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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Stuck in the Elevator with Steph

fetish peebudy 2018-03-31

Stephanie and I both said "OH" at the same time, but she followed hers with "NO!" and mine was followed by "SHIT!" just as the emergency lighting in the elevator started to glow. Her moans were getting louder and her breathing more rapid, as she leaned forward and grabbed my head with both hands, pulling my face deeply into her crotch as she started to shudder in orgasm. "Looks like someone couldn't make it to the bathroom!" Stephanie said with a smirk and a twinkle in her eyes, as she stepped off the elevator looking as conservatively clean and pressed as she did when she stepped on.

The southern belle milf Kathy

fetish 2018-03-31

I started kissing and licking her neck, while I rubbed my cock back and forth against her clit before slowly sliding it into her tight milf pussy. Apparently she could taste my pre-cum with every throb, and every time she said something naughty in that southern bell accent she got a throb and out pumped a little precum that she has no problem licking right off the tip of my cock. Creampie my milf pussy with your warm cum Eric!" Kathy is so wet and hot at this point I couldn't help but pump harder and harder. So fucking warm, so good Eric.." Is what Kathy said as my dick was nuts deep and gushing cum into her pussy.


fetish Irishqt1980 2018-03-31

“Well, aren’t we a naughty little minx, I’m changing the game now bitch,” he growls, digging his fingers back into my snatch making me whimper softly, “I’m going to fuck you raw, it’s what you want isn’t it?” “Who do you want to fuck your ass mom,” Aiden is standing watching the two of us, stroking his massive length, “me or Scott?” I lick my lips and move to the edge of the bed, turning my back on Aiden, the second my mouth closes around Scott’s massive shaft I know that turning my back on my super horny, super aggressive stepson was a mistake; he presses a firm kiss to my snatch and licks upwards towards my puckered hole.

Alone with Melissa D PART 1

fetish LEEFEE95 2018-03-31

The night was awesome we ate dinner and got pretty d***k, so much so my wife started getting to close and comfortable with John. As I went upstairs I also noticed John's car was gone before i entered the house so i just assumed Melissa went to bed and ill try to be as quite as possible. I entered the room and there was Melissa sitting against the bed post in just a pair of panties, looking right up at me with the most seductive smile i have ever seen. She then smiled even more and started biting her lip and says "John's not here, he's at your house." I looked at her in the most shocked way.


fetish WFEATHER 2018-03-31

"Thank you." He slipped off the bed, retrieved the whip he had found earlier in the same box with the chains, and stood again, noting the sparkle in the bound woman's eyes and the smile spreading across her face. One hand reached up to her face, the fingers pinching her nostrils shut, forcing her to breathe through her mouth while the fingers of his other hand slithered down her taut body to her sex, gently spreading the desire seeping from her torso and occasionally plucking her clitoris as if testing a guitar string, yet despite the pinching of her nostrils and her inability to escape if the building should suddenly start to burn, she felt no danger, no worry, no nervousness from his actions.

Whatever You Ask

fetish enzo1965 2018-03-31

Fucking my mouth with your strap on cock your head thrown back and your big, pvc encased tits thrust forward and your head pushed back. I needed you to finger me, a loud moan escaped my lips your cock popped out of my mouth and you thrust forward until your balls brushed my lips. I moan and you push forward and the head begins to breach my tight virgin ass. I'm going to fuck you hard." You tell me as you push your cock further into my ass. You straddle my chest again and once more your big cock is thrust into my mouth but this time it is covered in spunk and I begin to lick at it greedily.

Chamber of Secrets

fetish MuseShadow 2018-03-31

How I would slide my hand up her leg, beneath her underwear and slowly finger her cunt, how I would roll up her dress and fuck her in the ass while reaching around and massaging her breasts. I glanced back to the screen and she shuffled in her seat rolling her ass forwards a bit and opening her legs wider to release the pressure on her back. She started to thank me as I caressed her breasts through her blouse and bra, pulling at nipples with my thumb and finger, my cock pushed up against her open hole, my head holding her lips open. Leaning forwards and grabbing her tits I squeezed, gently pinching and twisting her nipples while stroking her belly with the other hand.

Dragon Age Queens Fall

fetish lilguy41 2018-03-31

Anora licked her fingers and pushed it deep into the Queen pussy. Drax gripped her hair pushed the dildo deep into her wet pussy. "You made ANOTHER mess…My Queen" Drax Said "Your pussy squirted like a gusher. "Tease your pussy juices whore" Drax Said Drax kissed her as she fucked her ass and pussy at the same time. She pushed her finger deep inside her pussy enjoying Anora wet tongue Drax made it hard for Anora to breath as she grinded her face. "Did my ass taste good slut" Drax Said Drax was close to the edge screaming in passion as the Queen licked her pussy with her little tongue. Drax stood over the Queen placing a foot on her sore pussy.

