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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Wedgie- at the Party

fetish wrbsuperman 2018-03-27

I backed away from Steve laughing and bumped into Francine, instantly feeling her hands clawing at my red panties and giving them a firm lift. She did a pretty good job too, holding them long enough for the room to get a good view but as I twisted away I made sure to pull the front up a bit with my thumbs so there was full 360 degree exposure. As I turned away I felt a REAL set of hands grabbing my waist band and Steve began lifting, that piercing pain in my ass slowly fading to warmth and tingly pressure as it rubbed inbetween my cheeks. Sure enough, while I was occupied with Steve Beth's hands shot out and grabbed hold of the front, giving them a good tug and splitting my lips.


A Dream Come True

fetish lunaswift 2018-03-27

Without glancing behind her to see what Dan was doing, she slowly moved her hand up her skirt, gently stroking her clit through her panties. As she peed she began to slowly ride him again, letting his cock move in and out of her even as his hand began to toy with her clit, hot pee trickling over his fingers. He grabbed Lucy's bottom with both hands and gently toyed with her anus, brushing his finger round her hole as he rammed himself up her one last time. Lucy jumped off him then, moving to suck the last of the cum from the end of his cock, licking his shaft and tasting her own wetness and her pee along its length.

A Matter of Taste Pt. 02 Ch. 02

fetish lilactwist 2018-03-27

I returned my tongue to his panting rectal opening and tried again to taste my love's insides. She was fingering and rimming me like nobody's business, eating pieces of my shit, chewing and tasting it obscenely and slowly. It hurts like a mother, but worse, I feel as if I'm going to explode my caked up insides in a shower of brown liquid horror all over my wonderful lover. Then, a distinct gas pain jabbed my intestines and I relaxed and fell down loosely on him, my mouth next to his still hard cock, waiting for the next stroke. A huge and impossibly long log wound its way out slowly, I knew its size from the stretch, I swear it felt more than two inches in diameter.

A Mouth Made for ... It!

fetish call_me_dana 2018-03-27

Lesley looks up at Tony with her big, brown eyes before lowering her head over his cock. Lesley pulls her mouth from his cock and looks up at Tony with her brown eyes. He pulls out his cock and begins to lightly stroke it as Lesley tells him some inane story about shopping for handbags at the mall on Tuesday. Lesley opens her mouth and slides over John's cock. So please remove your lovely blouse and let me remove your bra." As Lesley stood up, Brian handed her a hangar. He pulled out of her mouth and said, "Squeeze those sexy titties for me, Lesley." She quickly pressed them together and he shot his load of cum onto her tits.

Bettering Their Marriage Ch. 03

fetish 49greg 2018-03-27

Jeff's wife, Mary was servicing Cheryl, there were sighs, groans and grunts coming from the two women as Cheryl prompted Mary with one word commands like 'Yes', 'there', 'harder', 'softer', 'more' and 'good girl' The first time it started out to be the standard humiliation of stripping and going down on Cheryl as she lounged in her office chair. The second time was humiliating, the mystery woman and Cheryl lounged on the couch, while Jeff, blindfolded and kneeling on the coffee table had to masturbate himself to orgasm, catch his cum and eat it down. Then Cheryl told Jeff to sit in the chair near the foot of the bed, she positioned Mary on her back with her legs drawn up and spread apart.


fetish jchasers 2018-03-27

I gave a light pull, and he opened his legs with a sort of shy reluctance. He swallowed hard, chest swelling with a breath and eyes flicking shut as I touched him. An effeminate sound escaped him as I gave a light push to the area, and he brought a hand up to cover his mouth in embarrassment. I gave another short press to the area, and before long he let out the most lewd little sound. I ran my hand over his length in short, rough strokes as I rolled my tongue against his swollen head. Taking a carefully measured breath, I pulled my hand back and dropped down to swallow him entirely.

Her Corset Revenge

fetish Learningfast 2018-03-27

Gradually, over our three years together, I'd got Alison to wear her corset each evening and through the night, and from Friday evening to Monday morning every weekend. She took off the silk dressing gown and underneath she was wearing a very tight white corset, not one that I knew, but easily as small as the smallest I'd used on her all those weekends ago. Two other women came to her and laced her further and further until the corset closed and her waist was small enough for her to hold in her own fingers and thumbs. "Don't worry, Danny," said Alison into my ear in a loud whisper that they all heard, "this corset is very special -- it's got four sets of laces and that was the first set.

Just Being Neighborly

fetish daddykins 2018-03-27

Jan had confided to Rita that she could still get him off with her mouth or her hand, but when it came to getting something for herself she was left to her own devices—the kind that took double-A batteries. One crusty old broad who identified herself as "Granny Pervert" asked if the guys could cum a second time into a pair of her double-wide panties, which she wanted to wear all the next day. After beer and brief introductions, Rita and Jan positioned the men so that they formed a lopsided circle in full view of the barely noticeable camera. Jan loved the way Rita was toying with the men, feeding their arousal. The men clapped and cheered like they were at a pep rally and quickly undressed while they watched Rita and Jan undress each other.

