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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

CD spank

fetish 2018-03-31

I could feel her erection as I held her ass with both hands and kissed her open mouth. Using both hands, I pulled those ass cheeks closer to me and found out that the panty-bulge she mentioned in her ad was even bigger and harder than before. Pulling back so my cock slid from her mouth, I stripped off my pants and underwear, then I said, "Lick my balls baby!" Then I began pushing her butt down on my lap, and allowing her to pull back, making her cock pump between my legs. Spreading her cheeks widely, I pulled out completely - watching her hole gap open and then close slowly.

Hot Sex Instead of Dancing Ch. 17

fetish SusanJillParker 2018-03-31

"Besides, rather than showing you my stripper clothes, after having seen your panty collection, I'd much rather see your shoe collection," she said. Trust me, there's no spiders in my attic but as long as Linda thinks there are, my secret shoe collection is safe from her knowing that I have a shoe fetish with dozens and dozens of shoes hidden in boxes in the attic," he said. "To be honest, I'd rather do other things, if you know what I mean, than just look at shoes," she said with a dirty laugh. "Oh, I like this pair," said Tiffany removing a pair of black Jimmy Choo shoes from the box that had a bright, red bottom and that were never used.

Parking Lot Cocksucker

fetish 2018-03-31

"Tell me" I said as I unfastened his belt opening his pants, "I want you to suck my cock" he said nervously as I pulled the front of his underwear down exposing his cock and balls, I took his soft cock into my mouth and went to work. I had been sucking his cock for maybe 5 minutes when I started feeling the telltale signs, I felt his hand on the back of my head, "aaaaaaaaah" he moaned as he filled my mouth with his cum load, after I had drained every drop I sat up, "mmmm thanks that was sooo good" I said wiping my mouth.

The Unexpected Visitor

fetish 2018-03-31

"if you thought that felt wonderful darling, wait till you feel this" she then started to rub her tits up and own my cock while it was engulfed in her soft tit flesh. the moans of her passion were loud and erotic as she squirmed and rubbed her pussy on my face as i licked her lovingly, just then she was about to cum. "i want you inside of me, darling." the sound of her whispering and her warm breath in my ear caused me to have shivers down my spine in an erotic way and i did not hesitate as i got up and slowly teased her pussy with the tip of my cock.

Brazilian Beauties

fetish mshsrfc 2018-03-31

At the Pavella mansion, after Floriella had been helped to change into her best day dress (which she had the maid lace an inch smaller to 21" thinking to make matters slightly better), she was shown downstairs to the drawing room, where Senora Incita Pavella and Ernesto were waiting for her. To that end, she had ordered lower heels and dresses with lower and looser collars; she had also tried to relax the lacing on her corset, but had found that while standing, her body was so reliant on the tightness, that any relaxation felt as if her backbone was collapsing and caused her severe pain, although she found that that the stem could easily be reduced by two inches to relieve the continuous pressure on her ribs and hipbones.

Night at the Monuments

fetish WetMyself 2018-03-31

"Mark, I'm done," I said as I handed him my empty water bottle. "See, baby, don't you feel better drinking water with a diaper on?" Mark asked as he patted my bottom. Mark diapered me again, and we headed back to a bar for a drink before going home. My pint, plus all the water I'd drank that night caused me to wet my diaper in the car on the ride home. Once back in the hotel, I was changed once again, put into an overnight diaper, and was given a bottle to suck on and my hands were loosely secured before I fell asleep for the night watching Star Wars.

Alex,my ex...

fetish 2018-03-31

I had my first MFM threesome experience last fall, and it left me wondering even more about what it would feel like to have my FFM encounter. Being a good mannered and social person, Alex started a conversation with John without any hesitation (as if they never knew each other). At one point, John mentioned that he had a six-pack (I only wanted to have a guy that was as fit as Alex). Alex sensed my desires and whispered into my ear if I wanted to try MFM right then. Getting in John's car without Alex made me feel a little awkward. But as soon as Alex sensed it he decided to help us break the ice and dared John and I to kiss.

Road Trip Ch. 1

fetish Kessler 2018-03-31

You ARE an old man." Then I will never forget the look she gave me, almost evil-like, and said "I hope you do not get a heart attack when we finally do get to the good stuff." with that she licked the tip of her index finger and reached down between her ankles placing it on top of the hole at the end of my dick forcing my dick against her left ankle and rubbing it back and forth then moving my dick to her other ankle and doing the same on that side." I Leaned forward staring at my throbbing cock between her feet still being controlled by her finger and I said, "Thank God finally!" She removed her finger from the head of my dick and grabbed the shaft in her hand.

