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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Panty Power Ch. 07

fetish black saphire 2018-03-29

It became even kinkier when I realised that the panties had been worn for such a long time and I sniffed deeply again, trying to discern the aroma's of juice, pee and sweat. The good thing about a black pair is that you can see the white streaks of pussy juice but you miss out on the full effect of sweat stains and pee stains. My hips thrust up to meet my marauding fingers and I pinched my nipples hard as I continued sucking on my mother's panties. A thin smile formed on my face as I pulled the panties off and realised the pure white of the gusset had turned to a pale yellow.

The Punishment

fetish nala_cub 2018-03-29

A muffled whimper escaped as I struggled against the ropes that held me in place against rough bark- scraping my back a bit in the process. "I am b-being punished for cumming without perm-mission Sir." Drool dripped down my chin onto my breast as I spoke, making me want to look away, but knowing if I did He would just add to my punishment. Once he got me loose- he broke the kiss and pulled on the rope around my arms- forcing me to walk on weak legs towards the creek- parading me naked through the woods. I had to show Him I'd take anything for Him. Suddenly Master pulled me out of the water by my hair, which made me yelp and tears came to my eyes.

Jessica Bond - "Auf Wiedersehen, Pffet"

fetish LittleMissFart 2018-03-29

Bond walked over to the large black desk, and sat in the large red leather swivel office chair. Bond threw her free clenched hand at the stomach of Ulla, Bond grunted, struggling underneath the heavy strong pinning weight of Ulla's body straddling her, Ulla grinned maniacally and then dropped a hard fist down onto Bond's face. Bond could only close her eyes and grunt as Ulla punched her mouth, cutting her lip. Bond closed her eyes as she felt the droplets of warm beer dripping from Ulla onto her forehead. Bond squealed in disgust, cautiously opening one eye to look up at Ulla. It was now dark for Bond, as her face had disappeared up into the skirt of Ulla's dirndl dress.


fetish TRUE111 2018-03-29

The first is Fata Lemes, the cocktail waitress who refused to wear a sexy dress and the photo of the woman on the left under "bosnian woman" for google images. I got down on her and filled my mouth with her tits and nipples and we got into bed with one another and oh my god, the sex we had. Her tits were sun tannned, the same as on the internet and her nipples looked over exposed even in private, together with a shaved vagina and armpits made the woman so "available". I then told her about the attractive woman from google images with her deep white skin and sexy face that she asked me why I prefer Bosnian women so much.

Big cock for my girlfriend

fetish Rumpelforeskin 2018-03-29

My girlfriend has recently been hinting at wanting a threesome, which started out as just talking dirty when we were fooling around and looking at porn on the computer, but I started to feel like she really wanted it more and more. I decided I was going to surprise my girlfriend with this little plan I had come up with. Are you going to take those boxers off or what?" We both watched him as he said "Oh ya sure.." And stood up to pull them off. She made me jerk myself but she jerked his cock for him and held his balls like they were her own little jewels that she wanted to keep.

Kitchen Duty

fetish giveandreceive8 2018-03-29

When Sandy stopped, Arthur came up behind her and looked over her shoulder, his hands resting gently on her hips. Arthur breathed deeply to hold back while one hand worked over Sandy's tits and the other pushed her clit toward his sliding cock. "Now it's your turn, big boy," said Sandy as she turned, popping Arthur's cock out of her butt and pushing the cucumber out of her cunt. Arthur hung his head, feeling her hands clench his hips and the vibrations come and go deep within him. As Sandy bounced up against his bottom, the dildo filling him again and again, her slick hand milking his cock, Arthur found himself caught up in her domination.

Carin's continuing adventures

fetish carin123 2018-03-29

Begging for more as her last shuddering orgasm faded, and him asking what she wanted, he thrust in as deep as he could, practically pushing her mouth over his friend's hard member.I watched as they both slid deep into her, listened to her gag on a second hard manhood as her husband pounded her from behind.How long they lasted at the pace they were setting I don't know, but when both men finally thrust deep and moaned, I knew they had both just filled my best friend, and I wanted it to have been me! And then with one last look at his wife writhing and moaning on thier bed, my best friend's husband walked out, and I waited until I heard the front door close and his truck pulled out of the drive.


fetish tonyatll 2018-03-29

As I explored, my finger slipped between her moist lips and as I started rubbing I must have hit her clit as she trembled hard and the lust in her green eyes grew and she kissed me hard and darted her tongue in out of my mouth for a couple of minutes. As I heard Nina leave I saw Laura sit in front of me at her desk in a loose skirt with her legs wide open and her panties showing. What with the aroma and the view my recently drained cock went rock hard and started leaking as she pulled her loose skirt up with one hand while the other spread her moist lips and started rubbing her clit.

