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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

3 A.M. wake-up

fetish bigKRO 2018-03-25

I couldn't stop staring at her succulent lips , remembering how snug they could wrap around my fleshy pole when she was in the mood. She twitched for a second, licking away the brief intrusion, tongue glistening in the dim, making me harder. My heart beat faster, dizzying me for a second as I leaned closer, pressing the mushroomed head against her lips. She pushed back against my mouth, a hand moving back to grab at me. All it took was few licks until she shuddered with release, collapsing back on the bed in a prone form. That was one of her sweet spots and she responded, pushing her ass back against me, bending her leg upward like a tent pole, placing her foot behind me.

Mistress Christy's Day at the Mall

fetish Wants2LickU 2018-03-25

You find the lady that works there and say "I'd like to try these on." She leads us back to the dressing rooms and unlocks one for You. i hold out the clothes as if to hand them to You and You ignore me for the moment. I saw one other thing I'd like to try." i say "Yes, Mistress Christy," as You turn to walk away. You come back to the dressing room after walking around in it and You say "I wonder how this would look without a bra." i start to unbutton the blouse, but You say "No, silly, let me." and You proceed to do that trick that amazes men, taking Your bra off without even loosening Your shirt.

Laura's Adventures 3

fetish hard_for_yu 2018-03-25

I squirmed inside my faded blue jeans the whole way home, but knew I wanted my blue jeans and slipped my hand inside, leaning back on the door. I slid a hand down the front of my panties, right into my wet cunt. fuck yes" I moaned "rub that wet pussy. I couldn't help it but to put my hand back in my panties and begin fingering and began rubbing my wet ass. I reached down and began finger fucking tub, around my belly, big tits, and finally pooling up where I'd closed the By this point my tits were free of my suit top, and I sucked those big I can spread my legs real wide while watching some hot and nasty fuck films.

smoke miss

fetish smokemadd 2018-03-25

By this time she had finished her smoke and had pulled out anouther she pushed me against a tree and started to undo my jeans she stoped put her new cig in my mouth and lit it while she moved her glossy red lips to my ear she tells me to be a good boy and keep it in my mouth and my hands on her shoulders or i will punish you. Amy knelt down and got my fully erect 8" cock out she looked impressed but not overly so and she started to suck while she did this she was nippleing and biteing my member every now and then it felt so hot and for the first time i feel she has a tounge stud in too my cock head was throbing i couldnt hold if in any more a hot stream of cum filled amys mouth she griped my cock as hard as she could to get all the cum she could out.

Smoking Schoolgirl Part 1

fetish publad 2018-03-25

He was holding the unlit cigarette at the opposite end to the filter and slowly, very slowly he began twisting and turning the filtered end across the top of his pre cum soaked cock. He knew from the state of my nipples that I was turned on, but he didn't know my pussy was pulsing at the thought of putting the cigarette in my mouth. Within seconds I was bent over his gear stick and hand brake in just my white cotton panties and holding a cigarette with his cock buried deep in my mouth. I quickly got dressed and as he drove me to school I managed to smoke another cigarette before putting the packet into my bag.

Happy Birthday!

fetish Analmastwhore1 2018-03-25

At that, you rip your hand out of my ass and smear my dirty shit all over my tits, wiping your fingers before shoving them in my mouth and ordering me to lick them clean. At that moment, you shove your cock in my mouth and I devour it as if it's been in my ass - wanting you to know how a good, willing, fuckable, girl behaves. Pulling your arm up to check the time, so as not to appear obvious, you make a fist and say "Like I told you, only good girls sleep in my bed." "You know it's what I want.

My own creampie!

fetish garyw 2018-03-25

After I'd cum, she looked down at me and said "kiss me", so I leaned forward to kiss he lips, but she said "no, not my face, my cunt" and lifted herself off my cock and before I could do anything about it, she got one leg each side of my head and clamping it in place, she lowered her dripping fanny onto my mouth. I've also been licking her ass and pussy while she gets fucked by another guy (and done this with other women) and cleaned up afterwards, but I'd always been the sub in those cases and had not cum, leaving me turned-on as hell and liable to do just about anything [though those are tales I'll leave till another time].

Turning Points: The First Spanking

fetish WomanWorshiper77 2018-03-25

As much as I am attracted to Missy's physical beauty, more than anything i love knowing that i can rely on the strong hand of a beautiful Woman. i tried to protest but really i loved the chance to serve Her. Today my notification said that i was to do Her laundry while She was at the gym. my tiny cock hardened and after i started the first load i began rubbing my cock and sniffing Her panties. "Next, since you love panties so much, I bought you a few pairs of your very own. I have always loved the look of a pantied bitch. Then she pushed me away and said, "go home and pack your work clothes and one pair of jeans and a shirt.

online chatting

fetish 2018-03-25

The size was shockingly large in my ass and I couldn't help but scream but almost as soon as I opened my mouth, it was filled with a rubber ball gag, which Christina quickly strapped around my head. "Your ass is still gaping wide open and leaking ass juice all over the bed so I don't think you need any warming up for this big boy." And with that she positioned the new dildo against my asshole and started to press it in. "Things are getting a little too dry back here so I'll do you a favor and let you lick my fingers." Into my mouth went her fingers as she gave my balls a more f***eful squeeze to let me know that she was not interested in what I wanted.

