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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Dirty Dentist

fetish safclover 2018-03-26

"Mr Green" shouted the dental nurse "Room 2 Please". "Hi I'm Jane and I'm your new dentist" she smiled. The dental nurse left the room and Jane began to check my teeth. The dental nurse came back in and Jane quickly withdrew her fingers. "Could you get Mr Green's records" Jane asked the nurse "He seems to have an abcess. Jane stuck her tongue down my throat and began to fondle my cock. Slowly she gently got the tip of my cock between her lips and began to give me a wet BJ. Not such an amateur after all I thought as I walked out with a smile on my face.

My Victories

fetish Rickbull9 2018-03-26

After he dribbles out his small cum shot in his panties, I lay back on top of him, look him deep in the eyes, then whisper in his ear that I'm finally going to get Audra pregnant, that he agreed to fight me dressed in lingerie and submitted to me because he knows deep down that her pussy still belongs to me, that it gets him hard thinking about me cumming in her, and make him admit that she's always been mine.

BUNSNUB: Another Love Story Ch. 14

fetish NastyPierre 2018-03-26

Like the vision of an icon imprinted on a mystics mind, I was zeroing in on a clear and concise vision of Ms. Handlesmen. With a vibrant mental picture of Ms. Handlesmen firmly established I moved my soaped hands down and caught my restive organ. Even in my mind, Ms. Handlesmen proved a strong forceful mistress who took control. I was nude and hairless, with tears yet seeping from the corners of my eyes and a hard-on jutting out from between my legs like a pole in need of a flag. I gripped my pillow with both my arms and called to Ms. Handlesmen for help. I survived another night and it looked like another beautiful morning, which was sure to equate into another wonderful day.



fetish Dr S Crow 2018-03-26

My face is very pretty, I've been told, and I have a little girl voice so when I dress up as a schoolgirl, complete with ponytails, it somehow excites older men like nothing on earth. Not many men would admit to this and they would never want to be seen in public dating one but if they had the opportunity of fucking a horny, pretty, tiny little woman they would jump at it. The Petite Grand Club (PGC) is where little people meet up with big people for sex. I know of a couple of open air places where we can fuck with little risk of being discovered. Do you like cock flavoured lollipops, little girl?" His hands were deftly opening his fly and releasing his erection for me.

The Camgirls' Sexfight; A True Story

fetish sexfightfan 2018-03-26

I know most people don't know about sexfights, but I didn't want to take my time and explain. After a few more seconds of kissing, they looked down at their screen, and saw my question. The longer haired girl pushed her playfully and started to type. Their underwear was practically ripped off, and the two heavy women fought for a higher position as they brought their dripping cunts together in a wet, steamy kiss. These girls don't normally give free shows, but here they were; slamming their fat pussies right into each other. The curly haired girl pushed her onto the bed, and turned to the camera. Looks like I have my own sexfight set for next weekend.

The Sausage Slut Ch. 03

fetish black saphire 2018-03-26

After a while, she realised that each step caused the sausage to either poke upwards inside her or move against her pussy walls. Not soon enough, the elevator reached the second floor and Angie and Steve alighted. As she took the first step down the stairs, she felt the sausage poke deep into her as one leg was lower than the other. Grabbing Steve's hand she pulled him toward her and kissed him deeply as her pussy convulsed and her legs went weak. As she ran into the elevator, the sausage worked its magic and she came again, flooding her thighs with pussy juice. Angie kept cumming and Steve continued fucking into her.

Meeting with MistressAngelLuv part 1

fetish sabre72 2018-03-26

With the car loaded with my duffel bag of play toys, another duffel loaded with bondage rope, my cupping set, nipple cylinders, and my vacuum pump for said nipple cylinders. Upon pulling in to her drive, I sent a text saying, "Your pet has arrived, Mistress." Within 30 seconds, I was out of the car and greeting my Mistress for the first time. After some 20 minutes of shaving, see, I told you I take my time, I cleaned the bowl I was using for rinse water and Mistress' pussy of all traces of lather from the shaving. I left the clit pump in place and moved to her breasts where my mouth found her nipples and piercings.

Lending a Helping Hand

fetish LeaAnneMe 2018-03-26

Helen had this problem with all our babies the first couple of weeks, if you don't mind me helping you, I think I could lend you hand. He said, "Dear, I would like to help you, but it may seem awkward and it may be a little embarrassing for you, but believe me, I think this will work for you. I am then I'm going to gently massage your breast and start stimulating your nipple with my mouth. As I was looking down at Mr. Winters milking my breasts I instinctively moved my hands to cup his head. "Well, dear, if you don't mind, I never turn down a helping hand!" Mr. Winters gave me a quick wink and laid his head down in my lap.