Take Me on a Sea Cruise

fetish maninconn 2018-03-27

"So for a piddly $100 apiece, which we can only spend on this ship, my legs will be smooth and silky for all my friends to chuckle at in the gym, you two get to have the time of your lives molding me into a woman worthy of your clothes, even your most delicate intimates, I'll be paraded as a freak show through the lounges, lobby and casino before we get back to the theatre, where a couple hundred voyeurs will pick up the mantle of "freak witnesses," photographs will be snapped by the camera crew for everyone to ogle in the photo shop, my family will be pointing fingers and laughing as hysterically as my wife did in the intro...."


Kay's Adventure

fetish spice16 2018-03-27

She looked at me with deep blue eyes and said: "Tom has arranged for you to have a wonderful weekend, Kay. We'll get to know each other VERY well before it's over." She complimented me on how good I looked and, as turned to deliver the rest of the drinks before my week knees caused me to spill them all over her, I felt a soft feminine hand touch my ass in a parting caress. She looked at me and said: "kneel down here, Kay." I slipped to my knees and someone took the tray as she pulled my head to her crotch and said: "lick my pussy, baby and do it right." She slid forward and I put my mouth against her bikini covered crotch and began to suck her through the fabric.

My neighbor the dog walker

fetish apantywearer 2018-03-27

That Monday morning as I went out precisely at 4:15 I sat smoking my cigarette and i saw her kitchen light go on. This also made me think....was she watching me full view....pee off the side of the deck facing her house, every morning? The light went out and right after that the door opened and out came the dog, followed by Pam, wearing only a pair if white string bikini panties. She said "Really, I've seen your lights on all week about the time you usually go to work." A little startled I just said it's routine after all these years. Her bathroom light went out and I opend my gate and sat on the steps facing her house.

His Wife's Whore

fetish InYo 2018-03-27

After Samantha stopped groaning, finally adjusting to the size of Jane’s rubber cock, Jane began slowly fucking him with it as the guys stood around and watched. Jane untied Samantha’s arms, stripped the sun dress off, leaving him in just his money-stuffed bra, panties, stockings and heels, and then directed the guys to rotate Samantha onto his back, then tied his hands and feet together in a hog-tie. “Gather round boys,” Jane directed, “I want you to give his face a cum bath.” There were many murmurs of approval as they gathered round Samantha’s head, the final guy slipping his cock into Samantha’s waiting mouth.

The e****t

fetish Treegy67 2018-03-27

She pulled back my head and kissed me on the lips pushing her tongue into my mouth. Before i could reply she pushed four fingers in my mouth and with the other hand slapped the end of my cock! She dropped to the floor, grasped my cock firmly and pulled towards her taking my swollen head into her mouth. She started moving up and down increasing speed and said "fuck me, i want you to squirt your cum deep into me!" " hmm, tastes good" she said, and immediately pushed her fingers into my mouth, so i could taste the cocktail. We showered together, and then spent another hour or more fucking, sucking and coming, until Jane said goodbye and closed the door!

Girl's Night Pt. 09

fetish DifferentBreed 2018-03-27

"Say it, say what you want you fucking cum hungry whore!" she commanded, releasing his cock and letting her hand drift under him until her fingers grazed the string of the vibrating balls in his ass. "I was going to let you soak your panties," she said, looking up at him, locking her eyes on his, "but after seeing how much you loved the cum on your lips all day... Rising slowly to her feet to stand beside Fisher as he panted, his face flush, she raised her hand to his plump pink lips, smearing it on his open mouth, his cheek and the bridge of his nose murmuring her approval as it spilled from his skin, streaked down his chin and dripped onto his breasts.

How I Was Made Into a Diaper Slave

fetish Subtext 2018-03-27

"How does my diaper man feel?" Mrs. Looper asked with her strange, red-lipped smile. I was too embarrassed to give her all the details of my day, but I did tell her how Mrs. Looper had washed my clothes and enforced all these clean rules thinking that would convince her not to send me back there, but my comments only seemed to increase my mother's good impression of her. So henceforth, I was sent back to Mrs. Looper many more times, and I always suffered the same ritual of treatment: the bath, the washing of clothes, the diapering, and the walking in the yard. My mother thankfully never took Mrs. Looper's advice about getting diapers for me, but after a year she took me to a specialist to find out why I had become incontinent again.