BDSM Club in Netherlands. Chapter 1.

fetish viktororlov 2018-03-25

I already knew most of the stuff so I basically spent a lot of time looking at internet porn masturbating to BDSM videos. One time my computer got broken and I have a hole free day so I went to the room next door. "Look Cherry can I take your laptop please? I went to her bed and took the laptop but dropped a mouse on the floor. "What the fuck?" After a few seconds I put everything back under the bed and went to my room. She walked in a room wearing those shoes with enormous heels and nothing but a short apron carring a sliver tray with more wine. "Good, thanks for not telling anyone. "Thank you a lot, Cherry.

Sorority Princesses Ch. 03

fetish Hyperdebut 2018-03-25

We entered the meeting room and too our seats, I sat with Jen. She put her hand on my bare leg and stroked my thigh, stopping at my crotch. I looked round and saw Lily enter the room, back from toilet duty. I sat and watch different girls take turns whipping Jenna as she squirmed and screamed. She was rolling and writhing with waves of pleasure as Princess Lizzie sat on her face, the chain of Jenna's nipple clamps in hand. Amanda shook her head and the girl left the queue and sat to watch. Amanda shook her head and the girl stopped and left. Princess Rosie cheered and all the girls clapped, besides Jenna who had not been told to.

mommy's wanna be girl

fetish nicoleinberlin 2018-03-25

I liked being mommy's little boy. I couldn't exactly see what she was doing, but I caught glances of black silk and pink lace and ruffles, and quickly figured out that she was going through her lingerie. The soft, sensual fabric felt so good sliding along my skin, cradling my little manhood, now shrunk even more after its recent excitement, caressing my newly-tingling bubble butt. Come sit on the bed." I did just that, and again savored the feeling of sexy, soft fabric climbing up my leg. And I felt the pink silk of my first pair of panties delicately caressing my ass, stroking my erection. "That's all I want -- to be mommy's little girl." And a tear rolled down my cheek as we hugged, me in my lovely pink lingerie, a new girl.

Becoming Cat

fetish AmethystMare 2018-03-25

Emily pounced on top of him and wrestled his wrists to the bed above his head, forcing him to be still as the changes continued to tingle through his body, sensation bathing in him warm laps from head to toe as if he was suddenly in the care of a gentle feline. In the moment, Cat forgot that it was Emily that had changed her and pulled her partner in close, pushing her back on the bed and spreading her thighs with insistent hands. Cat arched on all fours, tail high in the air as she purred and dipped her muzzle, holding Emily down to the bed with a secure hand on her lower stomach, rump wiggling as she lavished attention upon the treat so presented to her.


Her Name Was Willie - Part 3

fetish goinstrong 2018-03-25

Willie moved toward the window, saying "I'd better close the d****s!" I quickly said, "Don't bother," grasped her hand and pulled her back to me. I stopped her briefly and said, "Wait - I want to be in just the right position when you remove your bra!" Willie smiled, winked, and waited. When I nodded, she moved her hands, releasing what turned out to be the best-shapped, proportioned, large breasts I have enjoyed seeing. She took my hand, asking "How about a shower?" I needed no coaxing, for I was going to be able to soap up her curvy body and scrub it - furthering my physical contact with her.

Love Rekindled

fetish HerLittlePiggy 2018-03-25

The rich aroma of her arousal hung in the air and I brought my wet glistening hand to my face and inhaled deeply letting it fill my lungs before raising my fingers to her soft eager lips. A low growl, like something from an angry lioness, filled the air and I paused balls deep inside her, savoring the perfect fit of her soaking wet pussy as I teased her tight asshole with my thumb. She inhaled sharply when my thumb penatrated her sphincter and her entire body trembled and shook like it did whenever I would slowly run my tongue over her top lip when we kissed.

Dusky Babysitter

fetish coolguy2020 2018-03-25

one fine day we were sitting together and watching TV , she was enjoying herself and her concentration was on the movie , we were sitting so close that I could smell her , the sweat was sweet and fragrant , I ran my hand through her hair and held the back of her head , she turned to look at me , her big beautiful eyes full of passion , I came closer and kissed her lips , our tongues met and we sat there kissing for about 5 minutes , I got up and lifted her in my arms and carried her to my bedroom and lay her down softly on the bed , I took a new Saree from my table ( which I had purchased for her earlier ) and gave it to her.

