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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

First Day Lesson

fetish lisa_m_h 2018-03-26

Mr. Strickland, who had hired her only yesterday, wanted to see her at his headquarters right away. The long walk to the mansion was accompanied by squawks and screeches from unseen and undoubtedly rare creatures, mixed with the Victorian sound of Bridget's high-heeled shoes clopping like horse hooves on cobblestone. They left without a word, leaving Bridget alone with Mr. Strickland. "Miss Bridget, you will drape yourself over the arm of the couch, lift your skirt and drop your panties." It was an order. Bridget felt herself bend over the arm of the couch, her shivering hands hike up the skirt, the cold air paint itself over her bottom.

Mistress Viagra Pt. 02

fetish Njstraponlover 2018-03-26

Mistress had me stand up, the new feeling of the weight in my chest felt different, but felt nice just the same, as I looked down I could see that I had very real tits, and the thought really turned me on. I sat at the chair for hours being pampered by my new mistress, she would purposely brush her tits alonly my body and my face and brush me with her ass as she applied make up to me. I was so excited to play the game in front of her, and I picked out a rather large black dildo with a vibrator, put batteries in the toy and lubed up my ass, not that it needed it, but the game tends to last hours and I wanted to feel wet and moist in my backside, I love the slippery feeling and the squishing sound of lube as I pound my hole.

Stretch My Tight Hole

fetish slutty whore boy 2018-03-26

The bench raised my arse up and the way she strapped my legs meant that my tight little hole was at full view. Before I knew what was happening the pain did stop to be replaced with a new sensation of a rubber gloved hand inserting 2 fingers into my tight little arse. She came up behind me and I could feel the tip of her strap-on cock pushing against my arse until she slipped it in and started fucking me. I felt utterly degraded and humilated as I wanked in front of her and she told me what a pathetic sissy slut I was.

It Was All About Control

fetish paramour425 2018-03-26

She straddled my face, and just before pressing her crotch down over my nose and mouth commanded "Don't Touch." She was going to use me as a seat while reading erotica on her Kindle and the thought just drove me wild! I paid attention to every moan, to every bit of extra pressure she put on me as I hit favorite spots, to every time she called out "right there." Soon I felt her body tense up and then the waves of orgasm flowing through her. She giggled as she told me I'd only just begun, commanded "don't touch," grabbed her Kindle, and returned to using me as a reading seat. Then she picked up her Kindle, commanded me "Don't Touch," and pressed her crotch back onto my face.

Draguette Ch. 02

fetish stacey_lynne 2018-03-26

His assistant brought up a chair and the Mandarin prince sat down comfortably right between Draguette's parted legs. Draguette felt extremely embarrassed, very self-conscious that Mandarin prince was breathing her pee from moments ago. When the translator finished, Jane nodded and turned to the tattoo artists with the instructions from the Mandarin prince. Using a super-sharpened razor, they shaved her pussy from the point where her clitoris was, all the way back, carefully collecting Draguette's fire-red pubic hairs on a porcelain dish the assistants had handed them. Jane, the entourage, and the tattoo artists stood back, holding their breath, waiting for the Mandarin prince's reaction. The Mandarin prince nodded to one of his assistants, who took out a huge wad of bills and handed them to Jane.

Mizz Tiffany is in the Yard

fetish JMays402 2018-03-26

Justin was rock hard he begun stroking his dick picturing Tiffany on her knees giving him head, the combination of hot water and thoughts of Tiffany had Justin ready to cum as he started moaning while he stroked his manhood. Damn he thought she really has my head gone while grabbing his towel & soap so he could wash up and as he rinsed off feeling the water beading down his body Justin found himself thinking about Tiffany once again. Justin grabs Tiffany's legs pulling her down sucking on her sweet spot loving the taste as her juices flowed down his throat. She begins fucking his face gripping his tongue with her pussy, he could feel her legs start shaking as she moan I'm about to cum.


fetish RC1960 2018-03-26

Knowing your proclivities as I do, I am pretty sure you'll be getting off every bit as much as I do, at least in time," said my wife. "The kind that wants to put the thrill back in the sex life of a husband and wife," she said. "Or Oscar, If you're man enough, my husband, you can stay and watch it happen to you, your cuckolding I mean. Come on my good man, do your duty," she said, smiling broadly, like she was doing me a favor. But, I'll take the shorts if you think they'd look okay on me," I said. "You know the whole cuckolding thing was your idea originally," she said.

Orgasm Control from His Perspective

fetish MsMorrigan 2018-03-26

Monday morning was here, and as I began my now normal routine of jacking myself off under my desk I received a welcome Goddess would allow me to cum on my lunch break if I chose to...but if I did not, who knew when I would get this next opportunity. At this point, I did not want to turn down this chance body ached, throbbed...the head of my nub was a messy, squishy, pre-cum mess...I never even thought once about doing such a thing before but at exactly noon I practically ran to the restroom, closed the stall as quickly as possible, and dropped my pants...

