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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

A Night in Tahoe

fetish B_Couric 2018-03-28

When Jessica stepped through the door it was already past 9 p.m. She walked over and gave Ian a hard, open mouthed kiss. Ian looked over at Jessica nervously and she noticed, meeting his gaze and smiling back quickly before nodding back toward the clip. Ian didn't answer and gave her a look like she was an idiot, although in truth she'd nailed it. "You should too," Jessica volunteered, "Fifteen years, if you look like him I'd be very pleased." She smiled at him with sparkling eyes and he wondered if she was mocking him. "Looks like Mike's vocabulary is rubbing off on you," Ian said. "You think I like those videos because I have the hots for Mike?" She bit her bottom lip and flashed her eyes at him, grinning.

Hypno sissy slut

fetish andygone 2018-03-28

As this visual hypnotica happened, a female voice kept repeating a mantra that I love big cock, that I crave cum and want to be fucked. 'Ooooh thank you mistress' I said, as she finger fucked me for an instant, till I felt the head of her massive cock against my hole. Still functioning, but not really there, as cock after cock came in to the room, used me in a variety of ways, and then left me, cum-filled and cum-covered, as my mistress also joined in, taking cock and cum in her well used pussy, and having me clean it out, like the sissy slut that I have become.


fetish Longhair21 2018-03-28

Once inside the brave man will have the pleasure of laying eyes on the most beautiful women ever. Prince Andrew was about to say "yes" when he felt something: she was not moving but something inside her certainly was. She came so hard and Hector choked her so hard she released the vice grip on Prince Andrew. The prince quickly when to work on Rapunzel - tying her arms with her hair and fucking her so hard. At 5 minutes and 1 second both Prince Andrew and Hector burst their fat cocks inside her. With the other hand she rapped mountains of her hair all over Prince Andrew. For 6 hours Hector and Prince Andrew took turns fucking Rapunzel.

Ann's Fantasies Ch. 1

fetish mntnmanor 2018-03-28

I pick up her panties, hold them to my face and breath in the smell of her hot sex, I lick the wetness from them making sure that Ann can see my tongue contacting the juices in the crotch of her panties, I am careful to allow a string of her sweet pussy nectar to linger between my tongue and her panties, this causes a deep moan to escape Ann's throat. I ask Ann to stop peeing and bring my cock back to her mouth, she slowly licks off the ever present clear string of precum from my cock and thigh, rolling it around on her tongue and savoring the taste.

Indian Honeymoon Adventure

fetish altaff143 2018-03-28

With mashaals around she commented “that’s a fiery and hot Dinner” and I replied “baby we are going to have Hotter Sex, Our last evening here has to be memorable” Finished food, we went for a small walk on the beach once back to tent we danced a bit (slow close sexy dance). I said “jaanu lets go back and I am waiting to enter your pussy ” We walked back and straight away I got held her tight, lowered myself and adjusted my cock. She was moaning loud and said “Sweetheart, let this be the best sex of our trip, I am all yours today, do whatever you want, Fuck me hard, screw me hard”


fetish pakled 2018-03-28

But something made her pussy flow hotter and wetter as she started to bring him off, remembering the taste of him in her mouth, as she dutifully swallowed, just for him. His hands rested on her shoulders, as he tried not to grab her head and fuck it like he wanted to. She felt happy, knowing he wasn't going to be the civilized man, he was fucking her mouth, and she loved it. She closed her eyes as he started to shout, and then he came, spouting like a broken water main, flooding her face, and filling her mouth, splashing over her breasts, as she tried to keep up with him. He shook, and thrust hard into her mouth as she felt his shaft spurt deep in her throat, as she moaned, cumming again.

Wife at Night School

fetish JustJimColo 2018-03-28

When her breathing became deep and I was sure she was sound asleep, I got up and went into the bathroom, closing the door quietly behind me and turned on the light. After a few minutes, I couldn't wait anymore and took a daring chance and entered the building and started walking towards that same door. When I got to the door Penny had entered, I saw that it was the workout room but continued past without stopping. When Thursday came, Penny left for class and I went to 7-11 and got a six-pack of Mountain Dew before I made my way back to the college again. Penny continued to suck on that cock as the man placed his hands behind her head and began a soft rhythmic thrusting into her mouth.


Suburban Cumslut Ch. 01

fetish Gilroygal69 2018-03-28

I eagerly awaited more, but this time, I wanted Daddy to cum right in my hungry mouth. I slid my pursed lips slowly up and down the tender, sensitive underside of his cock, and again, I licked the tantalizing piss slit, wriggling my tongue down as far inside as I could get it, sighing at the salty promise of the cum I wanted so badly. I hadn't yet done as he asked, so I pulled my mouth off of his cock and said, petulantly, "Uh-uh Daddy, you can't cum yet! The salty, musky taste of cum filled my sinuses as I rolled the thick, creamy fluid around on my tongue, swirling the head of Daddy's cock and coaxing every last drop of cum from his balls.