Master's Story Ch. 01

fetish kinkston-duo 2018-03-31

my eyes were twinkling with excitement, John was the first of Master’s friends that i would was meet during my visit to Australia and i wanted to make a good impression, after all “serving” Master and His friends was a life long fantasy. i grinned to myself as i watched John eyes nearly popping as he tried not to stare too obviously at my nipples which were straining against the tight white tee shirt that showed the shape of my lovely firm breasts leaving little for the imagination. He held the camera with His free hand and took photos as John turned so his piss moved up my body to splash over my breasts

Free to Use

fetish Nekole 2018-03-31

I came just as the man pulled his dick out of my mouth and released his thick cum over my face, the viscous liquid slowly giving in to gravity and sliding down my face to drip from my chin onto my large breasts. Then both men quickly pulled out and I heard a condom being pulled off as I watched the first man pumping his dick, feeling the warm cum hit my lower back just as my face was ejaculated on. With a smile I lower my hips and slowly take the man into me, leaning forward to suck on the dick in front of me I hear the lube being opened and shiver in anticipation as I feel the head of the third cock slide into my well stretched ass.

It's not All About Her

fetish Copycat88 2018-03-31

"Mike", I said, "I went shopping today and got some new panties and a new sex toy, want to see them?" His gaze never left the screen. Bonnie chimed in, "I think that's true, the best pussy licking I ever got was from a girl in collage!" Steve looked at her as if to say WTF? I told Mike he needed to lose the last vestiges of his man clothing, cause for the rest of the night he would be a cock sucking sissy slut. Mike get into the bathroom and put on some lipstick, your wig, skirt and shoes, you need to look like the cock sucking slut you're going to be."

Hard Drive

fetish toodamnhung 2018-03-31

While I touched her soaking wet pussy with my fingers she reached over with the hand that wasn't holding my arm between her legs and grabbed the front of my trousers, squeezing my now throbbing cock hard in her pudgy hand. This also allowed her to use her free hand to slide her skirt up over her large silk panties exposing her gorgeous fat upper thighs and the wet mound I had been fingering before. Linda cradled my balls with her hand and eased all of my cock deep into her wet mouth. I didn't know if the chair could take the weight of both of us, but I lowered myself on top of her and eased my cock down into the slit between her giant thighs, keeping my feet on the floor to help hold my own weight.

Ultimate Surrender with Ronda Rousey

fetish 2018-03-31

She said they were negotiating with MMA superstar Ronda Rousey to do an exhibition match, after hearing she was a big Ultimate Surrender fan. I met with Isis Love, who agreed to help me train and would join me as my coach for the match, something we never had at Ultimate Surrender. My upset bid wasn't to be and Ronda got me down and straddled me, planting her shaved pussy and that enormous clit on my face. Ronda finally let up and pulled out the slimy cock and slapped it across my face, adding some trash talk, saying she dreamed about this day for a long time.

Introduction to Tease and Denial

fetish Chastebob 2018-03-31

Since we typically played twice a week (if I kept my performance scores good) that meant on average I would get a chance to cum every 2 and a half weeks. (I still think she knowingly took me too close to the edge to stop, but there is no questioning her actions in the game.) Unfortunately it happened when we had just recently started a new round, so my next play date started with one green and 17 blue marbles. Lately she's been talking about increasing the standard blue marble mix to 20, but increasing our potential play dates to three times a week. More play dates sounds good, but it also means that an "unacceptable" score on a single day can really upset my running average.

So Wet

fetish Miyelo Ina 2018-03-31

Granted, it was a much better taste when it was hot and fresh, but it was still like honey on his tongue. A raging hard-on had sprung up as he dug open the package and by the time her aroma was on his lips, his cock was dripping with opaque fluid. He leaned close to her as she pulled up to pay the parking attendant and he whispered, “Love, there’s only one thing I’m hungry for.” He kissed her neck softly. “I’ve wanted this for so long,” he breathed, coming up close to take her in his arms. Quickly, he leaned over and kissed her again, licking up all the excess he could from her face.

Humiliation Time Ch. 02

fetish hubone 2018-03-31

His new rule was that while he was taking the increased pill dosage that he would have to wait until noon each day to cum. He would retrive the inserted treat with his mouth and tongue - she loved and her pussy loved watching him do this multiple times each week when his grade was good or better. Sometime she would even reward him with multiple treats in one session if he was very good in his noon performance. In a way the thick huge cumshots made him feel more manly - as the vitamins and her rules made him be hard much of the day.