Using and abusing mom - Porn day

fetish cummykaze 2018-03-24

I felt really pleased with myself for doing that so I thought I'd take it even one step further and let my mom know what I was doing in the living room, so if she didn't feel like joining me in watching my video, she could just stay in the kitchen and have her morning coffee quietly. No matter how much pleasure my hand would give me, I could not but agree with mommy's comment, made when our adventure together started: "Surely it feels better to cum inside something than simply masturbating!" Damn, was she right: it would feel so much better to use her cunt to please myself as I watch this fantastic video!

Tara On My Mind

fetish Cicero6 2018-03-24

Tara is an extremely bright girl that had recently graduated high school and had stayed home alone many times before. I waited for two or three minutes after ringing the doorbell then walked around the side of the house and could see Tara down on the dock drying herself off. Tara, I don't want to hear about that!" I said in mock disgust. Tara was wearing a little sarong or sun skirt and more than once did I catch a glimpse of the white panties she was wearing. Tara smiled and immediately replied, "If you're right, I'll let you up. "No, Tara, I don't know how to count," I said sarcastically. She turned to look as I smoothed her panties and slowly pulled the skirt back down.

She Pleases Him

fetish cthomas 2018-03-24

I walked behind her, watching the men stare at her and grew harder at the thought of what they'd do to her, if I allowed them the opportunity. She began rubbing and squeezing my cock; my eyes blurred momentarily as I tried to regain control and stay on the road. Travelers rode by, looking for a little relaxation to break the monotony of their trips, and cruisers stalked parked cars, hoping to catch a glimpse of skin or even a hard cock. She was so wet at the thought that of the four men in the other car watching us; she knew nothing pleased me more. She was soaked by the thought of the four men watching her pleasing me, and more turned on knowing that I wanted them there.

Fat Bottomed Girl Pt. 02

fetish eviltwin52 2018-03-24

It was getting late so I asked Sheila if she'd like to spend the night at my place. Before Sheila came out of the bathroom, I had time to pour her a glass of wine and was standing tall and naked in the living room when she came out. "Just the way I like it" she cooed as she took the wine with one hand and tugged my heavy cock with the other. I also thought about what she said about "next time I'd know before it happened" and wondered what she might have planned and whether I could do what she wanted. Sheila used her hand to feel my ass, my thighs, my balls, and finally my cock.

Bachiko the Grappler Ch. 01

fetish KatieTay 2018-03-24

Kaito didn't get to see her use the smaller dumbbells and weight plates - he had been sent down to the basement by his mother to bring Bachiko some cool soy milk, and he had heard the clanging of the weights long before he opened the door. As Kaito now stood just outside the door to the basement gym, the tray of brown rice cakes and kombu seaweed in his hands, he listened to the grunts of exertion from within the room and thought about Bachiko. Clad only in a skin-tight pair of short leotards, and completely topless, Bachiko was performing inclined-bench dumbbell presses with the largest set of dumbbells she possessed - not that Kaito would've known if Bachiko hadn't told him once what the exercise was called, during a casual conversation.

Riviera Sun & Knickers Ch. 06

fetish lovethosepanties 2018-03-24

I was not given much time to soak up this vision of olive skinned heaven as she lowered herself on to my cock, being so wet I hardly felt myself entering her until when I was in as deep as I could go her pussy gripped me hard and she slowly raised herself up and then released the pressure and took me deep inside her again repeating this over and over, I had never experienced a women with this sort of control before although control was becoming a moot point as she leaned forward to kiss me her hard nipples grazing my chest allowing me to thrust my cock up deep inside her.

My wife My mummy

fetish Wedgeslave 2018-03-24

She treats me as an Adult baby, and is quite happy to humiliate me in the supermarket, or baby shops, saying to the ladies that, Nappies, dummies, baby formula, or food were not for her k**s, but for her partner. She said to me one day, that she had taken her girlfriends round to my house one day, and had shown them my nursery, (decorated very babyish), complete with a baby cot, that I regularly slept in, a pushchair that was in there to make it more babyish, and my wardrobe full of womens shoes and nappies, both adult and baby! She said that she would be treating me like a baby, that her daughter would be feeding me baby bottles and baby food, and that as all her friends knew, and they had told their husbands, there was no need to wear adult clothes when we went out.

Under the Thumb Ch. 03

fetish realbigsid69 2018-03-24

"I cannot wait for Monday honey, but aren't you going to give me something to remember you until then?" she said and opened her legs. I enjoy using my tongue too" he said, hoping she was going to unlock him any minute. So, I think for now, until you can control your desire to cum, it might be an idea to wear this cock cage, just on a temporary basis. Perhaps you should come round - obviously there will be some nights that we simply can't for whatever reason, but otherwise, you can start this as a pleasant new routine" she said to him as his tongue dipped into her fanny deeply.