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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

imagination and fantasy by nmdwji

fetish BustyCry 2018-04-02

Now get that tongue in there deep slave." I place my hands on one amazons muscular thighs and begin to probe her ass hole with my tongue and the others laugh out loud and mock me in a humiliating tone. You f***e me to drink the potion and in about one minute my cock begins to expand until it is two feet long and six inches thick. You begin to ram my cock in and out of your pussy-faster and faster until your pussy juices are running down your legs and onto your feet. I can take it no longer and my cum explodes inside your cunt, but there is so much of it that some of it runs down your muscular thighs , mixing with your juices.

In Pam's Control Pt. 03

fetish Scottt 2018-04-02

I left the kitchen to greet them, kissing Steph on the cheek, and Pam on the lips. I turned all shades of red, as I poured Steph her wine, and refilled Pam's glass. I stuttered a bit and said "Yes Ms. Pam." Steph giggled again. I got up and removed my jeans and shirt, showing Steph my cock trying to escape my red thong. Pam then went deeper into my ass, and slowly pumped her magic finger, while kissing my cock. I finished cleaning up and went upstairs and told Pam. She was sitting at her make up table, dressed in white lacy panties applying ruby red lipstick. Pam turned and put her face over mine, giggling as she removed Steph's panties from my head.

Sensitivity Training Can Mean a Lot Ch. 02

fetish JimAner 2018-04-02

As they walked a bit farther, they saw one of the benches with a very large dildo attached to the bench and Kielbasa said, "Oh, yeah, sometimes you have to sit on one of those all day long. Kielbasa headed off knowing where he was going, and Ms. White said, "Ok, boy come forward so we can get to know you." Jason walked forward his crotch directly at Ms. White's eye level. "I must have said it a hundred times," she said, "Any women who does not know how to use her husband or boyfriends handle is just missing out on the best way to deal with a boy." They brought him into the back area of Ms. White's office and he saw what was obviously an old-fashioned Ob. Gyn.

Pony Wants To Please The Mistress

fetish marla_gillis 2018-04-02

Mistress strokes JJ's cock and balls while she swats him at first softly, and then harder and harder on his sweet ass with the crop. She tells JJ what a good pony he is, and reaches under his belly to stroke his hard cock for a good long time. Lady Sweet is ooing and ahhing, enjoying the feel of JJ's huge dick in her mouth, and the taste of his pre-cum slipping out his slit. Mistress wants his jism in her twat, and knows if she pushes him to hard, he will spill his seed in Lady Sweet and she will have to wait a little while to get hers. Lady Sweet starts sucking JJ's cock with abandon, and soon JJ is shooting that delicious juice into her mouth.

Panty Fantasy-Hurricane Kate Ch. 01

fetish eliasrotica3 2018-04-02

Whenever he thought about asking Lin or Margaret out on a real date, all he had to do was remember the panties he was wearing as his daily underwear and his hopes died. Got dizzy." He strained to get himself up and eventually Tom and Lin helped him into his office chair. Kyle tried calling Kate's cell multiple times in the parking garage and on the road but it kept going right to voice mail. "Kate?" he called out as he opened the door and dropped his satchel in a chair in the room he used as his home office. "Well, I've got a lot of junk in the second bedroom..." he began, thinking fast.

His Problem Solved Ch. 03

fetish jollyrancher 2018-04-02

I shaved my face, then my cock and balls and after a struggle to find a suitable position I ended up with one foot on the floor, the other up on the counter and looking backwards in the mirror and managed to get between my cheeks and around my asshole. When I glanced over at Pam my eyes quickly opened wide, she was still in basically the same position but the blanket had fallen away from her neck and her top had shifted until nearly all of her left breast was exposed, the only thing keeping the top in it's place was her hard little nipple caught on the seam.

Secluded House

fetish Heel778 2018-04-02

"Let me see your ankle!" The man said and fetched a stool. Steven went upstairs again and returned carrying a pair of dark green pointed clogs with two-inch heels. Steven said that he would take care of the car first think in the morning. As I was climbing the stairs one step at a time, supporting myself on the railing, I looked down at Steven. When I thought that I couldn't bear the pain any longer Steven returned. Take a rest and don't move your leg, Tiffany," Steven said and left. Sitting on the rim of the bed, Steven pulled it up my ankle, then drew it above my knee. Steven helped me to do this, supporting me, then propped the unfinished cast on pillows.


fetish SheerNylonPenny 2018-04-02

The lubrication on the condom shone on my latex gloved hands as I continued to draw the glossy tights up over her waist and hips. Soon I could see that this was a home made video made by Samantha and I could see her entering her bedroom with another T Girl both dressed in lingerie, high heels looking completely wonderful. Samantha giggled and said, 'Oh that's my friend Kimberly she does so adore me coming inside of her tranny ass hole. The film continued with Samantha standing over Kimberly's bottom and slowly Samantha guided her erect penis towards and expectant anus. Samantha pressed her penis against Kimberly's ass hole, gripped her hips and slowly bent her knees easing her cock into Kimberly's well lubricated anus.

