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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

All Aboard? Ch. 03

fetish drab_man 2018-03-24

"What do you think baby, should we proposition her, I’d love to lick a woman’s pussy, and have you fucking her mouth at the same time, mmmm, I can feel my pussy getting very wet just thinking about it" She grabs my hand and pulls it up her skirt, she pulls her thong aside and my middle finger slides instantly into her well greased honey pot. She moans and groans as my tongue goes to work, I slide a finger into her well greased pussy and bring her to the brink of orgasm then stop, I position myself behind her, and I run the bulbous head of my cock along her wet slit.

The Man of the House

fetish FemdomFanboy85 2018-03-24

It felt like a new beginning, a fresh start, in many ways. "I want you to remind yourself of that, remember that I love you, and think of how this is our new life together." "I'm glad to know that." She took a deep breath before continuing, "I think this new chapter is the perfect time for us to renegotiate our relationship. "I always like you touching m-me," he said as her hand slid across his chest, his pounding heartbeat giving away the game. "It's time we take this to its rightful conclusion," she told him after watching her new housewife suck her cock for a good while.

The Woman

fetish jcd_1986 2018-03-24

"I wanted to know if you stare at every woman." She said, taking another step closer. "What is it about me that makes a young carryout stare so intently?" She said, maintaining her shark's gaze for another moment, then turning to her SUV closing the hatch, "I'm old enough to be your mother, you know." I know that before my shift ended I spent at least an hour walking around the store with a big plastic jug of detergent in my hand, acting like I was looking for where it belonged. She walked past me without another look, heels clicking on the linoleum rectangle just inside the door, as she glanced appraisingly around the apartment, then shrugged elegantly out of the long black overcoat.

A First Experience with Foot Boys

fetish SluttyMallory 2018-03-24

Chris felt his penis twinge with pleasure as Shelby's sweaty shoe began sliding across the head and shaft of his dick with Lindsey's guidance. Lindsey continued stroking Chris's long dick as she reached down and removed her strappy heels smiling at Shelby who whimpered quietly as her eyes begged Lindsey to stop Instead, Lindsey moved onto her back on the ground in front of Chris, pressing his shaft between her bare soles and jerking him, holding the pink sneaker inches from his head. A tear trickled down Shelby's cheek as she watched as Chris's strong dick orgasmed deep into her innocent sneaker, exploding through the toe and squirting two thick ropes onto Lindsey's red top as she stroked him with between her arches.

Smelly Cunt: The Real Encounter

fetish rajivalan 2018-03-24

I lay down completely now - and she knew exactly what had to be done - I saw her huge body now come slowly onto my face - her cunt getting bigger and wider as she slowly sat her huge black ass on my chest - she took a moment to arrange herself and the next thing I know was seeing all black - I actually heard a wet gooey sound as her cunt hit my face - and as she started to move herself on me I suddenly felt her enormous weight all on my face - all I could do was to start to suck on it - licking all the cunt fluids that oozed out - I could sense she was enjoying this and started to grind her cunt hard on me - her cunt was splashing and splooshin all over me and I could feel her big body vibrate with every move of her hip on my face.


fetish mercedes7 2018-03-24

I took the next step behind you, placing my finger up to my had collected your pussy scent mmmmmmmmmmmmmm next i removed your black thong...peeling them down whilst you were still bent over the table, your pussy lips tried to cling onto your thong, until it finally escaped and you lifted each leg to let me take your panties in my hands. You then took each pert arse check in each hand, reaching behind you and parting each cheek giving me full acesss :) My tongue was furiously lapping along the length of your crack, when i heard you say "now fuck me baby", "c'mon and fuck me, i want to feel your cock inside". Before extending my tongue to taste your sweet juices once more I moved my nose closer, close enough to take in the swirling scents coming from your hot pussy and arse, it was nearly time.....

An Artistic Endeavour

fetish The_Rat_in_the_Hat 2018-03-24

"I hope you don't mind, Sean, but I thought it might be a bit of fun to have you strapped onto the chair," Chaz said as soon as she noticed the apprehensive look on his face. "He hadn't actually booked himself in for his circumcision, he just said he had in the hope that Daddy would reply to him that he appreciated Sean's suggestion, but that really there wasn't any need for it and that the thought of him sacrificing his foreskin in the name of love was enough of a show of devotion," I went on. "Well, you two sounded like you had a good time last night!" Chaz sniggered as Sean and I, now freshly showered, shaved, hairstyled and generally much more presentable after the previous night's bedroom shenanigans, entered the open plan living area to find our hostess drinking coffee and eating a freshly buttered croissant.


