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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Short Walk

fetish funnygirl1273 2018-03-30

Both exhausted you pull up your pants and she picks up her panties and places them in her purse and she leans in to kiss you and you turn and walk away from her. mmmmmm I can taste her on your cock, good choice Sir I tell you as I look up at you with your now hard cock in my mouth.You looking down at me, reaching for my hair and taking it in your hands I feel you grip tighter. Gagging on your cock I start to choke and you keep fucking me not letting me breathe, you love to watch my eyes roll back in my head and little drool spittles drip out of my mouth....

After The Divorce Male Multiple Orgasms

fetish 425olds 2018-03-30

Beth dropped her arms to her side letting the dress fall from her shoulders and moments later lay in a crumpled pile on the floor; I gazed on her naked body in complete awe. I positioned myself between Beth's legs as she took my cock in hand pulling me toward her tunnel of love. As reach bottom an could feel my balls on her ass grinding my hips into her pussy Beth had her first orgasm, stopping for a moment for her to recover. A surprised Beth asked Carl how is that possible Carl told her I'm one of rare men that can have multiple orgasms and cum 4 to 5 times in one love making session.

The sexy squirter part 2

fetish phreek44 2018-03-30

That peck turned into a series of pecks, starting from her lips, running down her neck, down to her tits to her perfect and now erect nipples, leading all the way down her body until I reached my goal just above her clit. My lips went back to kissing and massaging her inner thighs, giving her soft, warm pussy a temporary rest. I rested my tongue against her clit and let her rock herself against it, using the vibrator and my mouth as her toys. Just then, as she started coming down from her waves of pleasure, she grabbed the sides of my head, gave me a sloppy kiss, reveling in her own juices from my lips, and whispered,

Using You - Part Two

fetish Ravisher71 2018-03-30

I enjoy the sight of your swollen bound tits – now thoroughly purple in colour which adds to the view of my foot ramming into your cunt. The sixth item is a big thick long salami which you guess correctly and I fuck you hard with it – withdrawing it all the way out before bottoming it out in your cunt. I go down to the bar for a drink, all the time thinking about you left alone with legs spread, tits bound and pussy pumped. After spanking your cunt half a dozen more times, I decide to use the pussy pump on you – the nice long cylindrical one.

Bonded in Blood

fetish mintabal3239 2018-03-30

"No way," said Srikala when he queried her, "Athai (Tamil for mother-in-law) not only told me your favourites, but also how you liked them done. If Srikala was a Chennai dweller Vasanth would certainly have got to know her better by visiting her in her home, and may be taking her to the beach and even a movie or two; but Coonoor was too far away and they had to keeping in touch by emails. It was past ten when Vasanth and his bride got into a car that was to take them to Mudumalai Wild Life Sanctuary Rest House on the other side of the mountain for a three-day honeymoon arranged by Srikala's father, a retired forest officer.


fetish albion64 2018-03-30

I slowly slide a finger between my pussy lips, letting my thumb softly rub my hardening clit. I know from His reaction that His mind is planning and plotting my punishment and I feel a twitch of desire stir within me at the thought. He slowly moves up the bed where he again places the palm of his hands on my thighs and finally begins to slide them apart. With a few adjustments made by Him, I feel a small ball-like object resting softly on my ass, and a slightly longer, slender object is placed between my clit and my pussy. The longer, slender object is vibrating and teasing my clit, then stops, seems to move, and begins to softly rub the outer lips of my pussy.

Tommy's Play Toy

fetish shaved_toy_boy 2018-03-30

"Good cunt slut," he said as he started the car and drove away. today she had a dildo and 20 pencils inside of her cunt to start her with this Peter grabbed one leg with his other free hand keeping his fist in my cunt he gently pulls apart my lips and slid his hand into my cunt grabbing ahold punching bag inside my ass and attached the pump to the end of the tube. He put four fingers inside of me and picked me up by cunt to place a pillow under my ass Dustin Called for Cindy, she came waltzing into the room to see his entire arm up inside of

Skinny Bitch Ch. 04

fetish sixyjackoffpot 2018-03-30

Tracy fucked me in her pussy a little bit, then she stood up, pushing the clothes out of the way. First she kissed my nipples, then I felt her soft little tongue sliding up and down my dick while one of her hands massaged my balls. The other hands wrapped around my waist and I felt her fingers dig in to the small of my back as she took my dick in to her mouth. So I luxuriated for a few more minutes in the warm, soft bed, in the afterglow of orgasm, then I followed Tracy's example and started getting ready for work.

