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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Cafe Affair

fetish misteradelaide 2018-03-25

I love the smell of an unwashed body, not festering and gross, just that end of the day smell, the scent of sweat, ozone and, if I'm lucky enough to find someone to indulge with, the smell of urine and pussy soaked into the delicate fabric of a pair of panties pulled tight against swollen, plump cunt lips. She placed her fingers from her free hand in my fringe and slowly slid them through my hair to the back of my head then applied some pressure and pulled my face close to her pussy, pushing herself forward at the same time. I ate her, sucking her lips into my mouth, moaning loudly, loving her taste and smell, pushing my tongue deep into her and rubbing the tip of my nose across her large, hard clit.

Group Satin Fetish - Part 1

fetish LoveAllThatSatin69 2018-03-25

I must have had a pretty happy and surprised look on my face because she gave me a dirty little smile before she began to slowly slide herself over my lap, making sure her full breasts brushed over my very erect cock as she made her way to kiss me passionately. After sucking my cock profusely for what must have been ten minutes or more, Jess stood up, hiked up her long, silky skirt revealing to me her white, satin, suspender belt with matching tanga-cut satin panties. I finished pulling the long skirt off from around her legs before placing my right hand on her backside and slowly lifting up the beautiful slip, watching closely as her shiny panties began to peek from under the white lace.

The Nightmare Jar

fetish toomuchinmyhead 2018-03-25

"You better get upstairs and get ready, they'll be here soon," she told him intolerantly, "and they are high rollers; I don't want them disappointed." He watched for a second longer as she pulled a wad of bills from her purse and began shuffling them, ordering them by denomination, but halfway through, she stopped and looked up at him. Then she bent down to the bag at the foot of the bed while Gary stripped his wife, taking the time to finger her shaved pussy, then Laurie help him out of his clothes as Diane stood up, holding a set of straps and a large dildo contraption with two ends. But just as he had gotten started sucking the big man's cock it was pulled from his mouth, and he watched the head rub at his wife's wet opening, spreading her swollen lips, and then push inside.

Strapon Dream Cum True

fetish 2018-03-25

His fantasies were so real, he could see himself, on his knees, with his face in the pillow, looking back with desperation in his eyes, spreading his ass cheeks, waiting for her to use his hole, to fuck him hard and make his scream like a bitch. He could hear himself begging and whimpering to get fucked, for her to do it harder, for her to use his slutty asscunt for her pleasure, using his body like a toy with little regard for his façade of manhood. Too bad, I was really in the mood for some boipussy tonight and my dick is really hard but I dont fuck newbies, I only deal with real sluts that can take every inch of my strapon and beg for more.

Cleaning the Boss Ch. 04

fetish PantiesAndPies 2018-03-25

I was sure Karen would be fucked at least once and I couldn't wait to watch and then quickly join her to eat a nice fresh Cream Pie from that sexy pussy of hers. suffice to say that over the 12 work days between then and now I have watched 30 men fuck Karen and cleaned every one of those loads from her lovely pussy. Most days now Panty Inspection was by video, but today although the camera was active (and of course my white panties with blue birds were exposed) Karen was behind her desk and asked me to come to her office.

3 Good Friends

fetish CFNMtickledguy 2018-03-25

She sat down on the edge of the bed and looked me over slowly, I could see and almost feel her gaze taking in the situation and my body, my cock was still rock hard and she looked at it and said "I see someone shaves his balls, or does Angie do that for you?" She leaned forward and got just a quarter of an inch away from my twitching shaft and puckered her lips and blew softly on the head of my cock as I pulled at my bonds, trying to cover my exposed "man parts" as Angie liked to call them.

The Perfect Day

fetish thesubgauge 2018-03-25

Suddenly, she came up behind me and placed her finger over her lips and said, "Shhh, no talking." She grabbed my arm and hustled me to a nearby closet and as we went in the small closet she locked the door behind us. When I thought I would cum it would stop and then start back up with time for my swollen cock to calm down and hold. I told these guys you wanted it so you better enjoy it." Well, as she hustled me to the garage door and handed me off to this rough looking guy I suddenly had a feeling I wasn't going to be doing the fucking.

Boy Brides Ch. 5

fetish yano 2018-03-25

Of course they are also deprived of having sex with a kinky bride during this time so, as a form of enticement to get to 100, we have developed an incentive scheme which allows them a day in Wankers World for every 20 clits licked. "A new girl called Nicola, married and in her late twenties was instructed to attend to me as her husband followed carefully what Madame said and licked my cum from her cunny, before sharing it with his gorgeous wife in a loving kiss. It was bare except for the desk and the large floor to ceiling window of tinted glass through which I could see a few people walking on the street, a street which, during the week, is normally filled with thousands from the offices and shops in the precinct.