Spring Break Footjob

fetish Brittni4u 2018-03-26

He introduced himself as Mark and told me that he was also heading to the Bahama Islands even though it was not Treasure Cay. We were going to be on a plane for several hours together so we started out making a little small talk about our lives and things like that. I then pulled one foot off Mark's lap, lifted my leg up, pointed my toe which was now about ½ inch away from his lips and offered, "Do you want to kiss em? I want you to lick my feet like you're trying to clean them," I encouraged Mark because anyone who knows me knows how much I love my arches stimulated.

Bigger Down There Ch. 11

fetish Andrea_E 2018-03-26

I wanted to get involved so I got myself across to the sofa, kneeled between Lizzies slender but beautifully sexy legs and made a beeline for Helen's milfy cunt with my hand. We planned out the remainder of the afternoon, worked out what we were going to do for an evening meal, and then Helen asked Lizzie what she would like to do while she was with us. The one thing that kept returning to my mind was the very erotic sensation of having Lizzie's sticky cunt sliding over my head earlier in the afternoon, and then being urinated over by Helen prior to our shower. Helen laid back against one of the pillows, let her legs flop fully open and encouraged Lizzie to have a good look.


My Angel in Angora

fetish airoralover 2018-03-26

I bet you weren't expecting me to be the package were you?" With that she walked past me into the apartment and looking at my glass of wine said, "Well aren't you going to pour me a glass of wine?" I was dumbstruck but I closed the door behind her and watched her walk up to the table, just staring at her cute ass covered in the oh so fluffy mohair. When I met Simon and started dating him, I was convinced that he loved me wearing my angora sweaters but whilst he said that I looked sexy in them he never seemed to have the passion for them.

Chloe, My Love Ch. 02

fetish Radagast 2018-03-26

I don't know, to me, it couldn't get more thrilling than my cock slamming into her throat as she lay on her back with her head hanging over the edge of the kitchen table, the fender of the car, or even park benches, for crissakes. She was warm and wet, and I fucked my cock in and out a few times, not going very deep, just keeping the head of it in her lips. Seeing her kneeling there, her head bound up tight in leather straps, and my cock fucking into her face-I was ready. I put my cock back to her lips, and holding her by the harness, I plunged down hard, splashing into her throat.

Nicola Ch. 01

fetish leaky_one 2018-03-26

The chill of the air caused Nicola to loose control of her bladder for a split moment and she suddenly felt a warm spot growing at the base of her panties as some of her pee escaped her pussy lips. Between her legs her golden pee shower continued to flow out of her pussy hole before spraying her clothing with a hot wash of squirting piss. For a split second Nicola's pussy lips parted to allow a new squirting jet of piss to shoot out over her winter clothing before closing again.

New Asian Dominatrix

fetish tompee 2018-03-26

Then the stream stopped and she lowered her little pussy on to my mouth and started to rub it all over my face saying “lick me clean now slave, lick my pussy and my ass clean” and I used my tongue and sucked on her pee hole to try to get every last drop from this little dominatrix….and this became only part one in a series that continues now for almost 2 years to where now I can’t live without her!

A Tight Reunion

fetish Elmo 2018-03-25

"About those old girlfriends," Jack said as he put his hand on my leg and rubbed my tights slowly. He stretched out on the bed and looked good enough to eat with those skin colored tights and leotard on. I could feel a little wet spot start to form on the outside oh his leotard and knew that had to be his pre-cum So I worked on that spot sucking through the material slowly at first then faster. I could feel my sperm traveling up the shaft of my dick and out the end all inside my tights and leotards. I put a pair of tights and a pair of briefs like the ones cheerleaders wear under their little dresses.

The Health Spa

fetish suppleWriter 2018-03-25

But it seemed fairer when Olga explained that Sue and Eve would also be wearing white panties, and I could ask them to masturbate if I saw any mucous showing. "Thank-you Joanne - we will now let you meditate on your experience." To the rest of us, she continued: "Because Joanne has been drinking urine and living on a light vegetarian diet, she tells me that her urine tastes rather like apple juice. In fact I had the confidence to suggest to Sue that she needed to release, as shown by mucous showing through her white panties. But yes, you need to stop - though some people drink a glass per day, and you might want to try this.