Pegged for Love

fetish silkstockingslover 2018-03-28

"And likely never again," she said, going to the bed and hopping on it, her dress hiking up enough to reveal she wasn't wearing pantyhose, but those weird hold up things, which were so much sexier and what most of the porn stars wore. "I love wearing it, I mean sometimes I wish I were a guy," she said, as she put lube onto the long, thick pink cock. "Be warned, once I get going I fuck hard," she said, after a few slow strokes as my ass got used to having a dick in it. I quickly obeyed and watched as she took the strap-on off swiftly, slid it back in my asshole and began fucking me with it just as another fantasy came true as she devoured my cock between her pretty lips.


A Happy Trouple Ch. 02

fetish Dennis_Kiros 2018-03-28

Now, let's go back to where we left off; I think I was about to go inside the house with my new friends and fuck Ken's ass in front of his lovely wife. The burning sensation in my ass wasn't bothering me as much anymore, so I decided to test my limits and let Ken fuck me as many times and as hard as he wanted. It was an unforgettable week filled with good times; making love, power fucking, spit and piss play, laughing, watching movies, going to restaurants and having incredible fun. When I told her that Kari was my new girlfriend and Ken was my boyfriend, she squinted and said, "Just take me home and fuck me silly.

Weekend with Kelly, my new lover, part 4

fetish Bigrodtaz 2018-03-28

as she looked up at me, I leaned over and again lightly kissed knees between her legs with my head bowed and asked, "My Quickly, my head went between her legs, engulfing her whole 7" cock was hard again.Roughly, she pushed me off her cock and said "Okay BITCH, on your hands and knees her cock slamming all the way into me, her balls were touching over my back, grabbed me by the hair, yanking my head up and She let go of my hair, pushed me roughly down to the floor She then walked over towards my face, yanked my head up by my face as she lifted my up and then kissed me very passionately.

Fathers nipples -Taking off his shirt (Part 4)

fetish 33kizo33 2018-03-28

Steve surprised Lee when he turned to his father and said, "Wouldn't it be Steve liked the looks of Lloyd Bridges and let his dad know he Lee rubbed his son's back enjoying Steve's comments. "Oh yeah, dad, damn that looks so hot," Steve said. father's cock, Lee leaned in to kiss his son's lovable asterisk. Steve finally let off his dad's tasty cock to enjoy the shear stimulation Lee smiled, caressed his son's chest with his hands, stopping long enough Steve looked at his dad, kissed the middle of his chest, smiled and wide cock hard into his son, Steve clawed at his dad's tits to return the that point, Steve grabbed his father's ass, f***ed his dad's beautiful,

Toilet sex in the Ladies

fetish 2018-03-28

I stood straddling his legs and the pan, looking at the top of his head as he licked my cunt, when someone entered the next cubical, and started peeing, another woman sitting and pissing while I was having oral sex with my friends husband, I just let go and had an orgasm. I opened the cubical door and walked out while our neighbor sat on the pan, he emerged with an embarrassed look on his face, and I devilishly knocked the door on the cubical and asked, 'If she would like to fuck him', we waited a little, then the lock on her door clicked to 'Open', five, ten seconds and it remained open, but closed, I said out loud, 'Sorry babe, he has changed his mind' and we ran out, and went back to the same table and ordered another wine.

Daddy's Toy

fetish drew1207 2018-03-28

Daddy's cock was really big and hard as stone a lot of the Daddy said that I was a little young, but I told him I would take crazy feeling my own daddy suckle on me; I could feel my little cunt start Daddy said, "Now honey, a good wife doesn't let her husband's cum Daddy's cock went limp almost right away, but he said that with my hot good girl and Daddy's cock was hard again after about 10 minutes of my Daddy said that I had to learn to take a cock deep to give the right Daddy's huge cock up my virgin ass with no preparation at all. but I quickly got used to asking my daddy to fuck my tiny little

A ride to heaven!

fetish BigRedHelmet 2018-03-28

As the bus started on its way Mas rested her head on my shoulder so I put my arm around her, she looked deep into my eyes and smiled. As we looked deep into each others eyes Mas moved her hand and stared to gently rub and fondle my now hardening cock through my jeans. The suddenly the split second before I was about to explode Mas stopped moved her head up head out of my lap smiled at me and then kissed me hard and with great passion. She then violently moved my hand away and then positioned her self a stride me, kissing me passionately again, grinding her wet panties against my still hard and throbbing cock.