Stepdaughters Pleasure Daddy

fetish juge1 2018-03-26

Seeing this, Dawn said, "I'm sorry Daddy, let me help you." "That's o'k Honey, just lift your dress up more so I can cum all over you." My crotch nestled into the crack of Anna's ass and my hard cock let her know I was extremely aroused. "Careful Honey, It's loaded and could go off at anytime." "Can I lick it a little, before you shove it into my cunt, Daddy." " You can do anything you want to, Honey." I was straddling Anna's chest as she licked the pre cum from my cock. I want to feel your hard cock as it slides in and out of your little girl's wet pussy." As we changed positions, Anna continued to excite me physically as well as verbaly.

Lilith's Challenge

fetish kyaraLuna 2018-03-26

This is what she called the 'base layer', designed to prevent pulling the one piece to the side, the only way is to completely remove it. She then similarly repeats the base layer with another pair of boyshorts, spandex, back zipped bodysuit and finally a sports bra. She then puts on a pair of denim hot pants, high waisted jeans, skinny jeans, back zipped dungarees and a tight button up denim jumpsuit to compress and camouflage those layers. Her hold slowly becoming unbearable as her bladder continues to quickly fill up, and her muscles getting fatigued from the mountain of strain. Suddenly her body freezes and tenses up, time's running out and she needs to remove the layers before it it's too late.

Fort Whore

fetish oggbashan 2018-03-26

Anne-Marie explained what she had learned, the discussions with James, and produced the written details of the task set for Ahmed. What Ahmed might have said was stifled as Anne-Marie suddenly stuffed a large fold of the panties between his teeth, wrapped a silk stocking over his encumbered mouth, yanked it tight and knotted it hard. Each stage of Ahmed’s slow release from his silken bondage was recorded surreptitiously by one of the women with a Kodak camera that had been conveniently supplied by Anne-Marie. His father, concealing his delight, formally disinherited Ahmed as a potential successor and forbade him to take any revenge whatever on Anne-Marie, saying that she remained useful to the tribe and would be welcomed at any time.

My Beloved

fetish quotidian01 2018-03-26

Looking back, it's hard to imagine that I felt embarrassed when she told me that these were the people joining up in a chat room to watch a live sex show for free. "But that's okay, isn't it?" I stared and then she said in that voice I cannot refuse: "Answer me, Sissy Bitch." That was her name for me. "Yes, so we've been excited about Sissy Bitch's coming out party." All of me wanted to leap up and flee, but I could not. "That's right and right now I want you to admit to all these people that you are a cock sucking sissy bitch. He started to cum when I had just the head in my mouth while my hands twisted on his shaft.

Asshole in College Ch. 03

fetish kmarkk 2018-03-26

"I'll give you one chance to redeem your sorry little ass." She waited for his face to light up at the sight of opportunity. Smiling, she leaned back, opened her legs, trapped his body between her thighs, and gave a tight squeeze. Completely stripped of his confidence, he made frail and stupid attempts to contain her, but soon found himself on his back, with her sitting atop his chest, her thighs hugging his face from either side, and his wrists pinned under her legs. You'll be mine soon!" She smiled and hugged his face again, her arms wrapping around his neck, her breasts suffocating him, and her legs making his completely immobile!

The Affair

fetish Topus 2018-03-26

You pulled my head back by my hair and moved your mouth to my neck which you began kissing and licking. Leisurely you began licking me in one long, but hard up and down movement and I could feel the texture of your tongue against my aching clit. But stop if you think your going to come because what I really want is for your to un-cuff me and take off the blindfold so that I can suck and stroke your cock like I'm starving and then watch as you pull my leash and come all over me, that's what I really want." I knew you agreed because the very next thing I felt was you grabbing my leash and pulling my mouth down over your hard cock.

The Last Sundae

fetish SummerMorning 2018-03-26

Brett realised that he was trapped and started to struggle, but the cuffs held him to the artsy modern steel railing of the bed. "Mmm...I knew you'd see it my way, but first you have to earn it," with that I sat on his chest and pushed my heels into his face, "Suck, Brett! Brett was really getting into it, sucking my feet and licking my shoes. My body stiffened as I felt his fear, saw his wide blue eyes, and with a single strong shove I pushed the plug into his ass. "Now, wasn't that better than those silly ice creams, baby?" I kissed his shocked and breathless face gently.

Punky's Diary, 4/13/07

fetish Selbryth 2018-03-26

As I'm getting on my knees to stand though, there's a little fluttery sound from my behind and a sputtering, and when I look there's a glob of Charlie's cum right there on the tub floor being rinsed down toward the drain in the center. I think my whole body looked red and flushed, but Charlie reached up and sat me down on the edge of the tub, parted my legs and then planted her mouth over my cunt. I almost fell asleep like that except for that I moved my hand over Charlie's thigh at one point and bumped my wrist into some 'underwater obstruction.' It was all hard and fleshy and incredible so without thinking I took a breath, leaned and turned and went down under the surface and got the thing in my mouth.

