04

fetish FrankHarris1 2018-04-02

Travis felt his cock penetrate into the extraordinary soft rectum of his slave; Dana's ass was like a ripe fruit, clinging and sweet, hugging the intruder to caress it. Bending forward, the cock still deep in his ass, Dana opened his mouth and sucked on the older man's tongue; his slender hand reached back to caress Travis' testes; the other reciprocated, cupping Dana's ball sac and squeezing it gently. Though the shaft remained firmly gripped in Dana's extraordinarily satiny rectum, it was as if a space had opened at the head, a well deep inside the young man to receive his lover's offering. Aroused by this delightful scene, the two Masters would sometimes join their slaves; Richard sliding under Dana to be taken in the younger man's mouth, Travis kneeling behind Adrianna and entering her cherry-like bottom.

my big black uncle in my little white womb.with my

fetish goodwifebad4black 2018-04-02

He went2his knees& went over ever inch of cock &balls with his tongue&lips,showing us that bbc tasted good!my cum gobbling boy toy licked his lips whenevr he tasted precum which made my thick dicked uncle so happy!uncle walked ovr2me,my man crawling next2him,sucking his juices the whole way. He really worked extra hard2carefully get his cock as deep as he could,never hurting me.his head got stuck&it drove him so wild that he blasted the biggest load of cum so deep in my womb,grunting as my cunt milked his jizz out!my womb was full of my uncles bbc cum!i loved it!he kissed me& said hed be back the next nite after work2deliver his cum rite where it shod be!my luvr cleaned uncle bobby so sweetly,lapping up our mixed cum&cleaning all of it up happily!bobby left&my boytoy laid down on the bed.i climbed on his face &filled his mouth with yummy cum cuz he earned sum good eatn after taking care of me&uncle 2nite! stepdads been hinting his cum is good for filling up my womb...maybe next week!

The Training of Sissy Paula Ch. 5

fetish submissive~pet~ 2018-04-02

Frilly pink panties, over my diaper, and pink rubber panties, a pink dress with puffy sleeves and white lace all over, pink buster brown shoes and little bootie socks which were pink with lace. O.K. sissy I am going to insert all the ice in your asshole, and by the time I am done spanking you it should be melted. My tongue got a long work out as I licked and sucked Mistresses pussy to 3 climaxes. I slipped under the table and unzipped the first man i got to, pulled out his cock and began sucking him. He started peeing before I knew what was going on, I gulped and gulped to swallow it all, Didn’t want to smell like a toilet.

High Heel Club Ch. 1

fetish Dragonia 2018-04-02

Jenny's mom pulled away from Jenny and held her at arms length, " I cant believe my little girl is eighteen," she said with a tear in her eye. She looked in and picked out the right shoe, she ran her fingers over it feeling the soft shiny leather. "Oh you aunt Nes is coming over, she wants to see you on your birthday, she has a gift for you too and she said that she'd be around about four and looks like she is running a little late" replied Dawn once again glancing at her watch. "Hey I've told you before, just call me Nes, this Auntie crap makes me feel old" she said smiling while checking out Jenny's sexy new look.

ROTC Bootlicker Gay Authoritarian/Military story

fetish 2018-04-02

told us he wanted the boots spit shined just like our dress shoes before we fun for me, because I really was not spit-shining my boots, I was lick Bob stood up and said: "OK faggot, start licking my boots!" As he able to lick Bob's boots while they were on his feet. I swung around and began licking his left boot as quickly as I could. As I licked up the shaft on Bob's right boot I shifted my eyes upwards side of his boot again I took another look and saw that Bob's basket was Quickly I straightened up and started licking Bob's massive balls. hours spit shining Bob's two pairs of combat boots and sucking him off

A Phone Call

fetish trixie_leigh 2018-04-02

--I bet you do, Tom. I bet you like the way that tiny little string rides up your ass and presses into your butthole. I'm not wondering why you are wearing my panties like a little sissy slut. No, what I'm wondering, Tom, is why you still aren't looking at the ground like the fucking whore slave you are! --You're going to be a good little slut, won't you, Tommy? YOU DESERVE TO BE PUNISHED AND I'M GONNA MAKE SURE YOU NEVER GET INTO MY LINGERIE DRAWER AGAIN YOU FUCKING PANTY-SLAVE WHORE. need it Mistress I need it cuz I'm a slut and a whore and your panty-slave and your bitch --That's it, fuck your self good, you little panty-slut.

The Trick: Lisa, Sawn

fetish BoxesAndBlades 2018-04-02

She felt the audience (all twelve of them) all turn towards her as the Magician pointed at her, and she just sat there motionless with her drink in her hand, her pink lips still puckered round the straw. The Magician took her left hand and looked out at the audience "Do you really want to escape, Lisa?" Lisa felt her calf, thigh and buttock come to rest against the bars making up the back of the frame and, while she was regaining her balance, she felt the Magician place her right arm in the frame, and pull a leather strap over her wrist.

Cage Dancer

fetish 2018-04-02

Yes, it was embarrassing to step out of the dressing room like this, but it was also very arousing and I caught myself squirming just a little at the thought. That part of the door reached up to my mid thighs, leaving me no room to step up out of the cage. The two other portions of the door then closed to seal me into the cage and I quickly found that the narrow confines of the top prevented me from lowering my arms. You’ll notice that the small size of the openings between the wire bars of the cage are small enough to prevent a man’s whole hand from getting in there with you, but don’t be surprised if my friends reach through with curious fingers.

imagination and fantasy by nmdwji

fetish BustyCry 2018-04-02

Now get that tongue in there deep slave." I place my hands on one amazons muscular thighs and begin to probe her ass hole with my tongue and the others laugh out loud and mock me in a humiliating tone. You f***e me to drink the potion and in about one minute my cock begins to expand until it is two feet long and six inches thick. You begin to ram my cock in and out of your pussy-faster and faster until your pussy juices are running down your legs and onto your feet. I can take it no longer and my cum explodes inside your cunt, but there is so much of it that some of it runs down your muscular thighs , mixing with your juices.

In Pam's Control Pt. 03

fetish Scottt 2018-04-02

I left the kitchen to greet them, kissing Steph on the cheek, and Pam on the lips. I turned all shades of red, as I poured Steph her wine, and refilled Pam's glass. I stuttered a bit and said "Yes Ms. Pam." Steph giggled again. I got up and removed my jeans and shirt, showing Steph my cock trying to escape my red thong. Pam then went deeper into my ass, and slowly pumped her magic finger, while kissing my cock. I finished cleaning up and went upstairs and told Pam. She was sitting at her make up table, dressed in white lacy panties applying ruby red lipstick. Pam turned and put her face over mine, giggling as she removed Steph's panties from my head.