Six Tasks of My Humiliation Ch. 05

fetish Alfamann 2018-03-28

I looked very curiously at Steven, and asked him exactly what he meant by being his sex slave. But the first rule for my little sex slave is you are to be naked every evening from the time you arrive home, until you go to bed. The following day, Tuesday, I was surprised when I got a call from Steven on my cell phone while I was at work, as it is very rare. "Thank god, Steven, I am desperate," I whispered in the phone in frustration. Fighting to control my bladder, I hiked up my skirt, pulled down my panties, sat on the toilet, and then used my speed dial to phone Steven.

Riviera Sun & Knickers Ch. 05

fetish lovethosepanties 2018-03-28

I strolled in from the balcony stood a little way from the table so as to observe but not interfere and as "tricks" were won and lost as the hand was played a large grin was forming on Judy's face until finally after winning the final hand she sat back with a very satisfied look and said. Hardly able to speak I cleared my throat once again, "Ladies, I cannot think of any time in my short life when I have been in the company of four more beautiful, gorgeous and incredibly sexy women, how could I not want to pleasure, to be pleasured, and to make love to you all, however what you are asking of me is a little worrying for me as it crosses over boundaries I had never intended to or am sure I want to cross,"

Cream Filled: Happy Birthday Baby

fetish Arionus 2018-03-28

We've even developed our non-verbal skills, our empathy and sensitivity to each other's needs to the point where we can read each other's moods and body language and always just seem to know when a simple touch of the hand is better than a word, or when the right thing instead is to keep some distance. For the past few weeks Stephanie had been asking me what I wanted for my birthday without getting much in the way of a firm reply from me. "Of course," Stephanie assured Athena, rolling her eyes as she moved away from me to get a glass from a cabinet then helped herself to a healthy pour of wine.

Aunt Cathy Ch. 1

fetish HIHEELS 2018-03-28

I loved being around her smelling her perfume and checking out her latest dresses and fuck me pumps. I picked out a bright red slip dress and rubbed it on my body and started to jerk off with it. Finally, I saw a pair of six inch red patent leather pumps that matched the slip dress I was holding. I started jerking off using both the red high heels and the dress. I tried to imagine what it would feel like to fuck my aunt in her bed and if she were wearing the red dress and shoes. At the same time I heard a door opening and the clicking of heels as someone approached the bedroom. I continued to jerk off as the bedroom door began to open.

Intersexed Man Fucks Girlfriend Ch. 02

fetish freewritter 2018-03-28

She took my dick into her mouth, and then I felt Jack take his cock and begin to rub the head near my hole and were Jill's tongue was traveling around as she licked on my dick and his at the same time. I tried to pull away but he held on, and Jill's mouth was going to work on my cock like no tomorrow, I felt the mushroom head of his prick as he took a hand and began to aim for my hole, then I felt it make contact, and knew at any second he was going to put me on his dick.

Relief... continued

fetish swat412 2018-03-28

Most of them were interracial ones; BBC tops fucking white bottoms good and hard was a personal favorite, white guys sucking and getting facials was another. I wanted the shock value of a guy taking a massive cock in either end and loving it or getting a big load of cum right in the face. He’s been back twice since then, later at night, every time I’ve been treated to a nice big load after a long hot slow suck…also a very wet sloppy suck The second time I managed to get a huge facial that really covered me; he seemed to like doing that.

My Secret Life Ch. 03

fetish TonyDowse 2018-03-28

A brief call on my mobile phone confirmed that one of my favourite restaurants could take us at such unusually short notice and although we said little during the taxi ride, being more like a pair of teenage lovers than fully matured adults meeting up after an over-long break, we continued to hold each other’s hand all the way there. Then my memory flash took me to the time, some few short hours later, when Vida helped to dress me in just the panties and camisole - ‘We’ll keep the bra for one of those evenings when Alana fully joins us Alan.’ she’d explained.

Aunt's New Boots

fetish slave11000 2018-03-28

(She always told that she is addicted to boots and always spent a big amount of her incomes on them, although I think that real reason is tattoo on her left leg between ankle and knee - uncle even had more tattoos, they together did many tattoos as students, as aunt used to say, "sins from the student days".) Others came to living room, and I took aunt's knee long fur coat and leather gloves. Talking continued some time, and aunt announces that it's time to go (cousin and her husband already went to their home) and said to my parents:

cum filled panties

fetish Gazinlancs 2018-03-27

Stacy, my older s****r by three years had just turned twenty-one and though still living at home while she attended a nearby university, had been given pretty much free-reign to come and go as she pleased, and to basically do whatever she pleased now as well, since mom and dad considered her an "adult", though still treating me like a small c***d in comparison the way I saw it. But it was the thought of Janet, my girlfriend, being aroused, which I was reasonably sure she had been, thus leaking a little anyway, and then going home afterwards, tossing her own now soiled panties in the laundry, and perhaps even masturbating herself afterwards while thinking about the way her tits had been stimulated while I'd touched them.