Self Punishment at Work

fetish suzyisgagged2 2018-03-24

I was able to get some time at work to take some punishment. So, I sat down, kept my legs pressed together, put the handle of the spoon in mouth, then put my hands behind my back and crossed them at my wrists. The spoon was still in my mouth when I started to pull up my skirt. After each smack, I moaned a little, clenched my free hand, laid my head on my forearm, against the wall of the stall. Then I went to work on my right cheek, switching hands. I put the spoon back in my mouth, crossed my wrists behind my back and stood facing the stall door.

Blackmailed Bi My Ex

fetish bearit 2018-03-24

I told Ann about Pat's request, and of course, she agreed that I should help her, since she's got nobody else to ask. "Now Brad, I know you love Ann, and I would never do anything to hurt long as you do as your told." A wicked smile came over Pat's face as she beckoned me closer. Once I had finished shooting, Pat crawled up my body and gave me a long deep kiss, pushing some of my own cum into my mouth with her tongue. "I told you to say hello." Pat grabbed my head and brought it down towards Brian's hard cock, which looked to be about the same size as my own.


Becoming My Wife’s Bi-Fuck Toy Ch. 03

fetish curriousmatt1 2018-03-24

Jane let go of me, kissed my wife and moved in front of her husband, slid her wet thong off her hips, pulled her pussy open and pushed her sex in to the face of Mike. I didn't know which was more exciting, my wife with the strap-on pounding the ass of a total stranger, the smooth pussy of Jane thrust in to the face of her husband or the cum soaked cock of Mike beckoning to be sucked and emptied. My Wife groaned in pleasure with each penetration of the dildo and in return Jane's husband slowly massaged further down my oiled body with a vibrating dildo, stopping at the base of my spine with its head pressing down to gently part my ass cheeks.

The Woman with the Prized Labia

fetish dirtyparisian 2018-03-24

When she walked in the middle of the village or sat in front of the family house, young men and mature women, young newly-wed girls and older farmers hoping for good yields would come to her and ask to feel her long labia, which they had to do politely and kindly. The urgent young man feeling her long lips and the wet crevices and entrances within -- in order that his future father-in-law would agree to his desired match or to bring children to his family or to ripen good crops or simply for the sexual thrill of it - continued just the same when she was old and wrinkled as when she was young and firm.

My bitch

fetish his1mrs 2018-03-24

She commands he lap her pussy once more then to work his fist in her .he takes his time working his fist in her pussy using only his spit for lube it hurts yet feels soooo good she thinks but doesn't dare tell him. She puts it on walking back to his ass and sticks strapon into gaping hole as far as it would go thrusting a few times She begins to fuck his face. He nods.As he jacks his own dick she tells him he inadequate and not allowed to fuck her she laughs that he's pleasing himself she likes at him the walks behind him and kicks him to where here toes smack his balls she likes the way they slap against her feet and repeats the patting with her foot while he jacks his own big cock.


fetish 2018-03-24

I honestly don’t remember how it ended except I heard laughing and cheering as I lay on the mat, the girl washing me down with hot rags and stroking my hair, rattling noises all around of people clearing up and settling down for the night. I leaned back to stretch and looked at her glasses sliding down her nose, hair slightly mussed with a glint of sweat around the edges of her face, smooth and perfect white hairless legs folded under her – the vision of the “Asian friend,” the one with the protective mother who comes over to study and isn’t allowed to date when she gets older.

Finding Travis Ch. 05

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-03-24

When they got to the bus station Brent helped Travis with his gear and handed him a book. But I don't want you to think about it in a selfish way because, like Mrs. Kennedy told you, it's not for you to enjoy but for us girls to enjoy instead. I want you to do this because the more people become aware of display-cages, the more boys will end up wearing a cage like yours. That would spoil things.) You can tell them about Mrs. Kennedy and Rachel and Nikki and how much they like boys in cages too. Before turning in Travis opened his phone and re-read both Tianna and Katie's emails.

Sticky fun

fetish 2018-03-24

Ever since I started masturbation I have loved cum, particularly the feel of it and the warmth. Then we start feeling hands rubbing all over my back and her body. As we become more aware we realise there is a ring of guys standing around us watching, their cocks hard. I realise that one of the guys has lubricated my ass with his warm cum, it feels so good. The girl is loving watching this and pulls my cheeks apart to let the cock slide in really deep. I can barely concentrate feeling so full but I fuck the girl wildly all the time with a cock in my ass. I pull out and cum in her mouth before we share the load in a big sticky kiss.

Titty Squirts

fetish Many Feathers 2018-03-24

I didn't even need to lean forward too much, half kneeling now in the seat as I sat up, Kathy still cupping her breasts invitingly, presenting to me the most beautiful cum targets to shoot off my load at. "Fuck!" I said worriedly, looking up through the window of the car, watching as someone a short distance away approached, heading our way. "We've got company," I told her hurriedly stuffing my prick back inside my pants, and then noticing that Kathy had made no effort to cover herself, simply smiling at me, and then looking out the window as the guy approached his car, one that was obviously parked near to us three stalls away.

