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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Pantyhose, Girdles and Heels

fetish Checkmate215 2018-04-01

I would search the Internet for pictures or videos of women wearing 1)Pantyhose, 2)Stiletto heels and 3)Foundation garments i.e.(girdles, spanx, shaping slips). There were times I would walk blocks out of my way to follow a pair of heels and pantyhose. Every day, helping her wiggle her pantyhosed ass into this girdle excited me like a drug. Going through the drawers I finally came across the black sheer pantyhose she had worn the day before. The heels were placed on the shelf with a small spotlight over them, next to the pantyhose. A pair of sheer nude pantyhose, black suede platform heels and the spanx she wore were rolled up like she had taken them off.

La Leche League Pt. 03

fetish StrongMaster7 2018-04-01

Elise moved very close to Shirley and whispered in her ear, "My husband told me he had no interest in me sexually as long as my milk flows, just like that. "I guess you don't know it, but there are lots of people who enjoy sexual roleplay based on the woman being owned property, walking around nude, always available for sex, big milk-filled tits hanging down for a twice daily milking. You have a great body and a lovely face and you know I like ladies who have a lot up top." Steven smiled at Elise. Elise smiled at she saw this man who she had only met a couple of times and only spoken to twice sitting a few feet from her jacking off while watching her milk herself.

Louise Gives Sloppy Seconds

fetish pervert4panties 2018-04-01

I heard footsteps behind me and turned to see this gorgeous girl--long dark brown hair, big blue eyes, easily Double-D tits, just slightly plump and wearing nothing but a pair of mint green nylon briefs. We kissed, caressed and writhed together for a half hour, then I started to rub her cunt through her panties. "Yeah, sweety, I'm gonna fill your nasty panties with hot cum! I want all your sperm, filling my cunt, soaking my underwear....come on baby, cum in my panties!" With that I felt the pressure peaking and I came, I came so hard that my head was spinning, and I thrust as deep into her as I could.

Sylvie Humiliates Me

fetish BonViv 2018-04-01

Sylvie's friend Maureen had joined us for dinner. "For the past week," Sylvie went on, "I have tied his hands behind him when we go to bed. If it doesn't spring to attention, I'll know he's been looking at dirty pictures and jerking off like a teenage boy." "A happy marriage," I heard Sylvie say to her friend, "is one where the husband is obedient. "You like to play with your little wienie while women watch you. It was humiliating to hear that her friend knew I had jerked off while looking at naughty pictures on the Internet. Then I'll blindfold you so you won't even know who's watching you or if there really is someone looking at you playing with your little thing."

Gay Group Fetish Party

fetish asiandream 2018-04-01

I was talking with three guys – one in jeans the other two naked - all drinking cans of beer - my dick was hard in my jocks. He asked me what I liked doing – I said pissing my pants – and I started doing it at the same time – almost instantly he was down on his knees – got my pissing dick out of my jocks and into his mouth. This first visit I didn’t use the sling rooms – I came the first time while I was being fucked standing up in the public area – by the guy who first d***k my piss at the start of the party.

Teach Me Professor

fetish janey16 2018-04-01

An older colleague, Krista, who happens be the department chair, recently asked me to tag along with her to an educational conference last month at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. Krista then looked at me and asked, "Listen, Avery, from one dirty old lady to another, would you be up for a Las Vegas adventure?" As the young woman turned her head to see what was going on, Krista quickly resumed her earlier massaging of Richard's cock! I glanced out toward the balcony and Richard and Krista seemed deep in conversation so I quickly picked up her phone and hurried into the bathroom, my curiosity getting the best of me.

My Husband. My Love. My Sissy. Ch. 01

fetish RandomAuthor 2018-04-01

I wasn't sure what shocked me the most; the fact that Tony was standing in my room with a pair of panties pulled half way down his legs, or the fact that Kayla, his own sister -- his own flesh and blood, was standing right next to him. I didn't even have time to wonder what Kayla meant about enjoying my panties before I saw Tony's other hand reach down and grip his erect penis and start stroking it up and down. Then, looking up at her brother, Kayla said, "Tell me, Tina, have you tasted Kelly's panties yet?

Hotel Room

fetish write4me44 2018-04-01

Her mouth slides up and down on your cock, her tongue glides round and round its head, your face is pushed deep into her as you lick her wet pussy, feel the bud of her clitoris with the tip of your tongue, feel your hard cock in her mouth, feel your come start to rise in your balls, feel your orgasm approach, she stops moving, takes your cock out of her mouth, holds its base with one hand, encircling it with her index finger and her thumb, she squeezes tight, stops the flow from you balls, she speaks, 'no' and you relax your body, let your impending climax retreat back into yourself, stop licking her, drop your head onto the pillow, you move your hands, release the lips of her labia, cover her pussy with her panties again, drop your hands to your sides and relax.

