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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Another Day at the Pool

fetish Subtext 2018-03-27

He then proceeded to carry her around the rec room with her pert little half naked ass resting securely on top of his arms. "How do you like being carried?" he asked her as he pushed his thumb deeper into her juicy little hole. He walked as he stroked himself and rubbed her sweet little ass propped up exhausted next to his face, amazed at the idea of this public conquest. He soon realized that if he didn't get his cock inside of her fast, he'd end up spewing his cum all over the rug, so he let her slide down off his shoulder and carried her baby style in front of him, his hands cradling her butt, her legs out wide.

Shock and Awe

fetish princessamyov 2018-03-27

Some lucky guy has a hot date I was thinking to myself when I noticed she was looking in my direction, a half smile curling on her lips and her green eyes dancing. A moment later she had slid onto the seat next to me, crossed her legs elegantly, looked me in the eyes and said ‘Hi, I’m Carla. One long fingered hand slid inside my shirt and began caressing a nipple. I heard Carla moan softly as I held her gently by the ass and began to suck her cock with rhythm. It was so exciting but I wanted to feel her in my mouth so I quickly grabbed her shaft and fed the head of her gorgeous cock between my lips so I could feel the last of her spasms at the back of my throat.

Training of a Sissy Whore Part 1

fetish davidhtm 2018-03-27

I did as instructed and returned with the drinks as I bent down to put Mistress Jane's drink on the coffee table she said "no little sluts don't bend their knees they keep their legs straight when they bend over, now pick up the drink and do it again properly" I picked up the drink and then put it back down again this time keeping my legs straight, as I bent over I could feel my skirt rise and I knew Mistress Jane had a clear view of not just my stocking tops and bear thighs but also my still red bum cheeks and thong panties.

Tickled on the E-Line

fetish NightOwl64 2018-03-27

She tried to shrug off the strange feeling, but before she could engineer her other hand to casually rub away the itchy remnants of the first tickle, she felt another one right in the same spot! Catrina had always been extremely ticklish, especially under her arms, so much that some of her boyfriend couldn't resist thrusting his fingers under there and tickling the living daylights out of her just to hear that cute laugh. The train approached a sharp curve on the tracks, causing everyone standing to sway to one side and, reluctantly, Catrina stretched her arm up again for the strap.

a surprise vacation

fetish sasha_762 2018-03-27

He then walked around me and the woman filming handed him a microphone he said ' ladies and gentleman tonights entertainment is my treat i give to you the beautiful sasha all the way from sweden' with that i felt the table pivot and i was now facing the audience 'She is beautiful now the price starts at $5,000 to own this beautiful slut for the entire week as your own personal fuck slave' with that i saw biddng cards as i was untied and a dog lease was around my neck.


fetish kariakin22 2018-03-27

She comes to take a break and a few sips from her third drink at our table and admits: “I am so excited to have strange men flirt with me and seduce me right in front of the man I love, and I don’t have to feel guilty about it!” I encourage her, confessing that her little show is starting to turn me on. She can feel his hard long rod growing beneath her hand, his muscular chest against her breast, the little kisses his lips are planting on her neck and then she comes, suddenly, opening her eyes with a gasp, squeezing hard on his erection through the cotton of his pants.

22 Ch. 05

fetish Andromeda7 2018-03-27

All sows would have the lips ringed presenting a physical barrier against penetration and a special cream would be injected into the vagina to deaden the nerve endings that gave sexual stimulation. I left the old man to his work and went to get the help started on a garden tea tray. The hips of the sow had started to move now so using the roughness of the hair to increase the rubbing sensation on the tender nub I simply waited for the vagina to lubricate itself which would ease the way for a probing veterinary fore finger at a later stage. The sow screamed, its hips lifted into the finger working its tender stalk and it came.

A CFNM Wedding Ch. 02

fetish aaronhenry17 2018-03-27

Linda set the scene by standing Mark in front of Daniel, his restrained cock just inches from the young lads face. He spurted about 8 or 9 times and some hit the floor, some hit a desk and some hit Mark right on his lower abdomen, the spunk running down through his thick blond bush and dripped inside his chastity device. Mark and Tanya stood in front of Linda's desk which was still in full view of the rest of the office. Tanya picked up the handcuffs from the desk, put them round Marks wrists and locked them securely in place behind his round peachy ass.