Physical Exam Class

fetish freindlyphysician 2018-03-27

As I sat there somewhat relaxed and thinking the exam was complete I saw her putting on some latex exam gloves, she also took a tube of KY jelly from a drawer and came back over in front of me, she set the tube of lubricant down on a little stand and said; now if you'll stand down please; having a pretty good idea of what was coming I felt like protesting and asking for a male doc; but I wasn't going to make a scene cause then I wouldn't be able to do the class and get the money.

Melting Point

fetish RisiaSkye 2018-03-27

Chuckling to herself, she mumbled, "All your fault, baby," as she realized how much time she spent fantasizing about Jeff: his loving heart, delectable body and, particularly, his wicked mind. He too was growing to appreciate the feel of the liquid wax dripping onto his bare skin, the shiver it sent up his spine when she stopped teasing him with droplets and poured a steady stream down onto his stomach or back. "Do you want this, baby?" She spoke slowly, allowing the words to hang in the air, giving him the chance to decide he was ready for what she had planned, the incredible sensations she would create for him; it was time for him to surrender to his fantasy.

Jessie's Cumslut

fetish cumlover10 2018-03-27

One of my favorite things to do is give a sexy girl a facial and it took me probably four months and a lot of alcohol for me to convince Jessie to let me cover her beautiful face with my cum. I got Jessie to love my cum, try anal (on both of us that is), buy toys and restraints, make videos, fuck in public, try every position we can think of, try watersports, and be dominant and submissive. Now I'm going to fuck your ass and jack your cock off until you cover your own face with your own filthy cum. You must come sit by me and watch the movie with me still covered in your sticky cum like the pathetic little cumslut you are."


fetish wastedaway 2018-03-27

You take another sip of beer, and lean towards me and push one strap down over my shoulder and then pull the top edge of my dress down below my left breast. You touch my still exposed breasts, and say with a smile at me "I think you would enjoy yourself more without any underwear on, why don't you take them off?" I pull up my top, and get up to go to the ladies room, and you put a hand on my arm and say "no, Alice, take them off here. My eyes flicker close, but I immediately open them, afraid of what looks are crossing my face, and trying to hide the sensations I am feeling from the pen, from you touches, from having you inside of me.

Keri Wants To Get Pierced Pt. 02

fetish opklompen 2018-03-27

"Put some of this on your labia, it will numb the pain a bit." Helen and Keri put some clothes on and went over to the Peterson's workshop. "Wake up honey, dinner is served!" Helen opened her eyes and saw a naked Keri with a plate full of food and a ribbon & bow on her pussy. She then took the shoelaces out of her work boots and said to Keri "pick yourself an eggplant to, something that is slightly bigger than the one you had yesterday." Keri was still looking for something she might be able to fit in her pussy, whilst Helen had already started to fuck her eggplant.


fetish Tepin 2018-03-27

As usual, she said I was bad for teasing her that way but for some reason, this time I asked her what she was going to do about it and she quickly replied that she just might spank me. As our online conversations continued, so did our teasing and several times spanking was mentioned but neither of us came right out and said we wanted to try it. Between swats, her hand would rub my quickly heating ass, as her left hand continued slowly stroking my shaft creating a connection between the mild pain of the spanking and the pleasure of her touch. As we walked down the hall, her hand cupped my hot ass cheek and she said with a lusty look, "If I tease you online, can I expect the same treatment next time?"


Black Cock Party Ch. 02

fetish bi_hengst 2018-03-27

The next day after sucking off Freeze and taking Dante's huge black dick, I went back to my apartment thinking about that party and how exciting it had been to be around those large cocks. When I raised my head, I could see and feel that Dante's huge black cock had grown almost fully hard. Dante sat back down on the loveseat, sprawled out with his legs straight again, but this time he put his hands behind his head when he said, "Do a good job. Vinny got dressed and I hung out with them for just a little while before heading back to my place with the taste of Vinny's cum in my mouth and my ass slowly discharging Dante's slime.

The Family's New Baby Pt. 02

fetish NaughtyBaby25 2018-03-26

While her buxom blonde daughter went off to shower and put on whichever outfit Mistress Nicole had ordered her to wear to school, Angela had been left to grunt into her ball gag as she filled the diaper with her morning bowel movement. Seeing as Julie had confiscated all of her purses, deeming them too adult for a baby-slut like herself, Angela stuffed the egg and remote in her ample bosom whilst she took the keys to her rarely used Mercedes and headed to the local high school.

Kathleen's House of Excitement

fetish Croozer 2018-03-26

Claire turned toward me and said, "Oh yes, now I see why Kathy wants that big dick inside of her." She moved down and began licking Kathleen's shaved kitty. I had about all I could stand, so I asked Claire, "Do you like the feel of cum?" Without turning, ahe replied, "Yes - on my hands, boobs, and ass." I reached down and lifted her slip up to her hips, and in one move, entered her all the way.