A Happy Couple

fetish seeshyotama 2018-03-25

"Come on honey, I need to have you clean me up after you dirtied my cock with your ass, and soaked me with you cream." I straddle his chest and inch closer on my knees till my dildo is right in front of his mouth. Once I am sure my fingers are coated enough I remove them and John replaces them with his tongue as he stares into my eyes and knows exactly what I am going to do. We both groan out and when I remove my fingers from his mouth he kisses me, bottoms out, and puts the dildo back into my vaginal cavern to make it look like I had a penis again.

Chemical Romance

fetish MetaMorphosys 2018-03-25

She couldn't wait for Audrey to leave, as she had no ways of relieving herself or leaving the room without them noticing her huge trouser snake and swollen butt, or worse, her pants ripping when she stood up. As she left Audrey said to herself "Boy I hope that girl can figure this out because I can't be helping her every time she has paperwork." and with this, she turned around and began to walk towards Cathryn. don't worry about it!" Cathryn said hurriedly, "I have work too, still chipping away at that huge spreadsheet that needs to be in tomorrow." She desperately hoped this would keep Audrey from bothering her so she wouldn't get more excited....She was wrong.

The Temp Ch. 04

fetish acolyte 2018-03-25

I glanced back at the kitchen doorway, knowing my wife would walk through it at any moment, and as quickly as I could, I dropped to my knees and kissed Veronica's boots. Jack, maybe you should cover your ears, or leave the room or something," Diane joked, then turned back to Veronica "...but I don't think he'd go in for the type of thing we're talking about." And as I headed for my first performance as my wife's slave, I thought back to my phone conversation with Veronica that afternoon and remembered her final words about this evening: "If you're very good, you may even get to cum."

Husband's Anal Adventure Ch. 02

fetish Anal Slave 2018-03-25

All of a sudden I felt his cock swell up real big and he started pumping load after load of cum in my mouth. Linda told me to get my ass back over to her and continued sucking her pussy, she was very angry with me for stopping. I was on my hands and knees now her husband had pulled his ass out of mouth and his wife had my cock and balls pulled behind my ass. You're a bad boy now get over there and suck your cum out of my husbands ass. I was lying there with cum all over me, pussy and anal juice all in my mouth, hair, ass I looked like a used slut.

My encounter with a total stranger waiting in a mo

fetish jacobofsky 2018-03-25

I loved it when I was standing in a movie line behind you and pretended that my hand touching your lovely ass was an innocent accident. Mmmmmmmmmm, you kiss sooooooooooooooo good and I try to steal some popcorn out of your mouth in order to make room for our tongues to explore! We switch seats and I sit next to the wall while you lean on your left side and I spread your ass cheeks apart and between your saliva and the butter from the popcorn with a simple push, your asshole is impaled on my fat and stiff dick. I've got me a tight asshole to fuck and watching that lovely ass rings of yours going up and down on every single inch of my dick!

All Because of a Rampant Rabbit

fetish pleasureseeker420 2018-03-25

Gary took my hand and led me through the quarter until cock in a long time.' Looking straight at my cleavage As the man stood watching I pulled grabbing Gary's hand I made for the door pulling up the dress, watching the guy pull up his track suit bottoms. Gary liked the idea but thought things might not work agreed to visit another sex shop which he said was just Gary stood looking at a book near the like the black guy I had spoken to earlier in the shop under my legs and pushing David's hand away began to black guy was now sitting in front of my face pulling The two guys facing me began to jerk their cocks in

The Red Satin Club

fetish SEVERUSMAX 2018-03-25

However, sure enough, the following Friday night I came back from a study date with Marin, a quirky blonde from Norway, of all places, and found a pair of red satin panties on my bed again, right on the pillow. I know the secrets of my sex and I'm not a man hater, so I'm not going to lie to you," Marin winked at me, "you are rather cute, though, in a little brother sort of way. I try to be nice and civil for Dad's sake and because she is sincere, just often a bit of a busybody and a little tyrannical at times," I explained to Marin.

Carmen's Panties

fetish RubiksRevenge 2018-03-25

As my eyes again met hers, I realized she had been looking at my face the whole time. Peering over the top of the paper, I realized that Carmen was crossing and uncrossing her legs repeatedly. For a split second, her legs were a few inches apart, and as her other toned thigh moved to take its place atop its partner, I could see, quite clearly, the black fabric of her panties. She saw me, she knows about the panties, she knows what I was looking at, she thinks I'm a pervert, she's going to tell Theresa, she's…getting up. My balls began to tighten as I adjusted my stance, until finally, my cum shot onto the wet crotch of Carmen's thong.