Pleasing His Mistress

fetish monte 2018-03-30

She can sense him losing control as she hears his voice tremble with his response...if only he knew that she also was lost with desire for him, her wetness growing more and more...she smiles at his response and kisses his face...then runs her tongue over his lips...tasting him...loving him...she then crushes her mouth to his and hungrily devours his hot mouth, groaning at the fire ignited when the two tongues touch...seeking out every part of his mouth...then breaking off the kiss...sitting back and gazing into his eyes, looking deep within...cupping his face in both of her hands...she smiles at him and whispers..."My handsome most precious is time for you to show Mistress how much you desire her...time for you to prove you can please her"...she then kisses him softly, stands and takes one foot and runs the point of her boot down his body climbs down from the table and slowly...seductively removes the straps holding up her stocking.

Fun with the Missus

fetish reteps 2018-03-30

"Push it out," I tell her, and obediently she makes the bottle emerge from her vagina until it drops into my waiting hand. I tell her how beautiful her body looks and run my left hand across her shaved mons, caressing her clitoris with my thumb as I gently pump the bottle in and out of her. Over the next fifteen minutes, I concentrate on stretching her deeper and deeper, until I can get her labia to start closing around the base of the bottle. Eventually I help her and with two fingers of each hand, spread her labia apart to allow the base of the bottle through. I gently start to piston my hand in and out of her vagina, rotating and pushing, twisting and pulling.

Chastity cock cage play for an average couple

fetish pained_expression 2018-03-30

I sit writing this story with my cock locked in a cage and my wife out for the evening with the key on her keychain. There is no way I could spend over a hundred dollars for a cock cage to see what the wife thought of it. How strange would my wife find it if I got a cock cage and gave her the key? or if she does not want it she has a key hidden in the house and can phone me from work on my day off so I can masturbate on my own and be locked back up when she gets home and she does not have to think of me on our day off.

A Holiday Adventure

fetish Joie_de_Vivre 2018-03-30

But when I got out of the small shower in the beach hut, I remembered that the only underwear I had with me was my wife's Sandra's new panties. I pulled the yellow briefs right up, turned around, and – looked straight into the eyes of Mrs Amber again. Can you come inside your panties?" she said, staring at my cock inside the lace knickers. "I can't stop" she said, looking straight into my eyes – "I think I'm going to come on your panties!" she apologised, then came with a long, subdued groan. Mrs Amber stared hard at the outline of my cock through the bright blue briefs, then touched my penis inside my knickers again.


The stripper - a humiliation story

fetish mr_massive 2018-03-30

The boo's subsided as she raised her hands, and she spoke to the crowd: "Alreet ladies, we paid too fuckin' fifteh to see this shur, and ah fer won arnt ganning yem withoot seen this blurks cock!" The ladies all cheered again, and the fat Geordie bint wrenched down my thong. I was dragged to my feet and thrust onto a chair, my wrists and ankles were tied to the legs and I found myself spread-eagled and helpless: "What're we gonna do wiv 'im first?" asked a fat woman with bleached blonde hair and a Tweety Pie tattoo on her huge left boob. My ears rang with the shouts of the assembled women as Jane tightened her grip on my balls and leant in to whisper in my ear: "Open your mouth, or I'll rip your fucking cock off".


fetish dogg1352 2018-03-30

The door is opened for me and I get into the back seat of the car which smells like leather and expensive cologne. I'm a bit nervous but I enter the car and cross my legs, bend over and Kissed the gentleman's Hand. I a second before I even was aware he had me tied up and pinned to the black leather seat. Legs spread open, my pussy moist as moss. but my body was so aroused and awakened I was ready to explode all over!!!!!!!!!!!!! And My Pussy Burst with a Flood of cum all over that Fucking Fancie Leather!!!!UMPH~!~~~~~ Now it's your turn want to cum and chat with me???????????:)lol Antonia

Bri Gets A Interesting Surprise

fetish CyrusMann 2018-03-30

He looked at her for the first time and said, “Yes ma’am.” Then bent down to wrap her leg as he was directed. He looked up, but not directly in her eyes.” We need to be perfectly clear as to what your asking me to do.” she said. Bear quickly got her into her sweats, barely in time too, as they opened the door just as he was putting on her socks again. I look forward to trying out the new system.” She said so the techs wouldn’t catch on. “So there it was, she had found herself a new “pet”, she thought, “and in the most unlikely of places at that.” She was really starting to like her decision to work here.

The Milk of Human Kindness Ch. 01

fetish Emmcee20 2018-03-30

He told me his fantasy of wanting to be able to suck milk from my tits and, when I looked into it, that's when I heard of your company. Slowly I moved closer and my lips surrounded your nipple and grazed against the bumps of your areola and I snaked out my tongue to wet the surface so that a good contact and suction could be created. I stayed in close contact and suckled harder, drawing the nipple deep into my mouth with a steady sucking pressure. The perfectly rounded breast with the pert nipple in its centre that I had seen in your profile picture that you had given the boss at your interview, was now a cone shaped reddened point with an areola that had doubled in size during the sucking session.

