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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Oh Fiona Ch. 03

fetish TheRainmaker 2018-03-29

Just." She places one hand on my chest and once again leans in to whisper in my ear, "I bet your little dick will look so cute in one of my thongs." Her hands finally come to a rest on either side of my hips, and her face is but a few inches from my swollen member. "Tom, honey, dear, it's miniscule." She says as she holds up her thumb and index finger -- the international symbol of a small penis. "This has to be the smallest penis I've ever seen." Fiona says before reaching out a hand to grasp it. She slowly brings her hand so that it is between both our faces, all the while holding my gaze.

Feet of Dreams

fetish Vaughan 2018-03-29

I just love looking and thinking about hands." "I just love the feel of strong hands caressing and grabbing my body," she said in a husky voice. And I especially like it when a girl gets as much pleasure from me playing with her foot, as I get from playing with her foot." I didn't tell her things like that I love to have a foot rubbed over my face, and all over my body. Wendy, now being aware of my foot fetish, noticed every time I would stare at the girls' feet. Thoughts of Wendy in a bathing suit, with bare feet right next to me made my cock swell back up.


fetish 425olds 2018-03-29

2. Always be ready, eager and willing to serve her orally in any way and as much as she likes, at any time, anywhere and under any circumstances, no matter whether she just was at the gym for a workout or whether she is just having her periods or whether she just had sex, with you or any other man. Should you have been granted the utmost privilege of being allowed to ejaculate inside her body ( vaginal or anal ), ensure that every trace of your male slime is again being instantly removed from her body by sucking and licking her vagina or anus with utmost respect, devotion and gratitude until she has been perfectly cleaned again from your mess.

Carol & Jen Visit

fetish Kessler 2018-03-29

As my cum shot out onto Carol's toes and feet she moaned softly, "His cum feels so hot." Jen looked back over her shoulder as she raised herself up again and squeezed my balls letting the weight of her knees and shins fall back onto me. She saw all this and turned back to me smiling as she said, "That looks so good." Several more times they forced my seed from me in the same manner, each time Jen's weight coming down on me pushed out a load of my cum between Carol's toes until there was nothing left but my shrunken manhood.

Chloe in Prison Ch. 01

fetish coniungoergosum 2018-03-29

Hardiman pulled on a latex glove -- then pushed her middle finger into my mouth and began to run it along, behind my teeth front and back and upper and lower, then between my teeth and my gums. She took off the latex glove, and began to run her fingers through my hair, twisting my head from one side to the other, pulling my ears forward to examine behind them, then wriggling her little finger right inside my ear. Hardiman wheeled away the trolley, and I watched with apprehension as Bradley pulled on a latex glove and began applying some gel to her middle finger. "Do you know where you are?" asked Hardiman: by now her fourth finger had found it's way inside me; her hand was twisting round, stretching me beyond endurance, almost tearing me apart.

Shoe Shopping

fetish hissecretdream 2018-03-29

I very slowly let my knees fall apart and my skirt slide up my thighs to show just a little bit of the lace at the top of my stockings. Still looking up into my eyes he lifted one of the new shoes again and said, "Let's try these on." I was a little disappointed that he had stopped. I moved and put my right foot on the stool and he slide his palms up my right leg, ever so slowly again, unclipping the stocking, and sliding it off also. He smoothed my skirt then lifted my foot and placed it in the shoe, softly stroking my ankle as he wrapped the straps around it and buckled it, then moved to the other foot to place the other shoe on it.

Fay's Dirty Discoveries Ch. 10

fetish toocold 2018-03-29

She came in a moment, her body rigid, moans of pleasure escaping her throat, the last trickles of urine running into her soaked, smelly panties, her bum grinding in the puddle that made it obvious that a the curvy, 22-year old girl had just deliberately wet the bed and then shamefully brought herself off in it. Her pussy was as hot as ever, and she started to press her face and breasts into the wet bedding, grinding her boobs and sucking at the sheet so that her mouth was full of the heavy taste of Nadia's piss. It was so filthy, but it tipped Nadia further over the edge, and second orgasm followed the first as she writhed in pleasure, her flatmate's head between her legs, in a piss-soaked bed, being eaten out by a girl who'd just shit herself.

Pammy Submits Ch. 02

fetish lawn 2018-03-28

She slumped her shoulders – her only effort to conceal her breasts – but shift her weight to pull a slightly bent knee slightly before her other leg concealing her pussy but not most of her bush. She stepped into her panties pulling them up quickly and tucking her fingers into the leg openings running them up to tuck in stray pussy hairs. I shifted to the other leg cocked to the side foot resting on a higher limb, ankle, calf, bent knee, the thigh stretching from knee to skirt lifting the skirt to show those nice cotton briefs. I took pics of that, legs and panties, tits pressed against the tank top, and her face looking into the camera.