Daring Dice

fetish Skitty 2018-03-25

Lady Anne was desperately curious about a game called "Daring Dice." All she knew about it was that her brother, Lord Matthias, played with some of the servants, and none of them would tell her a thing about it. There was short, red-headed Claire, one of the upstairs maids, Rebecca, a long-legged blonde girl who worked in the kitchen, Stephanie, the quiet, brown-haired girl who tended the vegetable garden, and Lucy, a vivacious blonde who delivered milk and eggs from the village. "Good girl, Steph!" said Lord Matthias. As Lord Matthias and the girls scrutinized her intently, she was sure they were passing judgement on her mismatched under-attire, a beige-colored brassiere and a rather worn pair of blue panties. "Well, girls, it looks like we have a winner," said Lord Matthias.

Exorcised by My Classmate

fetish Uniracer 2018-03-25

In front of my face, Bell wiggled her orange-scented ass with a whimper, and obligingly, I started to lick her, prompting some loud, high-pitched squeals and ripples running across the slime girl's entire body. Rin shook her head with a smile as she stepped aside, giving Bell room to slip away from me and set herself on all fours in front of me, thrusting her ass in my direction as she fingered her (redundantly) moistening pussy. Bell clutched the drapes as I continued to slam-fuck her like a beast in rut, her cries of ecstasy loud enough to wake the entire dorm but not managing to drown out Rin's moans coming from right next to my ear.

Waiting for Searching

fetish Francine-frcxa 2018-03-25

Tonight, all the business they had was the arrest of two young men passing through the town at a bit more than the speed limit, just enough to attract the attention of a patrolling officer; but after stopping them for speeding evidence of drugs was found in the car, and a search had turned up a cache of cocaine. She had tried to find a way out, "Does it have to be a strip search?" she had asked, "You've looked through my purse, and I don't mind if you want to pat me down - where would I hide anything?" Her innocence the sergeant found a bit naive and annoying.

Sari Control

fetish oggbashan 2018-03-25

Mary tried on a heavy silk sari with the modified petticoat. She pulled the petticoat up to her waist and asked me to fit the end of the sari to the Velcro on the petticoat. Gathering the massive length of sari material in my hands I walked slowly around her, wrapping her arms against her body. As I had thought, the Velcro strips had made the sari's skirt and petticoat into a tight hobble. She lifted the hem of the sari and petticoat and I burrowed underneath, kissing the inside of her thighs as I moved towards her naked pussy. Mary unwound her sari from her upper body and removed her cropped blouse to reveal her bra.

Phone Sex in my Hotel - Chapter 3

fetish goinstrong 2018-03-25

Amanda then asked if I'd started what I announced at the Front Desk, and I said "Just!" Amanda laughed a bit, then said "It's really boring down here - all my work is done! Amanda said, "Hold on - I'll put out the bell and go to the office." There was some bumping and jostling, then her voice returned: "I'm in the office, so what're we gonna do?" I simply said, "Just do what you want to do to yourself and tell me about. I asked if she was O.K. Amanda said, "I will be!" I told her my belly and chest were full of cum, and I had drops on my chin. Amanda said, "What are you going to do?" I responded with "I'm taking the drops from my chin and putting them on my tongue!" Amanda said, "Shit, that's hot!"

David's Scottish Cousins Ch. 02

fetish Thorilla 2018-03-25

Her voluminous petticoats slid over my face, my upper body and rested on the carpet all around me creating a tent as eventually she positioned the loose lacy leg of her French-knickers over my tongue. Eventually Megan stepped off me and after another gorgeous view of her large bottom, frilly French-knickers and petticoats beneath her skirt she joined he sister to freshen up. Her white panties were completely wet and I licked her beneath her thighs, She remained squatting over my face and she asked Megan to help her get up as it was difficult with her long skirt and underthings and me in the way.

Steph and Giulia Ch. 04: The Outing

fetish BigHand32 2018-03-25

Amelia turned from Stephen to Antonio as she explained, "Giulia's little friend, Stephen, has been being harassed by his own roommate because he is a ho-mo-sex-ual!" Amelia enunciated the last word slowly and carefully; self-consciously, maybe even a bit conspiratorially. Antonio leaned back against the counter and put his hand on Amelia's waist, looking over her shoulder at Stephen. "Well, I, for one, don't think it's an appropriate thing to jerk off in someone's face unless you're specifically invited," said Amelia, pulling Antonio's hand away from her thigh, giggling. Stephen tried to figure out how to frame his denial of homosexuality in such a way that it wouldn't cut off Mrs. Ricci's trust, but before he could think of anything she said, "Alright, sweetheart.

Girlfriend's Mum's Panties

fetish champ1on 2018-03-25

The tight white blouse allowed me a view of a white lacy bra underneath and I could feel my cock twitching as my mind wandered to if she had the matching panties on! We got up and went downstairs for breakfast but I knew I had to get a look in Fel's panty draw before the end of the weekend! As I rubbed her nightie on my chest I couldn't hold on any longer, I could feel my cum starting to shoot up my cock. "Oh that looks so good, it's been years since I have seen a hard one." That just egged me on more as I took her panties and started to rub them over my cock.