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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The most sexiest milf i've seen wearing the m

fetish bootsluvr 2018-04-01

After casually checking behind me the sound past behind me as I turned the other way.I looked back the way I was facing, just in time to see, what I can only describe as an amazing sight. But this time my eyes were not drawn to her feet, but to the tightest and best looking asre I have ever seen. Then in a quick flash she glanced across at me, gave a brief smile, flicked her hair away from her face and then she headed off down the asile of the supermarket. All I had now was the photo in my head of this amazing milf, wearing simple but amazing clothes that complimented her fine features and the memory of her beautiful face as she through a breif glance to me.

Teaching Ms. Goodhouse

fetish SpankerSam 2018-04-01

I noticed that each time the door to Ms. Goodhouse's office opened she was either on the phone or giving orders to one of the secretaries that went in and out like worker ants in a colony. "If you had obeyed me when I told you to strip, you wouldn't be getting this spanking." Lenora stood there, tears running down her face. Daddy, if I did get a spanking, would you rub my cunnie to make me feel better?" "Honey you just told Daddy that rubbing your cunnie made you feel better." Lenora was breathing heavy now. "What else do you want Daddy to use on your cunnie baby?" Lenora was cumming.

Cleaning Out Kelly Ch. 03

fetish Clausimotto 2018-04-01

Time to show us girls how big girls get their shit holes cleaned out.” Kelly knelt behind her mom, while Debbie held the bag. Show me how little girls lick big girl’s cunts.” Susan knelt between her legs and pushed them over her shoulders. “Kelly your mom has a hot cunt and I can’t wait to take my 12 inch strap on and spread her like a whore.” Jane stood up slowly and Debbie and Susan each started sucking a tit. “Clean up my cum you slut!” Again, Susan just smothered her face as Jane licked the young pussy and began the urge to expel the enema. Susan grabbed the camera and held it as Kelly told her mom to shit her diaper.

Hand Job Slut Ch. 06

fetish Carnevil9 2018-04-01

Nancy took her hand off of his balls and lightly traced her fingertips all over his butt cheeks; she traced out gentle patterns with her fingers, her nails, and her soft palms, from down to the crease between his cheeks and his thighs, up to the small of his back, swirling around and around. Against her will, Nancy found herself leaning her head back against the cushions of the love seat and reveled in Brandi's attention to her body. Brandi took Nancy's hand in hers, and lightly stroked the back of it with her fingers. When Nancy was wet, juicy, and completely lost in the moment, Brandi slipped off her own panties and got back on the love seat, leaning back against the opposite arm.

A Sailor's Submission

fetish NaughtyNakita 2018-04-01

This excited me,so I stroked it briefly, feeling the warmth of his cock in my hand. I slapped his cock roughly, admonishing him for taking such a liberty as to thrust himself against my hand. I grabbed his throbbing manhood, put a hand on his chest and looked him in the eye. I took some length of blue nylon rope from the rack on the other side of the room. I came back into to room and walked up to the table. I laid a hand upon his broad chest,letting him feel my presence. I thrust once against my hand, so I slapped his cock. I took his cock in my hand and guided him into my aching pussy.

My Life as a Perverted Piece of Garbage Pt.02

fetish liebe4anal 2018-04-01

She was a little thin and not terribly tall or top heavy but the first thing that popped into your head when you saw the pictures was "what a fucking hottie." He took me into his office and there she was waiting there, still just so "fuckin' hot" it was unbelievable. I mean it was another fucking human being and she was really an innocent bystander in the fight between Bill and Bag. Bill tried to explain that it was only a matter of time before she was fed into the machine, ground up then spit out. She was more than willing to fuck people over, including f****y, to get what she wanted even if it meant getting pregnant to entrap some guy, writing bad checks, or fraudulent injury claims to get prescription d**gs to sell.

Babes With Balls

fetish Anal Slave 2018-04-01

Katie pulled her cock out of my mouth and said she has a friend in the next room by the name of Karen that if I wanted she would have her come over and they would both suck and fuck me at the same time. Then I could feel the cock in my ass really starting to swell but this time Karen didn't seem to be stopping; she must have been waiting for Katie to cum. As I was cleaning up the mess, she male Karen got behind my wife and was sticking her cock in my wife’s ass, the cock in her ass was going in and out from balls to head, with Karen occasionally pulling the thickest part of the head all the way out and then back in.