My Japanese FemDom Goddess

fetish bmckzi 2018-03-26

I licked and sucked it until it disaolved o my tongue- she smiled and asked if I liked that- I told her I loved it- she got up and went to the kitchen and came back with some "sweet and sour " sauce from the chinese food we ordered- she opened the packet and poured it on the larger turd and told me to lick it off-

A Lustful Liaison Ch. 04

fetish JSKNIGHT 2018-03-26

Jasmine and Alia looked at each other and gave a little shrug. "Not a lot, but I don't think Mum was expecting us to go anywhere after hockey, said Jasmine." "Right," said Jasmine, looking round again. "Yeah, it's okay," said Jasmine. "Sorry James, but we need to hurry up a bit," said Jasmine. To be fair they had said they were limited for time, but I had this really good idea to make me come quickly, if the girls were okay with it. I handed Jasmine their panties, and she squeezed the white cotton around my shaft as Alia stood behind me and stroked my balls.

Dirty Filthy Fucking

fetish theprince 2018-03-26

She was a cum hungry nasty slut whore who loved to get fucked like a pig. Jenna's cunt spurted Champagne like a shower, foaming and gushing into Fred's mouth and body. My cock is fucking your mouth like a dirty whore cunt. She wanted to feel like a bitch in heat who is fucked, ravaged, plundered, drilled and rammed senseless by this horny animal whose ass she was licking. She wanted to drip of cunt juice and spit and piss and get rammed like a filthy slutty whore. Fred was fucking Jenna's ass like an animal. Jenna spurted harder, pissing inside his hot mouth as Fred tongued her cum and pee drenched cunt.

Teacher Trained as Slave Ch. 03

fetish ArthurBoon 2018-03-26

"I will start training you to be my urinal," Ramesh said. "Thank you Sir," Neeta said. "Come, let's go to the kitchen," Ramesh said, and walked past her. "Thank you Sir," Neeta said and crawled towards the kitchen, as Ramesh enjoyed the unobstructed view of her ass and her pussy. Ramesh waited for Neeta to crawl around and a bit. Do not waste food" Ramesh said from his place, looking straight at her buttocks and genitalia which were clearly visible to him. "Then, write 'This slave whore will learn her manners.' Write it a hundred times," Ramesh ordered. Ramesh did not mind even if Neeta realized the purpose of the punishment. "Ok Sir," Neeta said and crawled out.

The Interrogation of Alfredbjunk's wife

fetish tim1936 2018-03-26

He seemed pleased with this and I was released from the anal steel, the nipple crocodile clamps, the peehole spigot and pin in my clitoris: But the steel ball in my cunt was going to be a different matter, brutish fingers delved between my legs to rotate the ball to a position that it had a screw thread running into it and a long bolt was introduced into my cunt and screwed into the ball, a handle was screwed onto the bolt, the guerrilla put his booted foot to my arse and heaved on the handle, I screamed yet again, and the ball came out nearly prolapsing and inverting my love tube with it.

Letting Go

fetish ShoneyB 2018-03-26

"I can't make it go back up." She jiggled, doing a little dance in her high heeled shoes, trying to move from the puddle around her, trying not to slip in the wet, not letting go of the skirt she was holding away up to her breasts, fingers of the other hand clutching more deeply, squeezing to make it stop. Finally, careful so as not to get her skirt wet, which had survived so far, she began to clean herself, warm water, plain water, for her muff, just a little flicking from her fingers for her cunt, plenty of soapy water for her legs, starting high and working down, down, foam sliding down, down her thighs, down her legs, rubbing herself to be sure of getting rid of all the traces of pee, down into the curve of her ankle and the arch of her foot.

Christmas Shopping

fetish georgeofthejungle 2018-03-26

Lori was wearing a very tight skirt and Joe could see her panty lines as she walked. Joe looked at his watch and said to Lori, “The mall’s closing – I need to go.” She said, “Don’t be in such a rush, I thought you’d like to see a few more outfits so I asked my friends to join me. Lori said, “Girls, I think he likes our outfits.” They agreed and began to whisper to each other very quietly. They continued rubbing the oil into his body and as their hands got close to his cock, they would stop and head in another direction. The girls continued to rub the panties in circles around his balls while Lori slowly stroked him.

Prince and the Insatiable Slut Ch. 03

fetish theprince 2018-03-26

She turned to Prince and said, "Prince, since we have all these people in the hotel already piss on this bitch, why don't we let them FUCK her. Do you want to get your cunt and ass fucked by every motherfucker in this hotel?" I want EACH and EVERY cock to fuck the shit out my cunt and ass. Jenna and Prince popped open two bottles of champagne and poured it all over Diane. Get a taste of some great wine from my shit hole." Diane grabbed Prince by the hair and spat hard on his face and laughed. Prince whipped the bottles out and clear liquid flew out from Diane's asshole onto the crowd. She could hear the crowd fight for a taste of that spurting champagne from her nasty dirty slut asshole.