Life's Changes Ch. 04

fetish Scribler 2018-03-30

"Obviously someone has been telling my secrets." I said looking at Glenda then I took her hand and kissed it. Ginny knelt down next to me took me in her arms and kissed me on the lips and said "you are the best cock sucker I know you put every man and women I've been with to shame." After Ginny pulled out of me and rolled over next to me I looked over at Glenda and asked. Glenda got up and came over to me and knelt between my legs put her mouth to my pussy and started sucking out Ginny's cum. "Sweetheart Ginny's messy too." Glenda rolled over and took Ginny's deflated cock into her mouth and sucked it clean.

Dr. Sexy Dermatologist

fetish horroticstories 2018-03-30

There's this great taco place just a few blocks away, and they have excellent margaritas." Thomas said while fidgeting his hands to calm what I can only assume is nerves. I have evening hours tonight from 7-9..." Like a good boy trying to impress my father, he promised to have me back at the office in time. My hands pulled his hair, tilting his head back as I then unbuttoned his top two buttons and bit his chest. Thomas sat me down on top of a chest I had and playfully pulled my hair back. His beautiful cock came free, and I kissed his tip gently as I popped it into my mouth.

Imagine This....

fetish nastymouth410 2018-03-30

You feel my fingers, then, begin to caress your full, bare and very slick lips. You gasp when my fingers slowly slide into your soaked pussy, as my tongue starts to lick your hard and throbbing clit. My fingers work in and out of your juicy cunt and I can feel you wiggling in your chair now. You feel your sweet pussy juices slide down the crack of your ass, making a nice puddle in the fabric of the chair. "I'm cumming!" while my fingers find your G-spot and they work it until you begin to squirt, soaking my face and chest. I slip away without a word...the only evidence I leave behind is you gasping for breath in your very wet chair.

Christie's Regular Occurrences

fetish dartharachnis 2018-03-30

Christie quickly turned around and grabbed one of the phone number tabs and jammed it into her pocket, and went to put the gas in her tank. She took the stairs two at a time, like she normally did when going to her room, and quickly opened and shut her door, grabbing her cell phone off of her dresser. I'm calling because I saw your poster about babysitting in the gas station, and I was wondering if you still had a need for someone," said Christie, her voice a little shaky. perfect start," she thought aloud as she raised her hand to knock on the door, but just as she was about to knock, the door opened, and inside stood the best looking woman Christie had ever seen...

A Balmy Evening Footjob

fetish morgan_69 2018-03-30

P began to move her feet, slowly up and down my cock, her toes wiggling every now and again, sending delicious shivers of pleasure through my balls and the pit of my belly. "Don't make me cum yet," she gasped and stopped moving her feet, pressing them together and making me groan - the sensation was incredible. I felt the weight of her legs on my chest and then her cunt covered my mouth and I stuck my tongue out straight away, licking and lapping at her. She slid down further, then got onto her hands and knees, stuck her arse in the air and clenched my cock between her feet.

The Tongue Cleaner

fetish lickr 2018-03-30

Now I wasn't much one for cleaning service, but I'd heard that if you started working in cleaning you had a chance to work your way up, and working in a gym was something that I thought I'd really like. But I must say I was a little turned on by her question, so I answered "Yes, as a matter of fact I love the female form and all her smells and tastes." See our 'hygiene service' consists of a staff of boys and girls like you that clean up our members after or if needed during their workout. It must've taken me 10 minutes before it started tasting a bit like a regular pussy.

Got Milk?

fetish Labyrinth 2018-03-30

“I’m sorry, I know this looks awful, but I’m having a hell of a time getting enough milk to leave for you” she said apologetically. I always figured that the milk in the fridge was the kind that came out of a can.” He had not taken his eyes off of her for a second and Jennifer noticed the look on his face change from shock to fascination. “Well, its kind of hard to explain,” Jennifer said hesitantly, “but if you really want to know, come over here and I’ll show you.” Scott’s eyes widened and he practically sprinted across the room. Again Jennifer started to object but Scott just said “shhhhhhhhhh…….” and ran his fingers over her hot breasts.

Foot Fetish Fridays

fetish Brittni4u 2018-03-30

I allowed him to tell me all about his foot fetish and how he loved nylon covered feet and the musky smell they emit after being trapped inside sexy shoes. He slowly knelt down in front of my desk when I shrugged, pointed to my nylon covered foot, and wiggled my toes, "Don't be upset if that little cramped space smells like musky feet. With the toes of the heel pointing upward and hanging on his nose, I stretched the elastic headband around the shoe and his head until it was secured to the front of his face like a mask.