Mutual pantyhose wanking- more adventures

fetish tonyhose 2018-04-01

We made it into the little clearing without meeting anybody and while Dave and Mandy undressed Ray and I took hold of each other's hard cocks again and wanked each other as we watched them. As I let go of Daves drained cock I knelt and took first go at licking the cum off Mandy's tits but was soon joined by Dave and Ray. With her tits licked clean and her nipples hard and being sucked by Dave and Ray, I reached down and felt how wet Mandy's cunt was. We were soon both nearly ready to cum again and just as Ray began to unload his cum deep in Mandy's cunt we both took hold of each other's cocks and wanked them until our cum shot out on Ray's face.

For Love

fetish Wonderlusting 2018-04-01

Ms. Ward continued," I keep a close eye on my beautiful niece." I was explaining to her today how she must be careful with who she associates with, wasn't I Renee?" Ms. Ward also noticed as she took it between her thumb and forefinger and began twisting it, She then gave it a hard pull that brought a gasp from Renee's lips. I'm no romantic, hell I'd barely dated, but I told Ms. Ward that I truly felt love for Renee. Fresh tears came to her eyes as she looked into mine and said "I love you too." I could not help but smile even though I was bent over an ottoman with my hands cuffed behind me, buck naked and had the first cock ever in my mouth.


fetish lovewearingthighhigh 2018-04-01


All grown up

fetish 2018-04-01

I guess Dee had tried the doorbell, but as I was fast asl**p she got going on what looked like it needed doing. I asked her if she was satisfied doing yard work around the house, for minimum wage plus, or whether she thought she might like to do other things and make a bit more money. I stumbled for a bit, and then asked "Is this something you do regularly?" Dee replied that this was her first foray into this, but that she had always been intrigued by the thought of being a call-girl. Dee bit her lip, but I guess she figured that there would not been much need for a boyfriend if she was going to be my personal sex toy.

Is Three A Crowd? ....Part 2

fetish Croozer 2018-04-01

"Yeah Trev...that one is one of my favourites, too," she said, "Come on...let me see you jerk with it." I wrapped the slip around my penis, and slowly began to stroke it. "With my figure, I need a bit of help when I wear a you like my girdle?" I nodded, and wanted to explode into her incredibly silky slip, but held off. As she pulled the slip up her thighs, she put her finger into her kitty, and said, "I'm so damn wet..." I stood up, embraced her and began kissing her mouth, neck, ears, and breasts as I rubbed my penis gainst her slip covered belly, thighs, and ass.

My Husband's Catfight Fetish Ch. 01

fetish aviendha33 2018-04-01

Like most women who know about their husbands' catfight fetish, I discovered Eric's interest by stumbling onto his cache of videos and dvds. "You're upset because you thought they were going to fight." In retrospect, I chuckled to myself, "He was upset, all right, but with the two women's meddling friends." I also clearly recalled that our sex, that night, had been remarkable, even for two people who were usually passionate for one another. Eric and I had always enjoyed a romantic and highly-charged sexual relationship, but, now that I thought about it, the most memorable evening we'd had, recently, was several months ago—after we'd attended a garden party at which two attractive, middle-aged women had gotten into a row of some sort and were rolling about on the grass, their skirts hiked up and their hair, wildly askew.

The Smother Mistress Pt. 01

fetish hithere222 2018-04-01

In my amateur days, I refused alot of her orders, and therefore, her sharp leather gloved hand slaps came quickly, or she was quick to drag me into the bedroom and lock me into the queening box. She pulled off her wet tights, and put the crotch part on top of my nose, forcing me to smell her womanly juices and scent. Using them to wipe up sweat and juices from on her, she then proceeded to crank my mouth open and put them inside. I swallowed the Skittle, as mistress had a great orgasm as wave after wave of bliss and she was soon off of her slave and looking at him in his hyperventilating state.

The Meeting

fetish MoniqueT 2018-04-01

He took the cigarette from her hand and as he started smoking, his left hand touched her cheek to behind her ear, and then trailed down her neck, in between her breasts, past her belly button and then went behind towards her ass where he grabbed a handful and pulled her in closer. He penetrated her with his tongue, and then making his way up found her clit started licking her; first with small, firm licks and then with bigger licks, slower, so she could just feel the contact and wetness of his mouth. He placed his hand on the wall for support and held one of his ass cheeks aside letting her understand he wanted more of her inside him.