Seth's Fetish Ch. 07

fetish SweetPregnantTits 2018-03-27

It seems like in those first few months Darlene's milk was constantly flowing, and someone was always at her breast, be it the babies or me. Dana and I worked on getting her milk production up for when the twins came, and soon she was producing as much, if not more than Darlene, the surplus of which, I was more than happy to finish. Though we've weaned all of our kids (except for Seth Jr.; he just does not want to give up his breast milk—like father, like son.), Darlene and Dana's pendulous breasts are still full of milk, and they've each hinted that they want me to impregnate them again.

My Aunties Dark Side

fetish klammer 2018-03-27

Mom called her and Aunt Marsha said she’d be delighted to house me during my schooling. Then, a tall, tanned, long dark haired woman who looked like she just stepped off a movie shoot smiled at me, waved and said, I hadn’t been called little Jimmy for years and knew at once that this fine woman was MS Carlson, my dear sweet, long lost Aunt Marsha. After retaking her seat, she used her soft moist feet to toy with my long rock hard cock. Like playing ping pong she used one foot then another to slap my cock from left to right. I felt sort of like a school girl the first time a boy touched her breasts.

Panty Pusher

fetish goldengob 2018-03-27

'Morning,' Daren ran his hand over Suzie's thigh under the sheet feeling the smooth curve of her hip bone concealed beneath her cotton panties. Flicking his tongue around her hood until he freed her clitoris, he wrapped the soft cotton knickers around his cock and began to wank again as he worked his mouth on her pussy, breathing in the fresh scent of her pussy juices. In a matter of moments, the combined ministrations of his probing finger pressing on the wall between her bum hole and her womb and his attention to her clit, he felt her tense, her thighs pressed together, squeezing his head, he worked on his panty wrapped cock and felt himself explode into the soft cotton as Suzie gushed into his open mouth.

Foot Slave

fetish jaffamate 2018-03-27

I said "Paul, you love my feet, why don't you admit it, you can trust me I am your wife and I want to know your fantasies so I can fulfil them and be a good wife. Paul lowered his head and said in a low voice " I love your feet and would worship them all day long. "Paul, if you want to kiss and lick my heels then you have to beg for the honour." When I had recorded him for half an hour on my phone with him telling me he would wash my thongs by hand every day, let me go out when I want and give me money every week.

It's a Slave New World Ch. 02

fetish spunknwagnels 2018-03-27

Women loved being in various states of teasing nudity and men were given to wear groin enhancing adornments like teardrop cock rings, scrotal straps, and ball stretchers. The women guests dressed their men in neck collars and various decorative or merely functional cock rings to keep their men on display, ready, and excited. As time wore on you could see couples pairing off and the men fawning over their partner's bodies, especially between their legs. People were ready for the games as most people selected their drinks from red cups knowing they were laced with Naturodeeze, the aphrodisiac that makes women go in heat and prolongs a man's orgasm right at the precipice giving them a more intense pre orgasm while prolonging its conclusion.

Gloryhole Gas Station

fetish croat79 2018-03-27

I wanted to say suck my cock please, but just as I was thinking that I could fell nice long licks up and down my shaft. She then began to suck on it slowly pulling her lips off the head with a nice lick and a loud pop as it burst out of her mouth. She grabbed my dick and placed her hot mouth on it and I began to blow, after each shot she moved her mouth down my cock almost like she craved cum and wanted more and more. When I was done shooting, she slowly pulled away and licked every inch of my penis, she squeezed the base of my shaft up to my head and sucked up any remaining cum that was left in me.

He Shares His Wife with Me

fetish Just_Us_Three 2018-03-27

Her screen name caught my eye and I sent her a whisper, she replied to it and went to private chat where she told me of what she was there for and if I would talk to her husband and convince him to let me be her Lover. So he asked me if I was interested in being the man who would satisfy her sexual desires, I agreed to be her lover, after all it had been a fantasy of mine to be with a couple in which the husband shared his wife with me. When she felt she was ready she looked at her husband with passion in her eyes, she told him she loved him very much thanked him for letting this night happen and asked him if her lover could fuck her ass right then.


I Wanted Her To Do It

fetish rnumbers123 2018-03-27

In March I got a heartfelt letter that she'd been seeing somebody named Chad, a fellow student, and wanted me to know before I heard it on the grapevine. Imagine my relief when I got a call from Rachel two months later, confirming that she'd broken up with Chad, or as I called him, Stud McStuds. I told her I wanted to be her new Chad and she laughed and gave me permission. Eventually I couldn't take it anymore, so I pulled Rachel to the side and asked her to come downstairs. I said, "But nobody else, no fucking way, only Chad." She didn't respond except to continue sucking me, this time going deep.