Ann's Art Project Ch. 07

fetish qexiqex 2018-03-29

With you being dressed like that?" Sue giggled as she lightly touched one of Ann's swaying endowments, "Great outfit by the way!" "Stupid, big-titted bitch!" barked the angry girl as she slapped Ann's left breast, hard, "You'll regret that you ever tried to fuck with me, big time! Some people even recognized Ann as the local 'boob artist', and some were quick to pull their phone and post a picture or two to their social network of choice, showing a bare breasted girl dashing through the streets. "Like this you mean?" smiled Sue and pulled sharply at Ann's other tit, "I think that's alright.

creamy role play

fetish Storygal 2018-03-29

Returning my gaze to the TV trying to ignore the stare that was burning into my skull from Shane, the thought of him kissing me wasn’t far from my mind. Shane got up from his sofa heading towards the kitchen that was adjacent to the sitting room; I thought he was going to get a coke or something, oh how wrong was I! "I don’t know, quickies can be fun" I knew Shane had sex before, he was a bit of a player when he was younger and it was known, the way he would talk about women and how he only would go back for sex. Shane got up from the couch as well letting his cock hang. Shanes cock was beginning to pulse inside of me, I didn’t want this to end.

The Therapist Ch. 01

fetish sm8100 2018-03-29

"I asked you if you took the opportunity to explore yourself to see if there were any fetishes that interested you." I briefly considered mentioning a woman's foot but it would have been crazy to say this right after she had witnessed my previous behavior so I said that I always liked women's legs which wasn't really too much of a stretch. I didn't think I was but I wasn't sure what I was looking for so I said, "Well, not formerly, but I really miss our conversations and I wondered if we could just like get together as friends, or something?" Before she could even answer I blurted....."Unless you don't socialize with former patients, or something?" Julia stared at me for a second, or two, and then announced that she didn't normally do this and it would actually be a first.

Cleaning the Maid.

fetish tikulmi 2018-03-29

Jacky calmed down and sat still with her face pressed against Maria's panty clad pussy. First she got her kiss and then she felt Jacqueline's little narrow tongue dart in to her sopping wet cunt. Maria sat back down and started playing with Jacky's little titties, lightly pulling on her nips. Jacky started licked up and down the crack and, without much urging, she started trying to get her tongue into Maria's butthole. Maria watched in fascination as Jacky's fingers played her clit like a violin without missing a beat as her tongue pistoned in and out of Maria's asshole. Maria came and squirted what felt like a pint of pussy juice down Jacky's chin and neck and chest.

Steamy Panty Play

fetish pervert4panties 2018-03-29

"You look so sexy in your girl panties!" she told me, as she started to rub my bulge through the soft fabric. "I've been thinking about you all day," she told me, "I've got a bad case of nasty panties!" She sat up and leaned back a little. She pulled her panties off and I grabbed them, licking the nasty stain and inhaling the rich fragrance of her cunt. She started to rub her bare pussy along my cock, through my pink panties. Yes!" She started to moan loudly, her face comforting in ecstasy, her fingers digging into my shoulders while I gave her fast, full, deep strokes.


fetish lisa_m_h 2018-03-29

Every day at lunch, I would retreat to a small storage space just off the break room and use the breast pump while I ate. She was sucking on my left nipple and... She wrapped her arms around my waist, pressed her face to my breast and opened her mouth wide, sucking in as much flesh as would fit. I felt my nipple yanked into the back of her mouth, where it was squeezed tight by a muscular tongue. Then I noticed my right nipple was standing up hard. She pulled open the right flap, and her mouth latched on hard, leaving my reddened, squirting left nipple to point into the cool air. Again, the boss sucked hard, in silence.

A Pregnant Pause

fetish Mistress Maria 2018-03-29

As I masturbated Bob, I propped my legs up on the dash and played with my pregnant pussy under my dress. Fortunately, there were not many cars on the road, but after a near head on collision when Bob drifted into the opposite lane, I begged for him to find a spot to pull over. "Fuck it!" Bob said, "We'll buy a new one." Bob's balls slapped vigorously against my ass cheeks every time he plunged into me I felt the tip of his cock bump into my lowered cervix and the pressure was intense, yet very sensual. I folded my arms on the hood of the car, which was now warm and wet on the spot where my freshly fucked ass had been and rested my head on my arms.

A Not So Little Night Musing

fetish Safetystars 2018-03-29

As she breathed her chest rose and fell, her nipples brushing between his fingers a little more with each rapid rise and fall, lifting Tom's arm with greater and greater force. She allowed her breathing to increase, and her chest rubbed up and down beneath Tom's hand, which was again upon her breast after the last bit of growth, faster than before, pleasuring her nipples. It wouldn't end, and she kept on crying out in pleasure- Stretch felt so exquisite, so magical, until she felt the- A throaty moan escaped her, and she clamped her hand over her mouth, brushing the ceiling with her hand liquid began to spill down her legs as there seemed to be no more room in her cunt.