Oh Mrs Dillon

fetish EgmontGrigor2011 2018-04-01

Andy had found on the Anderson-Dillon website that Des Dillon's wife Tayler Dillon, who judging by her picture was much too young for Des, was the partner in charge of Business Law and in fact she managed the department. Andy went down to HR thinking he'd like to screw Mrs Dillon, screw her fucking neck the acid-tongued bitch. As he neared the door she said, "Oh Andy, I am booked to attend at law conference this coming weekend but for reasons best-known to himself, my husband will not be accompanying me. When Andy returned to Tayler's side and told her he'd been at law school with those two women, Tayler said she didn't mind if he wished to go off with them.

Obsession Ch. 01

fetish Amyfriend 2018-04-01

His big thick cock was stood right out, kind of like a flagpole at a Barber's shop and I just froze with the box of cereal still in my hands. One day I watched him doing himself, he was looking at pictures in a girlie magazine and masturbating in one of the stalls in the barn. Once he had left the barn, I went down to the stall for a much closer look and sat there watching it slowly run down to the next piece of wood. But in college, several times I had the same 3 young men in my bed, I had one in my mouth and one in each hand and each time I had a huge orgasm without even touching myself.

My Best Friend's Crazy Fat Sister Ch. 03

fetish RetroFan 2018-04-01

When her pee stream abated, I saw Zoe reach behind her for her reusable toilet paper and take a square of dark blue cloth -- I think it might have been cut from the same beach towel which had the smiling cartoon sun - and place it between her legs, wiping her vagina. "Well relax then," Zoe laughed, her legs wide apart showing off her snatch as she took a light blue cloth and wiped her bottom with it, before defecating once more, her poo splashing into the toilet water, the smell increasing in the bathroom. Lying down on my bed, I tried to think of something other than Zoe peeing, pooing and farting on the toilet as she sat on it barefoot with her legs open displaying her feminine area, her pajamas and panties around her ankles, wiping her dirty bottom with cloth toilet paper.

Lactating mom

fetish 2018-04-01

She stroked back and forth streaking my thigh with her pussy juices while her tits straddled my throbbing cock. But I noticed them now and longed to feel her nipple between my lips and feel that milk, warm and sweet flow down my throat. Yeah, she loved my cock, deep and thick pressing against the walls of her pussy, thick enough to pull on her cunt lips and sensitive clit. I lifted my head and sucked her nipple into my mouth encouraging her milk with my fingers. My hands gripped her slim hips and pulled her back hard feeling my cock slam against the deepest parts of her pussy.

Mycox4U wants to tongue fuck me.

fetish Lateshay 2018-03-31

I've been Gazing at Your Sexy Gorgeous Tits, Pussy amd body Again and as Always Layteshay, YOU are making me Drool as I envision Sucking your Sensitive Clit between my Soft my warms Lips, Flicking my Tongue on and All around then plumging it just as Deep Inside your Squishy Warm Wet Cunt as I can possible Reach... I wanna continue Tongue Fucking You Baby til You Scream in Ecstasy as your Body tenses, You Convulse and Writhe as the Creamy CUM Flows into my Mouth and onto my Face... Raise up with One Small, Feminine Ankle on each Shoulder and with a Firm Grip on the side both Hips, tug You Forward as I RAM my Long Stiff Dick inside your Sopping Wet CUM Soaked Pussy and Fuck You Harder and Harder...

Golf Gets Nasty

fetish Stillherer 2018-03-31

Yeah, that's it, oooo yeah you're good at this boy." Jim's voice seemed to come out of a dream and in the dream I was stroking another mans large thick cock. Jim's animal growl alerted me so that I witnessed the second stronger jet of his cum spew from the huge purple tip of his cock to splat wetly onto my dick and pubes. Numbly I watched his slick flaccid cock fill my view, felt it slip wetly over my lips before in a daze I sucked Jim into my mouth. Flustered and with no time to think about it I pulled my cum filled panties up feeling Jim's mess squish about my cock and balls.

Looking for that big belly

fetish mantube 2018-03-31

Well I'am still looking for that great belly the hanging love flesh that is only inches off ground. belly hanging so low but not the great one i have been looking for only about 400 ppounds. I went to store and got beer and then came back by she was still there I had to stop. We got something to drink and went back to motel. I came three times before we stopped.She told me she had never felt that way before and that see had to go. She said ok.That went on for two weeks after work every nite. i hugged her and drove home that was about 30 years ago and I still think of the Great belly that got away.

Punky's Diary, Dec 06

fetish Selbryth 2018-03-31

I'm licking and kissing and sucking on those cute toes of hers (which are more attractive to me because she has the nails trimmed real short and doesn't paint them) and licking up and down and she's all slouched and melted-looking in the chair, panting and gasping and covering her mouth with both hands, and...I'm just having a great time I gotta say. Then I lean back on my elbows, and she uses her other hand to yank my shoes and socks off and then gets my pants and panties all the way off me and lets me stay like that, totally bottomless, while she goes on exploring my cunt with her fingers.