For All The Marbles Husband fights his wife's

fetish a1exjet 2018-03-28

Doc is an old man of about 72 and he is asshole … but his son Todd is Joanne’s age and 1 arrogant fucking dick … never worked a day in his life drove the nice car fucked hot chicks and treated them like shit. I look at his face and it appears he means it … getting killed by my enemy fighting for the right to mate and knowing the better man won makes my little dick hard .. He said bring the food in … I open the door to see the old man’s cock imbedded into my busty wife’s pussy fucking her deep and slow with his hand grabbing her huge tit as he fucked her.

The Bodypainter

fetish BoobyTrapper 2018-03-28

Ted deftly opened the top two buttons without touching her inappropriately (there'd be time for that later) and pulled the shirt away from her body to get a good look at her boobs. As he got to the left bra strap, he told Kazumi he was going to move it a little so he could paint that area. Ted picked up his brush, pressed his left hand into Kazumi's chest, and started painting. Ted took her right nipple between the index finger and thumb of his left hand and started rolling it. He could see tufts of black hair poking out from the panties, which stiffened up Big Ted. He took off her shoes and socks, took her left ankle into his hand and sat down, resting her calf on his leg.

Big Beautiful Stacy

fetish triphammer73 2018-03-28

“that was the first time we went away together, My parents thought I was with friends camping, having a good time before going to University but I was getting fucked in a cheap motel.” She smiled at the memory. “okay big boy, and you want me to undress you too right” she said biting her bottom lip as she turned and put her hands on the door and shook and gyrated her hips and big ass at me. I sat up and put her right leg back up in the air and grabbed her left tit with the other and used them as leverage to pound her hard until I lost control and gushed a long mind fucking orgasm into her sweet wet pussy.

Fun With Panties

fetish CAPervert 2018-03-28

It was on a Thursday night and I had started four days earlier when I created a screen name in which I described myself as a white male looking for a sexy black woman who wanted to keep any and all affairs as discreet as possible. I then sent another message telling Eloise that I was a white male looking for a discreet affair with a black woman who wore sexy lingerie and was very loving and very passionate. I knew Eloise was going to get the shock of her life when she saw me and of course the fear went through my head that when she saw me she could freak out and end up telling my wife and cause major problems for me.

The Mickey & Katie Story

fetish minicockboy 2018-03-28

Had this not been the case this morning, the sound of the front door slamming shut would have been enough for me to be bounding quickly down the stairs after her, desperately searching through the laundry basket for the gift she had left me. My wife would go out to work, followed shortly after by Katie, and then I would spend the morning enjoying myself, embracing my sister-in-law's intoxicating odour, as I stroked my cock to a powerful orgasm. The closest I got was Saffron telling me that I need to stop sleeping naked or leaving the door open, because Katie got "an eyeful last night, and no one wants to see that".

Best friends

fetish 2018-03-28

Susan ran one finger along Helen's slit, parting those Helen smiled broadly and Susan began to giggle Helen lay down on the floor, behind Susan, on her front Helen's finger made it's way into Susan's rectum. bowl while Helen had one finger firmly up Susan's dirt Susan was pushing and pressing against Helen's inserted Helen gyrated her finger up in Susan's hole and hooked at Helen's wet and stinky bum hole and cunt as both brink of orgasm by finger fucking Susan's shitty bum Helen and Anne trailed behind Susan into the bathroom. Anne and Helen laughed and stood astride Susan, over Anne and Helen obeyed and soon Anne's cunt and bum hole girls and Susan gave Anne a deep open mouthed kiss,

The Interrogation Ch. 2

fetish casper33 2018-03-28

His eyes shot open as she wrapped both of her hands around the base of his softening penis and slowly but firmly stroked them up the shaft and across the sensitive head, giving a delicate flick of her wrist to twist the palm and fingers around the head of his cock. Sonya laughed silently as she saw that single drop of cum and with her long delicate fingers began to roll and massage his heavy balls causing his cock to continue to throb. Agent X could feel the cum beginning to rise in his painfully hard throbbing cock as Sonya again dragged her lips up his shaft.

Class Rules Ch. 03

fetish 0131aj 2018-03-28

She had allowed him to spank her over his lap, had held his large cock (much larger than Julian's) in her hand and had not tried to escape when he started to shoot his spunk all over her face. Miss O'Hare, on the other hand, was far from happy; she could feel Julian's miserable excuse for a cock getting hard through her tweed skirt; the miserable worm was enjoying this. Julian hadn't forgotten Miss O'Hare and her massive plastic cock but she slipped from his mind as the Headmaster pulled out of his own wife's cunt, stood up, came over to him, put his cock to his mouth and said, "Now, Mr West, suck me clean." Julian hesitated for just a moment before he opened his mouth to accept the now softening cock into his mouth, his own Headmaster's cock, the same cock that had just fucked his wife and now dripped with her juices.