Little Dicky

fetish estragon 2018-04-01

"Just relax, sweetheart, I'll be back soon." Picking up the woman's room key where she dropped it, Janet left, went to her room to gather the toys and props, and returned. "Back in a New York minute, darling, got to clean the toy." She washed and dried the strappy, took a long, pleasant piss without flushing the toilet, left the bathroom light on, and returned to her guest. These little trollopes, who buy some cheap titholders from Victoria's NonSecret and a pair of even cheaper stilettos from PayLess Shoes, and order a sjambok from, Christ help us (here Maîtresse Marie-Ange made the Sign of the Cross, leaving Janet open-mouthed), Amazon-dot-fucking-com, for eighteen Loonies (expédition compris, tu sais), think they are 'mistresses.' Saint Sebastien fuck my grandmother!

wet reward

fetish 2018-04-01

His senses of taste and smell, heightened by the removal of sight and touch with the blindfold and restraints, were electrifying his cock into a constant hot buzz and he felt pre-cum dew ooze involuntarily from his raging pole as he licked and sucked her back-passage with increasing fervour. Her fuck speed increased slightly as her hand completed the lube action there to allow her to start rubbing her now buzzing clit, as her cock-filled ass greatly magnified the sensation achieved and she masturbated almost selfishly over the sight of his shaft now pistoning up deep inside her.

Quality Room Service

fetish photog45 2018-04-01

He took he shorts of and noticed he'd gotten a bit aroused at the thought of the Indian girl worked in the laundry room. He poked his head out of the door to see if the housekeeping had begun, but there was nobody else there and he noticed it was pointless, until he saw her at the end of the hall, exiting a room with towels in her arms. Her breathing was getting faster, deeper, and she was unconsciously moaning while her fingers worked with his cock deep inside her, pushing against her spot. When he was clean, she gave one last lick to the tip and moving up to him, whispered, "It's your turn to clean now," and she mounted his face again, pushing her cummy pussy against his lips.

one night in heaven

fetish robosmith 2018-04-01

The man sensing her wanton movements, and thrust deep into her wet soft sex in one f***eful movement. Her hand briefly searches to me at the side of the bed while still locked in there kiss, guilty eyes of pleasure look briefly at me then then roll away. I wanted this, and pains jealousy and lust for my slut wife raise within me. I could see the fluid appear at the eye of my penis starts to drip down onto the floor below me I clench my penis harder to stop the impending flow, my ball scream in pain. She looked up at me, our eyes locked, she garbed my hand and slowly moved it down between her legs to her slick wetness while she held my gaze.

Correcting Misbehavior on its Own Level

fetish runningtears 2018-04-01

Her friends had arrived in their swimsuits, with street clothes over, expecting to spend several hours splashing in the pool and enjoying polishing their tans, but they no sooner arrived than Melanie said, "Hey guys, my Dad said we could use the boat for my graduation party next weekend, but it needs a couple of things done before we can use it. Once again, her dad got what was needed to do the maintenance and gave Melanie a dirty look as she stood back and watched as her friends did the work. You really need to be more careful about that in the future." Her friend stepped back as he finished this last sentence because her dad had stepped into the circle and gave Melanie a long, questioning look down his fatherly nose.

The Sperm Donation Ch. 03

fetish scorpionicus45 2018-04-01

With one hand on his cock and the other pushing gently forward on his ass Mei brought the head of Jack's penis against the older woman's face. Mei felt Jack's cock jump in her hand as a powerful jet of semen blasted out of the hole at the tip and splashed onto the older woman's face. She began to use the head of his cock to distribute the semen evenly over the client's face until finally the entire area of the woman's face was covered with Jack's cum. Finally when all of the semen had been distributed as evenly as possible over the woman's face Mei pushed Jack gently away from the table and released his penis.

Introduction: The quietest ones are the dirtiest o

fetish momma10four 2018-04-01

She was a goddess, her dark hair framing her angelic face, breasts standing perfectly from her body, nipples erect, a taut stomach that trailed down to her skirt, which bloomed slightly out until those firm thighs came into view, a smooth line broken only by those lacy panties that remained locked just above her knees. We both drew in a small gasp of breath as she removed my shirt; mine because she lightly ran her nails the length of my body as she pulled my shirt off, hers because I had taken one of her nipples in my mouth as she leaned over me, bringing my teeth down on it in a soft bite.

Underwear Friends Ch. 03

fetish ramon25 2018-04-01

The rest of us in the small Minnesota high school wore little white briefs and colored t-shirts, and Mark's white boxer shorts with little patterns were an arousing novelty to me. Mark opened his underwear drawer and pulled out his matching boxers, the white ones with blue and red boxes. Cindy looked at me and asked, "Ray, would you mind of Mark and I went upstairs for a while?" "Hey, Ray, those boxers look just a pair Mark has! Mark is the first guy I ever saw wearing boxers, and I think they look pretty sexy on him. Cindy slid her hand inside my boxers, and started stroking my cock as she continued kissing me.


fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-04-01

I shoved a finger inside leaving it still as I tried to imagine what Thom would look like without clothes. "Hardly a native." He leaned back and placed both hands behind his head while looking my way as if he was trying to undress me. With the briefcase dangling from the fingers wrapped around one padded grip on his underarm crutches, he asked, "Ready?" He stepped in front of me and I followed enjoying the view of his pants leg wrapped around the legless hip and stuffed inside the waistband at the back. Thom lay quietly on his back; his hands cupped behind his head, his eyes curiously watching as I unbuckled his pants and begin working them along his thigh.