My Sensitive Breasts

fetish fantasyboy 2018-03-29

Both of my hands played with my nipples and as I stood with my legs apart I would cum with enormous force and ejaculate my pussy juices all over the floor of the shower. I loved the taste so much that it turned me on again and I would play with one of my nipples as I sucked and licked my pussy juices off my other fingers and would give myself another orgasm. My orgasm was only a few seconds away and I saw that the doctors other hand was inside her white coat and she was obviously playing with herself at the same time she was making me cum.

My Fantasy 3

fetish NamrahBlue34 2018-03-29

Then I feel hands on my thighs, pushing them even further apart, and warm breath on my pussy. They place their mouth on my pussy and breathe heavily over my clit, all the time pushing on my thighs to keep me open. The head in my groin lifts and my pussy suddenly feels a little cold without the breath that has been keeping it warm. The stinging on my nipples is excruciating and as they simultaneously release a clamp each, I can't control it any more and start to come against the hand, crying out in a combination of pain and pure ecstasy. I can hear how wet my pussy is, I can feel the burning of my arse, the stinging of my cheeks.

Sydney the squirter

fetish slapnuts69 2018-03-29

I turned towards her and said "Well I am only human, you have been sitting there flashing me you pussy and I am not supposed to get hard?" I was hard as hell and I came over and got between her legs. She looked up at me with those eyes and said "Give me your sperm in my mouth, I am thirsty." She gave me a little smile around my cock and jerked harder with her hand. "Let's see how much of my pussy juice you can swallow before you get hard again." With that she took my cock in her mouth and started to work it over. She came another couple of times before I felt my orgasm building again.

Getting Wet in the Park

fetish aquilegia 2018-03-29

'Let that be a lesson to you.' I said, and then I noticed that she was suddenly sitting stock still on my lap, eyes closed and a funny look on her face. By the time we got there the wet patch in my jeans was feeling cold and uncomfortable and I was going to be glad to get out of them, I expect Emma felt the same. 'I suppose so, amongst other things of course, but yes I like it a bit -- never seen it in real life.' I said, adding 'felt it though.' And we both laughed. Emma was looking at me with big lust filled eyes, she had slipped a hand down inside those soaked wet knickers and I could see that she was stroking herself underneath.

Truly Releasing Massage

fetish BingoLL 2018-03-29

It felt lovely but she was clearly working hard to achieve the results we both wanted. She asked me if I didn't mind if she used a massage tool and I agreed, whereupon I felt a light buzzing and then this vibrating pressure was against my shoulderblades. I felt her gently pull the towel down as she was massaging the tops of my buttocks, occasionally breaking off to drip more oil onto me. I noticed that the end of the vibrator tool was pushing into my buttocks whilst her other hand was stroking the underside of my arse in a really sensitive place. The vibrating was gently lulling me into a sense of pleasure so I didn't really notice it start to caress my crack.

"You Got Mail" (true story)

fetish Y_IM_ok2bdown 2018-03-29

I grip the back of her hair and grab her by the throat her eyes widen she raps her fingers around my hung dick I put her her to it "Suck me good you dirty whore" She is a good girl taking me down her throat while I am fucking her face her gaging sounds feed my thrusting. I grab the back of her leg and rap my arm around her chest and lift her little body into the air and as I lower her down her tight little pussy finds my dick and slides its way in so hot and wet around my cock.

Decadent Fantasy

fetish Vixen77 2018-03-29

I beg to cum, he responds by fisting me more firmly, I hear gasps of approval from you and the men now surrounding me, it ignites an intense desire, my heart races, my breath quickens, I orgasm loudly as you watch them pleasure me, he makes me cum over his hand; wanking as he does so. At the same time the man in the jaguar mask kneels behind me and slips his fingers into my tight pussy, I sigh loudly when he runs his thumb over my clit and, as I shudder with pleasure, the older guy, with the black and gold mask, presents his throbbing dick in front of me, Without a sign of hesitation I take him into my mouth teasing him with my tongue.

Balloonville Ch. 03: Tracy Blows

fetish blowhyoooge 2018-03-29

Tracy took a deep breath, and Jeff felt the vinyl inflatable press harder into him as her chest expanded. "Yes," she said, looking at him around the neck of the blown-up bottle, "I think that's nice and hard, don't you?" She put the pink balloon to her lips, and with her eyes boring into his, Tracy unleashed the massive power of her lungs, squeezing his cock as she blew. Tracy took a deep breath, puffed out her cheeks, and blew a big, hard neck into the balloon. Jeff grabbed her breast with the hand that had been holding the balloon right up until she blew it to destruction, and pushed her head down to his cock.