First Thirst Ch. 12

fetish NastyPierre 2018-03-31

Suddenly I wasn't turning my head from side to side, but looking straight ahead to a door at the corridors far end. Nutte reached down and picked up the cassette player; it was attached to a two inch wide leather belt, about ten inches long. I actually watched a globule of pre-cum ooze from my cocks head and form a long strand that dropped to the floor under its own weight. I arched my back and fought delusions, to keep my hands at bay even as the voice instructed me to, "...never touch myself without my wife's permission...." But I was beside myself and my cock and balls slipped their claws into my occupied mind and made me reach for them.

Exchange Ch. 06

fetish Soft_Mike 2018-03-31

He could not move his limbs at all, he was caught in this leather sack, gagged and blindfolded, and right now there was absolutely no way to influence his situation. He had felt very humiliated and would have liked to explain to the girls that it was all a mistake, meaning he had not really been observant and alert when Elaine and Maria had arranged their ambush. "Hello my sweet girls", Maria said, "Michael is ready for his walk now. The only visible parts of Michael were now his eyes and the big degrading teat filling his mouth and cut him off from any possibility to influence his situation.

Halloween Delight Ch. 02

fetish The_Blackguard 2018-03-31

She knew I was going to change later, and since I'd already gotten a chicken suit(ugh) she was playing one of her devious cards, trying to ensure I wouldn't go into the next shop to help her(Or rather tell her) what costume she wanted. The set of her face told clear enough that she was far from pleased, and I'm sure if I were able to look into her eyes, I'd see what lie dormant(for the moment) there, but alas, I was not going to let this surprise get spoiled. I broke off the kiss, I knew I should wait for the latex to dry, but I couldn't help myself, "I'm going to pull the goggles up and off, I want you to lean back, so they don't touch anywhere on their way up.

Sharing my girlfriend with an old man

fetish Bigboy78_69 2018-03-31

After Sara was gone the older gentleman came over and sat next to me and introduced himself as Jim. He was tall like me and a bit tad overweight but a good looking guy. He gently felt Sara's dripping pussy causing her to let out a little moan and then he savagely thrust his massive cock into her tiny hole. She began to moan and scream so loudly and she told the old man that he was making her cum. I walked back to the bed and stared at my beautiful girlfriend still lying where the old man had left her with his cum seeping from her pussy.

Matt's Guitar Lesson

fetish Cuda_Candy 2018-03-31

She said she met you at the Crow's Nest last night and wanted to talk to you about giving her son guitar lessons." "I have to drop off this guitar info to Mrs. Lindstrom and then I thought I'd go to the music store to pick up some strings." Mrs. Lindstrom placed her hand behind my head and started purring like a kitten. "Oh, what a good boy you are," she said softly." Suck mommy's tits. It looked like my wish might come true as Mrs. Lindstrom answered the door in her robe while combing her hair. "Come now, taste mommy's milk," she said as she offered me her right tit.

My Pregnant Neighbor Pt. 03

fetish pudman 2018-03-31

I rested on my haunches as I fondled Shelly's panties, the head of my now fully hard dick sticking out of the leg of my shorts, and glanced around looking for my naked neighbor. Shelly grabbed my head and forced it against her mound as I flicked my tongue over clit and nipped the distended nub, and moaned and humped her hips on my face when I stretched my tongue as deeply as I could to fuck it at her hole. Shelly had grabbed her legs and pulled them out and backwards and was hunching her hips as she felt my dick slide along the inside of her outer labia.

The Day My Life Was Changed Forever

fetish cddream 2018-03-31

Ten years later, I'm married to my high school sweetheart, Jill, who knows everything about me except for my love for lingerie and for a big dildo in my ass and mouth. Mistress Jade/Jill grabbed a pair of sexy lace boy-short panties off the floor, balled them up and shoved them in my mouth. Mistress Jade/Jill started to moan from the dildo she had buried in her pussy. She shook hard and screamed, "You're so fucking good my little ass-whore!" Then Mistress Jade/Jill collapsed on top of me with her cock still buried to the hilt in my ass. After a couple minutes, Jill stood up and pulled that huge dildo out of my hole and said, "You've been a good little bitch.


Jayce FJ Chronicles I: First GF Feet

fetish 2018-03-31

The only problem was that she didn't like her feet being touched; but as soon as I got my hands on them--it was all okay. She wanted to try the FWB thing, but I couldn't do it. Then we started watching Casino; a movie I was introducing to her, she always liked trying new movies. During this time I slid her feet casually between my legs and graced her to my hard-on to indicate what I wanted. Over the years she has gotten way better at FJs, maybe based off she knows what I like. She also never minded post-orgasm torture, but that time she went light on me.