Becoming a Cock Worshipper

fetish vosmou_vrot 2018-03-24

All I could think of was Ray's huge cock, and me on my knees, sucking it as deep as I could, gagging on it for him, slurping my nasty wet saliva off his shaft and spitting it back onto his head... I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed the taste and sensation of his cock in my mouth, and my wet sucking and licking around his head soon gave way to deeper sucking as I endeavored to take this massive, incredibly hard cock into my throat. "Yes you little whore, you like sucking that cock don't you?" I couldn't respond, and didn't know he expected me too until his hand was on my throat, and he slapped my wet, eyeliner smeared face firmly.

Maybe It's Not So Bad Ch. 02

fetish JointedTerror 2018-03-24

"I THOUGHT I saw you looking at Kelly's feet a few minutes ago." She says with a smile. As the pain grows immensely, I take her right foot, and hold her sole tightly to my chest, and I lift her left foot with my other hand, I kiss hard into her sole, smelling in between her toes as I do so. The girl gets on all fours, and looks under the bed with a cocked head. -Halie - Kelly - Tiffany - Kampbell- "Matt, you will lay down right here, in between me and Halie." Dictates Kelly, patting and rubbing the small space on the massive blanket laid out in front of the massive TV.

The Alpha

fetish Sucker4Boobies 2018-03-24

"Young lady," Blonde in the Green Dress said, walking up to the stage and tugging at Alex's sleeve. Regina reluctantly pulled her meat out of Alex's mouth, cupped him by the chin with her hand, and lifted his face so that they were looking each other in the eyes. Everyone watched as Regina grabbed her soft, cum-dripping cock, and peed all over Alex's prone body. While the women began to clothe themselves, Regina looked down to see Alex sitting up. "I'm going to be honest, young man," Sheila said, watching intently as Alex stepped underneath the warm water and started lathering himself with soap.

Asian Hospitality

fetish billstew 2018-03-24

I opened my eyes to see, in the morning shadows, a beautiful Asian girl in bed with me. She held me tightly inside her and then started squeezing me with her pussy muscles again until I was hard and able to fuck her a second time. It turns out that he has three girls on staff who do some housework, but are primarily there for him and his house guests to fuck. My friend says that when they become pregnant, after they begin to show he sends them home until the baby is born, and then they have the option of returning if they want. I went to bed alone, but awoke with a beautiful Asian girl at my side, ready to fuck me bare.

When Dave Met Sally Ch. 08

fetish inkman 2018-03-24

I was in bed with Sally discussing how the day had gone when she said that it was obvious that Carol was nervous about the tattoo and asked how far I wanted to go, I said that I would have to stop at the base of her neck because Carol didn’t want it too visible, Dave look in the mirror, look at yourself, if it wasn’t for Carol you wouldn’t have the permanent makeup, the black fishnets or the black arm gloves, she was right and I looked at Sally and said, “you know what Sally”, I would love the tattoo to cover her entire neck right up to the base of her chin, and at the rear, I would like the tattoo to cover all the area where her head hair is.

Forbidden Pleasures

fetish Quin 2018-03-24

Kate's eyes widened when she watched the studs' big cock push against the woman's opening from behind. The man in front made Kate's eyes widen again as suddenly, out of his penis, shot lot's of creamy liquid – all over the woman's face and breasts. Kate wasn't bothered; she was kept busy thinking about the porn film – and the woman in the room, who had let two men touch her in public. There was no soundtrack to the film and Kate watched as one man got up and left the room. The man who Kate thought must be the husband put his hand on his wife's breast and squeezed.

Creampie Dessert Ch. 02

fetish pantywriter 2018-03-24

"Will you be insolent again?" When Jolene's head was yanked back and she yelped again in pain, I saw that Sarah had gathered Joles' hair in her hand and was pulling hard. "And as for you, slutty little Jolene, don't you move those hands and you better damn well not move your body trying so desperately to make your husband's cock go up in that slutty pussy we both know you want stuffed full of his cock!" she barked. Her mouth worked spasmodically trying to find a way out of the admission but then another pinch on Jolene's nipples - hard enough I saw the tendons in Sarah's arms jump - that she screamed out the truth. "Jo, Jo, please, wait, come here," Sarah said trying to embrace her, but Jolene shied away. "Jolene, look at me," Sarah said softly.


Rain On A Hot Day

fetish mrsquelchy 2018-03-24

As my stiff cock works its way into your back passage it starts to feel resistance inside you and I know that I am not only filling you from the outside but compacting what was already there to make your bottom feel so full, so expanded, so intensely pleasurable and I know that being this intimate makes you feel so wanted, so wanton, so utterly filthy and dirty. Keeping your dress hitched up, your knickers pulled to one side, you squat down and ease the tip of my cock inside your hot, wet, piss-dripping cunt and instinctively you feel the urge to set yourself down on me as fully as you can.