A PantieSlave's Fantasy

fetish Ronnie_4 2018-04-01

Your soft hands were between my legs, caressing my balls and slowly stroking my cock. All the while I was masturbating, my little cock dripping precum like a faucet. With cock in hand, I begged for your sweet panties. I asked for permission to get your vibrator, and you said " Yes, and get yours too". You brought your cock to my lips; I automatically opened my mouth. I love laying on my back, with my knees pulled to my chest, totally exposed for your pleasure. I could feel your fingers lubricating my throbbing butt hole as I was stroking my very slick little cock. Your beautiful eyes were wide with excitement watching that big black cock fucking me.

David's Summer of '61 Ch. 02

fetish Thorilla 2018-04-01

I felt reluctance to enter the hotel as I was so used to having the bar entirely to myself and my thoughts but I was in desperate need of a long beer so strolled in. Henry told me quietly that he thought the women only said these things to wind themselves up and I should ignore them if they continued. The ladies plied me with intimate questions and I sensed the women were becoming sexually charged having discovered that they had a young expert in the art of oral pleasuring in their midst. Here I was, a 'young' lad, not bad looking but a bit short and skinny, all alone in a hotel bedroom with eight attractive middle aged women.

Mistress Melissa Is Broken

fetish TheDarkCloud 2018-04-01

She wanted to spit in their faces and tell them to go fuck themselves but staring into Anton's eyes she knew he would derive as much pleasure from ditching the contract and sending her on her path to jail. "Yeah Anton, " barked Kelly, "But she's going to have to clean the whole thing, I want to see the dumb slut lick every inch, every fucking inch. But she couldn't help herself and when Kelly pulled her head back up and squeezed Melissa's mouth open for another face fucking, her involuntary tears mixed with her mascara to leave her face smeared and a mess as Anton again began to pump his dick ruthlessly into her gullet.

Desire Fulfilled

fetish jollyrancher 2018-04-01

I pushed out with my sphincter muscle, hoping she would take the hint and slip her finger inside me but she pulled it away and stood up, calling me a naughty boy and disappeared into the bathroom to wash the cream from her hands so she could hold the razor. She had apparently read the right information during her research as she did not pull her hand out, but rather just let it rest against the sphincter with just a little tension and as predicted; my body began to slowly push it out. Yet another strange sensation that I couldn't quite figure out, then I realized that she was wiggling her fingers gently inside me as she slowly pulled back until the end of the glove was visible and my hole was being stretched again by the wide part of her hand.

Milk From My Neighbor 1 by loyalsock

fetish loyalsock 2018-04-01

He turned and saw his neighbor Kaye, carrying a bag of groceries on one hand, and on the other, a baby girl. Sam sat down on the couch, watching Kaye feed the baby. Sam's breath stopped momentarily when he saw Kaye shift the baby from one nipple to another. Kaye knew that she was putting on quite a show for Sam; it was actually the first time that she fed baby Micki in front of a man. As Sam left the apartment, she finished feeding Micki, burped her, then went to the smaller bedroom to place her in the crib. Sam was pretending to watch the movie, then took a peek at Kaye.

Cowgirl Ch. 04

fetish ZotDragon 2018-04-01

Marie was surprisingly cool and distant at work, which I appreciated because it would just be too odd for her to suddenly become my best friend just because he got tattooed together, I saw her tits and she put her hand on my ass. Between Michael's nursing and my regular sessions with the milking machine he had created, my breasts felt full almost all the time. Michael started taking pictures of my ass and my tattoo, sometimes when I was lying on the bed, sometimes when I was on the milking machine. When the suction first pulled at my nipples did I realize I was wearing only my silky black panties, which were partially soaked with my juices and starting to slip into the crack of my ass.

Milking Ch. 01

fetish dfm2099 2018-04-01

We are good friends and sexually we have a slave master understanding, so he's one of my pets I need you to take care of.. She started massaging his cock gently at first, warming him up then with two hands she pumped his cock hard and violently from tip to base. "Personally, I like to bring him to the brink several times to show him who's in control then finally let him cum. I let go of his balls and used both of my hands to milk his black cock. This nigger liked being dominated and humiliated by white women so why couldn't I enjoy it?

Roth & Rulongh

fetish REDFOXXY1959 2018-04-01

He thought he had misunderstood her but he was half afraid to ask as he didn't want to offend her, so instead he made another comment to see if he got the same response and she said pretty much the same thing again. Her box was marked for the bedroom and she took it in and came back out and gave him a hug and a kiss and they went downstairs for an iced tea as neither of them drank coffee. She broke the kiss and slid down his body a bit as she raised his shirt teasing his nipples with her tongue and mouth. He jerked and gasped as her mouth and the ice ran down the length of his hard cock till he could feel her warm breath escaping her nose dusting his balls.