Strangers in the Dark

fetish KellyP 2018-03-31

A glory hole is literally a hole in the wall big enough for a guy to stick his Charlie in, and on the other side is a hot little mouth to, shall we say, take the swelling down. Over coffee, Dizzy told me that she knew a guy who was willing to set up a nice little glory-hole arrangement at his house, just for me. So I turned my back to the camera, got down on my knees and assumed the doggy-style position that guys like so much with my face buried in the carpet and my ass high in the air. She turned out the lights and told me to assume "the position." I stuck my ass in the air, waited for what seemed like 10 minutes.

Indian Goddess, Mistress and Wife Pt. 01

fetish kiare 2018-03-31

I heard Arti open the Bath room door a little and said, hey Ronnie, I have left soap on dressing table, can you please hand it over? Arti was stunned with my posture and prayers, waited for 2 minutes dumbfounded and said, Ronnie if you are actually in devotion and not in sexual fetish needs, and then you are required to be tested hard. She lifted my face by her left feet under my chin and directly looked at my face and said 'Dont say that Ronnie, I am not an innocent, I have read several stories on literotica regarding different type of sexual appeals and What I like the most is Dominance over man.


fetish TheBastard 2018-03-31

I grabbed the back of your head, my knife digging slightly into the edge of your throat, and pulled you off your knees, shoving you face first into the brick. I reached my hand around the front of you, pulling your hips and ass back into me, letting you feel my hardness. I felt myself tighten up and I pulled out just in time to grab my cock and cum all over your ass and the back of your shirt, some leaking down your legs and onto the ground. Belt and knife in one hand, I lit up a cigarette and took one last look at you, on the pavement, covered in dried blood and cum.

Gokharna Escapade with an Indian MILF

fetish captaindexter 2018-03-31

I wanted to test more, I started to stare at her boobs, she gently adjusted her saree so that I can see one of her bra and boobs alopng with the inevitable cleavage given her size...uff my dick was getting hard so I touched my crotch to adjust the little john to have more room to grow. She turned around, went on her knees and blew me like a pro till I splashed my cum inside her wet tongue and she looked into my eyes, opened her mouth showed me my cum and fucking drank it and slurped every drop of it from my dick.

My Fantasy My Bride

fetish Chastebob 2018-03-31

One thing changed during the engagement, she wanted me to agree to no masturbation and no orgasm without her permission, even though I would be bringing her to one (or more) every time we were together. "Well that would be a chastity device for you, and if you weren't willing to go along with that, then I guess we'd have to call off the engagement," she said matter-of-factly, then added, "But I really hope you'll be agreeable, because I don't want to lose you, and I know if you trust me I can make us both extremely happy." I didn't quite understand how Brenda's rules made her feel less like I was having sex with another woman, but whatever made it possible for her to help fulfill this fantasy was OK with me.

Nicole & Damian Ch. 01

fetish besitoscaramelos 2018-03-31

Damian, wearing a skinny tie and expensive looking jeans walked up to her and said "When you get bored of all the guys here, you're gonna want to call me." And just like that, he slipped her a napkin with his scrawled toronto number on it and walked back to his friends. Finally, after about an hour or two of innocent flirting, Nicole couldn't help but give Damian a proper look over. When her gaze met his, Damian didn't look away like all the other boys did but instead he locked in on her stare, grinned devilishly and said "enough of this, you're going to be mine now." Damian started thrusting his fingers into her wet pussy and she could feel herself getting wetter and tighter.

Hose and a Hard-On Ch. 02

fetish TaraJean 2018-03-31

"OK, now I want you to do what I say," said Lori, "Get on your hands and knees and crawl over to Adam." Alex dropped down and crawled until he was face to face with his first hard cock. Suck his cock, God, that turns me on!" Lori said as she rubbed her leather-clad panties with one hand and played with a nipple with the other. He entered her without hesitation and without effort, she was so wet, and slowly began pumping in and out of her as Adam sat close by watching, alternatingly sniffing Lori's leather thong and Alex' discarded panties as he played with his hard dick and balls.

Bethan's Wedgie

fetish wrbsuperman 2018-03-31

The strings popped as stars exploded in her head, eyes widening against the pain before closing in stubbornness, forcing herself to resist leaning further on the bench while focusing on the burning in her ass and the fabric pulling between her lips. Another drop caused the panties to push against her clit even harder, and the sensations just inside her pussy lips begged for more. She loved the way he would gently pull her hair out through the leg holes, a tenderness that belayed the face fucking she was about to receive once he was excited enough. "I want you to cum in my ass, to fuck me like the slut I am!!" She was beside herself, legs beginning to thrash in expectant craving.