Good Whore

fetish 2018-03-28

When Mark finally released Marcie took a breath and gave Mark a dirty look but went right back to sucking his cock determined to get the ordeal over with. Mark pulled Marcie's head up off his cock by her hair and said, "Turn around and put your ass in the air, I want your head on the carpet and your ass as high as you can get it." Mark went across the room, where Marcie was still in view and started doing various things on his computer, he laughed at a joke e-mail checked his social networking sites and harvested some plants on farm-ville all the while there was a beautiful young woman masturbating right next to him with her ass high in the air.

The Gold Digger Ch. 03

fetish carvohi 2018-03-28

The woman gave Carol a pen and she signed the document turning her life over to Bob. She considered the meaning of the document. Already the second woman had unlocked the collar around her neck and was removing the chain from the bed. When she started to work on her face Carol couldn't feel anything. The woman, without looking directly at Carol, whispered. Judging by the affirmative looks that the one woman gave the other Carol thought, it couldn't be all that bad. Carol looked at what the woman had in her hand. "You will feel something this time, but after the first few seconds you'll become accustomed to the feel." She wiped Carol's ass with an alcohol swab, and went to work.

The Teasing Air Hostess Ch. 02

fetish footslave85 2018-03-28

I was a little taken aback by this, and started to think, "I'll cum whenever I want, and it wasn't up to her." But then when I saw her instructions I thought I would play along, I didn't realize how much it was ticking my submissive boxes at that time. A couple of days later when I was back in the UK I got another message from Kirsty asking me how many times I had soiled her stocking so far. In the end I got a little carried away and bought her half a dozen pairs of stockings, some tan ones like the ones she wore for work and a few other pairs in darker colours, including a couple of pairs with seams up the back that I had told her drive me wild.

My descision to accept chastity or not

fetish redunder 2018-03-28

It was almost like she was a giggling schoolgirl as we sat on the couch together and watched various Femdom with male and female slaves. Well it was not long afterwards that my wife said she was offered her choice of three male slaves. I was introduced to the Female she had spoke highly of and her and I sat down together and watched as my wife enjoyed the company of her own male slave. Then we heard the cries and then groans of the male slave before us as my wife stood on his chest and ground the heel of her shoe into his face. Get on your hands and knees and bury your face in my crotch like that slave is doing with your wife.

My friend's hot wife...

fetish DirkDastardly 2018-03-28

Dee made coffee and as she leaned over to put it on the low coffee table I could see she was wearing a quarter cup bra that hardly covered her magnificent tits, and I caught a glimpse of her nipples, as she sat down next to me I'm sure she winked. I pushed her back into the dining area and sat her on the edge of the table, we kissed again and then I sucked hard on both of her erect nipples in turn and began to work my way down her tummy with my tongue licking her belly button. "Your turn now she said," she grabbed my belt dropped my trousers and boxers, knelt in front of me and took my hard cock between her lips sucking my swollen head and licking my balls in turn.

Cum Sluts Anonymous 3: Dave

fetish Just Plain Bob 2018-03-28

Bonnie never fucked the same man twice in a row, she appeared to rotate through the seven guys who were always there on Wednesdays and I couldn't figure out where the other two tastes had come from and then one night Bonnie departed from form. While I sat at the other end of the parking lot and wondered what the change might mean two more cars came into the lot and parked and two of the other guys in the group got out and walked over to a room and knocked on the door. The next Wednesday she did Mark and Mike and the following week it was Joe and Ray. For the next four months I worked on cataloging the various combinations and then one night she came home and wouldn't tell me who she had been with.


Size Matters

fetish 425olds 2018-03-28

The pretty young thing, her name was Lori I learned later, scanned the box then looked up at me with big brown eyes and smiled. Then the next day, your cock is all shriveled up and looking like something you might see in a junior high locker room. I looked at her innocent young face and tried not to imagine shoving my cock between her thin c***d-like lips and down her young throat. Just as I started to push my cock in she pulled back, looking at me with pleading eyes. I pulled out of her pussy and holding my inflamed tool like a weapon aimed my cock directly at her puckered little asshole.

More Than I Wanted Ch. 02

fetish gbr2004 2018-03-28

"Good girl Stef," Chrissy tells me and I feel Angel putting my cock away. Angel stands up in front of me and moves closer and I know she is going to kiss me and have a feeling what my reward is and I try to move away but Angel grabs the sides of my face and Chrissy holds me as Angel brings her lips to mine. "You better get back to work Stef," she tells me, "don't want your coworker to know what a bad girl you are." They both laugh and give each other a quick kiss and walk away holding hands.