Playing Slave

fetish 2018-03-27

He said I must pleasure anyone who enters the booth." Seeing me kneeling, and naked the guy waved his hand in front of my seemingly blindfolded face. Placing a hand on top of my head he moved his now fully hard cock towards my open mouth. Finally he put a hand at the back of my head and f***ed his hardness all the way down my throat till he was balls deep in my mouth. "You're a good slave." He pulled his cock out of my mouth and slapped it on the side of my face. "Take it." He said, yanking on my hair, fucking his hard cock into my mouth. He started to soften, then pulled his cock out of my mouth and softly slapped my face.

A Favorite Fetish - My First time

fetish OlGeezer 2018-03-27

I still am not quite sure, but I can't seem to escape the desire to play nasty and explore the pee fetish, Now I'm not into S/M. Linda then told me that she had been peeing so the boys could see her for years and it really turned her on. Every now and then Linda would pass me by and whisper “I can feel my bladder getting ready to burst, boy am I going to give you a gusher.” I waited, and waited. Linda said, “We better go now or I'm gonna pee my pants” She told me, Sit there, then parted her swollen lips, her pink center before me, and a gusher shot out of that tiny pee hole just below her clit.

Between Larissa's Legs Ch. 04

fetish eatoure 2018-03-27

During the long drive, she kept thinking about Turner, what were his real intentions, why women who were photographed nude and in compromising positions adorned his house, what was the meaning of the pewter figurine, and why he had spent over half a year taking every opportunity to put his mouth on and his tongue in her sex. Larissa continued, using the vocabulary Turner had taught her, ".....he'll lick my cunt, sometimes up and down my slit and stroking my clit on the way up and other times working it in a circle around my hole, but he does a lot of different things too."

The Most Amazing Sex

fetish nephilimhavok 2018-03-27

how sexy she was with hot water running down her perfect body and down her stomach, between her legs and onto the shower floor... so I started to kiss her and ran my hands down her body gently making my way to the sweetest pussy I had ever felt... so I backed her against the shower wall and began to slowly slide my fingers inside her... as she started to kiss me, bite my neck, and run her hands across me, I couldn't fight the feelings to want to make her feel amazing.... Worried about her not being able to take the feel width of the strap I started sliding my fingers in her slowly and deep..

The Education of Lisa Ch. 07

fetish Christian Black 2018-03-27

(Even in my shock, I noted that I had never seen him that hard before.) In his right hand he held my red satin panties, which he was using to frenziedly stroke himself. I had noticed that occasionally certain pairs of my panties would go missing for days at a time, only to later reappear in my underwear drawer. He sucked his own come out of my panties like a man dying of thirst. Will came out of the shower wearing the same black lace bra and panties that he had on earlier. I reached my hand into the panties he was wearing and grabbed his semi-erect cock. Then he crouched down between my legs and sucked me through the material, kissing and licking the crotch of my panties.

Jackie's Shoes Ch. 01

fetish addscribbler 2018-03-27

She smiled, grabbed my upper arm, and said "My friend has told me you've been sitting here staring at the women for quite some time". "Good boy, now, I will be right back, do not touch that cock or you will never see me again - our little fun gone forever." With that, she placed her empty wine glass on the coffee table, picked up her bag, and strode out of the room to the washroom down the hall. We sat frozen for several minutes, her sipping her wine and looking out the window with me staring at her up and down struggling to avoid touching my hardon.

Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 11)

fetish wastedaway 2018-03-27

To be sure, the suit was well-made, and it fit her body like a second After opening the breathing valve wide, he pulled the heavy hood over It was a complicated-looking full body suit. smiled, listening to her excited breathing hissing in the rubber bag. The legs of the suit were sized too small for Mandy's more voluptuous lacing session brought the suit tighter and tighter around Mandy's a moment, then removed the rebreathing bag from her helmet, knowing rings on the feet, mittens, and helmet of the suit, and stretched each straps, the rubber suit stretched out a little at each attachment addition of the shiny red bondage suit laced tightly over it.

Anna Ch. 02

fetish bbrunoj 2018-03-27

Her boot pumped the pedal in unison with the sound of the Bronco cranking, her breasts bouncing against the steering wheel, as if this truck was going to make her cum too! At the same time, the Bronco ROARED to life and Jill revved the engine a few times, still humping the seat as Kyle's eruption finally started to slow down and her contractions began to subside as well. Jill finally found the amusement of in the story and even though she wanted to explain that she wore them to turn Kyle on, she figured Anna got that already.