Mike's Boss Takes Charge

fetish carlyle2 2018-03-31

Mike got out his notepad and stepped a little closer to her desk, standing by the chair Lisa left out for visitors, and started to jot down notes as she rattled off a series of numbers. Her hot body pressed against him, Mike suddenly felt very aware of how tiny his cock must feel - 3.5 inches of hardness sticking straight out at her. Her left leg was up on the desk, so when Mike leaned in his hardness pressed almost into her pussy through the thin fabric of her black nylons and panties underneath. I like tiny." As she pulled him back towards her, he saw her eyes glance down at his now exposed cock, looking thin and unbelievably short, as she leaned back on the desk and slid her nylons and panties off.

Fucked Before Work

fetish fossie123 2018-03-31

She looked at her watch like it was an after thought and said; then I think I'm going to fuck you in the ass for about an hour. I could tell by the way her legs shook she was almost ready to cum, she was slowly pumping her hips and watching her cock as it slid down my throat until my nose touch her pubic hair. It took about ten strokes for her to cum, every time she pulled out and watched her cock go down my throat she got more and more excited. She pulled the lube launcher out of my ass and threw it on the bed, she held my hip with her right hand and used the left to line up her cock.

The Party

fetish fetisha_44 2018-03-31

Elise says, "These are really nice, since your foot is a little short for the heels, your toes will be on a slight angle within the boot, producing the extra ½ inch over the 61/2 inch shoes your master insists you wear.!" The boots are white patent leather, and lace tightly up over my ankles, and then Elise wraps the locking cuffs around them, and secures them so that I can't remove them either. Unsteadily, we are helped towards a suspended lacing bar, where our hands are clipped together, the armbinders having been removed, and the bar is raised drawing us together, our nipple rings are attached to each other, and a double-ended dildo is inserted into our mouths.

Lucille and Mrs. Miller Pt. 02

fetish MaryGrangerx 2018-03-31

She half smiled for the first time and said "So is it any wonder that young Brian often thinks about your wife's lovely breasts and drools thinking about her knickers and what he would like to do to her with his big penis, knowing full well, you are very small?" Brian looked very thoughtful and I encouraged him "What do you think we could do Bri?" Mrs Miller and my wife looked pleased. Lucille also told me that she was still hoping for full Confession but in the meantime she and Mrs Miller had exchanged some very private thoughts and she had been told some exciting things about Father Flynn.

Miss Feel Good

fetish bouncingboobs 2018-03-31

"I can't wait to watch dad (fuck your tight pussy mum!" Ruby shouted at the top of her lungs. Ruby lubricated her own pussy for her favorite vibrator and assisted her father with bringing me to my first orgasm of the night by licking my pussy and swallowing my cum. It's really starting to worry me how much better a lover John is while looking at Ruby naked and how hard he gets when his own daughters masturbate in front of him. He also said that he knows about my regular threesomes with our daughters and nothing would get him more excited than watching us have threesomes after a rampant night of sex. Who would have thought that wanting more children would turn Ruby and John into such sex maniacs!

TSTC01: Cum Shy to Cum Slut Day 01

fetish IndigoCrow 2018-03-31

One of the sluts, a short asian girl, had already grown accustomed to the Helper's meat in her mouth, and was forcing him to thrust deeper and deeper into her with her hands wrapped around his thighs. "You going to let that little slut beat you in a deepthroat contest?" the Helper asked Sofie, his voice so deep and thick that it made her clit shiver. She knew she only had to play with herself a little longer and she would have the strongest orgasm of her life, she just had to keep doing her thing, let him keep doing his and soon she would be spasming out of control as he treated her like the cum-dump she desperately wanted to be.

Two New Voicemails

fetish praisethefallen 2018-03-31

Jenny looks at Frank slyly; raising one eyebrow and biting her bottom lip and says, "Honey, I think I could cool you down better than a drink could." Frank looked around the room for a moment, eyeing the king size bed, the bedside table which had porno magazines scattered all over it, his gun collection, before saying to himself aloud, "Goddamn, its great to be home." "Um yeah, sure," said Jenny, looking at Frank uneasily. "That's none of your fucking business, Jasper," said Jenny, completely pissed off by this time, and making no effort of hiding it. What did the ad strings attached, drinking and drugs okay, just looking for the night of our lives?" Jasper has an ear-to-ear grin on his face by this time.

I love my Hmong Roomates #2

fetish HlubHmoob 2018-03-31

That night when Choua and Nou came home we had a roommate chill time and just talked about how our semester was going. We started making out and my cock got really hard. I wanted to tease Nou, I knew she was super horny since we only fucked once last week. Choua picked up Nou from work that night and came home. Nou got really messed up that night and as we were coming home Pong wanted Choua to sl**p at his place again. We got home and Choua helped Nou to bed I just went to my room. “This is our secret, maybe next time you can fuck me.” she grabbed her towel and went to her room.