Shock and Awe Again Ch. 03

fetish TabooTeller 2018-03-25

I know my last two climaxes produced hardly any sperm and I assume it was true for the other two but as Allen*'s husband finished his sixth time I went in and looked at her. I remembered what Diane had said while we watched my wife suck for the first time that he liked being bitten, hard. Each of the wives took turns letting him cum in their mouths, finally he hurriedly dressed, kissed the other two women on the cheek and said something I didn't hear, kissed his wife long then left. I tried to be matter of fact but I asked him if he knew his wife and mine had lied about going to town and had spent time with Betty++ out in the middle of nowhere.

Precious Little Cuckquean Ch. 02

fetish KindAsCake 2018-03-25

"Mmmm yes, just like that." She looked down at the girl, "So do you tease her, bring her close but don't let her cum? They kissed for a long moment before he looked down at his pet, gently lapping at Veronica's pussy lips. Look at that little bald cunt, isn't it adorable?" Veronica laughed, making her blush, dropping her eyes to her hairless and swollen pussy. Veronica scooted to the edge of the bed, laying in her stomach and reached out, tracing her fingers along the girl's warm, wet slit. Veronica looked his pet in the eye and moaned with him, "Oh your cock feels so good inside me, mmmnn, yes, oh fuck me."

Alone with a Sissy

fetish JRussell 2018-03-25

He would think of her when he pulled her panties up to his hips and snapped into place the bras that had held his mother-in-law's old saggy breasts that nevertheless formed much of his fantasy about fucking the happy old woman. His first choice was the old favorite black 38C front-close bra that his man breasts filled perfectly, the garter belt and black stockings, his mother-in-law's smooth black underpants and those tight but pretty shoes. Just for the hell of it he looked at his Craigslist email one more time and wouldn't you know it, two men had answered his posting about wanting quick sex that night.

My Life with Marin Ch. 01

fetish MustangKathi 2018-03-25

The scene ended, and Marin said it was time for lunch. I made monthly trips to Tokyo for the rest of the school year, shooting porn, I saved my money, because I knew that's where I wanted to live after I graduated. I spread her labia and began nibbling on her clit, looking up from time to time to watch Marin and Peter make out. When morning came, Peter hit the shower and Marin made him some coffee for his drive to the airport. "She's a Lolita star — a girl who looks very, very young," said Marin. "You look like a girl who loves some cock." "I love it when girls gag," said Joshua.

Holiday Mischief

fetish kyaraLuna 2018-03-25

I accidentally started to gain massive speed down as my legs were locked trying to hold my bladder. We decided to return boards and skis, I was totally crunching over with my legs squeezed tightly trying not to pee as I was taking off my board and boots. I managed to regained control and slowly started to finish undoing the jumpsuit buttons. This time I felt it travel much further as it spreads underneath my panties and skin tight bodysuit. My whole body started to relax, my bladder muscles slowly lose their strength as I uncontrollably squirt and soak myself. I still was empting my giant hold and decided to force it out, the layers of underwear and bodysuit trapped its way out so the wetness climbed upwards.

My Girfriends Friend Shayla

fetish Vesper2069 2018-03-25

Then she grabs both of my ass cheeks and slides my now pulsing hard cock all the way down her throat as she starts to lick my balls. Shayla then starts to shove her tongue deep into my girlfriend’s asshole, spreading it open and getting a full taste of what she has to offer. My girlfriend then sits up, releasing my cock from her mouth, and says, “I want to taste my pussy and ass juices as they drip off your tongue!” as she leans forward and deep tongue kisses Shayla. I then feel Shayla’s hands slowly spread my thighs open as she places her tongue on my balls and starts to lick all over.

A True Slut Ch. 01

fetish ArminiusMerivale 2018-03-25

"Thank you very much for this wonderful treat," Tori said in a lust-filled tone, purring as semen was in her mouth, as if she wanted to present to the person who gave her the facial. Tori's panties came off, revealing her extremely wet pussy, the labia soaked like a pair of swimming trunks. Tori felt more like the slut she was in the past; the feeling of her pussy being stretched out by three different cocks, all were different sizes and different lengths inside of her at once, returned to her, making her climax in a long, gooey rope of cum. Tori softly moaned from just the text, her pussy becoming wet again as she imagined her master fucking her cunt.

The (non) Accident Ch. 01

fetish Skoonf 2018-03-25

Not wanting to bump into any of her colleagues on the way out of the club, Stacey had decided not to visit the ladies before she left, she had been about forty five minutes before, and had drank nothing after. This may have been a bit of an oversight on her part as she was just starting to feel a need to pee, it wasn't urgent and she knew there were public toilets (with a slight de-tour) on the way to the taxi rank. As she stood there, in deep thought, legs tightly crossed, doing a small pee dance and resisting the urge to jam her hand between her legs, she was startled by a young ladies voice.