Alpha Male Gets them Both

fetish 425olds 2018-04-02

Soon after the thrusting began in earnest Kristin's toes curled, her eyes rolled back, and her whole body tensed and then quivered as a big shot of pussy juice erupted around Bill's cock and squirted f***efully out onto the bed sheets. As I went through this thought process I watched as another long sticky drop of semen dripped from the tip of his dick and audibly splattered on the bed sheets in the very place where I usually slept and Kristin and I had made love numerous times. After a few minute's sucking my first cock my hand reached up to feel his balls so big an heavy as I squeezed them and pulled Bill suddenly let out an audibly gasped and I was suddenly huge jet of hot fluid blasted down my throat.

Dr. Valdez Humiliates a Student

fetish cowgirlblues 2018-04-02

"James, I'd like you to meet Dr Velma Valdez who will be delivering the lecture today," said Emma. I just need a little assistance to demonstrate some of my theories to the girls today and I'm sure your medical expertise will serve us very well." Her eyes dropped momentarily to the bulge in his crotch area, and the clear outline of his penis against his jeans. It's a natural response to be aroused by a woman's touch and an audience of hungry female eyes feasting on you." She stared down at his growing cock struggling against his jeans and made no bones about concealing her own excitement.

Amie's Outdoor Fun

fetish 2018-04-01

She then moves her talented mouth to Darrell's scrotum and kisses and sucks on his balls before working herself up to his cock and licks the tip while looking up at her two black lovers adoringly with her beautiful clear blue eyes. "I've never fucked a Southern girl, I could have gotten lynched a hundred years ago for doing this." Says Darrell as her positions himself between her legs and leans down and kisses Amie as he works his black cock into her moist and oh so eager pussy. Darrell is now off his hands and is down on top of Amie and is riding my wife hard, driving his big bare black cock into her and making her gasp with each thrust.

She Knows Her Place

fetish Cheryl4516 2018-04-01

Julie felt deep empathy for her friend and could not let this continue. Without a word, she quickly sat at his feet obediently while Julie stood waiting for instructions. When Julie's crying had subsided, he looked at his wife and said “Prepare her.” She knew what he meant and personally hated doing this, but the alternative was worse. Not wanting to waste time and anger her husband, she flipped around and came face to face with Julie's sex. At the same time, Julie closed her eyes and screamed as her body was being pulled apart. A sudden wave of arousal came over Julie as she thought about her husband punishing her for coming home with marks and another man's seed in her.

Doing Dirty Debbie

fetish jpb209 2018-04-01

I give it five or six strokes then pull out –a small brown deposit is on the end of my cock, so I turn her round, force her to sit on the bed and tell her to eat her own shit. "Eat shit you fucking whore," I tell her slamming my hole onto her mouth and starting to whip the inside of her thighs. For her reward I bend down and start to bite her clit – her juices are very mild and so I suck on her cunt, bite her firmly and finally push a finger up her ass and play with that piece of shit and all the while she is trying to keep tonguing and cleaning my ass. Next time I pull out she starts to dribble liquid shit – I scoop it up and reach round to smear it on her tits.

Poolside Perversions Ch. 01

fetish Dragonman_69 2018-04-01

As quickly you thrust your feet back and away from you, arms sweeping outwards and backwards, propelling yourself towards the nearside of the pool, closer to where I wallow in the hot, bubbling waters of the Jacuzzi. Your eyes are closed, mouth open wide, chest rising and falling as you draw in air, hands slowly reaching towards your face, pushing upwards against your forehead, continuing upwards, sweeping your hair backwards, squeezing water back away from your eyes and face. Draping my towel across the lower tier of the bench I sit, hands sweeping my wet thinning hair backwards away from my forehead, relaxing, letting the heat soak into me.

Olivia Gets in Trouble

fetish Soggysolutions 2018-04-01

Embarrassed to have been caught eavesdropping, the other kids on the landing dispersed into bedrooms or back down the stairs as Callum frowned at them and went to the bathroom, where Emily, the target of Olivia's anger, was slumped on the floor, head over the toilet, groaning softly to herself. Turning up uninvited, she dressed to get all eyes on her as a sexy schoolgirl in little white blouse that showed her black bra through it, short, pleated, red plaid skirt that was barely long enough to cover her white, cotton knickers, and white knee socks. Emily sobbed, humiliated, as she felt the seemingly endless torrent soaking her white knickers, wetting her cunt and bottom, her legs, her socks and running into her shoes.

The Cabin Ch. 07

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-04-01

An elderly woman sat next to me but I think she was hard of hearing so we didn't talk much." Ken brought his luggage into the den and sat with Katie on the sofa where they talked about his final day of the conference. She spent several hundred dollars having the hair removed, partly because she was tired of shaving but mostly because she knew he would enjoy the silky smooth skin – and because she now had a submissive husband that spent many hours each week where he was right now – between her legs pleasing her until she had her fill of orgasms. Ken's view of submission had matured from one that primarily dwelled on Katie dominating him sexually to realizing he wanted nothing more than to meet her physical and emotional needs.

My hairy MILF

fetish Iluvmywifeshairybush 2018-04-01

I then cup my hand under her pussy and feel her warm pee. I love to.taste her hairy bush right after she pees. Love sucking my hairy, sweaty pussy, huh? My hand grabs at her bush and gently tugs on it as my tongue runs up and down the length of her swollen lips. ", I love how you suck my pussy. ° You suck my dirty hairy pussy so GOOD, beautiful man! Her legs thrust open as she cums into my face, not letting go of me just yet. She makes sure she rubs her cum-and-piss-drenched pussy into my face to see me all feverish craving & desire.

Night of Pissing

fetish wetguy42 2018-04-01

There was no indication that I was sitting in a pool of her piss and that my wife had just relieved herself on my lap. By now the piss was not only pooling in my lap but had started to soak the bottom part of my t-shirt. Under my chair was a fucking river of piss and my pants were still dripping from her so I just let go. I really like it when she does that as it soaks me up top but most of the time her warm piss ends up trailing down to my balls. After my world stopped spinning for my big O, I got between her legs and licked her pussy and ass clean.

A Tennessee Education Pt. 03

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-04-01

Sharon Ashby left work, arrived home and made a simple dinner that took little time to eat. Having had a good sit-down with Mariko and seeing that man in the kitchen that night left her with thoughts to which she could not turn a blind eye. She watched him maneuver himself and make one final attempt, this time bending forward even as the collar crushed his trachea and the cable pulled the cage down smashing his balls so forcefully that he thought he would vomit. "Let's make it 'Sharon', but not in front of him," she said jabbing a thumb over her shoulder to where Bobby lie in pain near the front door.

I Have a Hobby

fetish SmartNSexyThing 2018-04-01

I enjoy how Jim, his boss, comes onto me when Howard, my hubby, is right there. Jim has been fucking me since, literally, the day of Howard's interview. When he did, it was obvious he wanted me and he sent Howard to do some tests down the hall. "Call down to personnel and tell them to give Howard the full battery of tests and then take him on a long tour of the plant. The whole time he was speaking to the secretary he was forcefully finger fucking me with one hand then slipping it out to put my juice on my tits then licking it off. Before I go further, I want you to know where we are going with this.

Milk My Full Breasts, Please

fetish JaxsonCurry 2018-04-01

and pulling on my nipples and tits, my hands wet with milk until suddenly I felt I wanted, no needed, more and pushed one hand down my skirt and His hands again made their way to my full tits and nipples and he started My hand was moving faster until I felt my cunt spasm hard I decided to tell my husband about displaying my milk filled tits to our Suddenly my husband groaned and I could feel that his cock was pumping "Yes," he answered, "I want to see him looking at your tits and … and … Hands were on my tits, and pulling on my nipples. My neighbour began to milk my nipples, squeezing them and pulling

Betrayed Wife's Revenge

fetish donnamariabpa1971 2018-04-01

She was holding the man's cock, rubbing her thumb over the head while she used a small whip in her hand on the woman's breasts, slapping at her nipples. Between the fluttery movements of Don's tongue (spurred by his increasing difficulty breathing) and the way the big dildo was filling her, it didn't take Janet long to cum with loud shrieks of joy, rocking her ass on her husband's face and rubbing her clit furiously. While he took several deep gasping lungsful of air, Janet reached out to his throbbing cock and toyed with it, tickling the shaft and lightly stroking his balls until she saw his leg muscles start to tense up.

The Mistress Reward

fetish stain69less 2018-04-01

"I distinctly recall telling you to wear male clothes and you show up in my presence wearing a slutty crotchless panty." She reached behind his head with both hands and pulled him closer while pushing her hips into him forcing the cock deep into his throat. Here he lay secured to the bench with absolutely no escape possible and a male cock was fucking his mouth, his balls slapping on Brie's chin, and the pleasurable feeling of Mistress's strapon stroking his ass and prostate. The door shut and in a panicked voice Brie said, "the key, the bag." The sound of the lock being engaged could be heard and a shiver went through Brie's body as he stood there still wearing the collar and leash, the wig, the bodystocking, the chastity device, and a bittersweet taste in his mouth.

The Milk Lady delivers!

fetish firsty32 2018-04-01

Recently, I went to a f****y cookout and who should be there but my cousin and his new baby and her lovely mama, Sarah. She was moaning and said that they really hurt from being too swollen and that the baby had been fed and couldn't relieve her and she had no pump or bottles to collect it. As I pulled my mouth reluctantly from her swollen nipple she took and rubbed my face in between her mountains. Quite soon, I shuddered and blasted away what seemed like endless cum streams. We did a couple of encores and she jerked my newly hard cock good and hard taking another cum blast on her titties.